A Whiter Shade of Fail Part Deux.

‘Cause if yer trying sooooooooo haaaaard, you are probably doing it wrong…………….


Yeah, gonna keep running with the pic above during the glorious fail highway that is the Conservative Political Action Commitee ThingamaJig-OogaBoogalooo they currently have transpiring.

A Drooling Cosplay DerpFest in search of a Derpulese to save them from,…Me, because, well, Negroid, and the rest of you, dear readers, who are in possession of IQ’s north of the Marxist Boiling Point of Water.

Being among those who accept the existence of Molecules, Earth as an Oblate Spheroid, accept water as a wet thing with interesting state change characteristics,and as such constitute the gravest danger to the body republic. Any of you that fit this particular bill, should keep an eye on the Pots Pol, who want to save the Country. Pro tip: Lose the Glasses at your earliest convenience. (Trots off to old blog to dig up Gettysburg…)

Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all monies are created equal.

(Note to self, put Gettysburg in the sidebar)

I have not yet plumbed the depths of what amounts to a (drawing a blank on a word*thank god I don’t get paid)on the despicable primrose path President 3/5ths KenyanMarxistNiggerMan is leading us, so I must be leaving for a moment and forage for that sweet fruit that awaits.

Have a video, while I go a searching for Derp amongst the Mangroves…My first and only actual music Video, my appearances are of the blink and miss it variety, but I am the guy playing Bass…

Well that didn’t take long, though I fear that the Straw Poll means that this confabulation is over today but Mr Acorn of Libertardis (R-DerpTucky) the apparent winner of said StrawPollTaxTheNiggers™ was followed by the GoggleEyed (not really feeling it Charles Homuculous. Having not yet read the article, as that is one of the various fashions in which I Roll, and because I want this shit to be as fresh to you as it is to me we shall peek into the widening gyre that is the WashingtonTimes!!!

First WhiskyGolf gives me a twofer which I do not deserve as I was simply quoting Yeats, but hell I’ll take it. I havent read a word on the page but the picture accompanying the piece means that…..Sweet, Gimp, the Linux version of P-shop is in fact already open on another workspace…..BRB.

The title of the thing:
CPAC 2015 Straw Poll: Rand Paul wins again — but Scott Walker is surging

Can we get a fluffer in the room or a carton of Enzyte…Speaking of Enzyte, where did they and the smiling guy go…Those were BonerPill™ Commercials I could not bring myself to hate.

Hairpie? Or Hoodie?

Sen. Rand Paul won The Washington Times/CPAC presidential preference straw poll for the third time in a row while Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker surged to second place, as they trounced the rest of a strong but crowded field of potential candidates Saturday.

Of course we all know how this goes as the FatherCorn won the thing a bunch of times in the past, It is almost as if during the second or third week of lent, Republicans are trying to get laid, what with the surging hormones and LogCabinFever, and Spring right round the corner and all, and take this one chance to attempt to Cosplay Libertarian for a minute, and “I promise, I’ll put on a condom” to get into somethings pants…

Yeah, that. Did, I, it.

I swear to god I had not seen this before cracking about the Libertarian excuse to bed something:

The more than 3,000 activists who voted at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference also showed commanding support for legalizing marijuana, with a strong plurality of 41 percent saying it should be legal for recreational use, and another 26 percent saying Americans should be able to at least use it for medicinal purposes with permission of a doctor.

Jeealzibub on a pogo stick….

Now given the ferocity with which your standard conservative value can turn on a dime, especially if a Negro anywhere is percieved to be having fun…..How did LBJ put it (also sidebar material) via Moyers:

We were in Tennessee. During a motorcade, the President spotted some ugly racial epithets scrawled on signs by a few plain, he called them homely, white women on the edge of the crowd. Late that night in the hotel, long past midnight, he was still going on about how poor whites and poor blacks had been kept apart so that they could separately be fleeced-. ”I’ll tell you what’s at the bottom of it,” he said. “If you can convince the lowest white man that he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll even empty his pockets for you.”

