Gary Ruppert, you’ve been put on notice


That sound you hear is Gary Ruppert’s bubble bursting:

Democrats had a 23-point lead over Republicans in every group of people questioned — likely voters, registered voters and adults — on which party’s House candidate would get their vote. That’s double the lead Republicans had a month before they seized control of Congress in 1994 and the Democrats’ largest advantage among registered voters since 1978.

The fact is, it gets worse [Ed. note: I wouldn’t let Bill Bennett swim in the pool, Gavin, if you know what I mean.]:

Nearly three in 10 registered voters said their representative doesn’t deserve re-election — the highest level since 1994. President Bush’s approval rating was 37% in the new poll, down from 44% in a Sept. 15-17 poll. And for the first time since the question was asked in 2002, Democrats did better than Republicans on who would best handle terrorism, 46%-41%.

A Newsweek poll finds similar, uh, findings:

Fully 53 percent of Americans want the Democrats to win control of Congress next month, including 10 percent of Republicans, compared to just 35 percent who want the GOP to retain power. If the election were held today, 51 percent of likely voters would vote for the Democrat in their district versus 39 percent who would vote for the Republican.

I’d wager there’s a lot of overlap in those sub-40 percent GOP demographics and the dead-enders still waiting around to enjoy a beer with their president. Or, in other words, we might’ve struck bedrock.

Two-thirds of those polled by USA Today/Gallup say they’re closely following the Foley scandal, and a majority believe Republican congressional leaders stayed quiet about it for months or even years for “political reasons.” (Although, according to this curiously worded Newsweek report, only “27 percent of registered voters say the scandal and how the Republican leadership in the House handled it makes them less likely to vote for a Republican Congressional candidate; but 65 percent say it won’t make much difference in determining how they vote.” [Ed. note: WTF?]) None of this bodes well for Gary’s employers, if you take these data into account:

Government corruption, Iraq and terrorism were the three most important issues. Along with their lead on terrorism, Democrats had a 21-point advantage on corruption and a 17-point advantage on Iraq. A 56%-40% majority said sending troops to Iraq was a mistake — the widest disapproval margin in a year.

So Gary, pull up a seat and tell us what things are like in your world.

Beloved Sadly, No! troll and illegal immigrant Gary Ruppert delves into the internals of recent polls showing Democratic gains a month before the congressional midterm elections.


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I still maintain there is no Gary Ruppert, and that if there is one that he is internally generated by the creators of this site, and failing that is an artificial intelligence beta program that spits out marginally topical but cleverly disguised Powerline posts on the same subject. I am not willing to entertain anything beyond that, and have my money on the Bizarro World-1984 Emmanuel Goldstein theory.


Yes, Norbizness, there is a Gary Ruppert. He exists as certainly as fear and ignorance and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Gary Ruppert! It would be as dreary as if there were no Norbiznesses. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The external light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.

Not believe in Gary Ruppert! You might as well not believe in fairies. You might get your papa to have men to watch in all the Internets on Election Day to catch Gary Ruppert, but even if you did not see Gary Ruppert typing, what would that prove? Nobody sees Gary Ruppert, but that is no sign that there is no Gary Ruppert.


I can’t think of Gary so much as a person, but more as a meme … he’s the “All Your (Republican) Base Are Belong To Us” of the liberal blogosphere.

Simple and stoopid, but entertaining.


Winning the Legislature in 2006 and the Presidency in 2008 will only be a sign of the death throes of the Democratic Party. Much as the increase in violence in Iraq is proof that the insurgency is becoming more desperate there.

Onward towards our great Conservative Future.

Keep whining liberals.


Awww, Bill Bennet’s call to arms for conservatives to get off their sore asses was very touching. Too bad the only folks who read NRO are those with the kool aid stained lips & cheeto stained fingers and they are too filled with toxins to change their votes.

The fact is that Democrats are going to make some gains!


Maybe Gary will claim that “It’s the Economy, Stupid” will win the day for Republicans. If only Halliburton shareholders are allowed to vote, that is.


Hey, maybe we can start acting like our political preferences are preordained like the Republicans do. You know, the big Neocon-job.

Just keep saying the Democrats are going to win and it will happen. Now, if we could just remove some members of the Democratic party from power, there is some hope. This whole politics of assertion thing just might work.

No, no, it will take time. [evil smiley]


Winning the Legislature in 2006 and the Presidency in 2008 will only be a sign of the death throes of the Democratic Party.

yah! winning is totally losing!

or something.


Even if every voter in the U.S. went blue, Diebold would find a way to re-elect the red incumbents. Until the corruption is wiped out of our voting process, we’ll never have a chance.


Can’t wait to see what the October Surprise is.

I’m thinking “Terrorists” kill not-Jenna. They will never be caught alive, and the bodies will have iceburns, but that will be a powerful fear AND sympathy ploy.

But would Bush really kill a daughter for political reasons? Well, its not like the Bush clan values females anyway.

But maybe…
Bush PERSONALLY stops a terrorist from killing not-Jenna. Like at a campaign stop, Bush notices a guy with a bomb coming towards his daughter, grabs a gun from the holster of a secret service agent, and shoots him (not the secret service agent) dead! Now you’ve got fear, sympathy AND codpiece power. Later its found that the bomber’s family got 5 million dollars from the RNC, but but its way too late then.

Ooooh, and the bomber was wearing a Nancy Pelosi campaign button.

See, this thing is easily reversible, Gary. Keep Hope Alive!


Ruppert exists, and may have contributed to the delinquency of a minor. Also he used to post on wrestling message boards.


The fact is the Democrat party if going to regret starting the Foley scandal.

The fact is the bin Laden supports Nancy Pelosi and the American people are all aware of this.

The fact is the Democrat party will never win another election.


What would happen if Gary merged with our favorite pumpkin-headed RL troll to form Tim Ruppert?


Bill Bennett sez: If you want to see the war in Iraq defunded to the point of withdrawal so that the worst elements in Iraq take over and a repeat of the helicopters-fleeing-Saigon-type-images come back all over again, signaling a decade-long disrespect and doubt of American power, stay home.

How much Kool-Aid do you have to drink to believe that American power is respected and undoubted, as we speak?

How insane do you have to be to believe that, if we stay in Iraq for another decade and it somehow becomes a peace-loving democratic regime, all the rogue nations of the world will suddenly realize they had better do whatever America tells them?

I have no problem with principled conservative positions, but I’m wondering if they are only found in fairy tales.


Bloggofascist ~

Have you seen David Mamet movie Spartan? Produced in 2004 starring Val Kilmer. Decent flick, suitably paranoid. A couple of odd plotpoints but decent Mamet writing & directing.


I used to have “SimBush” (Bush the elder) and “SimJesse” (Jackson) speech generation programs. Old school mac programs, but remarkably realistic sounding.

the fact is, Gary’s puppet/not-puppet status is pretty irrelevant.


It’s also possible that Gary is simply the Mr. Hyde of one of the S,N! teams; the outlet for their frustrations, the embodyment of all they loath.
So, if anyone of you routinly find yourself infront of your computer, grubby fingers and mouth covered in cheetos dust, drenched in cold sweat, the web opened to the Lieberman campainge page and your fly unzipped, we’ll have our mystery solved.
Also, we may have to hose you off with holy water, you know, power of christ and whatnot.


I’m going to play profiler, and state who I think Gary is:

1. White male, light brown hair, blue-gray eyes. Mid 40s.
2. Around 5’8″ tall, about 225 pounds.
3. White collar, not quite middle management, in a moderate sized corporation. Perhaps works in the office of a trucking company.
4. Not married. Probably has a little house. Small, unkempt lawn.
5. Very limited social life. Few friends/buddies. Rarely if ever dates. Worships Bush because Gary’s concept of Bush in college is what Gary always wished he himself could be He sees the wealthy fraternity boy, popular, embraced by his family, through a rose-tinted lense. He doesn’t just love Bush, he wants to be the person he thinks Bush is, but knows he can’t ever be.
6. A real devotee of what he considers to be the grand old party.My feeling is that Gary adored his parents, who are now probably deceased. He was raised to be a firm Republican, probably went to some sort of very repressive Protestant church – although after his parents passed on he just kind of drifted away. Feels guilt about this, and clings to the Republican dreamfields because it’s a way to honor the father he adored, although Dad was very distant and cold.
7. Has made a vow to stand up for the honor of said party. This is why he never engages on a personal level. He sees himself as strong and the face of crazed liberal ranting.
8. Despite this, he is sadly lacking in passion. He misses what he has never had, a genuine, heartfelt communion with an ideal, with others who share that ideal. He ignores other trolls who appear with similar beliefs; there is never any “Yeah, buddy! You tell these liberal nut jobs!” The fact is, Gary loves Sadly, No! He loves the emotion, the passion, the joy of engaging. The laughter. And he joins in, the only way he knows how.

