Malkin Hits the Steele Reserve

“Slavishly” vs. “Niggardly”
By Michelle Malkin · October 18, 2006 10:22 AM

Michael Steele: Smeared again

When I first read that House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Maryland, had apologized for accusing GOP Senate candidate Michael Steele of “slavishly” supporting the GOP, I thought it might be a case of political correctness run amok.

I have criticized his unhinged Democrat attackers before for their obnoxiously over-the-top racist comments. Initially, I thought the Hoyer comment did not rise to that level. It made me think of the silly brouhaha over a local D.C. government official’s use of the word “niggardly.”

I was prepared to write that Hoyer had gotten a bad rap…

…Um, what?

I was prepared to write that Hoyer had gotten a bad rap…

Above: A bad rap.

So, Hoyer was too hip for the hippie, the hip-hip the hop-a-you don’t stop a-rockin’, to the bang-bang-boogie, say up-jump the boogie, to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat?

Stop while you’re ahead, Michelle.

But then I read more about the context of his remarks and Hoyer’s past history of race-based insults against Steele. Hoyer didn’t just innocently use the word in ordinary conversation. He employed it during a comedy routine in front of a crowd of mostly black business owners:

Black business owners: The new White Citizens’ Councils, chez Malkin.


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Way to kick it old skool with the Sugarhill Gang reference, Gavin.


Ah, more “stupid bitching” from Michelle. Does anyone believe for one goddamn moment that she was going to defend Hoyer in that column?

The whole “more in sorrow than in anger” perspective requires that the speaker be coming from a position of moral authority–something that you and the rest of the torture-lovin’ goobers never had, and never will.

I’d still put in her ass, though.


For “you and the rest”, read “her and the rest”, of course. Gah, I’m tired.


“I was prepared to write that Hoyer had gotten a bad rap…”

Michelle paused a moment to make one of those disturbing expressions where her eyes bug completely out of her head, and then continued:
“But it was all pretty petty. Nothing anyone said about Hoyer was all that bad. I mean, really, it’s not like anyone called him a slant or anything. I think they should just declare Hoyer an “enemy combatant” and ship his ass off to Kamp KBR, a.k.a. the former site of Badlands National Park (hey, they had to build ‘reeducation camps’ somewhere! ). It’s neat, ‘cos the Army still does live ammo testing out there!”


Coming from a Buffalo/Polish Catholic family (you know the type if you know the type. I think it’s also a mindset prevelent to Southern Baptist)* that’s a classic “complete bullshit backhanded snipe” remark.
“I was prepared to write that Hoyer had gotten a bad rap…” equals “See what a decent person I am? I’m so honest and understanding and non-biased, but I simply MUST side on that Hoyer is bad, bad person.”
No, bitch, you started drafting up attack posts the minute you saw this.
This is the type of wormy, knife-twisting statement for which the Right is justly infamous for. That sort of, “Bless his heart, but he’s just the nastiest little turd I evah did saw.” where the attacker hides themself from scrutiny with the guile of well-intentioned nicity and politeness.
Reasons why I try to avoid the Buffalo family if I can. That, and Buffalo is a freaking White Trash North stronghold.

*If you want a more contemporary paralle, think “Fashion Club” from Daria.


I loved his bass work with the Runaways and the Bangles.


Richard Steele is a Republican? WTF? He was such a good boxing referee, I figured he had to be a liberal.


La Maglalang, August 2004:

15. I do not believe the phrase “a chink in the armor” is offensive.


A strong case Mrs. Malkin builds:

1) a white Democrat said Steele “slavishly” supports the Republican agenda (in front of black businessmen who, it seems, did not complain)
2) a white Democratic candidate (well, one of his staffers, actually) called Steele a “token” on his blog
3) Democrats in the south (who are black) have called Steele an “Uncle Tom”

Democrats are racist. Case closed.

By the way, I go to Malkin’s blog and the first thing I see is:

“Firecracker”–New York Times

As a white guy (well, Irish-American, but I’ve managed to pass this long) I am insulted by the brazen use of “cracker” on Malkin’s blog. I await her apology with bated breath.


“Above: A Bad Rap”

That. Cracked. Me. Up.


If those black business owners weren’t so black, maybe they’d be smart enough to know they should be offended. Thank God the Republicans are here to smarten them up.


She’s the straight up hizzle-bizzle, my nizzle.

No, wait, she’s wiggity-wiggity wack.

I’m waayyy too white.


No, wait, she’s wiggity-wiggity wack.

The best part of Kriss Kross doing “Jump” was

Two little kids with a flow you ain’t never heard
[unintelligible] you can understand every word


Yeah, and Hitler would ask someone to pass the salt. It doesn’t mean that that’s not proper.

Hoyer was being a little bitch. He deserves to be treated as such. If a Republican said that about Obama, you’d all be inflamed.


Oh, Michelle! Such deathless prose. “Past history. . . ?” Is there any other kind?


“Marty! You have to go back with me! Back… to the FUTURE!”

Pike has a point, but I can’t see a Republican apologizing for it. Well, maybe. Depends on who it was.
…Nah. Can’t see it.


is it me, or in that picture, does michael steele remind anyone else of humpty hump of digital underground? the resemblance is uncanny …


Don’t know about you lot, but I just love Conservative Rap (or Cee-Rap as it’s known to the in-crowd).


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