That Grinding Noise You Hear is Propaganda Crashing on the Wall of Reality

Cognitive dissonance, much like metalwork, is an impressive thing to see in action.

Ian Tuttle the Coffee Boy, National Retread:
No More Rotherhams!

One could easily make the argument that right-wingers easily get wrapped up and lost in their own propaganda campaigns and grand story telling. And by make the argument, I mean pointing at pretty much any right-wing obsession and going duh, because it’s pretty much the required standard. By this point, if the call has come down from on high to obsess and repeat, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be 100% bullshit designed to try and kickstart a non-event into something the bobble-head news anchors can latch onto in order to continue to ignore the ever-continuing Depression or the explosion of the police state and various crimes against women and minorities.

But while those Benghazis and Obamacare Death Panels are “fun” to deal with time and time again, I think the most interesting aspect of the propaganda campaign are the moments when the right-wing noise machine accidentally stumbles on something that is partially noteworthy and then proceeds to drown out its potential lessons in the mad dash to absorb these events into grand conservative narratives.

One more tragic example of this is the explosion around ISIL, where the raw noise of outrage about a terrorist group in the country we utterly destroyed with our dumbassery trying to drag us back into their conflicts because we were the single best recruitment vehicle they could have ever hoped for going around killing journalists (because apparently it’s only bad when dirty bad foreigners kill journalists in Iraq*) is actually dragging us back into that misguided clusterfuck of a war**.

But a more fascinating example (at least in my opinion) is the attempt to hijack yet another tragic story about the failures to address child molestation and violence in the UK in order to feed the “Islamic Menace is going to conquer Europe and faggy liberals will let it happen” skreepocalypse while also pretending that child molestation and violence is somehow uniquely an issue with the “mongrel races” as these neo-nazis would put it.

And that disconnect between reality and what conservatives so desperately want it to be sometimes leads to utterly amazing things:


  • Interviewer: So tell us about how the evil muslims molested girls like you and how the nasty evil government covered it up with their liberalness.
    Interviewee: Um, here’s the reality of child molestation and how global and common an issue it is and-
    Interviewer: Yeah, yeah, but what about-
    Interviewee: [Reality]
    Interviewer: B-but [Propanda]

And no that shorter doesn’t do it justice, because it really is one of those things you have to see for yourself where the interviewer, a poor out of his league intern used to the unenviable task of scrubbing Jonah Goldberg’s back when he gets to lazy, keeps trying to lead the woman he’s interviewing to make child molestation and violence a specifically regional issue that is wholly unique to the British Pakistani population and keeps running straight into the wall of the horrifying and tragic reality of child rape and how authorities of all kinds react to it.

And the result is something truly beautiful, where the inexperienced true believer ends up allowing a real glimpse of reality shine through on the issue in a place where the paymasters clearly don’t simply because he’s not a gifted enough bullshit artist to know to interview trained hacks or only ask questions so leading that the interview subject has no possibility to insert reality.

And every bit of it is wonderful.

NRO: The Rotherham inquiry made clear that local government leaders, social-services personnel, and law enforcement dismissed or buried reports of exploitation. You say you know victims who have experienced that firsthand. Why did local institutions fail victims?
Fourth, we need better training of social workers and police to effectively identify victims. The Rotherham report cited that part of the reason for the widespread underreporting of abuse among minority communities is that authorities focused mostly on communicating with male leaders, who ignored the problem. Women need to be included in these conversations, and government officials need to broaden the scope of their inquiries.

A National Review article that actually allows someone to note the tragic reality of how women, children, and those with diminished power are targeted by abusers and how their abusers are protected by social institutions are about the way women and children are treated in society and the way that abuser voices are privileged because of their station? That points to the universal nature of the problem and what it says about a certain type of unnecessary and dangerous male power*** and the way that women are treated in society?

And it made it to print?

It’s honestly a beautiful sight. More so when you dip a head into the tiger’s den to watch them desperately try and play off the uncomfortable grind of knowledge trying to enter their head and hold true to the old ignorances out of loyalty.