I’m sad now. We should embrace Gary with love. Come into the light, Gary. Sit down at the hearth. Don’t change for us. Do what your soul moves you to do. Have a nice bowl of lentil soup, a hot biscuit with the apple honey I bought at the farmers market the other day, and a nice glass of lovely wine purchased at same. Experience how the other half lives.

Damn! I think I’m going to write a book about Gary! There is real potential here, a “Death of a Salesman” sort of story for our time. If anyone owns the copyright to Gary, speak up now or forever hold your piece…. um, I mean, peace.

I’ve been so involved with the story of Gary that my soup is boiling over, and I’ve got to get ready to go pick up the old man. Gary Ruppert: The man, the myth, the dreamfield.


“Even if every voter in the U.S. went blue, Diebold would find a way to re-elect the red incumbents. Until the corruption is wiped out of our voting process, we’ll never have a chance.”

‘It’s Not the People Who Vote that Count; It’s the People Who Count the Votes’ – Ioseph Dzhugashvili



Bush notices a guy with a bomb coming towards his daughter, grabs a gun from the holster of a secret service agent, and shoots him (not the secret service agent) dead!

If there’s a numbnuts in the Secret Service so incompetent as to let Chimpy McCokehead get a hold of his weapon, shooting him would be entirely merciful.

Smiling Mortician

Candy, that’s some fine profiling. The only missing piece, I think, is that during his adolescence Gary almost certainly got himself into various degrees of trouble. Each time he screwed the pooch, his parents bailed him out and never let him forget it. In this way, he never learned personal responsibility but did learn a lot about resentment. This goes a long way toward (further) explaining his identification with GWB.


Sadly… Candy’s profile fits me in a bunch of ways. Except I am a raging liberal. And my parents were not religious when I was a wee lad (though Dad has gone back into the fold of the Pope). I’m a little younger, have a wife and a nice house. Oh, and I’m not a flaming asshole. Okay, maybe it doesn’t fit me (other than the parts about white, short, overweight & limited social life).


Two-thirds of those polled by USA Today/Gallup say they’re closely following the Foley scandal, and a majority believe Republican congressional leaders stayed quiet about it for months or even years for “political reasons.� (Although, according to this curiously worded Newsweek report, only “27 percent of registered voters say the scandal and how the Republican leadership in the House handled it makes them less likely to vote for a Republican Congressional candidate; but 65 percent say it won’t make much difference in determining how they vote.� [Ed. note: WTF?]) None of this bodes well for Gary’s employers, if you take these data into account:

Simple. If your likelihood of voting for a Republican was zero BEFORE “La Cage Aux Foley” hit the airwaves, then it CAN’T make you less likely to vote for a republican. If you are Gary Ruppert, it WON’T make you less likely to vote Republican.

In other words, there was probably a pretty small “undecided” bloc – you had the people who were already going to vote for the Democrats, and you had the “backwash”. This scandal hasn’t affected either of those demographics at all. What this says is that among the undecideds, this has scandal has been absolutely toxic for the republicans.


Y’know, we should circulate Billy Bennett’s list more widely. It reads like my current wish list:

“John Paul Stevens replaced on the Supreme Court with a carbon copy, pro-choice, pro-racial preferences Justice.” Yay!

“Henry Waxman holding hearings on every aspect of the administration’s actions.” You betcha!

“Donald Rumsfeld hauled before Congress every week justifying the war rather than fighting it.” Dude!

It’s freaky! It is like he can read my mind! You’d think somebody with ESP like that would’ve done better in Vegas.


Wow. Thanks Candy. I feel like I know Gary now. Maybe once a month I’d bring over a pizza and a sixpack and just talk, y’know, socialize. As long as we stay away from religion and politics it would be alright. You KNOW he loves the Packers. Beyond that we could talk about people we know, try to guess who’s gay and who’s not. Maybe bring a little joy into his life, even though his little house smells like dirty laundry…



“It’s freaky! It is like he can read my mind! You’d think somebody with ESP like that would’ve done better in Vegas. ”

Yeah, but he’s a really poor judge of character, nd ended up reading the minds of other really dumb players. It went something like

“Whoa, that guy’s certain he’s going to win with two pairs of twos. I’ve got three three’s – thats a total of 9 to his 8! All in baby!”


Steve: Bill Bennett sez: If you want to see the war in Iraq defunded to the point of withdrawal so that the worst elements in Iraq take over and a repeat of the helicopters-fleeing-Saigon-type-images come back all over again, signaling a decade-long disrespect and doubt of American power, stay home.

How much Kool-Aid do you have to drink to believe that American power is respected and undoubted, as we speak?

Yeah. He worries about a decade of disrespect and doubt. What he doesn’t tell you is that the decade started about two years ago, and if we “stay the course,” we get a century of both.


Mikey, I’ve felt kindly toward the Gar-meister ever since he called me a poor, naive flower child, or words to that effect… I thought it was a sweet and pretty thing to say, and it was a surprisingly personal engagement, as well.

Smiling Mortician, I like your missing piece. It fits. Of course, Gary’s misadventures could never measure up to the Frat Boy in Chief’s, but, dammit, he once had aspirations!


4. Not married. Probably has a little house. Small, unkempt lawn.

That’s totally unfair. I bet he keeps his lawn very well maintained. I’m sure there are no trees, flowers, etc, but the grass is teh awesome!


You know, Roman Totale, I actually thought of that. My b/f, has wingnut neighbors whose lawn is an astroturf -like perfection of grass – a dreamfield, if you will – and absolutely nothing else. Oh, except the missus has a little lawn gnome. They chopped down some mulberry trees on the edge of the property where the birdies had their homes, all because berries were falling on the family SUV. (I had to actually physically restrain the b/f to prevent an act of violence when we arrived to see that sight.) So you may be right, but I think it could fall either way. Depends on how many hours Gar is putting in slaving in the front office.

Speaking of SUVs, I’m picturing Gar in a Jeep or an Exploder, spotlessly waxed, and one lone sticker: Cheney/Bush 04.


If the election were held today, 51 percent of likely voters would vote for the Democrat in their district versus 39 percent who would vote for the Republican.

Look for a Diebold-assisted break in the undecideds. Final tally: 49% Democrat, 51% Republican. Late rally and all that, you know. Turnout, etc.

Look, if you have a low voter turnout, as we always do in this country, then you just SAY a bunch of registered Republicans voted – even if they didn’t.

The thing about low turnout is that it provides a nice buffer for the ballot box stuffers. If, say, you have 1000 people registered in a preceinct, but only 500 actually vote, you just cast votes on behalf of 100, 200, or however many no-shows you need, and, voila, you win.

If, however, you had all 1000 people vote, you can’t cast extra ballots without it showing up. (of course, we had more votes cast than registered voters show up in 2004, but they were deemed “honest mistakes” riiight.)


Hey, mikey, watch it. I love the Packers.

Well…. the way they’re playing, maybe it’s better to say I WATCH the Packers.

Maybe it’s that I identify with the Packers…. you know, perennial losers, who have spent a brief, shining moment in the sun, led by a terrifically gifted player… and then lapse back into their old patterns… sound like any political parties we know?

But Candy is right on otherwise. And I think most of us here have known these things about Gary, somewhat instinctively… or else known family/friends who were similar…thus the tone of jovial hectoring in most of the posts answering him. Heck, most of the threads around here only go 5 or ten comments before someone says “Hey! Where’s Gary?”