Yeah, there is always that and unfortunately sea level rise will make Manhattan and Miami untenable, lomg before we are able to clean that particular skidmark from our National Underoos…

Anyway, McCarthy’s Doppleganger finished in third, those eyes….

Are Cryin….


Just came across the greatest question. Mommadillo in the comments at Roy’s asks:

I’m always amazed at the ability of conservatives to denounce all efforts against them as McCarthyism while simultaneously considering the real McCarthy a hero and public benefactor. How the fuck does that work?

How indeed?…

[Update] I really should read all of these articles sometime…..

Because If I had, I would have not discovered in my local fishwrap that TeamBlackness™, this time running as the Good Dr. Carson finished a scant .1 percentage point behind TailgunnerTed™ to slot into fourth place. Again proving that Conservatives love to get laid and take any opportunity that Does. Not. Matter. At. All. to pretend that they are not, in fact, a howling pack of Racists…




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Pupienus Maximus

Just started reading the previous thread (got broken ribs AND a cold, yay me) so I want to mention that back in the day we were reviled by the establishment for wearing the flag on our jackets, jeans, etc. DISGRACEFUL! UNPATRIOTIC! COMMIE LOVING HIPPY! LOCKEMUP!

Huh, can’t find an image of the patch I put on the back of my (surplus) field jacket. It was a flag, of sorts, but also carried a message, one which conveniently fit into a single finger.


got broken ribs AND a cold

How’d you get the broken ribs? Motorcycle accident?

Pupienus Maximus

Nothing so interesting, just had a fall in the kitchen. Fuck.


Nothing so interesting, just had a fall in the kitchen. Fuck.

Is this a good drunk story?


Nice umm… Hairdo?

Oh! Did I share that my spouse refinished my bass? I’m betting I did. I rarely have anything of use to share ^-^



Did not hesr that crossa, but cool.

Yer link gives me a 403 message. Forbidden.


I guess they finally buttoned up their server. Lame. Usually if you visit but don’t log in, download links still work. The administration is kinda incompetent. After all there’s no reason to lock it in the first place…


Not to threadjack, but the BBC actually linked to one of my blog posts!


This sentence:
“Western fighter pilots who shepherded Bears over international airspace have reported being able to hear its turboprops above the sound of their own jet engines”

links to my diary:



Rat on Major! I put the Kossack A.F. in my reader last wk. or so, but haven’t had a chance to read anything yet.

In 2008 I posted something about ‘Murkin gun violence following some atrocity or another; somehow the Beeb found it & e-mailed me about making an on-air appearance on BBC World. Naturally, between the eight-hr. L.A./London time diff & my sleeping ’til noon anyway it was long over by the time I read the e-letter. And they’ve never contacted me again.

Plus which: In maybe 1971 I was in Houston, Tex-ass, sporting a pair of red white & blue w/ a couple white stars bowling shoes through the arcade under the Shell Oil Bldg. when a barber literally came out of his barber shop & threatened to “kick my ass” for yada yada w/ the shoes.


Awesome major, plus jack anytime.

Whore as much as you like.

Current mgmt is easy.


MB, fuckin jealous of the shoes. Would have been happy to rock them in bowling league.

how times have changed.


Bought ’em at Flagg Bros., I think.

Is this thing on?


The guys in the top photo? Literally posers.


Further OT, but the Rude Pundit has about the most perfect summary of Bibi’s bigtop carnival and freak show (a.k.a “congressional address”) right here.

It’s quite tasteful and understated, really.


Here’s a link that more people should be able to view:



This is all theater
groovy toon, provider…and well done to you, major!


Normally don’t comment, and wouldn’t except for the video: nice work on bass (I’m a retired Rock Star, Regional Hero Third Class).

And, yeah, that’s the thing they’ve got against the President: they simply can’t accept that he’s a better, smarter, more capable man than they are – and black.


Thanks Satyrix….

Feel free to comment anytime, we don’t bite…I just re-found the vid and thought I would park it somewhere easier to find. I have still yet to determine its gemain-ity with respect to this post, but then we would not have had the opportunity to meet.



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