Tony Gwynn, R.I.P


Big fan of Baseball here, and I was always a fan of Tony’s, a class act who rarely struck out, and during the strike shortened ’94 season finished with a .394 batting average.

Also, too, something I did not know before, but we share a Birthday, so during the beginning of every new trip around the sun, I will hoist one in his honor.

Dude played for 20 years and struck out only 434 times in 10232 plate appearances, and during the ’95 season only 15 times in 535 at bats. Dude was a machine.

I’ll let Greg Maddux finish it off:

First, Maddux was convinced no hitter could tell the speed of a pitch with any meaningful accuracy. To demonstrate, he pointed at a road a quarter-mile away and said it was impossible to tell if a car was going 55, 65 or 75 mph unless there was another car nearby to offer a point of reference.

“You just can’t do it,” he said. Sometimes hitters can pick up differences in spin. They can identify pitches if there are different releases points or if a curveball starts with an upward hump as it leaves the pitcher’s hand. But if a pitcher can change speeds, every hitter is helpless, limited by human vision.

“Except,” Maddux said, “for that fucking Tony Gwynn.”

Gwynn had a lifetime .415 average against arguably the greatest pitcher in his generation.


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There was a great writeup about him I can’t be arsed to find (maybe at deadspin?) by a former batboy and fan. Gwynn seemed like an amazing dude.


Now that is some high praise.


OK, I lied, I could be arsed: [warning: may cause very dignified “I’m not crying!” sniffles]


That Deadspin article made it get really dusty in here.




Here, then, is another dust-in-your-eyes memory-fest. Looked as if there was some dust in the studio too.

And some here in the bunker.

Too fucking young.


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He died all too young… all too young.


The fact is, liberals are stupid and hate the USA.


He was a God when I was a baseball fan. Was a huge Mets fan from 1973-86. When the Mets won in 1986 I got what I wanted and drifted away. FSM bless him. Oh by the way – is Pete Rose still alive? Bud Harrelson says Hi! Is Bud still alive – OMG I am old. (And anyone here who gets that reference? join me in “Get offa my lawn!!)


OBS, thanks for the link. “Ill take a half hour of a blubbering puddle of tears for 2000, Alex.”


I’d link to the NYTimes article, but can’t be arsed to.

The inventor of Kevlar – and perennial glass-ceiling victim Stephanie Kwolek died this week.

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk

The fact is, Gary Ruppert is Alfred E. Newman’s twin brother.


High zare, everone. I tried to log on for a number of days … and keep getting a Can’t Find This No Place message. I thought that the Masters had pulled the plug or sumpin’. So I tried today on a whim, and I’m delighted to find it.

And, no WP, I am NOT posting too fast.


And, no WP, I am NOT posting too fast.

The hamsters are still surly, then.


Yeah, the hamsters are temperamental lately.

Eustace P. McGargle

Gynn’s complete career stats:


“Except,” Maddux said, “for that fucking Tony Gwynn.”

Ahhhhhhh. Made my day.

Thanky sir!

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Fcuk, i was really hoping we were going to seal it, right down to the last minute. But a tie is nearly as good as a win – I give us 80% to make it to round 2.



Flinch. Whimper.


The inventor of Kevlar – and perennial glass-ceiling victim Stephanie Kwolek died this week.

Think of all the lives she saved with her invention.


Newer one ahead.


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