How Do You Spell “Losers?” G-O-P.

This chart says it all, doesn’t it?


It’s time for them to go. Kick their sorry asses out.


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Scarborough was quite excited to give that first number tonight. He even got to show one of his 1994 campaign ads. That’s what I get for continuing to watch after KO pulled off another gem.


Brad, you’re so negative!


Brad, you’re so negative!

That’s how you win- chainsawing your opponents.

I vote out of spite. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.


Like many Americans, I vote for who has the nicest yard signs.


I perfer a boomstick over a chainsaw, but to each their own, I guess.



Smile Brad, God loves you!


I vote on a 10 point system that includes eye color, where they fall on the soda/pop/coke divide, how many times they’ve seen pootie tang, and other stuff i can’t be bothered to make up right now.


I convinced a person I worked with to get involved and vote in the 2004 Presidential election. That person indicated that they voted for Bush, and, being curious, I calmly asked why they had made that decision. They said, “Because Kerry has a weird chin.” I just stood there gaping.


My best friend voted Bush, cause she was worried that Kerry would gut the military.
She doesn’t like to talk about it anymore. Can’t fathom why.


Smile Brad, God loves you!

Actually, I just talked to him the other day and he says he’s kind of pissed at you right now, Brad. Something about you owing him money.


“She doesn’t like to talk about it anymore. Can’t fathom why.”

Probably because she’s sick of listening to you whine and bitch all the time so she avoids you.


Probably because she’s sick of listening to you whine and bitch all the time so she avoids you.

Republicans, on the other hand, never piss and moan, do they?

By the way, why o why doesn’t the mainstream media report the GOOD NEWS coming out of Iraq as well as the bad? I mean, come on!


Ohhh! The rare personal attack! To the quick, that is.
I like how accurate you are, even though you know absolutly shit about fuck. Uncanny.
I also enjoy how you went straight for the attack, and couldn’t even be bothered to, I dunno, bring up anything resembling a counter-argument, or even a point.
Whatsa matter? Corner not feeling too good against your back?


I sometimes vote against someone because of thier name. But only for things like dogcatcher, because who the fuck cares who the dogcatcher is?
I also vote against people with an (R) after their name. But since no candidate in Washington State will admit that they are an (R), I might get confused. So, I’ve decided to vote for anyone with a (D) after their name.


I know someone who voted for Bush in ’00 because “being a cokehead gave him a personality, but Al Gore is a robot”.

To which I can only add….God bless America!


They said, “Because Kerry has a weird chin.” I just stood there gaping

I knew a guy who voted for Bush because “Kerry’s wife is a nut!”

Again, you can see why I don’t have much respect for the average voter.


Wait, does that mean a lot of people voted for Bush BECAUSE he had big floppy ears like Dumbo? I’m so confused…


I have a friend who said, after Dick Cheney’s 2004 interview on some exposeing network, ‘”Aw, he’s kind of cute! He’s like a big teddy bear.” After I threw up, I shredded her driver’s license and social security card. Register to vote NOW, bitch!


I knew a guy who voted for Bush because “Kerry’s wife is a nut!�

as if ‘well, uh, it would like totally piss off the hippy liberals!!!1!!!1’ wasn’t sufficient.


I vote however Diebold ends up counting it.


I knew a guy who voted for Bush because “Kerry’s wife is a nut!�

I always thought Teresa Heinz Kerry was a huge plus for Kerry. Not only did I like her, I couldn’t wait ’til all those Hillary-hating goobers got THK for a first lady.


Its long been said that what goes around comes around and this new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll seems to be an indication that the GOP is fast approaching a first hand encounter with the short end of the proverbial stick. For the Party that has sought to make terror and fear the surf and turf of their pre-election voter menu, they may instead find themselves bogged down in the sands of scandal as a fast approaching wave is about to sweep them out of power in a classic example of voter house cleaning.

Clearly, the most significant finding in this new poll is that the Democrats may be finally closing the deal with voters…something they have been unable to achieve in recent election cycles. If the Democrats are in fact now seen as a favorable alternative to the GOP, it may well signal that the country has not only rejected more of the same from the Republican Party but decided that the nation needs to move in a decidedly new direction.

Read more here:


Don’t get your hopes up.

Smiling Mortician

Jeez, Guv, way to splash cold water all over Daniel’s . . . y’know . . . dream-thing (not to be confused with dreamfield).


My biggest fear right now is that the Dems will run Hillary for Prez.

She’s really unelectable, and the problem is the Repubs know this. Most Americans, for whatever reason, would vote for the rotting corpse of Adolf Hitler before voting Hillary.

Because they know this, it gives them free license to run their most reactionary, rightwing, fetus worshipping Jesus fetishist in competiton.

Here’s hoping the Dems are smarter than this. They haven’t shown much sign of it lately.


Daniel, way to spam. ‘Cause why the hell you droppin that mindless set of talking points HERE? I’m so confused…

Jilliian. Hillary is a republican in sheeps clothing. She is unelectable. Let’s get some movement behind Wes Clark and get this party started…



from your mouth to the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s ears, mikey!

Smiling Mortician

I’m not so sure about Hillary getting the nod. She shows up with a high percentage among . . . whoever . . . in the 08 straw polls, but that’s when she’s up against the usual suspects (Kerry, Gore, Edwards). The few polls I’ve seen that include people like Clark and Feingold show her lagging.


If Hillary runs, issue one is going to be the Clenis. I can’t see any Repubs voting for her, and I think too many Dems don’t like her either.
I think she might enter the primary just to shake things up, but I hope she won’t try to hard to win anything.


Woo! Wes Clark ’08! Damn, that would be sweet!


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