Making it worse!? How could it be worse?

It sure seems like we always find new ways to mess things up around here. Such as today, again.

Things are running now, but I expect there is a lot of missing crap and issues. I’d urge you not to break anything, but I don’t see how you could do any worse. Please bear with us — as we do with you. You’re kind and generous like that.


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Stuff like this is still here … & this too.

So it should all be A-O.K.


Can we nest replies now?


Good question. Would you like to?


Also we need a feature for including images in comments. Trust me.


Does that exist?


All the other kids Alicublog and Boing Boing comment threads have it.


Yeah, img tags can be allowed/disallowed. I think admins can use them but not commenters by default.

Gunlickers, Oldfarts & Plutocrats

Nesting… nesting… Does this thing work?


And I didn’t click the damn nested reply. I’ll blame FYWP on principle.


Let’s go do some crimes.

Pupienus Maximus

Threaded comments now? WOW.

Pupienus Maximus


Pupienus Maximus



Maybe from Opera it will work?



Here in the heartland, we do enjoy some occasional cow tipping.

Not like you liberal sheep-fuckers.


You misspelled “topping”, Gary.


If M.B. says it’s o.k., then it must be so.


You misspelled ‘tupping’, BBBB.


I don’t like this nesting thing. It makes it very hard to find new comments in my experience. But, if I have to, I can adapt, I spose.




I hate nested comments. Especially on sites with lots of comments, because it becomes impossible to work out which bits you’ve already read without going through the whole thing.


At least some things never change!

The Dark Acenger AKA The Dark Avenger

This blog is in it’s last throws.


Is that correct, Pennis Jeans?


All you liberals ever think about is spelling and sheep-fucking.


James Garner R.I.P.


I’m lost in a strange place. Halp.


Am I in moderation?

I’ve already told you folks how I feel about moderation.



I was trying to post the link. James Ganer died yesterday.


Oh, now it works.


Why won’t this effing thing remember my information? That’s not a selling point.

Are all the comments approved before they appear? There’s a bit of a delay.


This color scheme is disturbingly reminiscent of Facebook.


I still don’t seem to exist. FYWP. It’s eating my comments.


oh, what the hell? i am in totes agreement with you, suez…

Pupienus Maximus

The clearing of data – nym and etc. – is NOT a feature. DO NOT LIKE.


Well, now. I guess it uses, um… Gravatar, izzit?


[… confusion in the ranks]


Man, go away for a week and shit changes. I’m still not really back, but at least I’m out of the woods.

Though I like the “reply” feature, which could help with some confusions, I’m also not looking forward to scrolling through many replies looking for new stuff. Maybe something like Whiskey Fire? You know the person being replied to at a glance, and I suspect you could probably click on the link to be taken to the specific comment. I don’t click, because the threads are pretty short.


NASA TV is replaying the Apollo 11 moon landing and Neil Armstrong’s walk on this 45th anniversary. Memories.


I can’t see. Anything. Gotta get used to it. The good thing is time. Real time. I never know how long it’s been since the person to whom I am responding commented. How do I get an avatar?


Second time I tried to comment at the new site. Um what?


Oo-er, fancy.


Let’s get sushi and not pay!!


Throe this guy outta here.


I reject this redesigned website as a deviation from the Founder Intent and Christian Values (TM) of the founding fathers of Sadly, No! We must return to a strict constructionist interpretation of the website, and not allow activist web designers to take away our freedoms.


I think it’s just WordPress. I haven’t changed my gravatar avatar in yrs.


Hey, it’s zulu now! Good move, now I don’t need a separate clock for S,N! time.


Aha. All one guy:

Gravatar is a free service for site owners, developers, and users. It is automatically included in every account and is run and supported by Automattic.

Hey, not that I need it, but there’s no preview!


Well, well, well…Been busy getting a new band ready for what was a successful first performance…Now this…yay…

Gunlickers, Oldfarts & Plutocrats

It’s rare that I agree with “open carry” advocates, but hey! This sounds like a GREAT idea!


Glad to hear you’re holding up.


Hey Suezboo, how you feeling?

I don’t like the new threading possibilities. Change is bad.

I do like the new timestampin though.


I’m at the auto insurance place getting a claim adjusted. Mobile posting capabilities aren’t optimal, but could be way worse.