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. Wait… you’re recommending we read the comments… um, were we bad… did we do something wrong? We are aware of all Internet traditions.™

* I do not want to minimize the impact and horror of those who lost their lives or at all excuse the actions of what are violent bullying religious thugs and terrorists, but being the cynical bitch I am, I am somewhat “amused” by the way journalists being mistreated or murdered is apparently only a big deal when it’s done by people psychotic Christians want to start a Crusade with. I mean, maybe it’s the fact that I forgot to take the amnesia pills we are apparently supposed to swallow every year on the dot, but it’s hard to forget things like the video that Chelsea Manning leaked and is serving a long jail sentence for where we gunned down more journalists in one single go than ISIL have managed to off yet and treated it all with a shrug and a “why do you hate the military and America”. Or the fact that the only reason this bullshit got steamrolling is because we have asinine policies with regards to terrorists and refused to negotiate for safe return of our citizens.

** Which is just… NNNNNNGGH. I mean, why not return to the region we’ve fucked beyond repair and which Western powers have been unsuccessfully meddling in since the days of stupid crowns and garderobes? That sounds fucking great. I mean, bombing random villages did so much to settle decades of sectarian violence and rational distaste for invading powers, so a few more bombs WILL WORK EVEN BETTER! And it’s also great because it’s totally not what ISIL have been aiming for (and which pretty much what most of the terrorists in the area try and aim for (because Western atrocities make the greatest recruitment vehicle)). And showing how RAH, WE IS STRONG we are is totally a rational and intelligent use of our money and our resources and will totally shut up the various conservatives, moderates, and media who are gasping for a continued excuse to paint a bunch of dudes in caves as some super-powered League of Evil capable of striking us with their death rays. Oh wait, here’s a million articles condemning you for not dropping nukes yet or just criticizing you for being dumb enough to fall back into conservative bullshit campaign number 3 trillion and four. I mean, fuck Obama, what the ever loving hell were you fucking thinking?!?

*** One that directly harms men and boys who are not deemed masculine enough or who have the temerity to acknowledge their queerness, often enforced violently and sometimes through sexual violence (cough cough Catholic Priests cough cough) as well as men and boys in general in the guise of “tough loving”, child “discipline” and other parenting strategies that are more about normalizing abuse and assauging the father’s insecurities than anything meant for the child’s well being. This particular strain of praising the qualities of the abuser as “good family values” and giving undue power to self-imposed “patriarchs” is not a problem harmful to just women.


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Hello Sadlies. It’s been a while.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

I suspect that the authorities in Rotheram were complicit in the child sex ring. I would not be surprised if there were envelopes of cash exchanged on a regular basis.

This isn’t the first time that “at risk” kids and kids in institutional housing were sexually exploited in England.


One of the things my ex-friend said about rape is the percentage of male victims to female victims is 50/50 when I said he was privileged because he had a lower risk of being raped. I don’t know where he got that statistic. There are male victims out there, but a queer (cis) woman is at much higher risk of being raped than a straight cis man.


This isn’t the first time that “at risk” kids and kids in institutional housing were sexually exploited in England.

Both sides (of the Atlantic) do it! Can’t think of a US or Canadia example at the moment but I do recall some such shit going on in Netherlands or Belgium or maybe both. I have no doubt it happens everywhere.


That totally bogus statistic is often cited by the MRA dickwads. I recently challenged someone, somewhere, with [citation needed]. There was only one credible report among tons of obvious bullshit. That one report, a Pew study, said something I don’t recall exactly which the dickwads interpret as your so-called friend did. I’m sure few of the people reciting it have looked into it but rather accept it uncritically when they read it at some MRA dickwad site. Confirmation bias at work, y’know.


In other news, one of my roommates has called the police on the other for stalking her. She rants to me about how that roommate is “crazy” and “psycho” and “faking her depression for sympathy”(?) and how the roommate tried to seduce her by leaving the bathroom door unlocked while she was on the toilet. I don’t like her paranoid ableist homophobic talk. I’m afraid I’ll have to testify in court.


Show me on the doll where Islam touched you.


Failure Artist, sorry to hear that. Good luck with everything.


Been a while? I thought it was supposed to go:

How are you Sadlies !!
All your base are belong to us.
You are on the way to destruction.