(of course, we had more votes cast than registered voters show up in 2004, but they were deemed “honest mistakes� riiight.)

that is, in certain preceincts, not overall.


dAVE, there were a few of those districts in OH, if I recall correctly. where the total registered voters were something like 1400 people, and the district registered 4500 votes for G-Dub.

But Blackwell brought the recounts home, so I guess no-one looked too closely at that.


I hope you’re wrong, dAVE. I’ve had this quiet little spark of hope, sheltering from the strong winds of doubt, just barely clinging to life for weeks. In the warm sunshine of recent polls, it’s been slowly gaining strength. I’m not doing any chicken counting yet, but things look good for November, barring some unforseen Rove engendered disaster. I can see your scenario unfolding, though.

I don’t know how anyone can look at the whole Diebold thing and imagine it can possibly be on the up and up.

Jeez, the lights just flickered. It’s raining like crazy, and I’ve got to go out now and drive downtown.


I’m still clinging to hope, too. But we’re gonna need a huge margin to compensate for the cooking of the tally, not a razor-thin one.

RE: Diebold, and Secretaries of State that are also campaign managers for a party. Back in 2004, I heard someone making an analogy:

Suppose you have two NFL teams, and you find out that the refs are being paid by one of the teams, and that said refs have also voiced support for that team. Would anybody allow such a game to proceed? Would anybody even pretend to argue that the came would be called fairly? Of course not! There’d be all kinds of upset about the situation, and they’d demand that impartial refs were brought in.

Yet, somehow, when it comes to something like our electoral process, blatant conflicts of interest are considered A-OK.


I am not Gary Ruppert.


I am not Gary Ruppert!


Dude, the Lips rock! I’m so totally not down with that that inclusion, but Gary needs to be on notice. WE”RE ONTO YOU Gary. Be careful, very very careful. Just kidding.


I am not Gary Ruppert.
Unless I am Gary.
But I’m not.


Someone in Atrios’ comments had to go and link this papparazzi shot of Gary.

*snif* Was it so hard to just let me go on believing in him for a few more Xmases?


Gary Ruppert is not real. Ignore Brad and Gary will go away.


Your Honor, every one of these letters is addressed to Gary Rupert. The Post Office has delivered them. Therefore the Post Office Department, a branch of the Federal Government, recognizes this man Gary Rupert to be the one and only Gary Rupert.

I believe… I believe… Even though it’s silly, I believe.

(Yea, A Miracle on 34th Street is one of my favorite movies… why do you ask?)


I am not Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House, aka Denny the Hutt.

Except sometimes.


There’s a little Gary in all of us.

I had mine with a side of scalloped potatoes.


Fresh after being voted the dumbest man in a blue state, Iunrelatedwaffle pronounces on the issue at hand.


If there was no Gary, mankind would have to invent him.


The fact is I’m a stupid moron with an ugly face and big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt.


Two guys named Travis trying to convince us that Gary Ruppert exists.

I sense conspiracy.


If we find a third, we could start a movement.


Umm, I had a pretty good movement this morning…



The Diebold crap dAVE is talking about is exactly why I’m convinced Ohio is going to be a problem again. I think Ted Strickland’s got the governor’s race wrapped up – his polling continues to be well outside the M.O.C. (Margin Of Cheatability) for even a sleaze like Blackwell.

But Sherrod Brown and some of the House races, though … they can still game those any way they like.


Hey, Gary’s birthday is coming up.


There is no Gary, there is only Zool.
I like the concern trolls pretending he’s made up.
They are Serious thinkers who we should all pay much more attention to.
The reality of reality is contingent upon the political value it generates.
That is Serious and Deep.


Happy B-day Gary. I haven’t fed a troll this much since that time down by the lake, under the bridge when we exchanged….
never mind.

Smiling Mortician

OK but now I’m worried. There’s an entire post devoted to Gary, with his name displayed prominently — not only in the header, but in a Stephen Colbert photo no less. Said post has been up for 10 hours, give or take, and no Gary? We’re expected to settle for annie and Jose? No, dammit. This will not stand.


The fact is I’m much bigger than just one man. A fella ain’t got a soul of his own, just… a little piece of a big soul….The one big soul that belongs to Karl Rove and Netvocates. Then…

– Then what, Gary?
– Then it don’t matter.

I’ll be all around in the dark. I’ll be everywhere. Wherever you can look. Wherever there’s a fight so rich people can avoid paying taxes and keep their kids out of Iraq, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s an interrogator beating up an enemy combatant and waterboardin’ him, I’ll be there. I’ll be in the way guys yell when they’re stirrin’ up hate against fags and Mexicans. I’ll be in the way kids cry when Bible-wavin’ pedophiles rape them. And when government contractors are collectin’ huge fees and deliverin’ worthless goods and services to our troops and survivors of natural disasters…

I’ll be there too.


Weak, troll Garybot. Points for composition, but we look for laughs, not cringes.


That wasn’t Gary, it was essence of Rove (and before him, Atwater).


Hey, just noticed — why are the Flaming Lips On Notice, ‘zactly?




When it is all said and done and the Dems are in control of BOTH houses of Congress, Gary won’t have to worry about this, his second job, and he can return to his full time duties as a Thoroughbred Horse Fluffer.

Fluff away Gary…………….let me know who gets the best spunk, I’m interested in going to Churchill Downs this year to bet a few races, have a mint julip or two, and stare at crestfallen Republicans like yourself.



“Hey, Gary’s birthday is coming up.”

Yay! What are the appropriate rituals, feasts and music for Gary Ruppert Day? Besides starting every sentence with “The fact is..” I mean.


Besides starting every sentence with “The fact is..� I mean.

The fact is that about covers it. Viva la Gary Ruppert Dia!


Wherever there’s an interrogator beating up an enemy combatant and waterboardin’ him, I’ll be there.

I wanted to do that Grapes of Wrath speech, but dayum if Fake Gary didn’t do it far far better than I woulda coulda shoulda…


Gary’s only offense is he’s a weak Jesus’s General ripoff.

The Flaming Lips have been on notice since about 1992.


Someone, please help me. I clicked on annie’s blog and can’t stop reading it. Somehow, it reminds me of that blog about working at walmart.


Jesus’ General is a weak Reverend Monkey rip-off.

I have a great blog, don’t I? It’s so, what did someone call it….labial.


Whatever the reality of annie is, I have to admit, it’s interesting, in a what the hell is going on here way. I’m leaning towards a performance art piece of bizarre proportions, tho it could just be a good example of why people shouldn’t let people live in texas.


I’m right here, you can talk TO me, ya know. It’s much more polite. And sadly,no, I don’t live in Texas anymore.

I live in Canada. 😀


Well, I’ve already been spanked for talking to you, but you’re not trolling so I guess it’s ok.
Did you ever visit scrutator, back when it was active? Kinda reminds me of you.


I think you should be able to talk to whoever you want, but that’s just me.

I don’t know that site, why does it remind you of me?


If I said it might ruin it, let’s just say it was a group of folks with similar skills to your own. If you can’t laugh at yourself, yer in trouble.


That second sentence was not targeted, just an expression.


Thanks for clearing that up. Or not. 🙂 I guess it’s an inside joke. I never get those.


Or I could be giving you undue credit. Either way, you provoke some interesting reactions, sometimes.


I think I’m a pretty incredible person. It’s nice to know at least one liberal is open minded enough to see the insight that actual debate can bring to the situation. I think we’ve been polarized long enough, and it makes me sad. Go to any liberal blog and if you are a Republican you get trashed and called a troll. That’s not tolerance and it’s not dialogue and as long as it’s a fight between “us” and “them”, we’ll never find a middle ground.


Well, you’re not above being a bit provocative sometimes, you have to admit.


That’s good. Provacative is good. Thinking is good.


I didn’t write that.


I agree, but remember Socrates was put to death. And Bill Hicks was underappreciated.


Socrates. 🙂 He has followers who used to troll me. 🙂 They weren’t very bright, but they more than made up for it with arrogance.

I have no idea who Bill Hicks is. It’s like you’re talking in code. What are you trying to say?


Do you really want me to come out and say it? If I do, and I am correct, your code of ethics will demand a show of outrage.
I’m not trying to come on to you, no fears.


Oh, can I guess? Are you going to out me as ingenious and brilliant satire? If I laugh instead of being outraged, what does that say about my code of ethics???????????

