Reefer Homicidal Madness

I think I got this! No is the answer, right? Yeah, I’m definitely going to go with “no”

Cliff Kincaid, Stream of Consciousness America:
Can Marijuana Fuel Jihad

I think unhinged wingnuttery can sometimes be viewed almost like musical pieces…. not good music mind you. After all that requires craftsmanship and effort, two things most wingnuts are tragically fatally allergic to (or at least I’d assume that’s the case given their bowel-movement like regular posts). But certainly the type of music produced by a bunch of kids entering into their first Battle of the Bands without practicing because their “natural talent” is going to make them “megastars”.

And given that lens, we can see the evolution of genres like the worst radio station on the planet.

I mean, you’ve got the throat-scratching primal screams of hate, the ham-fisted metal-like noise of people who think simple loudness equates to technical proficiency and sweeping baroque like illustrations. And you’ve got the insufferable version of an emo self-pitying cry apeing the alienation of the genre to instead wax poetically on the immeasurable and seemingly invisible slings and arrows suffered by the overfed and powerful at the hands of such nebulous concepts as “gubmint” and “social justice warrriorrrs (come out to play-ay)”. And let us not forget the insufferably pompous attempts at deep intellectual and complex work farted out by the equivalent of a talentless boy band, hoping that overwrought swoops and nonsensical metaphors will somehow equate to having anything of worth to sing about. And all manner of paycheck songs, album filler to round out the set and keep the crowd awake as one wonders on the wisdom of quitting one’s day job.

And of course, today’s output: the genre mashup. Now, I generally love genre mashup pieces, as one might expect from an old-school techno fan. When well-done, they can give new life to multiple styles of music and produce a much-needed fresh sound.

But sometimes, you get messes like these. Discordant noise made out of ill-stitched standbys of the genre in order to create a horrifying Frankensteinian monstrosity from still rotting tissue.

And unlike The Monster, there is no saving this tragic beast.

Shorter (or the last port before Jungle):

  • In the course of human affairs, it appears that right-wing myths about mary-jew-juan-a can explain why the sand-monkeys and niggers are violent and dangerous forces needing only the most exacting elimination. To demonstrate this, I will casually assume, yes, a handful of right-wing muslims in the news used this shit, but such pedestrian concerns tire me greatly, so instead allow me to devote the majority of my time to the smearing of those darkies slaughtered by our brave and certainly not high at all cops, lest any forget that the whole mary-jane panic is about (and has always been about) demonizing the faggots, the niggers, and the assorted commie scum.

No. I’m not joking. Always trust the shorter™, motherfucker!

The transformation of a “sweet boy” into a maniac, psychotic, or jihadist killer can happen under the influence of a mind-altering substance like marijuana.

In the Michael Brown case, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has run a story saying his toxicology report found a level of THC, the main active ingredient in marijuana, at 12 nanograms per milliliter of blood. “Levels of inactive ingredients of the drug were also detected in Brown’s blood and urine,” the paper said.

In other words, Brown was a marijuana abuser, quite possibly an addict.

The paper confirmed this, saying, “Pathologists who read the toxicology report said Brown probably had used marijuana within a few hours of his death. There were also indications that Brown was a habitual user. An undisclosed amount of the drug was recovered from his body. A surveillance video taken the same day appears to show Brown stealing cigarillos from a convenience store. The tobacco in the flavored small cigars is known to be easily replaced with marijuana leaves, as shown in YouTube videos and in cannabis literature.”

Yup, he went there…

Which begs the question of what cave have these nutjobs been hiding in for the last 50 years? The sweet leaf has been popular and at least tried by the majority of what is now every single generation that has ever lived. Hell, even terminal squares like Bobo Brooks can boast to a college toke or twelve and we’ve got enough white nationalists who want to light up to give libertarians their first real cause they’ve ever had that wasn’t about shitting on black people and the poor.

But here, he really seems to think Reefer Madness was a documentary and that a toke of a substance infamous for making one so mellow they think shallow philosophy is deep somehow acts like Bane’s venom, making one double in size and turn into a violent psychopath (no, no, no, that’s the ‘roids… or maybe right-wing radio). And that is one thing, adrift in a sea of being so far from reality that one is not even aware that there is a shore to be far from.

But the real terror is that there seems to be a critical mass of cops that believe this horseshit as well, or at least trust that enough people believe it to make its cynical exploitation commonplace. I mean, that pretty much was the method used to smear Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. Unsubstantiated claims of evil marijuana usage at one point in their life, thus marking them forever as the criminal class that they must execute unthinkingly Judge Dredd style because… fearing for their life or something.

