Sadly, Truelarious!

[UPDATE on comment related program activities]
It seems that our new spam filter was designed to kill discourse and as I don’t want to parse a ream of php fucking code to edit the line that would unblock the cocks, er comments I have turned it off. Sorry about the inconvenience and more so about the lost witty banter that might have transpired otherwise. Special thanks to PupMax and OBS for alerting me to the issue.


I Know I have run across Matt Bors before and will definitely be keeping closer tabs, This one got a laugh out of me this morning and is to my mind a definitive example of the axiom that “Brevity is the soul of Wit”.


Many more where that came from.


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Let’s see if we can slip one past the goalie.


Testing…. Testing… TESTES… PENIS…

Yep, looks like it’s back.


Also, too: Happy Winter. Remember everybody, axial tilt is the reason for the season!


Haaallooooo …

Bors is right up there w/ Ted Rall & Tom Tomorrow, but obviously anyone w/ those initials is talented. Michele Bachmann, for example.


The fact is, why do all liberals hate cops and love criminals?


Because, Gary, all the cops are criminals, & all the sinners saints.


Because, Gary, every cop is a criminal, & all the sinners saints.



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