Travis, You Four-Flusher.

He outed my thing.

That’s some mighty tasty lemonade, mister! But you know what they say about lemonade: Around the corner, fudge is made.

Welcome to our ‘L.’ Notice there’s no poo in it.

If there were a mad crush to buy our weird stuff (e.g. the penis flash drive), then I guess I’d be pissed. But it’s art pour l’art, pretty much. 11×17 poster:


PS: Cafepress is no longer offering light-switch covers. So guess what (we forgot to offer or announce, and) nobody ordered?


Frickin’ GAH! Ruined. I, for one, wanted one of that.

Look for the Pamela coffee mug Monday not Tuesday, if you know what I’m saying. (Soon to be vacated, and there was never a Pamela coffee mug, etc.)


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Expertly aged, like a fine chedder.







Smiling Mortician

You guys.

*shakes head in amusement*

Any excuse to repost the yeti pic.

*goes to get another cup of coffee*


Ew. I’ll pass on screwgunning a picture of Jeff Gannon’s taint to the wall of my home. It would mean that anytime I want to eat a meal or make love to someone or do anything else decent, I will have recently seen and probably touched a picture of Gannon’s hairless body. No thanks.


Bring back the “how-to” theme:

Republican. Sixteen-year old. Astroglide.

Some assembly required.


I don’t get it.


Bubba, that is freakin’ awesome.


Republican. Sixteen-year old. Astroglide.

Nah, more like “Republican. Sixteen-year old. West Texas Intermediate”.


Are you kidding?

Republicans are such needledicks they could assfuck gnats without lube.


I wish we could have organized a political prank to buy a ton of those light switch holders and flood the White House mail with them. or change all of the light switches in the WH press room. man that would be awesome.


Wouldn’t it be more awesome if your party could get it’s act together and actually WIN an election??!?!!??? I think you have your priorities mixed up, but then again, of course you do.


ZING! Another one for the books, annie!
You are right, though, I mean, a Democrat hasn’t won a Federal election since 1623.


Annie — wouldn’t it be awesome if your party could win an election it didn’t have to fucking steal?????!!!!!!oneoneoneone


What would be truly awesome is if a republican politician, upon winning an election, was actually willing or even capable of governing. I know, helluva concept, right? Instead of enriching, engorging, aggrandizing, campaigning, raising money, rewarding contributors, graft, greed, cronyism, malfeasance, mismanagement and outright murder, I mean…


Smiling Mortician

mikey, dammit, you dreamer, you.

[*takes a swig of whatever*]

I love you, man.


Well that didn’t work

Heck, go read the post.




If you are trying to imply we stole the last TWO elections….which we didn’t, LOL, but even if we did, it proves my point that you all can’t even get your shit together long enough to do something about it. 😀


He outed my thing.

Gavin, put your thing away, please.


Does AA really think they would tell her if they did? “Hey, Rovey, be a dear and send out a flyer to all registered Republicans telling them just how we stole those elections, would’ja?” Yeah, I can just see that happening.


Oh I get it I think. You’re waiting for the Republican party to do it. 🙂 Like they need to do everything. 😀


Why are you people feeding the troll? Just don’t respond to it. It will go away.

Unless, of course, it truly is that pathetic. . . shit. We’ll be stuck with her no matter what we do.


Did you just say “you people”???? YOU PEOPLE??????????

Just what the hell do you mean by that, boy?


annieangel said,

October 8, 2006 at 19:12

I don’t get it.


Boy, I’ll bet you wish you had a quarter for every time you’ve said that.


These pictures of, is it J-Pod? And the Gannon-Guckert are totally ruining my enjoyment of the changing colors of fall.
Knock it off, please.

And Annie, “even if we did?’. And I noticed your emphasis on the “last TWO elections”, which is pretty much a nod to the fact that 2000 was stolen. Not that it’s a shocking revelation. Way to be proud of your party’s moral convictions. F’ing disgusting.


Well, if we did steal two elections, elections that led to war and continuing war, aren’t you all a bit sick by the fact you let us get away with it? And if we’ve done it before won’t we do it again….and get away with it?

You all should just give up!


Have I missed something, or has the comedy value of trying to reason with parody winger annieangel not already been exhausted?


Who the hell are you? Stop trying to get points for slamming me, everyone here likes me, idiot. I provide insight and clarity, you provide nothing. Begone.


I concede to your intellectual superiority, Annie. Your “nyah nyah nyahs'” are much more potent than my “I am rubber and you are glue” defense. But I always have the “Chewbacca defense” to fall back on, so you’re screwed.

Smiling Mortician

I can’t put my finger on what it is about some of these posts, but I just can’t stop thinking about this old horror movie I saw, decades and decades ago . . .

Smiling Mortician

Oops. Link didn’t work, dammit. Please bring back my preview button? Please?


I know I shouldn’t bite when Annie sets the bait, but it’s hard, just like Presidentin’ and decidin’ and such. Must..resist…ignorance. Where’s Kirk when you need him?


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