It’s been done already adifferentbrad, to death, but thanks for pretending to want dialogue. I should have known better. And just for fun, why would I think you were coming on to me? Because I’m a woman or because you’re a sexist pig????


It says I should apologize for doubting, is what I’m going with.
I said that to make clear I wasn’t angling for pr0n.


Angling for porn? Well, I’m glad you cleared that up, it was in the back of my mind. *eye roll*

Now an actual apology on both parts would be nice.


Both parts?
I’ve done all the apologizing I aims to, most likely.


In other words, none.


Well, it’s been boring, but I’m going to bed. Night.


Nownow. Don’t get trolly, I apologized for doubting your authenticity. Maybe the no pr0n thing was unnecessary, but I don’t see where I need to apologize for it.


oops. Talking to myself. I found it amusing, at least.


I brought Little Smokies!

Where’s double-A?


Oh, get a room, you two…


You lieberals aren’t fooling anyone, laughing it up while a petty asian dictator thumbs his nose at the Free World. If you peckerwoods hadn’t sat on your brie-eating, homo-loving asses for the last six years, if you’d acted like a proper opposition party, none of this would have happened. History will not smile upon you, when lil Kim drops the bomb on Japan it will be your fault.


Senor Gary Ruppert, Presente!


The fact is that on election day, all the liberal polls will be proven wrong, as the GOP keeps and expands their majority.

Menendez is going down, so is Klobuchar, and John Murtha is going to lose too (strange how the media refused to report a poll showing Murtha only up by 10 on Irey).


Nice work, Real Gary. Even Mitch McConnell’s cautiously confident, predicting that Democrats will cut into the majority, but not retake it.


The fact is you’re all being mean to my husband, so I had to call him over to this thread.

Smiling Mortician

OK but I just got up, barely had my first cup of coffee, and what the hell were you thinking, differentbrad? The rest of us out here rubbernecking, unable to look away, repulsed yet fascinated, annie in soft focus running through a field of wild flowers, movie-of-the-week music up with a swell . . . I mean, gah.

But at least Real Gary finally showed up. That’s something.

More coffee.


What’s Real Garyâ„¢ doing using “that” in his declarative statements?

The fact is Amy Klobuchar is going to win…GO BLUE!


strange how the media refused to report a poll showing Murtha only up by 10 on Irey

And because Murtha’s “only up by 10,” that’s why Murtha’s going to lose? Wow, that is some powereful Kool-Aid.


Murtha hasn’t been below 60% in decades.

Anyways, even DCCC leader Rahm Emanuel knows not to press too hard on Hastert. He knows that his side knew about Foley. Here’s what Rahm had to say:

‘Emanuel also declined to sharply criticize House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Plano). Emanuel said, “This has not been one of his best moments, but we all get judged by the totality.”‘


“The fact is that about covers it. Viva la Gary Ruppert Dia! ”

Oh, come on! I have my special cermonial cheetos and everything.

I mean, the fact is, I have my special cermonial cheetos and everything.


The fact is our posts in defense of the incumbentocracy are growing exponentially more desperate.


The fact is that the Republicans are the only hope for our children to escape the slavery that will be put on their shoulders by the Democrats, who will tax them into oblivion, appease our enemies until we are taken over by the jihadists, close our churches unless they spout liberal dogma, fill our universities with even more anti-American, hate filled demagogues, stack the courts with more left leaning judges who make law from the bench, and generally dismantle the American way of life.

These things are so much more important than some Congressman’s e-mails and IMs.


Shorter Gary:



“close our churches unless they spout liberal dogma”

Red letters referring to abortion, homosexuality and the second amendment:



The fact is that Gerry Studds Clinton lessons of 9/11 democrats are even worse cut and run. Also, Lewinski.


Shorter Gary: The fact is, democracy doesn’t work. Thank goodness the Republicans are protecting us from this horror.Also, Michael Moore is factually fat.


Catostrophic war in Iraq, floundering leadership, record deficits, rabid anti-Americanism, scandal after mind-bogglingly sleazy scandal. Imagine how much worse if it’d be if Democrats were in charge!


The fact is the desparation is beginning to drip off of Gary’s posts.

The fact is the Republicans are going to lose a lot of ground in the midterms.

The fact is that those who enabled the grievous damage to the constitution will stand accountable and will need to explain their actions to the American people in hearings.

The fact is, the only way to even slow the decline of American Democracy is to reduce the power of those who desire an authoritarian theocracy in it’s place.

The fact is, I need some coffee and a preview button…



“tax them into oblivion”

good news, everyone- apparently Europe’s been vacant for like 30 years and we didn’t even know it

dibs on Belgium


Why are The Flaming Lips on notice? At War With the Mystics might not be as good as Soft Bulletin or Yoshimi but it’s still not a bad album.


dibs on Belgium

Dude. You’re forgetting Poland. Never forget Poland.


I like short jeans jackets.

And I want dibs on Norway.


(ok, I know I’m sticking a fork in the toaster here, but…)

Shorter AA: The little critters of nature… They don’t know that they’re ugly! That’s very funny, a fly marrying a bumblebee! I told you I’d shoot! But you didn’t believe me! Why didn’t you believe me?!


The Soft Bulletin and Yoshimi are great albums. I even got my kids into them.

The fact is, Gary now thinks he has some sort of credibility now that he has his own “Sadly, No!” headline.

The fact is, he’s a bit misguided about the ignominy of the matter. Kim Jong Il has his own as well, with a kick-ass picture to boot.

The fact is…ah, fuhgedaboudit.


The fact is while Ruppert’s penis has shrunk under the horror of brown jihadis global, Annieangel’s has grown to Coulteresque girth.

The fact is I dream of seeing a single tear drip from W’s cheek onto the PB&J sammich (crusts cut off) that Laura made him when he hears about a slew of Congressional investigations.

The fact is … !


I dream of seeing a single tear drip from W’s cheek

Maybe condi or somebody oughta sneak into the oval office and take saddam’s pistol before election night.

Just sayin…



“My b/f, has wingnut neighbors whose lawn is an astroturf -like perfection of grass – a dreamfield, if you will – and absolutely nothing else.”

Hmm, I see a bag of fertilizer…I see someone using the fertilizer to write “DUMBASS WINGNUT” in said lawn.

Hey, it’s not harrassment, he’s just helping keep the lawn SUPER green…in spots.

…I’m a bad man.

Gary Ruppert's colon

I get cancer. I kill Gary.


“It’s like you’re talking in code. What are you trying to say?”

“Now an actual apology on both parts would be nice.”

Comedy GOLD…from Anal Annie.


Wot a chunky instant large comments section! As I’m pressed for time right now, I haven’t had the chance to read Gary and annie’s sparkling repartee, and promise to do so later. But, in the meantime, as S,N!’s Professor Emeritus of Frottage®, it’s my solemn duty to point out that today is National Coming Out Day for all you closet-cases out there. So, be fabulous! That is all.


I never did get an actual apology. 🙁


I wish I had a reason to come out – life would be much more fabulous. But alas, I am but a boring hetero breeder.
Annie, on behalf of all snarkers I apologize. I have no idea what for, as I only skim your comments, but there it is. It’s the English in me.


I am closeted about so many things, I wouldn’t even know where to begin coming out.


Hmmmm…. the German in me makes me want to ignore the peace treaties, sink some damn merchant ships, then invade in a massive push of infantry, armor, and precision air superiority.

I’m not reading 120+ comments, but I loved that one form Annie. “It’s all YOUR fault! You didn’t stop us! Why do you always gotta make me hit you, baby?!”
Good parody person. You win a cookie.


Ah hell. I’m an open book. I don’t have anything to come out from. If I had kept some stuff closeted, it might be bad for my mental health, but at least I’d be able to come out today. Dammit!!



So when the GOP picks up 30 seats in the House and 5-6 in the Senate, will anyone be even modestly interested? I know the corporate media won’t be–they’ll blame the pollsters again. The DLC will just shrug its shoulders, and the sheeple will go back to Murkin Idol.


Yer so demanding, Annie. I said I’m sorry for doubting you are who you are, but I’m still not positive what else I have to apologize for. For being snarky at you in earlier threads, maybe?
Fine, I apologize for the crude jokes in the past. Happy, princess?


