Welcome to the United States of White Supremacy


The thing is this has always been a fait accompli, the shit was woven into our founding document. Right there in paragraph three of section two:

Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.

Which in essence means that if a southern state had 50,000 “other Persons” which would add at least one representative to the state in question. Still in paragraph three:

The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand, but each State shall have at Least one Representative;and until such enumeration shall be made, the State of New Hampshire shall be entitled to chuse three, Massachusetts eight, Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations one, Connecticut five, New-York six, New Jersey four, Pennsylvania eight, Delaware one, Maryland six, Virginia ten, North Carolina five, South Carolina five, and Georgia three.

One might wonder if Virginia in this case had enough slaves to grant it an extra representative or two. In any event, from the get go the South has had us by the balls. They were able to count slaves toward the amount of Representation they would hav in congress an after a very brief respite during the era of reconstruction were able to count “free” black persons while denying those very souls the right to vote.

Last night someone asked why they waited so long to deliver the findings. I would say that there are several reasons: One. Cover of darkness to make it more difficult to determine what was happening and where, when the tear gas started flying. Two. To provide opportunities for the collection of images of Blacks on Rampage to ensure that the media had plenty of “they had it coming” fodder to the drooling masses that directly benefit from White Supremacy. Three. So the drooling minions of mammon, among others we have Jonah Goldberg can “wingsplain” the reason that it is the season to get the heathens.

I believe the grand jury operated in good faith and from what I can tell Officer Wilson had the facts and evidence on his side. Given the eagerness of some parties to exploit Brown’s death, it’s tempting to see this as a partisan victory against the forces of Sharptonism. And while I can’t muster sympathy for the looters, car-burners, the dress-up Bolsheviks and that ilk, I am trying to see this through the eyes of those I disagree with.

The last bit being possibly the most disingenuous thing this particular shartiste has allowed to pass from his pressure release valve. Following that nothingburger in his inimitable style I’ll leave the parsing for those whose skulls have not been softened by a constant pounding into a hard surface.

If McCulloch wanted an indictment, I think he could have gotten one (prosecutors and ham sandwiches and all that). Whether he should have gotten one is open to debate. I certainly think you could make the case that the country would be better off in the long run if there was an open and transparent public trial. On the other hand, we don’t have trials of innocent men simply for appearances’ sake. Having a trial just for show is too close to a show trial as far as I’m concerned.

The last sentence is too clever by half of half.


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That this prosecutor would screw this up so badly? No one could have predicted


I certainly think

No he doesn’t, he’s Jonah fucking Goldberg.

(Also too, I seem to be first! Hope that lasts long enough for me to finish writing this comment!)

And go fuck yourself ragged, WordPress! With a big dick, with the Big Red Straps! How in the late God’s name is taking 20 minutes to compose a comment, because you get sidetracked looking at similar comments you’ve made on earlier posts and deciding not to repeat yourself, “posting too fast”?


I knew my coworkers tended towards the politically conservative, and for several years we’ve kept politics more or less out of daily work life, and gotten along pretty well.

Over the last couple weeks and especially today I’ve seen and heard shit that has broken my heart. Gonna be a quiet career. Absolute bullshit.


Oh noes, we can’t try innocent men. Which means no trials because you’re presumed innocent. Or something.

But, I don’t recall Joberg being appalled that many people found Michael Brown guilty of open carry of melanin and aggravated blackness. Funny how that happens.


I just had an argument on another site with someone who argued exactly what Jonah did. “Would it be better if there was a trial where the prosecutor was in the tank and a conviction was highly unlikely?” Since I was pointing out the DAs in Tallahatchie County got an indictment for Emmett Till’s murderers a way back in 1955, I guess I opened myself up for that.
Well, I said, yes it would be better. McCulloch would be in public day after day obviously fucking things up. (No patience today for ironic asterixes.) And such considerations are bullshit for a grand jury anyway. They are supposed to look at the evidence and say, “Yep, that dude probably committed some crime, and here are some likely possible crimes he/she committed.” They are NOT supposed to handicap whether or not a conviction is possible. (“Hmm, this defendant has a crack legal team and a few hundred thou, while the prosecution looks like a brain-damaged seal in a cheap suit. No indictment here.”)


The only time the defense gets to speak at a Grand Jury is when the defense is a police officer.

Isn’t that convenient?


