Act Sadly!

It’s not secret that I really want the Democrats to clean house this November. To that end, I’ve set up an ActBlue page for any and all Sadly, No!-approved candidates. I call it “Act Sadly!”

So far, I’ve only got Jim Webb’s campaign posted. If you know of any candidates who are worthy of support and need campaign money, lemme know who they are and why they’re good, and I’ll add ’em to the list.

Gav, Retardo, Seb, Travis, that goes for you guys too 🙂


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He’s got my vote!


No more fitting a candidate than Webb, who has managed to alienate Women, Hispanics, Christians, African-Americans, and Jewish people in just one campaign.

The fact is that Webb is an extremely poor candidate. With the mistakes that Allen has made, any competant candidate would be up 10 points. But Webb trails by 5 because he ran an anti-semitic primary campaign and he is just as distrusted as Allen amongst African-Americans.

As well, Kos is still running around 0-19, and he knows that he’s due to lose another dozen races this year.


See? That’s why my candidate is superior. No prejudice at all.

Cthulhu loves the little children
All the children of the world,
Red and yellow, black and white
They are delicious in his sight
Cthulhu loves the little children of the world!

What do you wanna bet I effed up the tags again?


For the love of god, Joe Sestak!!!


Umm, couple we add Gary Ruppert to the Act Sadly! page?


couple?? wtf?


Smiling Mortician


I thought we had to couple with Gary . . .


I’d add John Laesch, who’s challenging Hastert in IL-14.

If you’re looking for a race that’s not receiving much attention, I’d add Selden Spencer, who’s challenging Tom Latham in IA-4. He’s a physician, a humanitarian and has some great ideas, which are actually spelled out in detail on his site.


Tammy Duckworth in IL 6th! Kinda “Sensible” (sorry retardo) but honest and brave. Plus she left both her legs in Iraq. She’s a REAL superhero, and I trust her with my country…



Stephen Porter (who is a diarist at Daily Kos) and the Jabba-the-Hutt-wannabe he’s running against in the PA 03 race, courtesy of the folks at DownWithTyranny blog.

The guy would make a great addition to the Congress – he’s the OPPOSITE of the DLC-types that are screwing up the Democratic Party.


Hmmmm… that wiped out about half of my post.

Let’s try again: Porter is running in PA-03, the seat once held by Tom Ridge. The current occupant is GOP rubber-stamper Phil English. The district runs from Erie PA (up in that pokey-uppy part of PA) down to the Northern Pittsburgh suburbs.

This district has lost nearly 10,000 jobs (!) in the past 12 years, and English has voted for every bill to ship those jobs overseas.

English should be completely vulnerable, yet the Democratic party here is sinking all their effort into the Rendell and Casey races, figuring (no doubt) that it’s better to be onboard with guaranteed winners than to get your hands dirty in an uphill battle. The net result is that Porter is being left largely to fend for himself, and could really use the help.


So we’re all agreed? Gary’s stupidity isn’t even worth responding to anymore? Good.


Nah, that Gharyspew just wasn’t worthwhile.

It’s like he just can’t muster the same insane rapidfire spew of DrudgePoints anymore. I think Gary’s losing his edge.

second the Duckworth. Her opponent actually accused her of ‘cutting and running’ !


I know Retardo isn’t gonna like this, but I’d like to see some serious support for Sherrod Brown. Aside from the fact that nothing would make me happier to see Mike DeWhiner run out of town on a rail, he’s been my Congressman for years and HE ACTUALLY MIGHT WIN! In Red Ohio no less! Yes, he tends toward the “sensible” side of the Democratic spectrum, but a D is a D, and in the Senate it’s a big deal for power struggles alone.


Oh good, Gary returned to his preferred construction “the fact is”.


thanks for the reminder brad, I have been meaning to donate to Webb. cheers.


Who could be more deserving then Tammy Duckworth. An Iraq veteran running for Henry Hyde’s district, the Illinois 6th.

Who else would know more about what Iraq will need?

Before Iraq. She worked for Rotary International. They tried to bring jobs and oppurtunity to downtrodden Countries.

What is more important. Helping foreign citizens. Or spending two billion a week to kill them.

Which one do you think would make America safer.


Of course the left was trying to “swift boat” Duckworth first when they were behind Christine Cegelis.


wow that is a pretty specific talking point Gary. do you just have file folders for all sorts of topics?

You never posted on how North Korea testing a nuke was good for Republicans!!