And that’s the real problem, cut away from the cacophony of meaningless noise and dog whistles.

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. Turning shorters into loungers is invented by me. We are aware of all Internet traditions.™


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Cliff Huxtable x Chet Kinkade= Cliff Kinkade?

“Riiiiight. Who is this, Really?”

P.S. Firstest!!

Enraged Bull Limpet

He misspelled Jihead.


Because methamphetamine has never ever caused anyone to have a violent paranoid psychotic reaction.

(Or alcohol either.)


What’s the Bill HIcks routine – you can tell the difference between the drunk and the pot smoker because the drunk is all belligerent and the smoker’s looking for more nachos. Or some such. You get the point.


I thought all it fueled was munchies?


I know Bill Hicks had one bit about why you don’t hear much about stoners getting into bar fights:

“Hey you!”

Or something to that effect.

The only reference I can think of to ganja-related violence seems to be in several Linton Kwesi Johnson poems, but I think that’s more a comment on how living in a racist society fucks you up so bad that you’re even angry when you’re irie.


Hey man, clearly marijuana is turns people into dangerous sociopaths.
I mean, Newt fuckin’ Gingrich admitted to using it. Glen Beck probably did too. The Reefer Madness guys just ran over someone and acted really damn weird about piano playing (seriously wtf was that about?). But then you see really dangerous people like Gingrich used, and well, do we need to draw a map?

OK, you might get some mellow guy like Bob Marley toking. Maybe it’s just what happens when white guys light up.


Oh, he won’t give in,
he’ll keep living in the past.


Ivy league BUTTSEKS!


Ivy league BUTTSEKS!

Oh why did I read the comments on that link?

Never read the comments.
Never read the comments.
Never read the comments.



I know when me and my buddies spark up, the first thing we always think of is either “jihad” or “assaulting a cop”…


Look at the Wikipedia entry for “Cannabis drug testing”:

Under the typical 50 ng/mL cutoff for THC in the United States, an occasional or on-off user would be very unlikely to test positive beyond 3–4 days since the last use, and a chronic user would be unlikely to test positive much beyond 7 days. Using a more sensitive cutoff of 20 ng/mL (less common but still used by some labs), the most likely maximum times are 7 days and 21 days, respectively.

12 nanograms means Brown had smoked ONE joint in a month.

I refer you to Hunter S. Thompson KNOW YOUR DOPE FIEND: “BEWARE. Any officer apprehending a suspected marijuana addict should use all necessary force immediately. One stitch in time (on him) will usually save nine on you. Good luck.
-The Chief”


The fact is, here in the heartland, Kasich is gonna win and I can’t wait to see all the sad liberals moping around after WE WIN YOU LOOSE


Yes fake Gary, I have little doubt that Governor K-Suck will be reelected and continue the race to the bottom in his efforts to turn Ohio into North Mississippi.


Read the Wikipedia entry on Cannabis Drug Testing.

Results under 50 ng/ml are generally ignored for jobs testing purposes. A more sensible test can detect up to 20 ng/ml, which corresponds to ONE joint smoked 30 days ago.

With 12 ng/ml Brown was FAR from a heavy user.
That’s what the test shows.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

As is typical, my workplace is a poll site. I have some lovely kids from the local high school conducting a survey about the role of social media in local assembly elections.


The fact is, you liberals are getting what you deserve for supporting socialism and tyrany, you are repoudiated at the poles and also in person when we take our country back town by town in the heartland.


Cerb: I loved your deft application of musical riffs to the politics of marijuana. Also, an outstanding Shorter. Complete mastery of the form.

This phrase brought back especially good memories of Ville du Sadlie, because I had such fun with the B-O-t-B silliness:

… the type of music produced by a bunch of kids entering into their first Battle of the Bands without practicing because their “natural talent” is going to make them “megastars”

Originally, I dropped by tonight because I thought Ville de Sadlie would be an interesting place to hang out on election eve. Then I saw Cerb’s Topic and knew I was fated to be a common tater here tonight. (I am, as you may recall, a big fan of the Sweet Smoke.)

Then I encountered Cerb’s phrase. So for the amusement of the good people here, howasabout an epic election-eve edition Battle O the Bands? I will begin searching for talent momentaritly.

It feels good to step out of the shadows for a while.


Battle O the Bands

15 bands from Cerb’s article (after ruthless editting to trim them to a managable number). There will undoubtedly be several stages at the Election Eve B-O-t-B venue….

Fatally Allergic
Primal Screams
Invisible Slings
Keep the Crowd Awake
Day Job
Tragic Beast
Assorted Commie Scum
Toxicology Report
Small Cigars
Squares Like Bobo
Toke or Twelve
Bane’s Venom
Psychopath No No No
Sea of Being
Far From Reality


MN more or less may remain an island of sanity. So yay us?

