EfffinX When they Roost, they Shit on Everything.


Yep, I just stare at that, blink, blink, blink….

I mean really, I should be the least surprised at yet another open display of the brazen hubris of Southern “Quality”, “Gentility”, “Chivalry”, “Elan”. An ethos that has never ever closely resembled a single one of those things.

“Southern Heritage” and “Southern Culture” are simply pretty phrases used to dress up their true meaning “White Male Supremacy.”

So Arkansas cuts a deal with itself to sully a holiday dedicated to an honest to god American Hero who was murdered in his prime, by adding an honest to god Traitorous Bastard, who got to live out his life in style.

Not enough lipstick in the world to pretty this pig.


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Sometimes I think that the dismal voter turnout among the left is because they don’t think the USA is worth saving.


Hey, Arkanasas peckerwoods, today is Martin Luther King Day.

You shitheels can hold “Treason In Defence Of Slavery” (TIDOS) Day some other #%#&$ day.


Helmut, after coming to the conclusion that we lost the civil war I wonder if it is not a ridiculous conclusion.

We had been involved in a lengthy “Cold Civil War” but given stand your ground lynch a n*gger at your leisure laws and law enforcement lynching with impunity which is even before we discuss filling congress with nutjobs who would have been laughed out of polite society in Savannah GA circa 1855.


Thing is, we “lost the Civil War” because the politics of the era were very similar to what they are now. Anemic left wing, enormous and fanatically motivated right wing.

We “lost the Civil War” because we failed to rebuild and remake Southern society in the way that we did Western Europe and Japan after WW2. The reason we failed to do that is because most Northerners, or at least enough of them to tip the scales, just plain weren’t interested. They supported the Union in the Civil War because the extremism of the white-Southern-planter class left them no other choice, but they didn’t really care about the injustices of Southern society and were fine abiding by the “you stop being a little shit and trying to burn down America every time you don’t get your way, and we’ll let you run your states as you see fit” deal that eventually happened.

In other words, politics back then were the same as they are now, not right-versus-left so much as right-versus-everyone-else, with the left having to strain and struggle to pass extremely watered down versions of necessary reforms, because so many of the people “on its side” wouldn’t have supported anything more. (Think Democrats after 2008, still infested with Blue Dogs and DLC types).

It’s not just that the left doesn’t turn out. It’s also that a lot of the left simply isn’t very “left.” Then, as now.


Given the brutality of, basically, all recorded history, I wonder how realistic it is to expect that America behave better than empires historically have. It’s just that the USA was formed as a reaction against old empires and to see people embracing old empire enabling prejudices like racism, is like grit in my teeth. There is a fraction of the electorate that looks at every improvement in civil rights as an attack on the privileges of white men, but it is mind boggling that pandering to the worst instincts of the US is not just distasteful electoral tactics, but rather the key to republican success and the reason for the existence of the Tea Party.


The NY Draft Riots of 1863 were pretty gruesome proof that class and race issues were only barely better in the North at the time. I’m not sure the post-Civil War North could’ve really pulled off a Reconstruction version of WWII’s denazification.


Given the brutality of, basically, all recorded history, I wonder how realistic it is to expect that America behave better than empires historically have.

True, lots of European countries practiced slavery and were engaged in the slave trade.

But I can’t think of another one where it required a bloodbath in order to abolish slavery.


Since I can’t comment over at LG&M – no I do not want a WordPress account FYWP –

Major Kong says:
January 19, 2015 at 7:36 am
As long as we’re celebrating generals who fought against the United States, may I suggest August 25th as “Võ Nguyên Giáp Day”.

Might as well go with a winner.

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William Westmoreland?


It took bloodbaths all over the new world to ‘end’ slavery. (‘end’ is in quotes due to the millions still living some kind of debt slavery and or indentured servitude today) The French had bloodbaths in Haiti, the Spanish had bloodbaths in Cuba, in Mexico and everywhere else. France outlawed slavery in 1794 (and reauthorizes it in 1802), but not in its west African colonies until 1905. The civil war is our slavery bloodbath but it was by no means the only slavery bloodbath. This https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abolition_of_slavery_timeline is a great start, for a history of abolition, but it leaves out the wars that made each one happen.


I was going to repeat my LGM post but I see someone already beat me to it!


Major Kong, please don’t forget to mention when you have new blog posts up, I’m only halfway through your latest on the SR-71, but I am enthralled. Thanks for posting it!


>Major Kong, please don’t forget to mention when you have new blog posts up



How do you fight that, though?

A traitorous bastard. Who lost. Yeah, he had moments of military brilliance, and the almost insane dedication of the members of ANV, but the question was never really in doubt, he was never going to be able to significantly impact the manufacturing bases of the North, nor could he ever match the North in sheer numbers – we invented the zerg rush. The best he could have hoped for was the ’63 campaign where he hoped to take Washington DC and then sue for peace. Meanwhile, Sherman was half-heartedly informing the South in general of the poor political choices made by their leadership. And Lee knew all of that, and was asked to serve his country, and said ‘hell with you, I like slavery!’.

And for the south, mentioned several times in several documents, from their POV it was all about teh people-owning. Lincoln as much as said all he wanted to do was preserve the Union, slavery or not – this was power-play as much and more than principle.

Educational assessment has changed since No Child Learning Basics so that rankings of states for educational achievement no longer really mean anything – everyone is teaching to the test. I don’t remember, nor actually would have ever had a reason to know, how Arkansas stood in rankings before NCLB, but like most southern states of the time (I do remember, for many years, Mississippi being 50th in state rankings, that high because there were only 50 states) I suspect that the majority of children received educations lacking in the learning of stuff. That’s how you end up with this sort of truly amazing bullshit.

HM, your point is good,re: liberals and not voting because we’re convinced we’re probably doomed. I wonder how much of a factor in that POV is because we can’t even begin to see what it would take to save these goddamn morons from themselves. And how much effort and time and, sad to say but this is in the calculation, money, can we spare? I want to save the kids, but their parents are so, often willfully, stupid that I can’t help but want to just say go to hell.

2 cents.


Someone over at LG&M pointed out that we should be thankful to old Bobbie Lee for getting the Confederate Army decimated at Gettysburg.

Otherwise the war might have dragged on past the North’s appetite for continuing it.


Nowadays, it’s all “Obama’s comin’ to take your guns away!”

Back then it was all, “Lincoln’s comin’ to take your slaves away!”


The y were _not__ decimated at Gettysburg. Their losses were far worse than one in 10.



We actually found one of my ancestor’s names on the Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg.

Pretty sure he was just a cook – which is somehow fitting.

I have his bayonet and what’s left of the scabbard. The rest of his kit got sold off back when my dad was a kid. Too bad. It would be worth some $$$ today.


ANYONE who lionizes that traitor deserves nothing but scorn.

He and his entire cause are treason of the worst type, and I am fully in favor of teaching EXACTLY how he acted when casting off his oaths to the Union and slinking back to his rebel state to act AGAINST the country he had sworn to serve.

F him. He’s worse than Benedict Arnold – at least Arnold never really led any victorious actions against us.

address my envelope, lips!

Fucking Virginia had the “holiday” for both Stonewall and that traitor Lee last Friday. I took the opportunity to spit in the direction of a post office which was closed for “observance”.

Fuck me – War of Southern Fucking White Bigotry, that’s what it was.

I think I’ve sworn enough now, but just in case, Tits.


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