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“Bennie Simmons, alive, soaked in coal oil before being set on fire. June 13, 1913. Anadarko, Oklahoma.”

They didn’t fuck around back in the day. They knew how to string up a man so he wouldn’t die right away, so they could extend the show. I am sure that a flaming corpse will tickle the nethers for awhile, but a full-on-medieval, live flaming body, has got to fill an observers pants with all kinds of moisture.

“Bennie Simmons, or Dennis Simmons, accused of the murder of sixteen-year old Susie Church, was taken from prison guards in Anadarko, Oklahoma. His killers led him to a nearby bridge and hanged him from the limb of a cottonwood tree flourishing by a stream. ”

The Negro prayed and shrieked in agony as the flames reached his flesh,” reported a local newspaper, “but his cries were drowned out by yells and jeers of the mob.” As Simmons began to lose consciousness the mob fired at the body, cutting it to pieces. ” The mobsters made no attempt to conceal their identity,” remarked the Enfaula Democrat, “but there were no prosecutions.” Purchased in Oklahoma.

I think we can add a new definition to “Call and Response.”

“…flourishing by a stream”…Nice touch, because I was concerned with the health of that tree.

Now in 1913 there was no internet to get the LynchPorn™ delivered, but they had you covered; should you have missed out, they sold Post Cards: “Gelatin silver print. Real photo postcard. 31/4 x 5 in.”

Etched into negative, “Edies Photo Anadarko Oklo””

Which means that they didn’t just print off ten or fifteen . As Without Sanctuary makes clear there was a market, and these were collectables.

Now we have often gagged about the tendency of the Projectithoritarians™, Tories by any other name, to drag us into a new gilded age, it has become clear that they want the full monty, and fortunately in the early part of the 21st century they can enjoy their Lynching Hard-ons by proxy.

Like, for instance, leaving a dead man in the street for four hours so a thorough investigation can take place or so as many might get the “message” as possible. Undoubtedly Mr Simmons remains were left up in the cottonwood tree to give those the chance what missed the party and who could not wait for the Post Card an opportunity to take part ex-facto and anyone else for whom a message might be delivered, to receive it.


Take note of the left arm in the Photo above, what you see is some high tech, top of the line, pocket investigation equipment, (one wonders if it plays pool.)

That the stream of blood running from Michael Brown’s lifeless body resembles a rope, is simply a side effect of slope, but it does resemble a rope and this was a lynching.

Near as anyone can tell this will be an awesome thanksgiving week for African Americans as it has been intimated that the results of the Grand Jury deliberations shall be released this week. We shall see.

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This gets me on Socratic journey through the idea of justice. I’ll report my findings if I make it out alive.


Sure glad we’re not violent like those Muslims.


I have always thought that the murder of Michael Brown was a modern day lynching.

And I’m old enough to remember REAL (not that this isn’t real) lynchings, with spectators hanging out and eating popcorn, like it was a party.

I’m an Air Force brat (and Air Force veteran) and spent a lot of time in the Deep South as a child. I couldn’t believe that my parents were so blase about that stuff.
Still can’t.

I have a hard time forgiving them for that. Even though they are now EXTREMELY old and infirm and I have the care of my Mom.

They’re both racist Republicans. (well not exactly, Dad finally figured out it was in his best interests to vote Democratic because the Republicans want his Social Security and veteran’s benefits – but his heart is elsewhere). And not my Mom so much. But oh man it breaks my heart to see that picture. Makes it real in a way that a bunch of news articles never will.

I want to like my parents and other relatives. but it’s hard. When I was a child, racism for me boiled down to simple fairness, support of the underdog. (and oh didn’t I get my face slapped numerous times for arguing with my Dad about it – at six)

Anyways. I know that sucks. And I hope they send the copper to jail. But I suppose they won’t.


Good to see you Rosebuddear, seem like it has been awhile. I hope you are well.

By the time I was dropped on the planet they had moved onto the modern form of lynching, but by then a majority had tv’s.

Your parents are a product of their upbringing/peerpressing times, though I would be interested in what convinces yer old man that the wingers are trying to take his SS. Might be useful in the future.

Take care.


my little corner of the world makes wingnut news


oooh! raw story has it too!

[Sneaky OBS edit: I fixxorated your link, bbkf]


Mmmmmmm that’s some USDA prime grass-fed wingnuttery there bbkf.


[Sneaky OBS edit: I fixxorated your link, bbkf]

thank you, dear…

Mmmmmmm that’s some USDA prime grass-fed wingnuttery there bbkf.

yes, indeed it is…factions are being drawn here in town, so things could start to get…interesting…interesting and even more ignorant…


also, i can’t look at the picture on this post anymore…


said he didn’t donate money to missionaries “unless they prove to me they stand against abortion and homo’s.”

He gives them money if they stand against homo’s what? sounds like he pays for gay porn which is absurd because there’s shitloads available for free. Probably has a thing for Mormon missionary boys.


We’re ready for Ferguson.

Ha Ha!


bbkf, I feel you. I never wanted to seek out pictures of Michael Brown’s body left in the street for four hours, nor view the hundred and then some post cards at Without Sanctuary and now those bells cant be unrung.