Just don’t let Bouffant post videos inline.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

Heading down to Natural History Museum to meet Major Kong and a FoaF from Melbourne, originally Queensland. He apologizes sending us Ken Ham.


This is kinda cool, I think. Is it?


well, it’s certainly ‘differenent’…


Thanks for asking, Seize.
I’m OK. Miss Smudge like crazy but busy taking care of The Other Cat, Zinzi, who is freaked and keeps looking for Smudge and is either at the window or clinging to me. We’ll both be OK in time, I guess.


I hope they add image posting. I have a whole hard drive full of “most interesting man” memes I’m dying to share with you all.


Hello Operator?


Noooo! I want my primitive, white space efficient look! x-x How can I read with all these boxes around?


Well, it probably won’t make lurking any harder. The sub-threads are a bit of a rabbit hole, or some kind of hole. I sure hope pup can slip PENIS in as often as in the past.


Always happy to slip a little (or not so little as the case may be you fucking size queen) PENIS in.


Hopefully he can slip PENIS in between every comment now that threading is enabled.


On the upside, has anyone gotten a “you’re posting too fast” yet today? I haven’t for once. Hooray no more old problems, hooray for new problems!


Extra e-hugs to you and Zinzi.


when we lost our dog hootie a couple of years ago, lucy moped and missed her muchly…since she was home alone all day now and totes miserable, i started bringing her to the nursing home about once a week where she got much attention…


Am I banned again? My PENIS comment went into the bit bucket it seems.

Pupienus Maximus

What the actual fuck? HELLLLOOOOOOO?


Pup there’s some sort of delay, also, if you use a wonky email address, I think your comments get thrown into moderation.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

Just finished museum tour. Good time was had nerding out.

Pupienus Maximus


The leader of a New Age consciousness and enlightenment school, who channels the voice of a 35,000-year-old Lemurian warrior when speaking to her followers, is suing two former students after they posted a drunken rant by her saying Jews have enough money to “have paid their way out of the goddamned gas chambers by now,” and Mexicans breed “like rabbits,” among other slurs.

Well of course she should sue – it wasn’t her, it was that 35,00 year old Lemur. Er, Lemurian. They should sue him.

Those interested in learning more about Lemurians should consult Smut Teh Clyde’s site. He’s rather an expert.


“When the whippoorwills
Are whipping through the willows
All the leaves are brown
Fuck you wordpress
And you’ll n-e-e-e-v-v-e-e-r-r, wal-l-l-k, alone and stuffffff!”

Quoted from the Art of The Remake Of Red Dawn:Revenge of Dr. Hfahrfuhrhur


I had a great time in New York.

I’ve probably walked 15 miles over the last 3 days.


Alt text @ paleo @ 10:54

“I understood that reference.”


(So images are NOT yet enabled, now ya know)

Pupienus Maximus

This fuckng website ate my PENIS when I tried to slip it in.


O.K., in the holy crap it’s the end of the world there is too much all at once dep’t., anyone else had trouble logging into WordPiss comments at Losers Geeks & Maroons?

I gave it a shot, & not only would it not let me on (theoretically I’m signed into & using WP comments here, but …) it promised to send me an e-mail to straighten everything out & it hasn’t.

I’m being patient – 24 hrs., & then I’m giving up. The iNternet is boring me limp anyway. Same shit, & who can even tell if it’s a different fucking day or not?



I’m being patient – 24 hrs., & then I’m giving up. The iNternet is boring me limp anyway. Same shit, & who can even tell if it’s a different fucking day or not?

The internet will be replenished by tomorrow.


“This free service that I am not required to use is inconveniencing me in some way!”


James Garner admitted in his autobio. The Garner Files that he used marijuana for 50 years, and he died.
Let this be a cautionary tale: Pot does no prevent death.


The internet will be replenished by tomorrow.
Exactly what I’m afraid of.

Everything now good for me at LG&M, but my hate for WordPress shall never die. Never.


First tag fail in the new regime? I am on a roll. To hell w/ preview!


Someone doesn’t understand iNternet addiction.


Here in the heartland, we do not need to smoke marijuana for 50 years before we dye, like liberals.

