My Fedora Brings All the Girls to the Yard

Hullo m'lady.

And they’re like: “what the fuck are you doing here? Please get the fuck away from me.”

Does Anyone Even Remotely Gay Still Write for this Site, Why Even Bother Still Calling it “Gay Patriot”:
Feminism Becomes Infantile

I feel a bit awkward checking in on our good friends at the Quisling Patriot these days as it’s becoming more and more apparent that anyone with a modicum of sexual attraction to the male gender quietly bailed a long fucking time ago, now that being a self-hating scrub willing to sell your community to bigots doesn’t pay the scratch and attention it once did.

As such, we’re left with V the KKK, a non-Bruceian entity who while able to rant happily along on the general perfidy of faggots and trannies as the dedicated straight male audience to a supposedly gay blog demand, nonetheless doesn’t seem to possess much in the way of you know, self-hating gayness that made the Bruces so entertaining to mock.

And it ends up stretching the credibility even further when this writer for a supposedly gay blog (unless V the K is just a time-traveler who assumes gay just means happy) breaks out the MRA talking points like a man fishing lil’ Ayn from out of the fedora tank.

Shorter (or the last port before Jungle):

  • Women having resources for trauma is misandry!

And in case you were formerly lucky enough to have successfully avoided ever encountering this MRA (Men’s Rights Activists as they call themselves. Because male supremacists was a little too on-the-nose) nom-du-dumbass allow me to ruin your lucky streak once and for all.

Misandry is the terrible gender-based discrimination men face from the demonic hordes of women who secretly control the world behind the scenes much like the Jewish bankers of the New World Order or the Secret Cabal of Muslims that snuck Obama into power and is mostly manifested as women not personally sleeping with them or people having the unmitigated gall to block them on Twitter just because they sent an unending stream of rape and death threats.

And it is the greatest moral wrong EVAH!!!

Brown University allowed a debate on campus between shrill feminist Jessica Valenti

Hmm, maybe my theory that V is a time-traveler may have on point seeing as how I haven’t seen anyone use “shrill” as an earnest insult since the late 2000s. Is she also “uppity” and “not a serious person”.

(a loathsome misandrist known for wearing a T-shirt bragging that she “bathes in men’s tears.”)

So if you don’t spend your free time keeping abreast of the conspiracy theories of insane bigots, you might have missed this storm-in-a-teakettle that was the MRA freakout over Jessica Valenti, who initially got on their radar by being a woman and a feminist and… yeah, that’s pretty much all it takes to make the He-Man Woman-Hater’s club froth and bite like a rabid dog. Anyways, when they were desperately searching for an excuse for why they hated this woman who dares talk about women’s rights, they decided to pitch a giant whine fest over a shirt she wore specifically to mock the assholes harassing her and their claims of being done wrong by the existence of women who won’t sleep with them.

And so, like with Zoe Quinn or Anita Sarkeesian or the long list of random women who got on their radar for daring to defy them, they’ve decided this minor random joke over their pretensions of victimhood at the hands of an invisible matriarchy was actually a sweeping call to kill all men and cheer when they die from suicide and is the proof that she is a secret lizard monster wearing a convincing woman-suit and et al.

Because understanding basic humor or having rudimentary reading comprehension is also misandry (as is taking diarrhea medicine to stop shitting oneself).*

and Wendy McElroy, a libertarian

I’m starting to develop a Grand Unified Douchebag Theory that begins and ends with Libertarians ruin everything. And I say this not just because Libertarians are a horribly selfish repackaging of the Segregationist movement that worships a greedy sociopath and serves as a convenient excuse for bigoted straight white cismen to be the complete assholes they want, but also because I have never seen a Libertarian pop up in anything and have it be a good thing in the long run.

And in fact, every group that has tenuously accepted the Libertarians in their midst have eventually ended up with an explosion of hostile sexism and racism that created “great schisms” in the community (see video games, comic books, atheism) between douchebro assholes and everyone else.

But hey, I’m sure this example will not be at all terrible. I mean, sure, she’s a rape-apologist who doesn’t believe in sexual harassment and thinks that all women should be “cool girls” like her and accepts exploitation graciously and actively defends Julian Assange, but that doesn’t necessarily mean-

a libertarian on the subject of whether college campuses are really the dangerous rape zones feminists make them out to be.

Never mind. So yeah, apparently Brown had a “debate” on rape between a respected sexual rights activist and a hyperdefensive rape culture denialist who believes that if there’s not a successful trial, then there was no rape and besides it only occurs in brown filthy countries unlike the good ol’ USA.** Did I also mention this apparently happened in November of last year as well?