Thank you adifferentbrad, even though you never really did say you were sorry, if you look back at the posts. 🙂

I would think it would be obvoius that an apology was in order for the whole porn thing, but porn must be such a big part of your life that it didn’t cross your mind. But I do thank-you for the apology, that took guts. I can respect that.


Hehe. Maybe it was that I was still looking through your blog while talking to you, and the pix and anti-perv posts there were in the back of my mind. Also, this is the internet. I assume at least half the people on it are naked and masturbating at any given time. I admit it was unnecessary to say, but don’t make too much of it.


Snarky Lidle-related comment from Brad et al in 5… 4… 3… 2…

C’mon, you hate the Yanks, right?


Despondency upon the realization that Joe Torre’s back next year!


hey buckethead, man, whatchoo got in the bucket?
If y’all weren’t yankee haters, this place would be just about perfect.
Now I’ve talked to Annie and admitted to being a yankee fan in the same thread.
My dad grew up rooting for the Mick, I was born upstate n have lived in the city for years now. I come by it honestly, at least.


“Now I’ve talked to Annie”

What the hell does that mean?


Here’s what I find depressing: It has been a whole day with no new S,N! post. The only thing going on around here is massive and frankly not very inspiring commenting, at least half of which has been Annie demanding an apology for something and a different brad trying to figure out why he should apologize and then apologizing regardless.

Slow nuts day?


This is my 4th post, I had no tpart in any massive posting here today. But I am interested in what the hell adifferentbrad meant with his stoopid comment.


*Giggles idioticly*
Not at you, princess.
It means I’ll probably never be one of the cool kids here now, but I’m rarely onea the cool kids anyhow.


I’m the coolest person here. People dream about being as cool as me.


This is my 4th post, I had no tpart in any massive posting here today. But I am interested in what the hell adifferentbrad meant with his stoopid comment.

He was probably referring to the fact that you seem stupid.


Dan Someone, firedoglake has David Roth on now. He’s running against Mary Bono (Scientologist and shrub rubber stamp) in CA-45.


The fact is, Gary is the only troll who deserves his own day on Sadly, No.

The fact is, rather than drawing attention to himself and obsessing over any comment that might be even remotely about him, Gary posts only on the “facts”, whatever they may be.

The fact is, Gary’s lack of stated religion makes him vastly preferable to those who would state their faith to the world and then bear false witness to that faith.

The fact is, Gary Ruppert is a troll with honor, diligently taking the latest talking points from Drudge and NewsMax and spreading them across the blogonet, truth be damned.

The fact is, Gary has never demanded an apology or threatened to stay if people didn’t talk about him. The fact is, he doesn’t have to. He’s Gary Ruppert.

The fact is, when the chips are down, there is only one troll you can trust to give you the “facts”, and not a bunch of vapid mirror-gazing – Gary Ruppert

Paid for by Ruppert for Troll of the Year


“Despondency upon the realization that Joe Torre’s back next year!”

I’d really rather not ponder Joe Torre’s back, thank you.


The fact is, that post was about me. 🙂 You like me, you really like me!


GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Smiling Mortician

OK Clint, sign me up. I’ll not only vote for Gary for Troll of the Year, but I want to contribute to his campaign. Is there a paypal or something?


The fact is only one troll (sorry for using the word, princess) here is in favor of reproductive rights for women.
The fact is one troll is a 12 year old mexican boy who has still somehow contributed to the delinquency of a minor, and has a bmi that is nearly obese, whereas the other is, to use her own words, awesome and fit.
The fact is Gary lacks the programming to speak directly to people, whereas Annie is fully interactive.
The fact is Annie had a post on her blog about Vladi private islands, and Gary doesn’t even have a blog. Drudge doesn’t count.
The facts are clear.
Vote Princess.
(now i definitely get to stop apologizing)


🙂 I still think if we all pooled our money, we could live happily ever after.


Soft Bulletin … Yoshimi … bad albums


Drew said,

October 12, 2006 at 1:36
Soft Bulletin … Yoshimi … bad albums

The beauty of different tastes. Any recommendations?


“Paid for by Ruppert for Troll of the Year ”

The fact is, he’s also never posted pictures of his legs. Don’t forget that.


The fact is, I have the best legs on the internets.


The fact is, only one troll has joined in the parody of another.
And the facts about her legs are indeed important facts.
Vote Princess.


I’m not a troll though, this is fun, but keep in mind I’m a real person with real feelings.


annieangel said,

October 12, 2006 at 3:41

The fact is, I have the best legs on the internets.

The fact is your legs are a little fat. I like a woman with a bit less meat on her bones, you know? Also, you’re pretty stupid.


I know you’re not a troll, but does that mean you don’t want to beat Gary, after he displayed his clear jealously of your princess-y charms?


I think Gary would enjoy it too much if I beat him. 😀

I think he’s a bot.


Is L-U-V luv blossoming at Sadly, No! Perhaps, Sadly, Yes!


I don’t think Annie would want a lifelong atheist who’s getting a doctorate in philosophy focusing on Nietzsche and Plato. Just a guess.


That would depend. Are you rich?


Well, I’m not, but my family is. Or you could say I am rich. Depends on your context and how much I feel like disclosing.
Being a lefty and raised rich causes some mixed feelings, but I’ve used my advantages to study, not party, at least.


I only ask because your degree sure won’t feed us. And I like to shop. A lot.


My degrees, you mean. And even after the Phd, there’s postdoc, but those come with stipends, usually.
I dunno if there’ll be many shopping trips right away, but there are the houses in florida and on an island in a mountain lake upstate to mention.


You’ve got some competition in the island department, believe it or not. I must have a magnet. What are the google earth co-ordiantes for yours?

And I’m sorry, I should have said, your degrees won’t feed us. Is that better? 😉


Should I then mention the florida house is on an island about 3/4ths of the way down in the gulf which is half nature sanctuary?
I should also mention the mountain lake house is set in a private little natural cove, comes with a couple acres, and has a view that looks out on almost entirely undeveloped coastline with the famous mt whiteface in the background?
I dunno the co-ordinates, look up lake placid in ny.
*wonders how many sadlynoesian brains are melting right now*


The Florida house sounds nice, but we’re not living with your parents. Could we have it for a wedding present?


Hell, I haven’t lived with my parents since I went away to boarding school back in the early 90s, summers excepted, or at all since undergrad graduation. N they gotta shuffle off this mortal coil before it’s mine. But it’s big enough for full privacy even when they’re there, which isn’t year round.


Do you have ambition? I think that men should have ambition, not just spend thier lives in school while I raise babies and cook and clean and never get to shop. Which brings me to servants, do they come with the houses?

Sadlynoesian Brains

We have melted now. We are nothing but a puddle on the floor… we only need a straw, to be a milkshake for zombies.

Wicked Witch of the West

See what you have done! In a minute I shall melt away!


Well, I cook, tho I need the motivation to do it more often.
I have a desire to accomplish something in my field, certainly. If you mean ambition in the ‘normal’, donald trump way, no. I was raised with enough money to know it’s a means, not an end.
I should probably think of questions to ask you. Hmmm.


I’ll ask the questions for now. I haven’t decided if you have a chance or not yet.

I dont think you will accomplish much in your fieldm, no offense, but I don’t see there as much to be accomplished there. It’s mostly just boring papers and lectures that would make me want to SCREAM!

You might want to think about changing your doctorate thing to something sexier. Like international buisness law.


if I went into law I’d end up working for the ACLU or SPLC for the sake of my sanity and soul.
And there’s plenty that can be accomplished in my field, it’ll just be mostly greasy eurotrash who’ll appreciate it.
And I like writing and geeking out about my boys with folk.
Remember, profs get a quarter of the year off.


“geeking out about my boys with folk”

Are you bisexual???


Hehe, no. And I went to a very liberal arts college, so I’d know. My boys being an also geeky way of referring to Nietzsche and Plato. I’m a big dork in classes related to them.


How old are you?


I’m 29.


Nietzsche and Plato bore me. And I’d probably hate your friends. They would definately hate me. You’d have to make new, better friends.


And you never answered about the servants. Considering where we are, I’ll take it as a “yes, and we make them wear white gloves.” That’s a plus.