Also, we do not fuck sheep.


ha…good to know tagfails are still possible…i was afeared that feature may have been taken away from me…

so…is there an EASY way to read nested comments? and please to remember who you are dealing with here…as has been well-noted, a rocket science, i am not…


ha…i am glad to know that it is still possible to tagfail…i was afeared this feature would be taken away from me…

so…what’s an EASY way to keep up on nested comments…and remember who you are talking to…as has been well-noted, a rocket scientist i am not…

Pupienus Maximus

What, the sheep fuck you?


They make love to them, after a lunch of alfalfa and spring water.


whoa…she used to be a rodeo queen! awesome…also, drinking games, glittery robes and lemuria? that’s some whackdoodligoodness right there…

anyhoo, when i went to raw story, here’s a headline that caught my eye:
AL man accidentally kills girlfriend while playing with gun on trampoline with infant

is there some sort of drinking game we could play called ‘what could possibly go wrong?’


I once started quite a stir in a bar in Wales because I made a crack about sheep fucking. Apparently it’s an aspersion cast upon Welshman by other Brits which has the tenor of a slur.


Hey, why doesn’t my Gravatar show?


also, i’m just gonna throw in a FYWP…




FYWP*, where’s my period! Comments?

Big Bad Bald Bastard

Lethe worst thing about the new incarnation is the need for continually re-entering my information.



And Welshmen are all about the tenors.


Here in the heartland, we sing in a manly baritone.

And we never fuck sheep.


Where are you guys? And, rats, no more SA timestamp. I suspect a plot to confuse me.
But then I often do suspect plots against my person and, more especially, my mind. Am I wrong?


And having to scroll all over hell to get back to where you once belonged.

I’m sure the hamsters are hard at work working.

Now on a completely serious note, get rid of those stupid Ed Hardy leaf things on the top. Trust me, in later decades that crap will be as amusing as parachute pants are to us, & you won’t want them all over.


You don’t seem easily confusable.


In Ruppertville, the men are men & the sheep are nervous.


We’re here Suez.


I just have to click twice in each field to get my info-cookies to kick in from Chrome.

Not a double-click, mind you.

Like that, just slower.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

No mystery here, I was drinking beer
While listening to a lecture on fluorescent marine creatures and the importance of the proteins that make them glow.


Well, good. I’m only here to say Good Night, even though 7.15 am is technically morning but I am going to bed now, so Good Night, Sweetheart.


Guessing the beer wasn’t fluorescing or you’d have mentioned it. Missed an educational opportunity there.


Hah, 0715 (PDT) is just when I went to sleep today. Who’d have imagined retirement would be like working graveyard?


Going to bed at 7:15 AM?

Did you take a job flying night freight when I wasn’t looking?


Seconded. Also, I read down to Suzebo’s fine contribution and replying brought me all the way down here. Now I have to clmb all the way back up the fucking wall.


my chrome has been taken away from me…dang i.t. persons!*

*actually, i would likely not survive a day without i.t.


The local newspaper only allows 5 free stories a month or something from their website. The thing is, it only recognizes cookies from the same browser or user, so if you’re using Chrome, you can either delete your cookies or use a different browser.

SeaMonkey doesn’t fill out the form until I enter the first letter in the field, so it’s not such a big problem as having to type them all in over and over as with the other browsers.


I find this thread’s lack of PENIS disturbing.

Also, where in the FUCK are my inline images? I got memes, dammit. Memes and PENIS.


You’re a..a VAMPIRE???


Fine. I’ll just talk to myself.

I was reading through archives from a few years back. I feel like I used to be less of a cynical asshole than I am now. Discuss.

Also, I heard an Arianna Grande song on the radio in my truck today and I like it. Do I need professional help?


I was reading through archives from a few years back. I feel like I used to be less of a cynical asshole than I am now. Discuss.

weren’t we all less cynical assholes then? and that bouffant fellow just seems to be a crank of the first order (i kid)

re: arianna grande…at first i was afraid she was the chick who sings the song about boys chasing girls and then i would have to unfriend you…because that is one of the worst songs evar. period. and i will brook no arguments on that…

Pupienus Maximus

I’m trying to reply but apparently I’VE BEEN BANNED.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

As long as you’re not spanking it while driving, that’s perfectly okay.


well he does drive around with his fly open, so…


cute, but is she about 14?


or HAVE you?


Listen, sheepfuckers, hear in the heartland, we suport Michelle Bachman for president!


You say that like I’m the only one who does it.


