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This cat is gonna give the Tea Party response to the state of the Union address tonight. He has a wonderful smile, charming ways and compliments the two guests of the State Department, who are not in fact, Indian nationals. This is some of what we had hoped that the legacy of Martin Luther King might have put a dent in. Whither Wingers, who seemingly, like the poor in the old testament, will always be among us.

I present to you Rep. Curt Clawson of Florida:

Fucking Florida….For those who might be video challenged…

“I’m familiar with your country; I love your country,” the freshman congressman said. “Anything I can do to make the relationship with India better, I’m willing and enthusiastic about doing so.”

“Just as your capital is welcome here to produce good-paying jobs in the U.S., I’d like our capital to be welcome there,” he added. “I ask cooperation and commitment and priority from your government in so doing. Can I have that?”

The American, a state department official answers thusly:

“I think your question is to the Indian government,” Nisha Biswal said. “We certainly share your sentiment, and we certainly will advocate that on behalf of the U.S.”

Parallels certain to exist historically in Rome and Greece, Persia and Egypt escape me at the moment. nonetheless there were smirking idiots who would generally have difficulty finding their ass with a flash light and a map in the midst of taking a dump while slowly strangling the remains of the respective empires.


Brilliant Image. And following a speech, that if the wingnuts want to co-opt King, they better get busy with the time machine.

Since I am a preacher by trade, I suppose it is not surprising that I have seven major reasons for bringing Vietnam into the field of my moral vision. There is at the outset a very obvious and almost facile connection between the war in Vietnam and the struggle I, and others, have been waging in America. A few years ago there was a shining moment in that struggle. It seemed as if there was a real promise of hope for the poor — both black and white — through the poverty program. There were experiments, hopes, new beginnings. Then came the buildup in Vietnam and I watched the program broken and eviscerated as if it were some idle political plaything of a society gone mad on war, and I knew that America would never invest the necessary funds or energies in rehabilitation of its poor so long as adventures like Vietnam continued to draw men and skills and money like some demonic destructive suction tube. So I was increasingly compelled to see the war as an enemy of the poor and to attack it as such.

Perhaps the more tragic recognition of reality took place when it became clear to me that the war was doing far more than devastating the hopes of the poor at home. It was sending their sons and their brothers and their husbands to fight and to die in extraordinarily high proportions relative to the rest of the population. We were taking the black young men who had been crippled by our society and sending them eight thousand miles away to guarantee liberties in Southeast Asia which they had not found in southwest Georgia and East Harlem. So we have been repeatedly faced with the cruel irony of watching Negro and white boys on TV screens as they kill and die together for a nation that has been unable to seat them together in the same schools. So we watch them in brutal solidarity burning the huts of a poor village, but we realize that they would never live on the same block in Detroit. I could not be silent in the face of such cruel manipulation of the poor.


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Clawson also voted for Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to be House Speaker, even though “the Kentucky senator is not a member of the House.”

what a chucklehead…

During the official Tea Party Express State of the Union response, Rep. Curt Clawson (R-FL) blamed undocumented immigrants for the plight of 10 million unemployed Americans and emphasized legal immigration.


Jorge Ramos, arguably the most prominent Latino journalist in the US, slammed Republicans in an essay for their silence and lack of concrete solutions on immigration.
“Republicans seem not to have learned anything from their electoral defeat in 2012,” said Ramos. “Their own post-election analysis stated that, “If Hispanics think that we do not want them here, they will close their ears to our policies.” That’s absolutely right. They are now setting themselves up to lose the 2016 presidential election – it’s not possible to win the White House without the Latino vote.”

yep…keep choking’ that chicken, goopers and tp’ers and hillary will make double history: 1st female and first dem president to sit for an unprecedented third democratic term…


You have to hand it to the wingnuts, they have been very successful in perverting almost everything MLK actually stood for and turning him into a Hallmark card.

You almost begin to question your own sanity when confronting the triumph of bullshit over reality.


also, frist!


Ten Ho tells me the R response to the SOTU did not mention immigration at all save for berating Obama’s “(unconstitutional?) overreach.”. Well, the Iowa creature’s brbroadcast speech, that is. The Spanish language version went on about how enthusiastic the R party is about immigration reform. It is to laugh. Or cry.


Richfield, Utah. Little detour for a dog friendly motel. Hitting some state and national parks tomorrow. Must swing through monument valley because neither of us has ever been and HELLO?? JOHN FORD?!?!

Sooooo glad we replaced our 15 year old Paddat – which was a damn good car – with this delightful A4. There’s something to be said for keeping ones car for 15 years and then there’s the “jeeez, this shit is great” of a fifteen year newer slickmobile. even the standard stuff is WOWEE!

Big Bad Bald Bastard

Richfield, Utah. Little detour for a dog friendly motel. Hitting some state and national parks tomorrow. Must swing through monument valley because neither of us has ever been and HELLO?? JOHN FORD?!?!

Take some time to “spit roast” some closeted Mormon dudes while you’re there. You and the Ho deserve a little “ghey ajender” action on the side.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

And following a speech, that if the wingnuts want to co-opt King, they better get busy with the time machine.

They can’t make up their minds, they hate him, but they want to co-opt him because he’s revered by many people around the planet.


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