Everything I write could have that title. Fucking White People, the ones who have racing stripes in their underoos, (also fondly known as “Skidmarks” at least that is what the got us kids giggling back in my day) can’t live without the sonorous harmonies of Fox in the morning, Rush in the afternoon, a story or two wedged in betwixt a trip to Walmart, those white people. About half of you netherscratching sons of bitches anyway. Honestly I don’t think as many of your womenfolk are as terrified.

I have a thesis that states that gun control discussions would be opened up in a heartbeat if a band of 20-30 brothers were sent packing with AR-15’s to Walmart’s in open carry states. Worked in California when Reagan was Governor

Something like that would do nicely. Put a nice little racing stripe in even Rush Limbaughs voluminous undergarments……Sorry about that.

Let’s see. Yes, it comes as little surprise that the feds could not bring a case against Wilson, there really was never any hope given the limited latitude they had to work with. So Wilson can now rest easy on his pile of BloodMoney™.

So not a skinhead. And the eyes are asparkle with intelligence.

What happens when terrified white guy encounters armed Negro

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has asked vigilantes to please be careful about which gun owners they choose to attack after a black concealed carry permit holder was wrongly assaulted at a Florida Walmart.


Gotta say this guys has the same look in the eye as the Wilson cat. Let us see what his particular beef was (gonna bet that it was a variation on the theme of breathing while niggering):

According to the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office, 62-year-old Clarence Daniels was entering Walmart with his legally concealed firearm to buy coffee creamer on Tuesday when he was spotted by 43-year-old vigilante Michael Foster.

Foster, who is white, had observed Daniels conceal the weapon under his coat before he came into the store. When Daniels crossed the threshold, Foster tackled him and placed him in a choke-hold, Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Larry McKinnon explained.

Bravery leapt into the breach. Put an old man in a choke-hold because, well, niggers don’t have rights in this country anymore. This is most certainly the case in Florida. But there is a decent ending to the story insofar as the white guy getting busted.

“He’s got a gun!” Foster reportedly exclaimed.

“I have a permit!” Daniels repeatedly shouted back.

After a struggle, the men were separated. Deputies later arrived and Foster was charged with battery.

“Unfortunately he tackled a guy that was a law-abiding citizen,” McKinnon noted. “We understand it’s alarming for people to see other people with guns, but Florida has a large population of concealed weapons permit holders.”

“Unfortunately.” Yeah, that’s it. The understanding is so cuddly as well. It is almost as if the dude is upset that he had to book the vigilante. One thing the terrified racing stripe crowd seems to forget is that Old Black Dudes know the fucking law. You see an old Black Dude packing, 9 to 10 the guy has a right to do so. Fucking Idiots.

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With all the concealed and open carry crap out there, this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. The first time some black guy plugs a white vigilante “unfortunately” trying to deny him his rights is going to unleash hell.
And of course if the New Panthers or Anonymous start packing in public places, we can count on the enthusiasm for open carry to start dropping.
I hate this country some days.


This must be that “polite armed society” I was promised.


Totally enjoying the wingnut brain explosions the Florida story is causing. It’s like that “Star Trek” episode where Kirk fries a computer’s brain by telling it he’s lying.


Speaking of Florida…


“It appear a very tragic situation,” Gualtieri said. “A series of events that went the wrong way.”

Gualtieri said the investigation is ongoing but he doesn’t expect any charges to be filed.

“I don’t think anyone can punish the parents more than they’ve already been punished,” Gualtieri said.

The weapon was “secured” in the glovebox.


There’s going to be a bloodbath someday when something spooks a crowd with a high fraction of concealed and/or open carry enthusiasts.


Hemut, i used to present what happened in auroura as a test case: Dark theater,filled wih concealed carry advocates and “how many get out alive”?

Then aurora. Sandy Hook…



“You see an old Black Dude packing, 9 to 10 the guy has a right to do so.”

Wait,,,He’s an old Black Dude! HOW can he have a right to do so? The second amendment says I have a right to a gun, not that Old Black Dudes have a right to a gun. Otherwise it would have SAID SO, like the part about where they are worth 3/5ths of a person

Fer gawd’s sake the old dude was BLACK. B-L-A-C-K!!!