Which, if I may digress in frothing ranting tangent, I must admit to being completely fucking sick of this goddamn culture of “gosh, we need to look at both sides” of any fucking issue, no matter the context. Because apparently everything is a goddamn “debate” so long as there is some think tank hack willing to regurgitate nonsense bullshit and have it overprivileged against actual facts and reality, while also shitting on what a real expert could deliver because they end up having to spend their whole time going over 101 crap with a disingenuous shit and not being able to go into any real depth towards advocating towards solving these issues.

The campus feminists and administrators became hysterical,

Or, as the article recapping the event noted, it was a pretty standard response to a tone-deaf college admin paying student money to bring a rape denialist to campus. So, protests, students organizing alternative events, and a tepid reception to her bullshit. Which, yeah, college. Students learning to be political and less likely to put up with old-guard rapist-apologist shit than the last generation. Given that I’ve seen marches over a speaker at campuses I volunteer at because someone once made a shitty joke in their teen years, Wendy McElroy got off fucking light all things considered***.

thinking about all the trauma that would be inflicted on college chicks when they heard a woman express skepticism toward feminist “Rape Culture” dogma.

It’s absolutely fascinating how the libertarian crew has managed to smuggle out the “skepticism” claim to try and make various forms of denialism all logicky and masculine, rather than the depraved rantings of people who can’t face the real world.

Oh, I’m a climate change skeptic, I’m an evolution skeptic, I just inherently believe that all of science is part of a giant collusion to personally deceive me and this is just the neutral way to view the world. And also Holocaust, what Holocaust, I’m just so skeptical! Look at how intelligently skeptically I can put my fingers in my ears and go lalalalala.

And yes, no idea why someone ranting about why rapes don’t exist and anyone who thinks they’re occurring might be slightly upsetting to those who’ve survived rape. Hmm, I’m sure the fact that society is super supportive and never tries to deny it ever happened as the first, second, and only response doesn’t at all factor into it.

Or the fact that one of the… delightful parting gifts from sexual assaults is lovely little flashbacks and massive panic attacks that have a nasty habit of creeping up all of a sudden at random, but especially in charged spaces where say some ignorant hack is repeating all the bullshit rapists and their friends often throw at victims.

But no, that would make sense, and so you must be skeptical and go with the option that lets you look down at rape survivors as the fragile little pathetic losers who can’t handle a little thing like someone denying their trauma ever happened.

How could they comfort the poor dears?

This is what they came up with:

[S]tudent volunteers put up posters advertising that a “safe space” would be available for anyone who found the debate too upsetting.

The safe space, Ms. Byron explained, was intended to give people who might find comments “troubling” or “triggering,” a place to recuperate. The room was equipped with cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets and a video of frolicking puppies, as well as students and staff members trained to deal with trauma. Emma Hall, a junior, rape survivor and “sexual assault peer educator” who helped set up the room and worked in it during the debate, estimates that a couple of dozen people used it. At one point she went to the lecture hall — it was packed — but after a while, she had to return to the safe space. “I was feeling bombarded by a lot of viewpoints that really go against my dearly and closely held beliefs,” Ms. Hall said.

The link goes to a site to a Drudge wannabe known as Weasel Zippers which is pretty much the go-to link for every article at gay patriot now which really raises the question of why even bother having a separate site for this shit. And that link connects to an opinion hit-piece from a right-wing piece of shit writing for that oh so illustrious New York Times. And it is this article by Judith Shulevitz which has been running the rounds throughout the right-wing hateosphere, serving as pretty much the only record of Byron’s counterprotest left on the internet.

Which, that article, holy fuckballs. I could have so easily done a full article on it, but I’d rather just summarize it with:

Shorter Judith Shulevitz:

  • Ew feminism and empathy, get it off, get it off. If it infects me, I’ll never be allowed to write for the NY Times again. Quick, isolate anything remotely liberal in block quotes so it can be sanitized and dismiss it all as being too cowardly for real men thrusting debate entering their unwilling ears. HA! Showed those pussy liberal children! Judith out!

Basically just imagine the paragraph V the K cited repeated over and over again interspersed with highlighting the bravery of a couple of straight white guys being deliberate assholes because they dared fight against commie liberal brainwashing and you’ve got the general gist.

So yeah, as far as I can tell, there was an alternate conference on actual sexual assault topics and actually useful information for resources and support and there was a recovery room for people to work through triggers safely without freaking out in the middle of a crowded auditorium and disrupting the oh-so-important “debate”.

