If a Wingnut Prick Bleeds, Does it You?

Wishes he could be a man and not just a Simulacrum of one.


Unlike our Hero below. Actually there may be a few “heroes”…

We’ll Start with a comment held up in moderation…Talk about an easy mango harvest…So DroolingToolHandsInPantsEightBallInCornerPocket Iron Guardsman starts thusly:

They are always talking about how over crowed our schools are, well Obama what do you think you just done to the school systems.

Starts as a love note to the President and one wonders (Hey Obammer, good to see you bud) how in the hell someone so eloquent as to completely cockblock what was gonna be some delicious snark I had planned for this bit in only the second sentence, knows that Obama spends a considerable amount of time reading this blog and thus this message would reach its target, is beyond me, but then Horatio there are things in heaven and earth…

How many will sit in class all day and can’t even speak a word of English.

Or write a proper sentence, spell, cohere,…Mr Guardsman does earn points for something resembling retention and demonstrates a mastery of Regurgitation.

Just where do you think jobs will come from for 5 million illegals, that’s millions more that will be on food stamps and every other give away that’s out there.

As Far as the Jobs are concerned, they already have them and truth be told most of them work harder in one day than your sorry ass toils in a week, and that is me being generous, my dear friend.

And as usual the American tax payers will have to foot the bill.

Dude as far as the generous givaways and food satrapamps that yer hardly-earned tax monies is for payin’ look no further than your white trash neighbors, or the ones two blocks down and possibly some of your fellow guardsmen and women who are hoovering up the vast majority of welfare in this country. And once again, the question must not only be asked, but begged. If these ingrates have it going so fucking good, why have you, Mr Guardsman Sir, failed to purchase a ticket for a ride on that lavish GravyTrain™? I understand that they have a main office on EasyStreet™ where they are practically giving tickets away.

This comment is a longish one so let see what else sticks in Iron Man’s craw.

We have had laws all along about immigration, that you ignored. That was the only problem with immigration, no one would follow the law and deport them as they crossed our borders like a bunch of cattle.

If a hanging curveball was an unhittable pitch, this sonofabitch would have a couple of bookshelves laden with Cy Young Awards. Did they use to “deport” cattle from Kansas City to the Chicago Stockyards?

I’ll leave the rest as an example of “‘Tis better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Now you have caused our country to be over run by millions of illegals, a lot of them are rapist and murderers and every kind of #$%$ there is.They are still coming here daily, because you have failed to do your job and have blocked anyone that wants to do what should be done. This stupid move by our dictator of a president will destroy our once great nation.I did not vote for you and that is the reason, you do not know a damn thing about running a country, you have never listened to anything the American citizens wanted for our country. For some reason you think you know what is best for us and we are suppose to just go along with your idiot ideas. If this POS is not impeached he will bring this country down before his last and final term is up.Obama you are a disgrace to this country and to black people also.You have gave our country away to a bunch of illegals and want us to be happy about it. Well i want everyone thats illegal to be deported, they broke the law, and i want our borders closed down tight and guarded to keep anyone else from crossing our borders illegally ever again. If you want to come to America, do it the right way.

In order to be a fully functioning member of the Wingnut Tribe requires the balancing of so many Psychoses as to reduce a Cirque du Soliel Juggler to tears.

For some reason this morning that Brick and Mortar favorite of ours The Conservative Treehouse pooped into my head, so I think that a trip yonder way might find some Nut-ricious delights. Totally forgot that they were keeping it real, helping fill the void left behind by Andrew Breitbart. Again the Masthead


Yeah, Uhm, Er, Treehouse…Check. Breitbart, uhm…check. I could goof on that all fucking day long, I mean just examine the absurdity, let it wash over you and then climb the ladder into some certain to be boilerplate Winger Bilge with an oily sheen of Racis…Hell, every ism that does not kindly appoint its utterer.

