So I bust out of the house in an attempt to make it to the scottish clown across the way, aka Mcdonalds, in time for breakfast, because lazy, and hungry, and like every other Black critter on the planet, looking for some race bating thing to get my racism on. It is really all we do…In a system set up to make lives more difficult and privilege obvious, it really is our only go to move.

Did I say that outloud, and does any of that make even the slightest amount of sense. Why, yes sir, it does, in the fever-brained, terrified imaginings, of wingnut wonder-lust. The same brains (of course) that bought into Cadillacs and T-bones.

I get through the door at 10:21, by the time I check the watch/phone…breakfast is over by 10:30 at this location…There is still the possibilty that the manager is not gonna respect the wishes of the people that actualy crossed the line in time…Have I forgotten to mention that this might be the worst Scottish Clown in all of the world. I mean atrociously horrible, execrable, should have been out of business 30 years ago bad…not shitting you…numerous management changes notwithstanding, still shitty, as shitty as it was over thirty years ago when I would occasionally visit the place during lunch hour when I was in High-school.

Did I mention shitty?

Anyhoo, back to my constant search for anything to offend, I manage to be that last person across the line for breakfast, and realize that the manager is going by the clock and not by the time people showed up, which is just one of those asshole moves made by middle management types because they constantly get shit on anyway.

Really, I don’t want to dog on the manager who hated the fuck out of the day, as I myself hate the fuck out of most days…I get it. Having been round the block in this neck of the woods, I know that the one thing I can imagine being the slightest shade of glorious after opening a MickyDee’s breakfast shift is the shift to lunch…This I get.

Call me old fashioned, but I also get the in the door before 5 o’clock bank rule. In the door before close, still served. Worked too many service jobs, always the case no matter how much you want to kill the sorry bastard that slipped between the door before you could get it locked…

I was the last sun-bitch to get breakfast or so I thought…The lady behind me, having made the dash as I had and therefore had made the cut by eight minutes was not so lucky.

She also happened to be Black.

When I made my way back (triumphant in my victory only after offering one of my sandwiches to the party in question, who demurely refused the offer) to the counter I witnessed that a customer two places behind was successfully ordering breakfast.

She was white.

She was making the same argument that this Uppity Assed Bastard would have been making. She had made it in before 10:30, had every legitimate reason to expect breakfast service. She was making exactly the same argument that would have justified breakfast service to the person behind me.

She was served what she was ordered.

I started to think about the many times I have not bothered to make the argument. How many times I have just taken the situation in stride, attempting to comport myself as a “credit to my race”, to look the other way as I missed out on one of the little joys a particular day might hold.

I have made the argument many times, I have also walked away without statement. This is how racism works on a daily basis, a million of ways. It is easier to look away, easier not to complain…Women get this as well.

I didn’t say a god damned thing. Yes, I offered one of my sandwitches, but did not raise a hue and cry about the bullshit that was transpiring in front of me. I had secured my breakfast. After nine minutes in line, I would have secured it on this day, as I would have argued, for me, for what I wanted. No way I was leaving the “Clown” without my biscuits.

The person behind me left disappointed, and fortunately did not witness the victorious acquisition of breakfast by a person two back in line. I did.

It pissed me off and now you get to read about it.


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Pupienus Maximus

I am more than a bit surprised that mobs haven’t placed certain heads on pikes in Ferguson. Really, if ever a castle deserved to be stormed, and people put up against the wall, Ferguson is it. Astonishing really that the place is still standing. If it was me, I’d have organized major mob action.

The egg mcmuffin is the only thing I will ever eat from the clown shop. It might be the perfect road food. Which, btw, is the only time I go into one of those things, when I’m on the road.

Pupienus Maximus

Lost another great. RIP Terry Pratchett


Lost another great. RIP Terry Pratchett

Just found out…Sucks.

The clown shop is too easy, on those days when I am too lazy. It’s proximity to the wifi spot doesn’t hurt…..


It’s been a rough year already. Celebrity deaths never bothered me before, I wasn’t even much of a Star Trek fan, but Leonard Nimoy’s death was an ugly shock and Terry Prachett’s is worse. I know Terry had Alzheimer’s and I have seen what it does to people, when I witnessed my grandfather’s nearly decade long decline, still I hoped this day wouldn’t come so soon. Here’s hoping it ended before he could no longer recognize the faces of those he loved. I will repeat myself when I say the worst part of being a grown up is watching the people we admired our whole lives, get old and die.