The fact is, you liberals cannot ever admit that you are wrong. Perhaps Brown was not innocent. Perhaps blacks are not really ready for civilzation.


bbfk, it looks like the GOP asswipe you referenced in the previous thread is reaping the reward of his public asswipery:

The state GOP condemned his remarks as “outrageous,” and on Monday it was his employer’s turn. Bob and Sue Kulbeik, owners of Hardware Hank, fired Whitley from their store after confronting him over his remarks, according to the Tribune.

“Everything Jack said was so contrary to the way my husband and I conduct our life and the way we believe and think that we just couldn’t tolerate it,” Sue Kulbeik told the paper.

“We even asked him, ‘Is that really how you feel?’ And he said, ‘Absolutely,'” she added. “We said, ‘You’re no longer needed at our store.'”


Hey, fake Gary, go fuck yourself, that’s not funny.


I just shitcanned three desperate attempts to post a bunch of racist bullshit under fake names that were stuck in moderation. So say what you will about FYWP and its bullshit, it has our backs.

Also, too: I wonder who would come over here trying to spout racist bullshit under fake names? It’s so hard to imagine that happening — I mean what kind of person is that fucked up?


Update, four desperate attempts. Stay classy, racist Americans.


In spite of everything, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


Happy ThanksTaking day!!!

I have been pressed into all manner of service today, had to bail from the macy’s parade because reasons. Have been researching the provenance/use of two tined forks the host has.

Jesus, if you told me at 6 in the morning what I would know about the world of vintage two tined forks before one o’clock, I would have laughed at you.

I think these might be snail forks, def 19th century.

Anybody else got some super esoteric research projects for me, I am nearly certain I will only be able to take so much of the cowboys, unless I can steer the dude to the uefa transpirings.


Two tines? Too tiny.

Happy Thankswhatever day. May your tukey be moist and your rioting be pepper-spray free.


Had to go to the in-laws for Thanksgiving today. A dash of pepper-spray might have made their badly over-cooked, unseasoned turkey edible.


We decided to hell with turkey this year and my parents brought up sandwich fixings from Philippe’s in Los Angeles (if they aren’t the inventor of the French dip sandwich, they’re one of the earliest and longest-lasting makers of same).

They were terrific. One thing I very much missed when moving north to central CA.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

Over the last couple weeks and especially today I’ve seen and heard shit that has broken my heart. Gonna be a quiet career. Absolute bullshit.

There’s something to be said about working with nobody but two cats 80% of the time.

The Dark God of Time AKA DA

North Texas saying: “You can’t fix stupid.”


Well, I hope all my USian buddies had a good Thanksgiving. Ate themselves stupid, argued with the relatives, watched “football”, planned a shopping trip – although some of the food does look pretty appetising, I must say. THAT I envy you, the rest – Eh.


I bought nothing.

I ate little.


“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

Still the funniest thing ever said on television IMHO.

Big Bad Bald Bastard


He still has an enticingly large forehead.


despite the rioting and racism, this is what really has minnesota’s collective knickers in a twist…


Still the funniest thing ever said on television IMHO.

“Ship my pants?”

Big Bad Bald Bastard

despite the rioting and racism, this is what really has minnesota’s collective knickers in a twist…

Wait, with its Mediterranean climate, Minnesota doesn’t have a thriving viniculture? Next, you’ll be telling me that tangerines don’t thrive there.

Alternate joke: The alternative would have been lutefisk stuffing, and who the hell would have wanted that?


One wonders how much longer it will be before corporations, being persons, are included in calculations for the number of representatives – or are allowed to register to vote, hold public office…


The alternative would have been lutefisk stuffing, and who the hell would have wanted that?

-Q: What did one lutefisk say to the other lutefisk? A: Don’t lye to me.
-Lutefisk – it fishes what alewives you.
-What did the lutefisk play at church ? Nearer My Cod To Thee.

Let’s face it kiddo, lutefisk is just another butter delivery system, like lobster, crab legs, or Skittles. The only useful thing a lutefisk has ever done is inspired lefse.


>The only useful thing a lutefisk has ever done is inspired lefse.

Holy shit – a lutefisk created a lefse golem!?!?


RAnon : Surely a corporation-person will do as it has for yea these many years – hire someone to do the actual work of e.g. campaigning and then employ them at as low a wage as is feasible to do all that hard legislating and stuff.



I live! I hunger!

Also, you did a bloody brilliant job Provider. I was stuck in a rut trying to channel my rage about Ferguson and you did so far better and more poetically than I. Thank you.


P.S. New post.


They announced on the local news that they decision was reached by 330pm. they waited 5 hours to announce it


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