I have classes to geek out about them in, and there’s other stuff to talk about in the world.
My friends know I love a challenge, they’ll cope.


Sorry, no servants. My cat has white paws, tho.


They can cope with not coming to the house. Plus, I think you’ll be too busy for them, once you join the country club and take up golf. You can golf?


Golf is my dad’s thing. The house in florida is in an exclusive membership type golf course linked development. I will inherit the membership, I guess.


Why can’t we get our own membership? I plan on lunching at the club to show off my new shoes, and damned if I’ll sign in as a guest everday! You have responsibilities now! Don’t make me cry!


I don’t think there’s actually any more memberships to get, short of buying another house in the development. You won’t have to sign as a guest at the clubhouse if you’re family, tho, I’m pretty sure.


Is it all old people there? Why can’t we live in Dallas?


Not any more full of oldies than the rest of florida. I love it. After 10 it’s like you’re the only person on the island.
We can’t live in Dallas because if I lived in texas (with the possible exception of austin), there would be murders, or at least I’d be murdered.


Why would you be murdered? Texas is full of nice people.


You’re not the only one who can be provocative at times. Also, the whole atheist liberal yankee thing.


Well the yankee thing can be forgiven. It doesn’t matter if you’re born in Texas, as long as you get there as fast as you can.

And the atheist liberal thing we can work on.


Who the hell do you think you are, a different brad? How dare you, an admitted would-be murderer even think to talk to Miss Annie in such a fashion!


I’ve a hard head, m’dear. Me and Jesus just ain’t gonna meet. And he wouldn’t wanna hear what I have to say, like especially the dubious historicity of his actual existence.


He’s trying to violate me Shoe!


She’s the one who’s askin me questions, mr. man.
Should I get jealous/feel toyed with now, princess?


Stop trying to violate Miss Annie, troll.


Careful, Shoelimpy.
I know how to fence.


Fence him Shoe!!!!


You wouldn’t know a fence if you walked into one.


Sabre or epee?
Foil is fer pansies.


Any sort of weapon is for pansies. A real man fights with his bare hands. Fencing was invented by a bunch of French fairies.


Bah. I like my knuckles the way they are. And there’s always an illegal bellpunch.


It goes without saying that you like your knuckles the way they are, otherwise you wouldn’t be a pansy playing French fairy games.


I don’t think the french invented swords, Shoey.


Saber? Epee? What the hell kind of words are those? French fairy words. A-duh.


So what are you saying?
Just because french chefs are known for using lots of butter anything with lots of butter in it is french?


Oh, and if princess is still here to tease me, looks as if it might matter to mention I’ve seen radiohead live 13 times. Or maybe 14, lost count.


He’s calling me princess, Shoe.


Butter is an English word. Epee is a fairy word.

Princess is a word you do not call Miss Annie.


Why can’t I call her princess?
Especially when she’s makin me suspect this is just to wind you up, shoey.


Oh yeah, blame the woman! Is my skirt too short??? 😛


Well, remember whut Eve did to humanity.


Remember why Jesus died.


So that I can sin with impunity?


You aren’t saved. You worship shadows on the wall.

Put down your silly books and look at the sky, look at a tree, look at my legs, and tell me that God doesn’t exist. If you do, you’re lying to yourself and you know it. Why don’t you give Jesus a chance? Have you read His Words? He is awesome, forget the religious right, forget religion period, and just read His Word.

If you do, we can be friends. 🙂


I have read the bible. Some good stories, but terrible editing, major continuity problems abound. I worship nothing, save perhaps life itself in certain experiences it allows.
Go ahead n try and twist that into me being agnostic, if you like, but I ain’t gonna fit. God is a logical impossibility.


Logic? Are you a mentat? How have you reached this prime computation? Through philosophy? Philosophy is the result of the prideful mind regecting God by man putting himself in His place. It’s cult of personality.

And I notice you say you read the Bible and then you started to talk aobut the problems in it. Just read the red words. They’re all you need.


Philosophy predates Jesus, m’dear, and a big chunk of the description of the hosts of heaven and the afterlife n many other things come to Christianity via philosophy by way of Augustine’s incorporation of elements of neo-Platonism.
It’s not a cult of personality at all, save perhaps back in Hegel’s hayday.


Noting predates Jesus. Jesus is the Word of God.

I’d like to continue this discussion, but I’m very tired and I need to get some rest. We can pick this up tomorrow. Make sure to tell your parents about me. 🙂

(shoe took fencing at A&M, btw, he’s very good)


I’ll be out tomorrow night so I won’t be able to dote on you, princess. Shoey will have to suffice. Nite.


You poor fool. she led you on, talking about golf in that breathy sensual way of hers, crossing her legs and flashing her WWJD? thong to get you hot. but it was all just a cunning ploy to get into your house so she could talk about Jesus. Kick her out before she tries to sell you some encyclopedias too.


This couldn’t be more boring if it were an insurance underwriters convention.


“Put down your silly books and look at the sky, look at a tree, look at my legs, and tell me that God doesn’t exist.”

Okay. (Looks out window). God doesn’t exist.

By the way, AA might want to check out Betty Bowers, a true Christian lady who never resorts to spite or whores for attention.


i always respect a woman who never resorts to spite or whores


“Any sort of weapon is for pansies. A real man fights with his bare hands. Fencing was invented by a bunch of French fairies.”

I fenced epee, and nothing could be further from the truth. There are occasional deaths, as well as the common grapefruit sized bruise on your chest.
You were probably snarking, but I’ve heard that too much to not let it slip by.


Shoelimpy doesn’t snark!

It’s ok adifferentbrad. Hey I just realised I missed Lost last night!!!!!! Well, isn’t that perfect, I bet Sawyer was all sweaty and his hair was in his eyes and he maybe he even got a bit of dirt on himself!!!!!!!! Damn.


Well Played, adifferentbrad. Well Played indeed.

golf claps!


Bloggin’ for two. Can I get in on this action?


look at my legs, and tell me that God doesn’t exist

Nope, no God.


Now that the Flaming Lips are on notice, I have lost faith in the blogosphere.


Princess doesn’t have dvr?
Lost was ok. There was Sawyer porn, and, more importantly, Kate’s arse. Also, the black smoke looks to be coming back. woo.


Sawyer porn?? Can you elaborate? What happened on the show? I don’t even know what dvr is. 🙁

Did you tell your parents we’re engaged to be engaged?


digital video recorder


Dvr is a cheapie cable box version of tivo. Lets you record your shows onto a hard drive, means you don’t have to be a slave to when they’re aired. I luv it.
I think you can actually watch the eps on abc’s website now, so I’ll spare you any spoilers, but by sawyer porn I mean he was indeed sweaty, dirty, and had his hair in his eyes. And Kate bent over a lot. Mmm.
I haven’t talked to my parents since last night, solly. Don’t worry, tho, they’re even more used to conversion attempts than I am. They had a born again neighbor down there who was senile enough to forget her constant attempts failed. She made one try at me, and then I and my parents agreed she and I shouldn’t mix much.


I have windows xp media center, it’s supposed to do all kinds of things, but I have no clue how to use it properly. Even if I got the DVR thing, I would have no clue how to set it up. If ABC has the show, I’ll be very happy. 🙂

So you’re parents aren’t saved?


Fuck ABC!!! You can only watch it if you are in the USA. 🙁


Dvr is pretty simple. It’s just a new cable box and a remote with a few new buttons. No coding involved. But then I am male and have engineering genes from my mum’s side of the family. On the other hand, I don’t know html.
My parents are most definitely not saved. I can even talk about Nietzsche and the death of God with them pleasantly. Only my cousins on my mom’s side are particularly religious in my family, and they love me like family, but think I’m a wee bit strange. S’ok, they multiply like rabbits, so there’s always kids for me to play with when we get together.


I want at least 5 kids.


Then you better hope/help me find a job at a college/university that’ll be worth sending them to, cause ain’t no way in hell we’ll afford five kids’ tuition otherwise.
Especially if they take after me and get more degrees. I’m up over a quarter million poured into my brain, at this point.


Oh, and just download lost via bittorrent, then, princess.
Or I bet you could buy it on itunes.


