If I Drop Trou, You’ll See my Lie-hole

If I had any sense whatsoever I could have been a House Negro with a tidy little WingnutWelfareSinecure™. I would simply have to shitcan my soul and adopt a completely ridiculous view of the world and embrace self-loathing and a hatred of pretty much everything on the planet that was not directly responsible for my paycheck. I would also have to lie so much that my ass would be aflame with a regularity that would make a western wildfire green with envy.

That siren song sometimes calls, but then I am reminded that I am not so disposed, and while my ass has occasionally caught flame (pro-tip: Do not put a handfull of strike-anywhere matches in your back pocket, just don’t do that), I think the biggest problem for me would be the willful ignorance and the need to embrace pseudo scientific bullshit at every turn. I like science and am pre-disposed to like people that don’t look like me, though I do make exceptions for assholes. So off to NRO to see what the inside of a privileged but prevaricating white male colon looks like:


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s systematic evasion of federal recordkeeping requirements involved both the use of private email addresses and a server system installed in her Chappaqua manse. The servers, according to the Washington Free Beacon, may have been set up by shady longtime Clinton lackey Eric Hothem – under a false name (Eric Hoteham) slightly varied from his true name. It may also have been designed to give users the ability to erase emails without a trace.

A couple of things about the first sentence: One, it is a statement of fact once you remove the bit starting with “systematic” and ending with “the”, i.e the first part emphasized. The second, is the use of manse, which is designed to imbue the piece with gravitas and simultaneously signify that Hitlery is a Hypocrite because anyone with a “manse” should be a republican.

As far as the second and third sentence are concerned there is nary a fact in sight. He gets me with the “Washington Free Beacon” which is the first I have heard of what has to be a 7th rate piece of lie-funneling fishwrap and keeps me with the “may have’s.” This opening paragraph is a first rate example of shit attempting to pass itself off as shinola…


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I don’t cut Hilary any slack for breaking the law, she should should be prosecuted just like Commander Codpiece should be.

And former General Petraeus should be prosecuted to the MAX.

All these privileged arseholes think rules are for the little people.

They are supposed to be public SERVANTS, not MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.

Fuck ’em all and the limousine they rode in on.

Pupienus Maximus

The servers, according to the Washington Free Beacon, may have been set up by shady longtime Clinton lackey Eric Hothem – under a false name (Eric Hoteham) slightly varied from his true name. It may also have been designed to give users the ability to erase emails without a trace.

Love this standard formulation. You can say anything. It may also have been intended to prolong Andrew McCarthy’s impotence problem. William Buckley may have regularly sucked donkey dick. The servers may have been installed upside down to intentionally turn US foreign policy on its head


I’ve setup many, many mail servers. It’s really fucking easy to make them do anything you want if you control them completely, including “erasing emails without a trace.” This is not news.

If they wanted to keep shit secret, they could. In other news: water is wet.

This is the perfect “scandal” for the GOP to exploit — Trey Greedo (Han shot first!) can harp on this in relation to BENGHAAAAAAAAAAAAAZI! from now ’til the end of time, and no matter what she does will matter. She could truly release all her emails, but because there’s a real possibility she could’ve deleted something, the conspiracy will continue forever. Shit, these people still think she killed Vince Foster.

Will anybody but the standard flying monkey contingent actually care? I doubt it.

I think they’re going to have to try harder to keep her from being the next dem POTUS candidate (unfortunately). I still wish we had better options.


Some guy, don’t disagree in general with your overall gist, but in this case hill might only be in violation of a rule that was enacted a year and a half after she left office. Im sure she will provide ample ground for a crucifiction if not in this case. In any event, I don’t do hillary here…

Pup, thats why he gets paid, and why those sentences made it easy to avoid traveling too far into the cesspool. That template could inplicate fucking bigfoot and his space alien allies, or a time traveling Hitler.


OBS, in time she may be implocated in the kennedy assassination.

Ran into a dude at a party in the early aughts who bought into theories abt the clintons and their murderous ways that i had never heard of before, and i knew abt foster.

Said he got his info from a vhs tape…

As time went by i made sure to always be on the midst of a conversation with someone else, and was horrified that a seemingly decent guy who didn’t fit the bag of hammers profile had bought into the shit hook line and sinker. If i had to guess an alex jones fan…



Hillary negotiated the Israel-Hamas cease fire that prevented a 2nd Gaza War and saw peace between Israel and Hamas during her tenure. She was responsible for making women’s rights and gay equality official US diplomatic and economic policy. She created the State Dept initiatives to 1) include energy independence in America’s national security portfolio and to 2) combat digital terrorism, recognizing Bush admin neglect.