Listen, sheepfuckers, hear in the heartland, we suport Michelle Bachman for president!

oh i hope 1-L 2-Ns runs…could possibly be the best presidential campaign season ever!


yeehaw…i am obviously POSTING COMMENTS TOO FAST!



hear in the heartland, we suport Michelle Bachman for president!

I submit for her campaign slogan:

“A troubled woman for troubled times”


Well, I’m pretty used to threaded comments from all the frolicking I do on Alicublog. So I reckon I can handle the new regime.

I don’t see the troll. Has he been sufficiently confused by the new system?


That. Is. Brilliant.


He left one dropping on this thread so far.


He’s probably out fucking sheep.


When you’ve lost Gary Ruppert, you’ve lost America.


Snorting and laughter at this. Will mung it probably, sorry.


What in god’s name is the etymology of “fly” in that usage?

I refuse to Google this, I insist it will be better if we spitball it.


Something something, something something WHALES.

Someone help me I need the proper quip. Ugh, it’s like when you have to sneeze and you can’t.


Only a creationist could take creatures from an incomprehensibly advanced alien world and damn them to an unimaginatively unpleasant literal place.


Going to flagellate, shave head, sit in ashes.


i hope i remember it long enough to post it on facebook when the time comes…


When you’re making a threaded response there is a smalltext link above the “Leave a Reply” header which says “cancel this reply.”

If I designed websites I would have the clicking of that link save whatever was in the reply box and ID fields to a private cache for my amusement.


Actually, that makes some ,kind of sense to me. As long as you are not doing like that weirdo we heard about who masturbates to engine noise, I think it’s a reasonable thing to do.
It must be painful/uncomfortable to have your genitalia all trussed up behind a zip when you need them to fly free. My sympathies, tsam, – another argument against Intelligent Design.


What in god’s name is the etymology of “fly” in that usage?

I refuse to Google this, I insist it will be better if we spitball it.

i know the answer and it’s totes booooring! i would prefer also to hear some spitballed takes on it…


I’d also like to hear some vile puns on my colloquial choice of verb.


I’d also like to hear some vile puns on my colloquial choice of verb.

jeez, seize! i went with spitballed take right off the bat…not good enough, eh?

also, too…have you experienced a sadly pun thread yet?


Not really a vampire. (No fangs.) I was asleep by 0300 today.

Feeding myself & remembering to breathe are the only serious demands on my time. 24-hr. supermarkets mean I needn’t be awake during ordinary shopping hrs., so I just let my body do what it wants.


also, too…have you experienced a sadly pun thread yet?

This sentence is clearly a friendly effort to terrify me, isn’t it?


Are there threads with even more puns than there already is?


If this is the case then I suspect we’ll also find America in the nearest cow pasture, unsuitably attired.


This sentence is clearly a friendly effort to terrify me, isn’t it?

sadly pun threads terrify us ALL…


I had an exorbitantly rich, intensely spicy gallon of ma po tofu noodle soup for dinner. This marvelous meal was consumed atop the unwise foundation of two pints of Allagash White.

I feel like a dyspeptic labrador retriever that got into a bag of cheeseburgers, which is to say, I regret nothing.


I don’t even go shopping, so (checks quickly) no blood in the fridge means I am Not a vampire. Whew. Dracula’s castle always looked severely uncomfortable to me.


Is your mouth totally numbed by the Sichuan peppercorns?


Be terrified. These guys are GOOD at it. They will pun you IN THE FACE


Listen, sheepfuckers, hear in the heartland, we suport Michelle Bachman for president!

Many MANY liberals echo this sentiment wholeheartedly.
Possibly not a good sign for Ol’ Crazy-Eyes.


New post. Bob damn threaded comments.


William Tenn already has dibs on the slogan “An Abnormal Man for an Abnormal World!”


What in god’s name is the etymology of “fly” in that usage?
Seize misspelled ‘entomology’.


My nyms! My beautiful irritating inane nyyyyyyyyyyyyms!

Sob, whimper, snivel, sob …

*dons black eye-liner, gets out vintage stereo, puts on The Cure*


I’ve got pretty high spice tolerance as far as putting things in my mouth. I love the well-rounded spiciness of Sichuanese food. My stomach lining is rebelling still though.

Pupienus Maximus

Phil Klass was my next door neighbor years ago. He certainly knows from abnormal.


Holy lord. it’s alive


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