Don’t worry cuz we’ll be homeschooling until college and the girls of course won’t be going, they’ll be on mission until they find suitable Husbands. Any boys will go to A&M, if they choose to go anywhere, in the corps of course. You will need to get a real degree, to afford the lifestyle we need, though.


I can’t buy anything online. 🙁 I don’t have paypal. I’ll look into bittorrent, thanks. 🙂 If you keep calling me princess, I think Shoe’s gonna flip.


Yer blog is princess annie’s blogdom of peace. Howcome calling you princess is so provocative?
You don’t need paypal for itunes, just an email addy and a credit card.
As for homeschooling, no. Nonononononono. Not unless you convert to the church of the subgenius.


If I had a credit card, I’d have paypal. 🙂 I don’t believe in credit cards. That and no one will give me one. 😉

Homeschooling, yes, yes, yes! The thought of various “teachers” pumping my children’s heads full of whatever they feel like pumping in at the time……makes me feel sick.


Well, considering your stated love for shopping, that might be in your best interest, not being allowed a card.
No homeschooling, montessori. Then a good boarding school.


Nope. Homeschooling. I’m unanimous in that!


And princess is what Shoe calls me sometimes.


Well, considering shoey already seems to want to duel me for your honor, what’s the risk in continuing to call you that?
I’ll make a deal. You can homeschool 2 kids, I’ll send 2 to a montessori school, and the last kid will be decided by the other kids.
You’re also underestimating the effect my genes will have on their minds. I have a genetic resistance to Accepted Truths.


Hey! You called him Shoey!!!! Just don’t call him pooface!

Here’s the deal, al the kids are homeschooled, with lots of sports to keep them around other kids. And of course, Sunday school. We need to start them in Sunday school and Bible study as soon as possible.


How are they going to feel about sunday school when their dad never goes to church?


I’ll just tell them the truth, you’re going to Hell. They’ll most likely have nightmares. 🙁 Why would you want to make them suffer?


Personally, I think forcing people to wake before noon on the weekends is making them suffer.
And besides, you don’t want me in a church. I have a tendency to cause hell for authority figures I don’t like.


Well, you can sleep in and keep your rudeness to yourself on Sundays. The kids can pray for your soul.


But I don’t believe in souls, either. Not big on superstitions in general. You gotta give me one kid to raise my way.


No! Children are not experiments. You can have a puppy.


I already have a cat who sort of acts like a puppy. If I’m going to give you so many spawn, I want one. My genes will win out in at least one of them, anyhow, and they’ll want to go my way.


You do know you will have to accept Christ before the wedding, and take communion.


Do you really want me to lie?


It’s on your soul if you lie. Accepting Christ won’t hurt you, ya know. And just think, you’ll be able to go to Heaven with me when we die.


Since I already said I don’t believe in souls, either, I guess I’m ok with that.
One thing I’m not going to do is say grace at meals, tho. That’s a dealbreaker. I saw a family say grace over taco bell at a truckstop in georgia one time, and I still don’t think, if He did exist, Jesus had anything to do with those burritos.


Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Any other meal you can thank me. 🙂


I’ll deal with thanksgiving if we don’t have to go to a country club on easter. I really hated that growing up.


Oh, and you’re going to have to lie about me being baptized if you want me to take communion. (If I’m right in assuming you have to be baptized to take it) But you’ll probably want to lie about it anyway, cause there is no chance it’ll happen.


Anyone can take communion. And I’ll baptise you the first time you fall asleep near me. 🙂

We’ll spend Easter in Mexico, feeding the poor.


Don’t get all mormon on me. Besides, I doubt it’d count if it was involuntary.


I was raised Anglican. We baptise babies without their consent, I’m sure it will stick to you too. And we will be in Mexico feeding the poor, unless that’s too much Jesus for ya.


Then I’ll figure out a way to baptize you as a satanist. God doesn’t want me in His sight. I’d annoy Him.
Depends on what part of Mexico. if it’s coastal and there’s a beach I can visit at night, fine.


Stupid thing ate my post!

We’ll travel all over the Yucatan, it’s very poor, most people don’t even have doors on their homes and when the sun goes down it’s bedtime unless you want to go to Church. 🙂 There’s horseflies the size of quarters. Maybe if you can behave yourself we can go to Chiapas.

You do not annoy God and He does want you in His sight. That is why He sent Jesus. And maybe He is leading you to talk to me. Have you thought about that?


Maybe Zeus led you to meeting me, have you considered that?
Are there at least pyramids in that area?


There are tons of pyramids. We can sleep in the big on at Chichen, cuz like, I know peeps. 😉


But please don’t offend their religious beliefs by being rude.


Just so long as it’s understood I won’t be pushing a bible with the food, it should be ok.


Why would you push a Bible? You seem to have a lot of conditions for feeding the poor.


Not wanting to have to preach something I don’t believe is a lot of conditions?


You want a beach, a pyramid and you are acting as if anyone cares if you “push” a Bible. On Christians. I think their Preacher can handle the preaching.

Truth is it’s dirt poor, the kids don’t have shoes, never mind dvr’s and the whole community shares a common plot of grass to which they walk their pigs. All the towns are set up the same. They don’t get much in the way of education, nevermind years and years of useless prattle, they work hard and they don’t have luxuries. But they only give thanks for what they have, and anything you give them in friendship they consider a blessing.


If I were a christian and felt compelled to help feed the poor I wouldn’t have to go to mexico to do so. I’d just rather not go to an empty patch of desert if I’m going that far away.


What does being Christian have to do with it? ALthough most soup kitchens are run by Christians.


Well, isn’t that one of Jesus’s commands? Isn’t that why so many soup kitchens are run by christians?


You said “if I were a Christian”, I want to know what difference that makes? Do you need to be commanded?

And the Yucatan is not desert, and the poor there do not compare to the poor in America.


Ever been to a reservation? There’s real poverty here, too, it’s just pushed out of sight.
I have to get ready to head out, princess. Tell shoey I said “en guarde”.


Oh, n have a nice evening, princess.


Have a good night. If it’s possible for you. I’m going to pray that your heart is softened toward the poor and that you will be moved of your own accord to spread your blessings to those who not only need it, but who will bless you for it.


No one else is allowed to post on this thread. It’s invitation only.


Just get a room, you two kooky kidz!



what is this?



This is not going ot end well, I just know it.

Not that it’s not entertaining as hell.


You think Hell will be entertaining? Don’t answer that, you aren’t allowed to post on here.


Small ‘h’ annie – hell as expletive, not Hell as imaginary burny-place. Pretend I said ‘as all get-out’ instead.

Ooops. Not allowed to post here. Sorry. Guess I’m going to Hell for that one.


Hell is not “imaginary.” You’ll find that out one day. You think it’s funny to mock, don’t you? You mock and mock and mock and as long as it’s Christians or Christianity that are mocked you’re all for it. But the second someone genuinely disagrees with your fairyland political views, you get upset and call TROLL!!!! You DEFEND Islam and mock Christianity, you as in Liberals, and you don’t see how pathetic and traitorous you are.

Fucking hypocrites!


Nownow princess. Be nice.

Lucifer Morningstar

Hee hee.
Amusingly enough, since this isn’t annieangel’s actual blog, there’s no way for her to prevent anyone from posting in the comments.

Hee hee hee!


Make him stop posting here, adifferentbrad.


Dear Lucifer,
I have a pretty flower for you
post below to get it

maybe that’ll work


How is that going to work?


What would Satan want with a flower?


That’s not Satan. It’s a geek.


Oh, and if you have aim, make a post on your blog with your screenname, and we can stop making this post unnecessarily long. Then i can turn aim on, message you, and you can delete the post.


What would a geek want with a flower?


My aim is to make this post unnecessarily long.

I guess I just don’t understand the whole “give the troll a flower” thing.


Awwww, you said no. Now I’m sad.
I guess I don’t understand that. Where I come from, we try not to feed trolls.


You give them flowers. Are you from Iraq? LOL, that’s a good one. 🙂

Of course I said no, silly. You’d probably IM me porn.


Our trolls are substance abusing middle aged gay men whose sexual practices are probably criminal, where i come from. Flowers freak them out because girls like flowers and they hate girls for being more attractive than they are.
Why would I IM you porn?