And this is bad, because…

Um… er… AH, because being traumatized and leaving the debate means that you are too scaredy pussy to listen to REAL HARD TRUTHS thrusting everywhere!

But really, it seems the issue is that people have the right to ignore assholes. To choose not to engage or deal with them or give them their time. Like with every rant about free speech the collected right has managed to shit out in the last 10 years, it seems they really do believe that freedom of speech, means the right to a captive audience who must listen politely and completely to everything they say and then never ever disagree or disengage.

And if they want to use this made-up magical right to hurt their captive audience, they should be allowed to for reasons that are totally not about sadism and entitlement and… um… er… no, one sec, the reasons are so myriad that they’ll come to me any second and, uh-

Poor feminists, they really are not emotionally equipped to deal with the big scary world.

Yeah! You’re the real reality denialists, not us! Ipso facto, I’m rubber and you’re glue! Right wing wins again!

Maybe they should stay at home in the kitchen… where no one can hurt them.

Lol! Archaic sexism done intentionally is so radical and transgressive and not the sad pathetic whine of a straight man pissed off that he can’t have his own captive houseslave too terrified and economically tied to try and escape on her own anymore.

And that kind of circles back to the central problem with Gay Patriot these days. In the old days, it was pathetic and infuriating, the battle cry of self-hating homosexuals who translated their own society-based self-loathing into getting a few wingnut welfare dollars to get by. But now, I genuinely wonder why this shell of a site still exists. Gone is even the pretense of belonging to the group they are ranting against and in its place are whiny little MRA “why won’t women give me endless blowjobs” screeds copy and pasted from a Drudge knockoff.

And this shambling corpse’s existence makes me wonder, but also makes me stop and appreciate how far gay rights have moved and how little incentive there is for the self-hating brigade to sell out their community anymore. All the money has dried up and moved on… until the rise of Trans Patriot, I suppose.

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. You know, I’m skeptical about the sun. Therefore anyone who turns away from me while I’m ranting about the fictional ball of fire that’s not in the sky above us right now is just too scared of honest debate and a challenging of their beliefs. We are aware of all Internet traditions.™

*I also love how they’ve championed this t-shirt like it was the greatest threat to straight white cismen that has ever existed, because it really demonstrates how without point this cadre of abusers and harassers are. I mean, when a woman you don’t know wearing a jokey t-shirt with zero gendered slurs, zero objectification imagery, and zero trivialization of sexual violence because she was receiving hate mail from assholes is your go-to “look how oppressed I am” example, it really underscores just how privileged and without any real hardship whatsoever these idiots are. I mean, for fuck’s sake, I walk through the streets every day not knowing if today is the day someone’s going to kill me because they don’t like my gender performance, I just can’t muster up the sympathy for a bunch of idiots who think they are the prisoners of Auschwitz because a woman dared make fun of them once.

**She’s also a member of the Independent Institute which is a conservative hack think tank whose most noteworthy work involves climate change denialism and an argument against anti-trust laws that just so happened to have been funded directly by companies facing anti-trust legal discussions at the time. So yeah, she’s not just an ignorant hack, but the same type of ignorant hack that is dragged out to play reasonable while selling hardcore corporate bullshittery.

***It’s eternally amusing to me how much wingnuts really do expect the world to love them always and never ever criticize them. Oh, what, people were less than pleased by an ignorant asshole saying incendiary remarks. Clearly the proles have not yet learned their rightful place.


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… while also shitting on what a real expert could deliver because they end up having to spend their whole time going over 101 crap with a disingenuous shit and not being able to go into any real depth towards advocating towards solving these issues.

Feature, not bug.

Welcome back!!!


Oboy ! It’s Cerb.
Big News, Cerb. Tomorrow is the final of the Cricket World Cup – Aus vs NZ. My money’s on Aus.
OK, I , for one, care, OK?


Elam has said he was a “zombie” before he read MRA founding father Warren Farrell’s The Myth of Male Power: Why Men Are the Disposable Sex

If I had to pick one sentence that sums up Warren Farrell’s existence, the way “¿Quién es?” sums up William Bonney’s life — his ren (in the Egyptian sense, not the Spümco), his Mantrium — it would be “We have forgotten that before we called this date rape […] we called it exciting.” There really are some people on this planet for whom dying in a penis fire is better than they deserve.


Good to have you back Cerb.


And apparently no one who’s an actual “patriot” writes at the site, either.