I will surely miss Sir Terry, but i am glad the he left us with so much wisdom

Pupienus Maximus

Spatchcock a (organic, free range, gluten free, vegan, …) chicken. Season liberally w/ salt and pepper. Arrange on a parchment lined half sheet pan with the breasticles in the center, legs at the edges. Into convect oven at 375 for 18 or so. Then run liberally (of course) with unsalted butter. Roast another 30 or more until the breast meat is pushing 160-couple. Meanwhile make a sauce soubise but I like not using bechamel, just cream. Escoffier can fuck right off. I added some garlic and shallot, and some fine curry powder – Penzeys with saffron is damn nIce. Blitz it up and Bob’s yet uncle.

Couple spuds, trimmed and cubed, soaked in water with some baking soda. pan fry in olive oil. Steamed broccoli with grated manchego and preserved lemon.

Ten Ho made some _fine_ shortcakes – dense, chewy, sweet. Macerated strawbs and vanilla gelato.

That is all.

Pupienus Maximus

Jes figgered we needed some food pr0n in here – s’been a while, y’know?


I microwaved some frozen stuff.


As usual, I had to look up two of the things mentioned in your food pr0n but it sounds delish. Thanks for that, Dallas guy.


okay, admitted, i won’t go in MickeyD unless pulled by a leash – but when some middle management type messes with me, I do walk. No money for the misdeed, usually my way of dealing. When it happens to some one else, do not always know how to deal.


breakfast for me, on the run, comes down to three choices:

Burger King – it’s on the right side of the road, easy to pull into, easy to go through the drive-thru and get back on my route. Breakfast sandwich – biscuit, egg, choice of sausage or bacon.

Campos Famous – shabby, smells like Clorox inside, on the left side of the road, parking sucks. But their breakfast Chorizo Burrito is the bomb.

Bob’s Market – plan ahead; get off the freeway one exit earlier, so I’m on the right street. Across the street from a middle school, so it’s usually full of kids. But their biscuit, bacon, egg and cheese sandwich is great. Plus I can buy any other groceries I need, like juice, yogurt, cereal.

Pupienus Maximus

I had to look up two of the things mentioned

Soubise, I’m guessing, is one. Which is the other – Manchego or spatchcock?

Yes, I make this comment just so I can say spatchcock. Spatchcock spatchcock spatchcock.

Also spatchcock.


Ha, I know from spatchcock (iYKWIM..). We gots your spatchcock right here. (Well, not really Right Here, but..)
Manchego (not Man ego) was new to me.


ahhhh, pup, you had me right up until the brocc…i’ve deeply missed the food pron, so thanks for sharing that…hubbkf and I are meeting some friends tonight at a local eatery for a musical evening…they want us to join them for eats, but as i had already promised him bbq chix on the grill (i do make an amazing bbq sauce) and i have been in the kitchen of this establishment numerous times and it is quite possibly the grossest place I have ever been in, so there is no mofo way I’m eating there…

I suppose suez is nearing the end of strawberry season?


Yep.Sigh. No more strawbs this season. Still peaches and grapes tho, so I am not totes in despair. šŸ™‚


Yep.Sigh. No more strawbs this season. Still peaches and grapes tho, so I am not totes in despair.

I am grateful that fresh pineapple has finally come down in price and I can actually afford it to feed my habit…if it weren’t for schwann’s frozen fruits to sustain me through the winter, I would surely die…or have some serious scurvy and rickets…

Pupienus Maximus

For reasons I won’t go into just now I visited a S,N! page from December 2010. I was disappointed to find that the American Thinker banner as improved by Tintin has gone to the great bit bucket in the sky. Also amused at the gravatars, associated with names I hadn’t seen in years.


There’s always pine needles, bbkf.


Interesting story. Although coming at this from the opposite perspective I can tell you from personal experience this kind of happens all the time.

I’m white and happen to live in a predominantly minority community in the Bronx and I’ve found that almost invariably I’m treated better in retail establishments than my black and brown neighbors. This happens despite the fact that the employees in these business are themselves mostly minorities. I wonder how much this is due to racsism that has been internalized by minorities themselves. This kind of internalization is certainly a problem with the NYPD where black and brown officers routinely treat minorities kids more harshly than white kids.


Hello again.

Sadlies take note:

“Alabama became a state on December 14th, 1819. They have made no recognizable progress since.”




pbm….good to see you again. will look into link innabit…

New Chris with numbers you have been unmoderated, and thanks for your contribution.

ScottishClownRelatedProgramActivities must contine….New one soon.



new stuff

I am one of the characters in the drama….You have been warned.


Wow, Provider_UNE, that’s fucked up.

Stuff like that goes on all day, every day. So many white people don’t care. They’d rather have their head up their ass and swear their farts smell delicious.


Wow, Provider_UNE, that’s fucked up.

Stuff like that goes on all day, every day. So many white people don’t care. They’d rather have their head up their ass and swear their farts smell delicious.


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