Just when you thought he had finally figured it out

Last week, it seemed Andrew Sullivan had finally figured out that the Republican party/Bush & Co. just plain don’t like gay people. Today he goes back to pretending you can have a productive discussion with David Frum:

So my question back to Frum is simple: which of your 1,049 civil marital privileges would you be willing to grant a married gay couple?


Frum doesn’t want there to be any married gay couples!!!

How hard is that to understand???

Come back tomorrow when Andy starts taking Bush’s deficit reduction “plan” seriously again.

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Bush’s deficit reduction plan is simple – he is going to charge 1 trillion this year so he can “reduce it by half” Iraq and Halliburton no-bid contracts not included…


Poster boy for the
Dangers of steroid abuse:
Andrew Sullivan


vaara – beautiful haiku.

As for Frum: I wonder if he wants there to be married gay couples…


Sweet Lordy-Gordy he is hopelessly stupid. He’s like a chicken in love with Col. Sanders.


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