To be as fair as a blood-spattered be-fanged lunatic left winger can be, the site is actually called The Last Refuge. But with a URL of http://theconservativetreehouse.com/ one can’t help but point and laugh when faced with the banner. So on to the HaterAde™. While the the current post at the top is a bunch of God Botherin’ stuff and bible quotes (washes the stain of hatin’ right on down it does), the one that follows starts thusly and is sure to be a Rejoice-a-thon MRA style:

Via Daily Caller – When Ryan, a University of Virginia student — described in the widely-discredited Rolling Stone article on campus rape as “Randall” — told Jackie he was not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with her in September 2012, he says “it did not go over very well.”

I think we are about to see the wind up and delivery of some serious “Bitches be Crazy” heat coming toward the plate…Actually not. In order to find some actual yakking I had to hit a link that quoted more of the DC and then another Read More link leading to the DC article itself. Blooging be easy over there. Lets check under the next pile and see if a Unicorn stabs us in the eye.

Friday’s Portland “School Shooting” Was Gangbanger Violence – One Suspect Arrested…

Posted on December 14, 2014 by sundance

2014 Modern Media Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is true; all events happened as described in mainstream media; however, the races have been removed to protect the narrative….

Portland, Ore. — A suspect in a shooting that wounded three students outside an alternative high school was arrested early Saturday in what appears to be a gang-related attack, Portland police said.

There we go, everything written before the words Portland, Ore. are composed by his slickness and not at all racist misoginious Mr Butch, I mean Sundance. The rest is Cut and Paste of the article and while the comments are a hoot I can see why we don’t visit this space very often. I hope that coward Mr Dance has a fucking day job.


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As for the “I Want You to be Andrew Breitbart”, if that means drinking yourself to death by 43, then hey, I’ll chip in some reasonably-priced booze!


Violence isn’t the issue, it’s who gets to use it.

A suburban culture that produces mass murders like Columbine & Aurora is, you know, one thing, but gun fighting in the street, that’s thuggy urban violence, which must be immediately condemned by all the other urbanites, from pulpit to poolroom!

(Unless it occurs on a dusty street at high noon between Eastwood & Van Cleef.)


Ah say, that’s Eastwood, theah!

Bugger you in every orifice, WP!!


Nym not sure why you ended up in moderation, but fixxored now,

I like to make up words. CHM…


Oh and nym, re made up word, winge-ers go on so much about snap recipients that you’d think they were driving caddilacs and leading armies…


Probably because I have a couple of “email” addresses that are just mashing my fingers on the keyboard (for places that demand emails) and I used one of the ones I use elsewhere.


Now I just have to remember if I must use the .za one or the .cx one…


i want our borders closed down tight and guarded to keep anyone else from crossing our borders illegally ever again

Except for all the ones who stay here after their visa runs out….

Seriously, do these idiots have any fucking idea what it would take to “seal the border tight”? Even if it were possible, and it probably isn’t, the amount of money and manpower it would take?

Not even North Korea has a completely sealed border.


If a hanging curveball was an unhittable pitch, this sonofabitch would have a couple of bookshelves laden with Cy Young Awards.

Pin a medal on this sentence. Absolutely brilliant.

You really turned on it, Provider. Perfectly squared-up tape-measure shot into the upper deck.


If a hanging curveball was an unhittable pitch, this sonofabitch would have a couple of bookshelves laden with Cy Young Awards.

Brilliant sentence, Provider.

You really turned on it: A perfectly squared-up tape-measure shot into the upper deck.


Fuckety-fuck you, WP. I thought you swallowed up my comment entirely, so I re-wrote it a put it up again. Which shows everyone (1) How truly sucky WP is; and, (2) how hugely I enjoyed Provider’s sentence…indeed, the whole piece.


Also, I can’t wait for spring training to start.


Also I can’t wait for spring training to begin.


Fuckety-fuck fuck you, WP. So I’m “posting too fast”? Then let’s take a look at the spread on the time-stamps, shall we? Looks like 9:01 and 9:09, doesn’t it? What is that? Eight minutes? Is WP the stupidest peece O krap? Let me reiterate as forcefully as I can: Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck fuckety-fuck-fuck you, WP.

That is all.