Anyway, as this was neither a snark time happy dangle, nor was wingnut idiocy provided for derision, consider this an open comment thread.


bbkf, I hope you have yet to serve that muslum hating tool.


Ha Ha!

is it wrong to have that reaction…cuz i did! yeah, i run in to that muslum hating tool on a semi-regular basis…but probably won’t anymore since he got canned from his day job…otherwise, we don’t share the same social circles…i doubt he would frequent my supper club since demon alkyhall is served there…

said he didn’t donate money to missionaries “unless they prove to me they stand against abortion and homo’s.”

right? if you’re going to rant, at least know the basics of grammar…i also liked his thing about muslims having to ‘except’ jesus christ…


Still waiting on the GJ decision. I wonder why they’ve been sitting so long on something so prominent in the public’s attention.


“They either need to repent except Jesus Christ or leave the country.”

…why doesn’t stupid burn inward?


I really hope I am wrong but I think the moron who decided to delay the announcement of the Grand Jury decision is a fucking idiot. As if, oh gosh it’s past 9pm, let’s all just go home now.

Everyone already knows.


Gotta live it when the prosecutor takes time out to stress how unreliable his witnesses were. Awesome.

Quit stalling. We all already know.


Here’s a great idea, let’s make everyone wait a full day knowing we already have the decision, and then announce it in the most offensively patronizing manner possible. That is sure to de-escalate any potential conflict!


ZOMG! No indictment on any charge! I AM SHOCKED!



Also, news of no indictment means that Darren Wilson’s paid leave can end now and they can give him back his badge and gun.


Barry to address the nation in a few minutes. Prolly pissed that he too had to wait for-fucking-ever to step in with a plea for peacefulness.

Dude had better be bringing his A game.


Sweet IPU, don’t any of youse Yankees wear watches anymoar?

Hey Barry, shit us getting fucking busted up now. Like at this very moment. If you’re gonna do something, sooner is better.


I don’t even mind that you went live just as I was hitting Submit. Now, some of that magical oratory please.


Obama: “I also appeal to the law enforcement officials in Ferguson and the region to show care and restraint in managing peaceful protests”

Police: mobilize MRAPs

Not even joking. FFS.


If this were a movie this would be rightfully called cliche. Literally have the president urging calmer heads prevail and speaking to the challenges faced by “communities of colour” while tear gas is being fired by mostly white cops into mostly black citizens.


Barry said early on that the GJ decision was going to be a thing no matter which way it turned out. Even though we all knew how it was going to turn out. Him and his team had to know that no indictment was coming. They had to know that this was going to be a big fucking deal.

Dear Obama,

You could have been ready faster. Half an hour may seem like a short time, but you knew it was coming. You could have stomped all over that dickbag prosecutor easily – just announced immediately that you were going to make a statement, and then done it.

And you brought nothing to the table. You have no solution, nor even any indication of doing sweet fuck all about it. Just, hey guys – shit is all fucked up and shit, but them’s the breaks. I’ll do you a solid and ask the cops not to beat all y’all too badly but seriously, they don’t listen to me either.

FFS. I guess if you aren’t going to say anything then you might as well take your time doing it.


Happy Thanksgiving you guys.


Okay. Gallows humour, but nicely done Ryan J. Reilly.

For the forgetful – context.


Post in queue. Or are you just hiding the fact that I just pwned this thread from a phone?

Okay, going link-free. Just non-hyper text.

There’s a pic out there of your very own Tank Man. Hands up and holding back a phalanx of armoured police vehicles.
There’s a St Louis Police car on fire, and the ammo inside it went off.
Don Lemon just said some truly stupid shit, but I guess that’s not news.


D-K, lemme guess: Not one “posting too fast” during that, right?

“The Thanksgiving Riots.” Has a nice ring to it.


There’s a pic of a line of riot cops standing in the street beneath a big SEASONS GREETINGS banner.
Otter cities have their own protests going on, but I don’t think they’ve lit anything on fire yet.

Back in August when this happened, there was an Economist column about how Americans are 100 times more likely to be killed by police than the British. Two full orders if magnitude.Your cops kill at least a person a day. And that’s an underreported number. Apparently in Utah, if you are killed by another person, that person is most likely your spouse. Second most likely is a police officer. If you married a cop, you should be wearing a bulletproof best at all times.

Cops don’t de-escalate. They aren’t trained to. The entire structure sees the concept as foreign. Even if you were to train them, you would still completely override it by constantly prepping then for the worst case scenario of getting ambushed by a zillion criminals or whatevers. Even desk cops wear their sidearms. Their primary training – what they are given the most preparation for – is violent armed conflict. It is too often what they are most comfortable with, and that is by design.

Is it warranted given your fucking insane obsession with having as many external death penises as possible, widely spread out amongst the general population? No. It is fucking stupid. All it accomplishes apparently is riots. And a confirmation to all those folks who think the US of A is a fucking shithole from sea to shining sea.