Hah! Polls show that 18% of Americans trust Bush on Iraq:

Take that, Dems!


Christine Jennings in FL-13 (yes, that’s Katherine Harris’ district) is running against a viciously anti-choice (as in, no abortions for anyone, ever) used car dealer named Vern Buchanan. She’s a few points ahead these days, and the district has a very real chance to go Democratic for the first time in 20 years.


I’ve been donating to Eric Massa who is running for the NY-29 Congressional seat, western New York . One of the Fighting Dems, he has been running for this seat for two years. Former naval officer who served under Wes Clark. Cancer survivor. Tough as nails.

Massa’s opponent is a real piece of work, incumbent Randy Kuhl, who while he was in the NY State Senate, fired a shotgun at his now ex-wife..


I say we vote Republican. The shit is utterly fucked up and there isn’t any way that the Dems can fix our broken shit. Leave the Republican’s to finish the job they have started so that my family and children can live out the rest of our lives in a military police state. Oh, wait…was I supposed to give a recommendation for a candidate? I say vote Kinky Friedman for governor of Texas. With a name like that he’d be able to clean up this morally corrupt state of Texas…


Claire McCaskill, senate race for Missouri. A very close race against asshat Tenet. Money could make the difference on this one and it would be a huge pickup.


I would like to suggest listing Tessa Hafen, former CoS for Harry Reid, running in Nevada to replace BushBot Jon Porter. Porter’s recent smear of her is that she’s a carpetbagger because she’s lived in DC for the previous 8 years while working for Reid. Never mind that she’s a 3rd generation native Nevadan.

Also, Jack Carter (yep, son of Jimmy) running against John Ensign (R) in the Senate. I met the guy a few months ago, briefly. Unlike Hafen, he is kind of a carpetbagger, having only moved here about 4 years ago.

Carpetbagging, hmph. It’s a silly charge to make in this state, the fastest growing state in the US. Non-natives outnumber natives, at least here in Las Vegas- and this county (Clark) contains over 70% of the state’s population.

No, neither of them are all that liberal as far as Democrats go. What do you want? This is Nevada- the only real political parties here are Gaming and Mining.

But both are running in close races for what had been considered safe seats for the GOP until fairly recently. Now they are tossups. It is possible that the entire Nevada delagation in DC could be Democratic soon.

With ya’ll’s help, that is…


Actually, Cthulhu is looking better and better.

Just like His website says: “Why vote for a lesser evil?”


Gary: It’s VIRGINIA. Everyone south of PW county and west of Virginia Beach is a redneck. That’s why the southern part bitches about how we want money to, you know, keeps our roads repaired and our schools in OSHA-passing standards, while they send their children to palaces built on our dime. Fuckers.


My gift list has about 40 names on it but at this point I’m focusing on the Senate–specificall Webb, McCaskill & Casey. I had contributed to Brown, Ford & Stabenow but then they voted for the detainee atrocity.


Hah! Polls show that 18% of Americans trust Bush on Iraq.

The fact is, that the Democrat party is more interested in quantity than quality. Also, North Korea will help Bush because the nuclear test accidently released the Mushroom People from their thousand-year slumber, and they are proud Republicans. And once the remainder of the Foley IM’s are released, the country will see that he was acting on the authority of the NSA to ensure Castro’s clone midget spies were too distracted to take our choclate eggs this Easter.

(Was that a little too rational for a Gary-bot?)


I had contributed to Brown, Ford & Stabenow but then they voted for the detainee atrocity.
I know Brown caved on the torture. It hurts me to vote for him based on that, but I know the vote was a political one and most likely painful for him to cast. He is running in OHIO. He had to vote for the thing *shudder* because it takes campaign ammo away from the grinning sychophant DeWine. His vote certainly didn’t do anything decisive in the way of passing the hideous legislation. Brown and DeWine are neck and neck, and based on DeWine’s fawning asslick behavior with the Bushies, we have to get him out of D.C.


There are several tight races in my neck of the woods, including the Brown-DeWine matchup across the river. Cincinnati City Councilman John Cranley, who’s airing a hella-lame commercial featuring a Bush impersonation, might beat Republican Steve Chabot, and Democrat Ken Lucas could re-take his vacated seat in my district from Geoff Davis.

But the candidate I’ll vouch for is Victoria Wulsin, who’s polling even with Jean Schmidt, despite an almost total local media blackout on her campaign. The other races are too ugly to feel good about, but Wulsin is an outstanding candidate with a lot of integrity who needs help getting her message out to voters in these crucial final weeks. Besides, her opponent is arguably the nation’s worst congressional representative.