Hillary, along with Sec. of Defense Gates, was instrumental as a tag team in pressuring Obama to kill bin Laden and to remove Ghadafi. The cooperation between State and Defense during her tenure was unprecedented. She presciently warned House Republicans that cutting embassy security would expose ambassadors to threats.

As a private lawyer, Hillary chaired the American Bar Association group instituted gender bias reforms in the profession. She was the only Senator asked to advise the Defense Dept. As First Lady, she was the driving force behind bills to extend health insurance to millions of children and the adoption reform movement.

As First Lady of Arkansas, Hillary made Arkansas one of the first states to embrace early childhood education. She got Congress to triple the budget of Legal Services to aid the poor when she ran the program in the late 70s and early 80s, successfully fighting Reagan’s attempts to cut it. She was named multiple times one of the nation’s most influential lawyers in her private career.

Hillary is the recipient of countless humanitarian awards on behalf of her efforts for women, girls, and the poor worldwide. And she is still standing, thriving, and popular after two decades of relentless attacks from the media elite and from conservatives.

Bullcaca about private emails, nevermind that Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Colin Powell, Rick Perry, and George W. Bush are already on record as having used private email in their official roles — I’m sure sexist selective outrage will sway voters hahaha #BENGHAZI


This isnt a small deal–everything she did should be FOIA-able, and chances are we’ll never know if it’s all there or not. Not cool.
But this is going to start the Ben Gauzey shit all over again which is what really makes me mad. Come on, Clinton. Get your fucking act together.


Related, also, too, &c, blah, blah, blah: I think I’ll just start outsourcing all my political commentary to The Rude Pundit.


The fact is, by using secret untracable email servers, Hitlery has put our freedom in danger and deserved to be but put in jail for rest of life. It is a crime against freedom, and she is hiding her sinister agenda. She would sell USA out in a heartbeat for the chance to bring socialests in the back door, witch I know liberals would love


True, Hilary has some impressive accomplishments, DK.


She flunked the major test of the 21st century when she supported Junior’s idiotic Iraq Adventure… thereby proving to my satisfaction that she lacks the judgement necessary to be president.

I’ll probably reluctantly still vote for her if in 2016 if she is the non-Insane party candidate, but I won’t be donating any money.


I love the insinuations… may have been. Yeah, they have no case, so they go to war with Straw Hilary.

I hope Biden’s the frontrunner, so all of their opposition legwork goes for naught. Also, with all of the plagiarizing Republicans, that old line of attack would go kablooey.

Pupienus Maximus

I can see only one reason to use a private server. That would be to enable keeping of secrets. Tell me again why I should believe anything you have to say, Hills. I too am hoping for something better on the slate but I expect to find myself holding my nose on election day.


Hillary is rich enough and important enough that managing her life probably requires a staff of people. She’s been running for president since 2006 or 2007 and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has kept a core few people to run a campaign organization which has persisted right along with her presidential ambitions. If that is what the email server is, it’s perfectly legal but she sure as hell shouldn’t have been using it for state department business.

Pupienus Maximus

At least Billary didn’t doxx thousands of people, releasing home addresses and their fucking Social Security numbers like Jebby “I’m not like my brother, really I’m different!” Bush.

He used WP, too, I bet. FYWP.

Pupienus Maximus

Wow. TIL Takeshi Terauchi is still around and still recording. So cool. His Rashomon can’t hardly be beat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfEjqA0jcps

I got the “posting comments too


However bad Hillary may or may not be I’d vote for her in a heartbeat over whichever GOP sociopath wins the nomination.

Or I could sit on my hands waiting for that perfect progressive candidate to come along and enjoy President Walker with a Republican House, Senate and probably 3 Supreme Court nominations.

Now I’ve scared myself so badly I probably won’t get to sleep tonight.


The fact is, President Walker would put you liberals out of business for good, using realty.


Manse? Manse?

…The FUCK?

What, did Hillary turn into a Solar Exalted when I wasn’t looking? Nobody uses that term in Boring Nonfictional World. Did the Repugnicans mistake a White Wolf splatbook for their propaganda guide again?

