What the other cool kids are doing

No, this isn’t about Kyle Williams’ latest column. Instead, let’s take a look around blogtopia (yes, skippy coined that term!) and see what the really cool kids are writing about:

World O’Crap turns her attention to Kyle Williams, who appears to have been skipping school lately if his reading skills are any indication.

uggabugga compares the amount of time Bush spent on vacation pre-September 11 with the amount of time he will spend with the commission investigating September 11. Hint: One of those numbers is much larger than the other.

Brad DeLong posts excerpts from briefing memos Paul O’Neill gave Ron Suskind for The Price of Loyalty. The issues are complicated, but fortunately (?) the memos are nice and short.

Steve at No More Mister Nice Blog writes about the state of scientific research in the great state of Oklahoma. Or lack of we guess.


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Uggabugga’s pie chart is invaluable for the semi-literate and virtually innumerate on-air cable news network “personalities.” It’s also tailor-made for display in the House during special order speeches. Let’s see who steps up to the podium first.


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