I wholeheartedly concur with punkinsmom w.r.t. Sherrod Brown. I’m not thrilled with his vote, but voting “yea” and then getting thumped upside the head for it by DeWine for have been a most pyrrhic moral victory.

Without a Democratic Congress on November 8th, we cannot even hope for any change.


“Gary: It’s VIRGINIA. Everyone south of PW county and west of Virginia Beach is a redneck.”

Wait a sec… are you telling me that Virginia isn’t for lovers?


Please, please, please Ben Cardin for Senate from Maryland! He’s been a liberal member of the House of Representatives for years, done a lot of good work, and is in a tight race with Republican Michael Steele, who is a Bush-lover who changes his story on pretty much everything every day.


Larry Kissel is a good candidate for the NC-08. After this article in the Charlotte Obersver ran, supporters started sending in $88.94 in donation amounts. He deserves your support 🙂


As Ripley said, Selden Spencer in Iowa is a good pick. He is a really decent human being. And it would be so nice to have another Iowa Dem in the House. Boswell is the only one, and I consider him a Dem in name only. I’m not just going to have to hold my nose to vote for Boswell, I’ll need to don a gas mask. We don’t have a senatorial showdown in Iowa right now.

Claire McCaskill is a good choice as well. Tenet needs to go!

And Tammy Duckworth… well, any of these Iraq vets who are running as Dems deserve support. They are getting a lot of publicity and attention, which is a good thing.

I think we really need to help the ones the party isn’t helping so much. All the party can think about in Iowa right now is helping Boswell keep his seat. The smear ads are the ugliest and most dishonest I’ve ever seen, on both sides. (Although Lamberti’s are worse.) They are totally turning off voters, but they can’t seem to stop, like meth addicts with some good anhydrous blend in front of them. Help Spencer and let the party take care of Bos.



Are you still keeping tabs on the donations from this site?


To the Webb campaign.



I’m glad you set this up, Brad. I am and will be out of pocket for a while with midterms and a really difficult paper but I second the motion for Claire McCaskill.


I suggest Jon Tester in Montana, Harry Mitchell in Arizona and Jim Pedersen in Arizona


Another vote for McCaskill in Mo. Who’s running against Talent, not Tenet–a no-talent bushbot pushing the Big Lie as hard as he can. The race has been a dead heat for months, despite big repub $$; she could win it.


Oops, I always do that. My brain ain’t what it used to be. Sigh… Jim NO Talent.


Charlie Brown, running against John Doolittle in CA-4.

I remember you saying you liked Jim Webb because he’s run like a Republican. You should see the Brown race. He’s linked Doolittle to the Abramoff-CNMI scandal and basically claims at every opportunity that “John Doolittle supports forced abortions. sweatshops and sex slavery.” He’s taken one issue happening 15,000 miles from his district and made that the entire campaign. And it’s working.


I wholeheartedly concur with punkinsmom w.r.t. Sherrod Brown. I’m not thrilled with his vote, but voting “yea” and then getting thumped upside the head for it by DeWine for have been a most pyrrhic moral victory.

I wholeheartedly disagree. It’s fucking torture, fer Chrissakes. It’s the easiest thing in the world to stand against.

Christ, you don’t even have to set the bar more than a couple inches off the ground to justify a “nay” vote in a way that should be perfectly acceptable to Americans. I mean, how hard is it to say, I’m voting against this bill because I think it’s important to make sure the person we’ve got is actually a terrorist before we send him to Gitmo? How hard is it to make that case to Americans? Are we so far gone that we won’t respond to a desire to make sure we’re not torturing the wrong people?

If that’s the case, then we’re probably not worth saving, and deserve everything Bush can throw at us. So no, Dems who voted for this bill get no free pass from me. I’m all rationalized out.


I nominated Duckworth. But if we need the Senate. They are all deserving. I feel that Ohio and PA are the two biggest swing states.

I would walk to PA to get rid of Santorum.


What’s with the smiley face Brad? Surely you needn’t kiss the arses of the other Sadlynosians? Hmmm……..?

Smiling Mortician

Sadlynosian. Yes. That’s what goes in the blank next time I’m asked to supply “religious affiliation.”


What about the guy who is running against good old “Frothy Mixture” Santorum?

Smiling Mortician

Casey leads Santorum by about 10 points as of yesterday’s averages. That’s actually down a couple, so he could probably use some help.


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