But jesus with a double-headed dildo the country looks tough…


So. One post per week is allowed? Excellent. WordPress continues its mastery of the pedophilic arts.

I say again, MN, more or less, may remain an island of sanity. So, yay us?

But jesus on a double-headed dildo the country looks rough.


The fact is, it gives me a boner to see and hear so many libbies upset over what happened tonight. God happened. Freedome happened. We, teh Heartland, are in control of our country again. We will Impreach and Repeal.



Umm, Rotting Tissue, my Iggy Azalea cover band.


The Wendy’s commercial chick is a perfect microcosm of teh Heartland. Vapid, fan of Red Dawn and Red Bull and Red Skelton, very unlikely to blow Gary Ruppert, and, long thought impossible, consisting of re-animated external tissue, an exoskeleton made of Karo and bleating Freedomebird!


On violence and the Sweet Smoke:

I can easily imagine how a weakly-anchored and highly-suggestable person under the influence of marijuana (or its stronger sister hashish) could be manipulated to a point of violence by clever and malevolent bastards … and most especially if the manipulation was cloaked in ritualized religious ecstasies.

If I recall correctly, the origin of the word “assassin” comes from “hashish-in”. For several centuries (in the Middle Ages?) a tiny, but greatly-feared, Islamic cult carried out political murder under the direction of the “Old Man in the Mountains”. The cult operated in the lands of modern-day Lebanon, Syria, Isreal/Palestine, and Egypt. Its killers–under the influence of hashish–were fearless and fanatic. (In my opinion, this says much, much more about the nature of religion than about the nature of the Sweet Smoke.)

I am having trouble with my browser; I hope some helpful Sadlie will add a pointer to a Wiki article or etymological article. Also note that everything I’ve written here is from my completely-fallable memory.


Major: I enjoyed your review of “Fury”. I have not yet seen the film; my brother and I are going to a matinee sometime this week Instead of ‘spoiling’ moments of the film, your review made me more eager than ever to see it, particularly the armor engagement with the Tiger.

Your review also did a fine job in providing the movie-goer with useful background on WWII armor, including the Sherman’s defects, and the important destinction between heavy and medium tanks: The Tiger is in an entirely different class than the Sherman.

(Fenwick pitches modesty aside: I have a strong background in the history of armored fighting vehicles and armored warfare, particularly WWII.)

One thing that might be useful for potential movie-goers, is an understanding of the the five crew positions and their battle functions in a medium (or heavy) tank.

Two crewman were stationed in the tank’s hull: on the left, the drive; on the right the hull-machine gunner (the position occupied by the newbie clerk-typist in the film).

The hull gunner, protected inside the tank’s armor, fired a machine gun mounted in an armored cowling, so it could traverse back and forth, sweeping the area in front of the tank.. The hull gunner’s main task was to shoot enemy infantry (and other ‘soft’ targets) in front of the tank. In 1945–at the time portrayed in the film–this task was particularly important because German infantry was equipped with deadly tank-killer weapons (similar to a bazooka).

The other three crewmen rode in the tank’s turret: The loader–who loaded ammunition in the tank’s main gun and extracted the spent shell after the ammo was fired. Among the key resposibilities of the loader was using the correct type of ammunition (as directed by the tank commander and/or gunner). The two main type of tank ammunition were AP (armor-piercing) for punching holes into enemy tanks, and HE (high explosive) which was a fragmenting shell useful against enemy infantry. (There were also smoke shells, starshells for illumination, and even primitive ‘shaped-charges’ AP ammo in 1945.) Damn loader needs to pull the right shell from the locker / magazine, and no fumble-fingering on loading/extractrion.

The gunner was probably the second-most important crew position (behind only the tank commander). Using special optical gunsights he acquired the target, lined up the shot, and fired. In Western armies, including the Wehrmacht, the gunner sometimes had control of turrent movement for faster target acquisition and shot line-up. (Fractions of seconds mattered, speed and accuracy were at a premium in tank-vs-tank warfare.) Soviet gunners, however, seldom if ever had control of the turret.

The third occupant of the turret was the tank commander (‘TC’)–Brad Pitt–who sat a bit above and behind the gunner and loader. He controlled the tank and coordinated the crewmembers in battle. When the tank was ‘buttoned-up’, the TC had views of the battlefield through ‘vision blocks’, a series of short periscope-like apertures using twin mirrors set at 45-degree angles.

Having rambled on for these many paragraphs, I think it’s safe to say I’m amped about seen the film. Again, thanx for the review, Major.