You’re a sexist unbeliever pretending to be nice to me and you think I don’t know that?? And you creeped me out with the porn stuff earlier.

I dunno, I think since gay men are men, and most men only want women for sex, and gay men don’t even need women for that, they therefore would be the most chavanistical of all. They wouldn’t think women are prettier than them, they wouldn’t think of women at all unless they wanted to make fish jokes.


I was raised by a feminist and went to a women’s college but I’m sexist?
If I was sexist I’d make cracks about the drunk girls tonight, but have I? No.


You’ve been quite sexist throughout this conversation, but being a MAN you don’t even realize it and to top it off you act as if being raised by a woman makes you a woman. Go Garp!


Awwwww. I thought being raised, in part, by a feminist means I respect and enjoy strong women. My bad.
Now I am very sad.


Oh, and garp? As in “the world according to..”?


Define fenimist.


Feminism is about respect, and recognizing differences in anatomy don’t mean differences in capacity, as I understand it.
It does not mean, as too many girls today seem to think, that having a vagina means getting what you want.


Oh and yes, as the world according to.


That is not feminism. That is recognizing that we are all equal. That can apply to women or men.


I guess I haven’t seen it recently enough to understand the relevance, then.


Then what is feminism?
Here I thought it was about establishing equality.


Equality is inherent. You seem to be talking about ending sexism toward women by men, not feminism, and yet you slammed women as being creatures who demand that vagina=entitlement.



What happened at Garp’s mother’s funeral? Read the book.


I did not slam women as such. I slammed the females I’ve known who feel that that is the case.
If feminism isn’t about establishing equality in the face of the traditions of the past, what is it about?
Empowement is equality, to my mind.
Now yer quizzing me about books I read back in high school?
What myth is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest animated by?


Garp’s mother was a feminist. It doesn’t matter to a feminist who your mother is, you’re still a man.

What would be the opposite of feminism?

“It does not mean, as too many girls today seem to think, that having a vagina means getting what you want.”

Disgusting offensive and sexist stereotype. A feminist would find that way more offensive than I do, and I find it pretty damn offensive.


Princess, wander around nyc with me a few evenings, and see how many self-described feminists you meet who think that’s what it amounts to. There’s a big difference between having self-respect and, as the old saying goes, making the right choices, and feeling that being female is a means of entitlement.
The opposite of feminism is Phyllis Schafly (sp?).
And who your mother is matters in how much respect you have for women. That’s something I’ve seen with my own eyes.


And, yes, in an academic sense, feminism was/is about teaching women to respect themselves and make the choices that reflected their own desires instead of sublimating themselves to their man and societal pressures. Being that I’m not a woman, that’s not something I can participate in much beyond respecting women as my equals.


Dollface, wander around Church Street with me and you’ll find plenty of young boys who will blow you for 25 bucks, it’s how they all are these days. And don’t get me started on those blacks that hang out on the corner, all they do is sell drugs, I’ve seen it and trust me, I have black friends so I can say that so I’m being respectful. Also, those damned welfare mothers, they’re all whores and they can’t keep their legs closed, most of them these days probably can’t even tell you who the babies daddy’s are!

Now, hmmmm, why is it more acceptable to say the things you have said about women??? Is it because you just might be a great big sexist pig who thinks that I’m about to IM with you because after all I’m a woman on the net who is just DYING to chat with a guy who can’t even get a job so he sits around in school all day worshipping dead guys and filling his head with useless crap so he can troll women he finds attractive on message boards????

Give your head a shake!


I wasn’t universalizing. i was saying that some women today are not high quality individuals. That’s not something I see being dependent on gender or class or etc.
They use the word feminism to justify some of their beliefs just like hateful people have used God to do so.
Do you really think I’m talking to you in the hopes I might someday get laid?
That’s a bit insulting.


High quality? What are they, low quality individuals? EVERY person is beautiful, every person is a HIG QUALITY individual, we are ALL made in the image of GOD.

You elitest bastard.


There’s a difference between saying not everyone is high quality and saying not everyone has worth.
But I’m tired and a bit miffed, so I’m heading off. Bubye, princess.


Goodnight. I’m sorry if I upset you, but maybe you’ll be more respectful the next time we talk.


In lieu of getting actually angry, I’m just gonna say that one part of respect is not assuming that anyone who is nice to you is looking to get between your legs. You assume that I’m allowing… prejudices to color my experience and say unjustified things.
Whether I am jaded and perhaps a little bitter about certain things is fair to ask, whether I’m letting hate guide me isn’t. I take the things I believe in more seriously than that.


“I said that to make clear I wasn’t angling for pr0n”

Why would you even say that to me????


It means that right this moment you’ve got a slide show of half naked pictures of you on the first page of your blog, and it seemed like every other post I clicked on featured someone asking to see your boobs and you responding angrily. I didn’t want you to think I was playing merely out of being a horndog. Apparently it meant the opposite. I’m starting to think I’m sorry I tried to play.


oh my god you are so fucking dull


He is, isn’t he? And sexist. He also seems to need to get the last word.


Jesus, people. Get a fucking room.


I was wrong. This wasn’t entertaining.

Isn’t this Gary’s thread?


Is it supposed to be entertaining?


Well, it was amusing for a while. Not no more.


What was amusing? And you used a double negative, btw.


no, i meant you.


You’re a towel.

Lucifer Morningstar

Hee hee. a different brad can’t keep me from posting here any more than you can, annie”angel” (sorry, but I know all the angels, both fallen and not… and you’re no angel). But, I am a busy Prince of Lies, and really can’t waste too much of my time hanging around this dive (and nobody point out that I’m immortal, and thus have all the time in the world. I’m still too busy). Well, gotta go whisper sweet nothings in Dumbya’s ear… “Bomb Iran… bomb Iran… October Surprise…” Hee hee.

Lucifer Morningstar

P.S.–I know my laugh is like a little girl giggle, really not what you’d expect from the Master of the Ninth Circle. But you’d be surprised at some of the forms I can take. L8rz, bitchez!


i hate to come across as pedantic but they’re not called morningstars. the correct term is bommyknocker


please amend your name fifthwith

Lucifer Morningstar

Actually, the fact is that Morningstar (Farms) is a manufacturer of “veggie burgers,” which are totally *not* made from snowflake babies. Those rumors are completely false, and without merit. I repeat, embryo-free!


I cannot see your point here, prince of darkness. The hippie treehugger vegans who eat those hockeypucks are rabidly proabortion, and, in fact, would only consider animal ‘snowflakes’ a problem. Hell, the wiccans and the jews both eat a live baby once a year as a religious act.


Jews don’t eat live babies!!!!!

They mix the blood of murdered adult Christians in their purim bread, they use the blood of a tortured and murdered Christian baby for passover bread and wine.

They use the blood for other rituals as well.


Don’t talk to me about the hebrews, princess. One of them broke my heart years ago and I might get sexist.
Oh, wait, everything I say is sexist because I said I wasn’t angling to see you naked, my bad.


No, everything you say is sexist because you’re sexist. 🙂


But why am I sexist? The pimping? The mail order bride? The performing fake abortions, to confuse the whore/female and save that fetus’s life?


All men are sexist. It’s axiomatic.


Then why single me out for it?
It’s the fake abortions, I’m certain of it.


When does 24 start again?


just after 23


don’t tell me this slightly creepy interminably dull trainwreck of a comments section is dying? 🙁
i was hoping we could get it up to 500 posts


I didn’t see you participating in the dullness.


god knows i tried. but i can’t write a dull sentence if my life depended on it. it’s one of the curses of genius.


Try being more like Jillian.


Handbags at dawn! Watch out ladies, this cat has claws!


I need to watch who writes the threads. Gavin can be such a dick at times.


maybe if you ask nicely they’ll put their names at the top so you can tell what’s by who


it’s no good. your efforts are appreciated but it looks like it’s just you and me left.


have you farted?


That was yo mama.


what’s my mother doing up your ass?


You don’t have any friends, do you?


i don’t have an imaginary friend called Jesus if that’s what you mean


What’s your imaginary friend’s name?


you misunderstand me. I don’t have an imaginary friend. And the name of the imaginary friend I don’t have is Jesus.


Come chat with sexy cam girls


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