Thank all of you for the kind words of condolence regarding Curly. My house may feel empty, and my heart broken, but it will get better. Thank you, friends, for being there for me.


I’m not sure the critical breakthrough has happened. wingnuts have always been ready to criticize the treatment of women and gays and marginalized groups by some foreign oppressor. How much did we hear about the ‘rape rooms’ of Iraq before the second invasion of Iraq? They have the ability to believe that all of that victimization stops at the border.


And talking about “Honor Killings” as if the concept of a father controlling his daughter’s sexuality is Muslim-only.


as if the concept of a father controlling his daughter’s sexuality is Muslim-only

Google “purity balls” and prepare to be sickened.


I’m here. Just haven’t had much to say.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

Well, hell. Where’d everyone go?

I’m on a nostalgia trip… just listened to New Order’s Movement in its entirety, currently listening to Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

And FYWP, I am not posting too quickly!


What Helmut said.

“Why won’t Jews, gays and bitches vote for us? Don’t they know we hate Muslims?” has been a meme since 9/11 at least. They really do think it’s that simple.


I found a work-around for the WP “Posting too quickly” message.

At least with Firefox, if I hit the “back” button and then “Submit” again it seems to work.


The fact is, Mulsims will kill liberals and women and gays, yet they are the ones supporting htem like the can do no wrong ever, they say it is Christians and Partiots who are teh Enemy.

I say they deserve the beahedings then.


I say they deserve the beahedings then.

We’d better beheeding you, is what you’re saying.


None but Spider-Man can save her now!


Excuuuse me, whippersnapper ?
The old mice showed no improvement. Hmmph and mutter.


Fuckin’ kids get all the jobs and attention and palmytoylation these days!


As of yet I continue to somehow stumble blindly down the terrifying tightrope between the propanda & the antipanda.



Good news everybody!

Pshaw. That study was clearly bought and paid for by the palmytoylation / xanthohumol lobby.


How are you Sadlies !!
My hovercraft is filled with eels.
Hooray for Harold Lloyd.

Zat work?


Good to see some things never change. FYWP.


Dear Mr. Tuttle,

May I present to you Archbishop Nienstadt, Diocese of St. Paul. He is known to have played the single “Parish Shuffle”, off of ‘Shake That Cassock’, Gary Glitter (“The feel up song of the summer!”, R.L. In Dominican Hit Parader), for at least 5 priests. He has yet to be approached to discuss the possibility of being scheduled for deposition to decide if he’ll be interviewed for a grand jury. Perhaps its because only swarthy foreign types abuse kids.

Please have an unfortunate accident with a dozen file folders, a live eggplant, and a bushel basket of guncotton.

Love, paleo


Please have an unfortunate accident with a dozen file folders, a live eggplant, and a bushel basket of guncotton.

You have an astoundingly creative imagination!


Trying to figure out what constitutes a “live eggplant”.


Eggplants, IIRC, feature in “The Sotweed Factor” as part of a recipe for pen1s enlargement. I cannot vouch for the recipe’s reliability.


I’m in Ft. Lauderdale today. The last time I felt this kind of humidity I was on Guam. This is worse than Memphis on a bad day.

At dinner last night I was the youngest person in the restaurant (except maybe the cooks) by about 20 years. I’m 52 by the way.

Why anyone would live here is beyond me.


part of a recipe for pen1s enlargement.

How much a pound are those ugly bastards?


You have an astoundingly creative imagination!

Not exactly the way the wife puts it.

“…what in the hell are you talking about?”
“…you’ve taken your pills, right?”
*looks at me out of corner of eye, pets dog/cat/cat*
“…you done?”


Perhaps its because only swarthy foreign types abuse kids.

i had the same snarky thought upon reading the post…and of course i went mango hunting…

one of the commetaters wrote a looooong ass screed and was mostly just pissy because the white victims are apparently getting short-shrift because political correctness…


I’m 52 by the way.

at approximately lunch time, i will officially be 49 today*…i’m feeling exceptionally well considering i have been on my death bed for the past 5 days…

*this is by no means a shameless solicitation for felicitations…


bbkf, yer gonna get ’em anyway, so HAPPY BLINKIN’ BIRFDAY!!!!!