How can they arrest this patriot for attacking someone who is BLACK?

I want my country back.



Boy howdy, we shee-ur have come a long way since I was a boy in Aiken, South Carolina. It used to be held that a black man couldn’t own a Cadillac or other expensive car in the South. If a negro did have a car, it had to be a piece of junk… a working vehicle.

And it wasn’t that a black man in a nice car was automatically suspected of stealing it. No, it was intentional denial of any symbol of affluence.

My father tells me about his uncle James, who was a well known black storeowner in Augusta, GA in the 50s and 60s — the town across the Savanna River from Aiken. That part of the Savanna River hosted many winter homes for wealthy northern (white) industrialists who liked to raise and train horses. So naturally, there were a few more opportunities for black entrepreneurs because the Yankees didn’t treat the negro servants and proprietors with the murderous contempt held by the locals.

Uncle James saved up his money until he could afford a new Caddy. He knew about the unwritten rule, but thought he was an exception because he owned land and a small commercial property. He grew confident because as a saddlemaker serving wealthy men who kept show horses in the South, he had frequent business dealings with rich white men who were civil to him.

In 1962 he made a trip to Atlanta to buy him a new car, and drove it back to Rome. He got stopped four times on the way home by local yokels, but since he was well dressed and graying, they gave him the benefit of the doubt (as if perhaps he was a white man’s chauffeur) and let him pass after warning him not to stop.

When he returned to Augusta, however, the Richmond County Sheriffs knew who he was, knew he planned to buy a Cadillac, and therefore he was “uppity.” Word is that other counties’ deputies had radioed ahead to warn the Richmond cops about a black man driving a Cadillac claiming Augusta as his destination.

They laid in wait for him, stopped him and beat him senseless, put holes in the Caddy’s doors and radiator with their shotguns, and broke every window and glass fixture on and in the car. Finally they broke his left foot and then made him get in the car and drive through town before going home. He stayed in first gear to avoid using the clutch with his broken foot, just like they planned.

Nowadays, only the symbols of status and the overt expressions of contempt have changed. The bigotry is still alive and kicking.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

“I don’t think anyone can punish the parents more than they’ve already been punished,”

This is the worst fucking excuse- the parents owe a debt to society. The criminal justice system exists to correct that situation- feeling sad about your criminal negligence is no substitute for your legal debt to society.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

What a horrible story, bughunter! It’s basically sumptuary laws for African Americans. It hit its nadir with the wholesale destruction of “Black Wall Street“.

As much as GOPers want to claim that unregulated market forces would help African Americans, without “big government” protections, bad things always tended to happen to prosperous African American communities.


I’d like to see somebody do a study of gun owners, well, white gun owners anyway.

It has been my experience that most of them are racists with a conscious or unconscious desire to shoot black people… although the ones I’ve met would use a different word!


One possible way for Republicans to end up spinning this: saying that the white man was clearly a liberal busybody opposed to second amendment rights, and shifting the whole conversation onto the irrational fear of guns rather than the irrational fear of blacks. (Kind of like how “oh, but he was a left winger anyway” has been their rationalization for everyone who embarrasses them, all the way back to Hitler).


bad things always tended to happen to prosperous African American communities.

Here’s another one I just learned about:


Heck, I think the pitiful state of the big 3 automakers has been a forty year war on organized labor and the prosperous black community of Detroit.


My maternal grandfather died long before I was born.

But his widow, my grandmother, accidentally revealed that as a teenager, he had taken part in this disgraceful blot on the face of humanity:



Got an hour and a half before I get to rock. which leaves an hour for another post, thanks Helmut, did not know about Oregon.

Kinda taking over the place during MLK week….


Dunno if the Vanport thing was an improvement. Oregon was a sundown state for a very long time.




Just into Arizona after seeing Monument Valley. Geological information surprisingly hard to find.

Hey, just realized – we’re headed for Albuquerque, you tuned in Fenwick?


At least with Vanport, there was alot of unused housing in the remainder of Portland to relocate to… So it’s not at all like Katrina. It really is in a flood-prone section that still doesn’t have much housing and Oregon had very strict zoning for the next forty years at that point.