There is so much fucking wrong. The race issue is so fucking blatantly obvious – and made even more so by the festering shitbags all whining about how oppressed the white male is. Fucking dammit idiot jerkwads who think getting called out for being racists is worse than being demonstrably systematically fucked over by society twelve ways from Sunday. Including getting shot over nothing and then having you body bake in the Missouri summer afternoon – all fucking afternoon long. Fuck.

The lack of police accountability. The knee jerk authoritarian response to defend those fuckers all the fucking time. A few bad apples – bullshit. All cops are bad. Period. When was the last time a cop ratted out another cop? Sure it does happen once in a fucking blue moon, but these bad apples are fucking constantly surrounded by people whose entire career is about serving the public and upholding justice. They look out for each other first and foremost, which is just wrong. FFS, Darren Wilson is getting his gun and Ferguson PD badge back.

From the beginning, everything about this has been handled as poorly as possible. The initial police response back in August led to a week of riots. The initial investigation was a farce at best. Over a hundred days they had – knowing everything. Knowing that a Grand Jury wouldn’t indict a cop that whipped his gun out and shot one of their fellow jurors before their eyes. Barry talked about the mistrust people, especially minorities, had of their sociopathic cops – and that there was a lot of work to be done there. Well, you know when might have been a good time for that to happen? How about some time in the last three fucking months? If only there were people who could help lead the way on that.

And now this. Massive build up of militarized police forces – a full day of waiting. Reports of the GJ having reached a decision were circulating before noon, but Asshole McShitforbrains decided 9 pm was a good time to share the “news”. Let people simmer all day and them smirk at them and blame them for everything – but only after nightfall. Then roll out the armoured vehicles and tear gas.

And you know what? Nobody is going to be penalized for running this clown show in a way that seems intentionally and aggressively bad. A bunch of somebodies made some of the worst fucking decisions of a helluva fucking long ass time. And just like the child killer Darren Wilson, they are all going back to those jobs they did so fucking brilliantly well.


Sadly I didn’t see this turning out any other way. Sigh.


That smirking, giggling, worthless monstrous DA was bound and determined not to indict, and the GJ, consisting of 9 local members of the white race (don’t you doubt there were more than a couple of scumbags in there) only needed 3 to refuse to indict. Even taking the ‘facts’ at wholesale, some form of homicide was called for.

I don’t know how much of this is known, but JoJo the Melon-Headed Cop got married a couple or so weeks ago. This says two things:
-Of course he knew he wouldn’t see a drop of punishment or responsibility;
-and, time to put all his assets in the wife’s name to protect them from the wrongful death suit.

bbkf, please kick Jack Whitleys berries out the back of his head next time you see him. And then wordpress.


Jeebus this country sucks. I know it’s always a rule to not get out of the boat, but today of all days, it’s best to just stay in your cabin and not even venture out on deck.

Here, have some adorable kittens in a basket:

Ooooh, kittens!


I don’t know how much of this is known, but JoJo the Melon-Headed Cop got married a couple or so weeks ago.

i heard this yesterday on the radio…was rather shocked by it…even if deposits were made, schedules set, i would think the taking of a person’s life were set in stone would supercede that…idk, maybe darren wilson is super good at processing the type of feelings one would have after shooting someone and going through a shitstorm afterwards…

yeah, it does seem that he knew he was going to get off…missouri just gave the black community a massive ‘fuck you’ and they seem rather pleased to do so…

i purposely stayed away from any news outlets and the entire intertoobs last night because i just didn’t want to hear the bad news…

paleo–hope i don’t see jw for a long while…seems like ratbastards like him are doing all the berry kicking lately…


I know it’s always a rule to not get out of the boat, but today of all days, it’s best to just stay in your cabin and not even venture out on deck.

dang, i hadn’t even thought about it…until now! great! i’m going to look at the kitties for a bit and then go down in the basement and clean out the store room…can’t guarantee that a few things might not be broken in the process…


This country is on the fast road to Suckville. Santa will be skipping us this year.


That picture is a sick and sad reminder that the first line of Desolation Row was not just another Bob Dylan surrealistic non sequitur.



This murderous cop skated, just like Lt. Calley did, just like Nixon, just like Kissinger, just like Junior, just like Dickhead Cheney, just like Zimmerman, just like the Wall St. banksters.

“Accountability” that’s for us suckers, not for the RW criminals.

I wish there were a hell for them to fry in…


I guess Ferguson PD anticipated that they might need extra manpower following the no indictment decision and prepped to get another pair of boots on the ground. Fortunately it looks like someone had more sound judgement in this case.


maybe darren wilson is super good at processing the type of feelings one would have after shooting someone

It’s not like he shot a person – just a black teenager. D-Dubs is cool, all-y’all.

Jesus fuck these people with a splintery crucifix.


Dear wordpress,

How slow should I be posting? Would it be in my best interests to invent cryogenics, so that in 2049 I can complain about how President Meghan McCain gave aid and comfort to the eskimo porn industry? In 2072, I can rail against Prime Monister Πγ%% Warrickzufel declaring war on Pluto?

Go fuck yourself,


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