(And after all those revolutions about teh sun, you still got off the boat? Sheesh.)

Big Bad Bald Bastard

*this is by no means a shameless solicitation for felicitations…

It is a shameless solicitation for booze!

Happy happy!


i>How much a pound are those ugly bastards?

I bought several on sale yesterday for $1 each. For a friend.


HBD bbkf! You going to start drinking at noon? You should. You really should.


You going to start drinking at noon?

It’s after noon somewhere.


HBD bbkf! You going to start drinking at noon? You should. You really should.

just had a visit from my mom…and it’s noon, so all signs point to yes…


and y’all have made me fell all warm and gushy…


Woohoo bbkf!!! Happy happy!!!

Also too it appears that i arrived on the planet only 4 months and 20 days before thee.


My birthday was Sunday, and my employer gives us a paid holiday day for our birthday, so I just finished a three day birthday celebration. However there is still a few bottles of beer left and at least two glasses of rum punch left in the jug, so I will buck up, step to the plate and take one for the team. (loosely translated – I’ll have a birthday drink or three in your honor after work tonight)


Warm and gushy coming up.
I’m always glad to see you here cause there aren’t that many women who will step right up to this weirdo collection of weirdo dudes and say their piece – I am often too scared to open my mouth – but not you. You tell them right how it is and do the sisterhood proud.
I’m thrilled that we are virtual mates and very happy to know you, especially now that you are nearly old enough to have something sensible to say. Smirk.
Happy Birthday, hon, welcome to grown-up land.


this weirdo collection of weirdo dudes

I have NO idea who she could be referring to.


I commented with a link to TPM which is apparently caught in the spam filter. Kevin Williamson of National Shitbox said women who have abortions should be hanged. Charles Johnson is overcome with glee at the opportunity to ridicule said Williamson. See it at TPM.


If I make it to the next summer solstice, I will then be 52.


My home feels very empty without Curly.

I did take a good photo upon awakening, this morning.


aw, suez…now i’m blushing 🙂


And trust me, I HAVE looked.

OH FYWP. Let’s see Satan come out of YOUR ass.


Pupienus Maximus
September 30th, 2014 at 5:38 pm

So straight anal is still cool? Yeah? Cool?


Oh, and WordPress? Fuck you with weltschmerz and acid. What the hell is posting too quickly?

BTW, I will give one shiny new quarter to whoever searches Etsy for the Satan buttplug.

And then doesn’t tell me about it.


I commented with a link to TPM which is apparently caught in the spam filter.

I just found it, approved it, and… It disappeared.

I expect it will appear as Satan coming out of somebody’s asshole eventually. FYWP.


FYWP. I said, I didn’t take the challenge but a straight googlw search has multiple hits for this amusing bit (trying unadorned URL to get past spam flitter) [Sneaky OBS edit: I fixxorated it]


I have NO idea who she could be referring to.

She’s referring to

(looks around, sees who’s not here)

DKW, yeah, that’s who.

(And FYWP, three days is “too quickly”?)

So you get teh ghey by Satan doing buttsecks on you?

What if I peg him first?


Today in terrible advice from idiots, this has to be some kind of prize. This a person who has been a marine and has worked for the Secret Service and the CIA claiming that the rot of incompetence in the Secret service goes all the way to the top. He claims we are at war and we need extra heightened security because of it. He claims only the military can keep the president safe, and the best man for the job of leading a militarized secret service is Allen West.

National laughingstock, Allen West. Too crazy for congress in a Florida district Allen West. Wrong on every single goddamn issue Allen West. Knee jerk opponent of everything Obama Allen West, and last but not least, ‘left the military in disgrace after an incident involving the beating and simulated execution of a prisoner of war’ Allen West.


Guy, I agree. Read the piece and he appears to be total tool. Of course, this is the same garbage thrown at Chelsea Clinton-Whatever by the US’s own homegrown nasties.



Issa demands death penalty


New post


I do not want to minimize the impact and horror of those who lost their lives or at all excuse the actions of what are violent bullying religious thugs and terrorists, but…

Change “but” to “therefore”, and see where the sentence takes you then.


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