The tank-combat portions of ‘Fury’ were awesome. However, I’m not sure about character-building parts. Basically, we have more war-crimes than I can count, casually committed in the movie. By that time, you’re sorta hoping everyone dies.


There is speculation that the word Assassin comes from Hashishin. There are stories that Hassan i Sabah and his successors took their recruits and got them stoned on hashish and allowed them to enter a hidden garden in the Alamut stronghold where they consorted with a harem to give them a preview of the paradise that awaited them if they were to be killed after completing their assassination. There’s not a lot of proof though that these are anything more than stories told by their detractors, because when the Mongols razed the Alamut stronghold, the library was burned and they did not leave survivors. There is no doubt that they were good at killing people, and that because of that they wielded a political influence far greater than their numbers or wealth would otherwise allow. I would have to guess that while their operatives may have used hashish, when they committed their killings they were probably sober.


committed their killings they were probably sober.

Hard to kill when your knife is sooo beautiful and reciting Coleridge to you.


I’ve heard that story too. I can believe that assassins who were mystics full-time and killers part-time used hashish in their rituals. But yeah, I can’t see that they were in trances or just stoned while they were trying to kill people.
But weird, magical superkillers make for popular stories.


Hi Fenwick. Good to see you back around.


Check Wikipedia, “Cannabis drug testing”.

12 nanograms is way below the normal sensitivity of THC blood tests, which usually stop at 20 ng/ml.

You would expect to find 12 ng/ml in the blood of someone having smoked ONE joint LAST MONTH.

Hardly a shooting offence.


MN more or less may remain an island of sanity. So yay us?

But jesus with a double-headed dildo the country looks tough…

Oregon is still sane too (yay legal pot!) and we kept our dems in national office. Wasn’t even close, really.

And decent turnout, also, too: 59% (although it sucks that just over half is “decent”).

I haven’t been able to stomach watching the national news — any other good things happen yesterday?


Pretty ugly night for the country. We did pretty well in Oregon, sending Jeff Merkley back to the Senate and also voting in recreational Mary Jawanna. Our low tax rate is gonna kill the Washington pot biz unless they make some drastic changes.


Yeah, yeah, refresh BEFORE commenting. Fuck off.


Yeah, yeah, refresh BEFORE commenting. Fuck off.

Great minds, yadda…


here’s scary story to take your mind off election results:

Well, isn’t that just creepy as fuck.


Okay, so howsabout a Day-After-the-Massacree Battle O the Bands? I culled Cerb’s post earlier; this list of B-O-t-B talent is culled from the thread’s first 40 comments….

Misspelled Jihead
More Nachos
Won’t Give In
Spark Up
Stronger Sister
Punching Holes
Vision Blocks
Magical Superkillers
Ugly Night
Take Your Mind


Those would be better as song titles for a concept album.


Actually, it’s the track listing for the album Keep The Crowd Awake by Psychopath No No No.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

Damn, those god-bothering pastors sure have active fantasy lives.


I’m suddenly reminded of a pamphlet I picked up down by Jackson Brewery (in New Orleans) around the Desert Shield/Storm era, and misplaced in the restroom. To the best of my ability to remember, it claimed that Saddam Hussein was actually an ancient Babylonian demon who could swallow human semen and vomit it up as caviar, and that he was using ELF transmitters to make US troops gay for each other. Speaking of active fantasy lives.


The fact is, all you fags ever think about is fags and sex in the bum.


New post!


An Arab joke that is thousands of years old;

3 friends, one a drunk, one an opium addict addict and the last a hashish smoker approached a city gate only to discover it closed for the evening. The drunk screamed “lets kick this gate down”, but the opium addict countered ” no, lets just sleep right here” then the hashish smoker interjected “why not squeeze through the key hole?”

interesting in that the right wing is like the drunk, violent competition is a given, but also like an opium addict, comfortable with deplorable conditions, but the left is like the hashish smoker, always seeing an impossible solution where none exists, but if I can’t get into the city I’ll take the hashish, at least then I can see through the keyhole to the city.


Funny, I can think of a mind-altering drug that 100% of jihadis are mainlining: fundamentalist religion. And worse, the same pushers are rampant right here in our country!

Clearly, SWAT teams need to take out the pushers immediately.


In the version I first heard, the friend who suggests lying down for the night is the pot smoker and the one who recommends floating through the keyhole is an acidhead.

While they were talking, the fourth, a ‘Frop-head, had wandered around to the back door near the garbage dump and entered without even paying.
(“Bob” actually would have floated through the keyhole.)
The Book of the SubGenius, p.152 of the 1987 edition


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