Misandry is the terrible gender-based discrimination men face from the demonic hordes of women who secretly control the world behind the scenes much like the Jewish bankers of the New World Order or the Secret Cabal of Muslims that snuck Obama into power and is mostly manifested as women not personally sleeping with them or people having the unmitigated gall to block them on Twitter just because they sent an unending stream of rape and death threats.

Relevant… the best thing about this story is that the knob argued with a bot.


Sorry for the OT comment. But there was a death in our family yesterday and we really need assistance. Details are here, if you wish to help or at least pass the word. Thank you in advance.


There was a death in our family yesterday and we really need assistance. Details are here, if you wish to help or at least pass the word. Thank you in advance.

address my envelope, lips!

They really want women to be traumatized by their rape apologistics, because then they don’t have to argue, they can just say “see? No-one is here to refudiate me, so I must be right”.

While I’m not sure about puppies and Play-Doh, having a safe space is vital for rape and sexual assault providers. My husband will tell me if I want to read a book we both like, because reading about that shit, no matter how integral to the story it is, makes me have to go lie in a dark room for a couple of hours. And the most mundane shit can trigger me, from seeing a knife on sale, to a storyline in a TV show about a cop who abuses his power. Hell, there are *cliche phrases* that trigger overwhelming anxiety.

Saying that our kind of PTSD doesn’t count makes me want to junkpunch MRAs until they really feel my trauma.

address my envelope, lips!

Gah. “sexual assault VICTIMS”. I was thinking “provided for”, and flipped it as I was writing.

address my envelope, lips!

“victims”, not “providers”.

FYWP and my brain.


I learned about the whole MRA, PUA (pickup artist), MGTOW (men going their own way), incel (involuntarily celibate) manosphere within the last couple of years. They and the women who support them are just abhorrent. Threats of violence including murder and rape are par for the course.

Pupienus Maximus

Can’t be arsed to go there but I do wonder if North Dallas Forty or whatever it called itself is still around . Perhaps posting from jail or more likely the state hospital.


Welcome back, Cerberus. Have some comic genius…


involuntarily celibate

Didn’t realize they had a name for it.

In my day it was “Couldn’t get laid in a women’s prison with a suitcase full of free pardons”.


Welcome back! Missed you!

Pupienus Maximus

Major, I’ve been wondering over the “co-pilot” language the news is rife with. Do they not have Captains and First Officers over there is sociamalist land?


Do they not have Captains and First Officers over there is sociamalist land?

The correct terms in the airlines are Captain and First Officer. The media frequently gets it wrong

In the Air Force it was either Pilot or Aircraft Commander and Copilot.

Pupienus Maximus

This should clarify (lying excess human baggage) Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s statements about the “hate the gays” bill having nothing to do with gays.

For context, it was a private signing ceremony and he refused to identify who was there.

Pupienus Maximus

Mark of desperation?

“We’re a mission and a cause, not a profit-making business,” the magazine’s editor, Rich Lowry, told Politico on Tuesday.

In 2005, founder William F. Buckley told the New York Sun that, by that point, the National Review had lost $25 million over 50 years, around $500,000 a year.

The smart conservative (yeah, an oxyconservativemoron) would have recognized from the get-go that they were preaching a religion and thus qualify as a church.

And while we’re on the topic, this hysterical (in all senses) NR piece, Want Evidence of Hysterical Anti-Christian Bigotry? Look No Further than #BoycottIndiana someone linked on the Christianity reddit then shortly after deleted his reddit account after seeing the (not what he was expecting) responses.

Pupienus Maximus

Can I say “tag fail?” Why yes, yes I can.


As long as “Meet the Press” stays in business he’ll always have a place to hang his hat.


To me, the most amazing thing about this Indiana bidness is how amazed They were by the backlash.
They walk around in this Fox, Limbaugh, Xtianist bubble and don’t realise that normal people think they are stupid and/or evil. I mean, everyone Pence spoke to about this Bill was 100% for it. Lawd, you need better company to keep.
Doghouse Riley (RIP) warned us about this guy. I wish other Indianans were that smart.


My flight attendant friend informs my the correct term for them is “sky muffins”


Wonderful to see you back! Those hats are Trilbys, tho – Fedoras have wide brims.
Love “sly muffins!” – woo-hoo!


First comment so I should mention I’m completely in love. Everything you say is spot-on and you consistently manage to find the most articulate, amusing, and persuasive ways to make a point about things that reduce me to fits of growling and HOW DO YOU DO THAT I want to learn.


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