Clovis, NM is a very depressing place.


One possible way for Republicans to end up spinning this: saying that the white man was clearly a liberal busybody opposed to second amendment rights

You called it. I’ve seen that exact meme pop up on other sites.


Damn, I’m good. (Have they added “and this just confirms that liberals are the real racists!” yet?)

Why is New Mexico depressing? I’ve only been to the southwest as a tourist, but as a tourist, it’s bar none the prettiest part of the U.S. I’ve seen yet.

Of course, you have to like deserts. Or maybe, after all these years in DC and Florida, I was just delighted to discover a climate that was both hot AND dry.


Parts of NM are depressing. Take a gander at this. http://imgur.com/XUuG2Z9. Then there’s Clovis, which is fucking _nasty_.

Arrived Dallas more or less safely . Bagoas is still weirded out from five days in the car, strange motel rooms, and so on.


If you can take it, listen to Palin’s Iowa FREEDUMB summit speech. She did that, Chris, the libruls are the REAL racists, anti-woman, et cetera. At least that’s what I could get from some of the less incoherent / insane bits.


Why is New Mexico depressing?

It’s a pretty state but it’s also one of the poorest.

It’s number 49 or 50, right down there with Mississippi.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

Clovis, NM is a very depressing place.

Especially for mammoths.


Hey, remember this?

Well, it’s been a slow roll and the police chief is still the police chief but they have stopped the practice both on an internal police policy level and through city ordnance.

That’s not the kicker though. This is. Sometimes the news isn’t always terrible – although it is terrible a lot.


[T]he news isn’t always terrible – although it is terrible a lot.

This is a fact. And the comments to the news are terrible much more often, even when the news is good. And believe me, discovering that large numbers of the clergy are overcoming the handicap, not just of a Christian upbringing but of actual priesthood, to discover and enact the teachings of Jesus is very good news. Not good enough, however, to make me load more than the initial batch of comments; my ironclad rule is that, once the Baser Republicans start commenting, I have no desire to get any further from the boat. I wouldn’t even dive into the vat for free money*, let alone mangoes.

(* Warning: clip goes exactly where you think it does. Do not watch if you have eaten, or are planning to eat, any time in the next two hours.)


Austin: so you’re a fan of The Magic Christian, eh?


Expected this, actually, until I saw the description. Either one’s good ‘though.


so you’re a fan of The Magic Christian, eh?

I recall watching it once mainly for the Raquel Welch scene.


I actually have the book, which is pretty entertaining– but it came out in 1959 and so some of the things it satirized (like ridiculously huge cars) were a bit off by the time the film was made in 1969. Shifting the setting from the US to the UK didn’t really help either.


(* Warning: clip goes exactly where you think it does. Do not watch if you have eaten, or are planning to eat, any time in the next two hours.)

This should be a thing. Just ate, feeling good, girding loins for the craptacularity I will soon encounter. Damage to the keyboard appreciarted. (gonna leave that one for posterity.)

Thanks dear sir.


avoided should precede appreciarted. thank you for your forbearance.


(* Warning: clip goes exactly where you think it does. Do not watch if you have eaten, or are planning to eat, any time in the next two hours.)

what the hazelnut is that?!?!?!

also, internet comments are the downfall of humanity and always leave me feeling some sort of idal…either homi or suici…


i did a wiki on ‘the magic christian’ and now i must get my hands on it…


avoided should precede appreciarted.

Not in my dictionary. Nor in my philosophy.

[preemptory FYWP]


apropos of nothing, Alex Pareene of Hack 30 fame has transitioned to Gawker. He’s still a good read.


As a longtime student of the conservative psyche, I feel that I have stumbled upon something important today.

True, “It’s always projection.” True, Altemayer’s thesis about “Rightwing Authoritarianism”.

But today I discovered another academic named Thomas Scheff who seems to make sense when he talks about the role of shame and fear as motivators of male rage…



There’s a decent series ongoing at McSweeney’s about guns. Today’s installment is good.


g-dang it, i always forget about mcsweeneys…there’s just never enough time for all the reading I want to do…


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