(If Hillary does have a Manse, what kind is it? Solar? Lunar? Abyssal? I wonder what the Hearthstone is. Better be a good one.)


As far as I can tell, the rules Clinton is said to have violated weren’t actually set into place until after her term in office.

Secondly, we wouldn’t be able to tell if emails were erased even if it were a government domain. Because it would have still been an administration staffer that was responsible for it. So that’s full of BS.

Thirdly, she did release all records to the administration as required.

Lastly… Personal emails are apparently also required the retention period as well, since how else would we know if they weren’t used in contravention of the rules?

Ugh, this is a stupid argument.


I am disappoint in myself. I saw them talking about Hillary’s “manse” the same as everyone else here, and yet I wasn’t the first one to think of Exalted. (Then again, most of my thoughts of Exalted these days are “Oh joy, the Third Edition is almost ready to ship, over a year late! Soon, I’ll get what I paid for!”)

Hil being a politician, any Manse she attuned to would most likely be either Solar or Sidereal, and I can’t see her being content with anything below three dots.

And, frankly, are dinosaurs that piss heroin really less ludicrous than the existence of a book called The Roots of Obama’s Rage? (I’ve said before and will probably say again, that must be the sequel to The Roots of Bill Clinton’s Crippling Shyness.)

Pupienus Maximus

I like dinosaurs. ROWR!

Schmoe, Joseph P.

Stop winking your butthole at me!


I had to google the word manse and decided that the use of it is positively pretentious and worthy of an Alpacan Junkpunch. I have spoken.


@ Loomis: Ah, Sidereals! I forgot about them. 😀

Though given Hillo’s track record, She seems more like a Dragon-Blooded. Capable of much, but, due to arrogance, political infighting and flawed intel, trends to massive fuck-ups instead.

Elizabeth Warren, now there’s a Solar Exalt. If only the Dems would back her instead of shitting themselves in terror every time she says something obvious.


this is one of the most ridiculous “scandals” of all time…what are the goopers gonna do when the knowledge that the regulation hill supposedly violated came after her sos tenure becomes common knowledge that even they or their drones can no longer ignore*? oh, that’s right they’ll BENGHAZII!!!11!!

and wtf, “manse”?! oh, soooooo elitist! i’m sure the rich conservatives this fuckwit idolizes refer to their ‘manses’ in that oh, so southern terminology: the hawse

*jklol…i know their ignoring super-powers are unbreakable!

Pupienus Maximus

Sen. Ted Cruz told Iowa talk radio host Jan Mickelson yesterday that he plans to introduce a constitutional amendment to allow states to ban gay and lesbian couples from marrying because court decisions in favor of marriage equality present “a real danger to our liberty.”

Equality is theft!!!!

Also too, Free Practice 1 is ONLY HOURS AWAY!!!! Alonso is still mumbling about karts, Giedo van der Garde got a court to order Sauber to put him in the car – in spite of them having two other drivers who also have contracts – so there’s some fun, Vettel makes his Ferrari debut (in a car that may be waaaayyyyy better than the 2014 beast) and all sorts of other fun stuff going on. Mang I hope the Merc boys take each other out – F1 is getting boring.


Sen. Ted Cruz told Iowa talk radio host Jan Mickelson yesterday that he plans to introduce a constitutional amendment to allow states to ban gay and lesbian couples from marrying because court decisions in favor of marriage equality present “a real danger to our liberty.”

well, to be fair, that gay agenda is pretty fucking insidious…real ‘muricans must remain vigilant!


Pup,thanks for reminding me of the pending start of my second favorite season (f1) tho i should also see who did what in paris-nice (3rd favorite).

How abt them reds!

…….adjusment to get past to quickly…….

Utube South Bend metal lathe training videos on the machining of acme thread awesome…

Pup hope you are healing…joined the rib brigade meself a couple of days ago. Only bruised here, but yay, or goddammit.

Pain, occasionally excruciating, is the only thing that truly proves that you are alive.
/half full


@NiOg: I was going to contest your identification of Hillary as a Terrestrial, but I thought about it, and I realized not only that, but she’s a specific Terrestrial. Cast-iron bitch, many of her opponents are worthy people but her actual enemies make her look good… she’s Mnemon.


The “Free Beacon” was created because its publisher thought that the Washington Enquirer was not right wing enough. The Enquirer was created because its publisher thought the Washington Times was not conservative enough. And the Times was created because its owner thought the Washington post was dangerously liberal.


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