I love that the graffiti on the wall of the “I want you to be Andrew Breitbart” says, among other stupid things, “Fight the system”. Because Republicans are well known for fighting systems.


Thanks, thanks, fenwick. If work is off today, I’ll look into the PTQ problem, though not looking forward to it.


so i was listening to the ‘political junkie’ on mpr this morning and I heard him say, ‘said darth vader, speaker of the house…’ and I was like, ‘cheney’s speaker of the house now!? when did that happen?’

lol…then my brain registered john boehner…


I think I feel a little sad for Iron Guardsman. I have a feeling he’s probably on welfare, unemployment, or Social Security, and probably qualifies for SNAP himself.


You are hearing me attempting to post.


So who is this guy?


So who is this guy?

Some poor sap who was caught in moderation, and happened to provide what I was looking for regarding hanging curve-balls and wingnut tropes.

Coulda been you, or a comment left unread thre or four threads down.


The title…”If a wingnut prick bleeds, does it you?”

WTF? Is that a typo or some sort of joke?


Some guy, Nerchant of Venice, my friend. Othello. Becky tried to j’accuse me of anti semitism.

I doubt shakespear would appreciate how I play around…


winge-ers go on so much about snap recipients that you’d think they were driving caddilacs and leading armies…

Less than $2/day is what my family gets for my being here with them. Let’s hear it for 67-cent meals, y’all.


Every time I see that pic the word that comes to mind is Panjandrum.

Also, not because we want to go there for any reason other than a brilliant career move for Teh Ho, looks like we’re relocating. To Dallas of all fucking places. Ah well, the plan is for it to be only a few years then we can go somewhere we _want_ to go.


Dallas of all fucking places

The only problem with Texas is that it’s full of Texans.


Dallas? You poor thing. I hope I can finally meet you two in person before you leave


Ramen with a sows ear, a little salt and pepper, some wild garlic, now that’s eatin’ son. Toss a collard in there and you gots the pyramid covered.

OBS, how far are you from pup and ho’s? I know you guys live in a big state, but from what i cyphered y’all got them motormacycles. Would love to hear abt meet in meat!


I’m about 90 minutes from Portlandia if traffic isn’t stupid. It’s more about getting away from life/work and explaining my imaginary digital friends to my wife.


condolences, PM.


Dallas of all fucking places

my condolences as well, although I have more of a chance of meeting up with you there than the left coast…recently re-connected with some dear friends from my time in purgatory there in the early aught-eighties…


You have yet to ‘splain your invisifriends to your wife? You have been at this for awhile…


Fmwp gott look into posting too quickly. Ffuucckk.


Good Luck explaining away someone named Teh Ho, OBS. But I feel you should make the effort to visit nonetheless. I want to visit vicariously.


powers greater than me will have to sort this out or give me some keys…Sorry about the pain in the interim.

Starbucks as annoying as it can be is vastly favorable to McD’s where I am currently ensconced so I will be leaving now.


I forget who lives where, but I’ll be in Oakland tomorrow through Friday and then Spokane on Saturday in case anyone wants to meet up.


oooh…spokane is stabby tsam territory…


I forget who lives where, but I’ll be in Oakland tomorrow through Friday and then Spokane on Saturday in case anyone wants to meet up.

I’m kinda not far from Huntington, now. 🙂


Speaking of RWNJ’s… this one lied to the Ferguson MO…



I’ll be in Los Angeles for the immediate & foreseeable future.


I’d stay away from stabby tsam territory if I were you. tsam territory is where you want to be.


You’re lucky, Bouffant. I had earlier pushed him to apply to the equivalent position at KCET but he blew it off. I’d much rather be moving there than Dallas. At least its not flat. My motorcycling joy is going to be seriously compromised for a few years. Texas hill country is nice but its a slog on the slab to get there. But then, Dallas is paying _very_ well so there’s that.


Sorry if I’m being nosy here, Pups – you can tell me to MYOB if you like – but is your marriage recognised in Texas? I mean for health benefits et al at the new employer.


Dunno how things are going there now, but considering KCET left PBS, y’all may have dodged a bullet.


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