Resolved: Okay, Yes, There’s Such a Thing as a Stupid Question.

Michael Medved on Alfred A. Knopf, a division of Random House:

Religion, madness and secular paranoia
Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Why would a major corporation invest big money in a gratuitous insult of millions of potential customers who, according to the company’s own figures, represent a clear majority of the American public?


[From Hubris and Socraticsilence, in comments.]


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Kee-rist! I wonder if John Stossel is envious of that ‘stache?


Kee-rist! I wonder if John Stossel is envious of that ’stache?

I don’t know about Stossel, but I’m pretty sure Borat would be jealous.


What a warm, wonderful human being he must be, with that alien simulation of a smile. He looks like he’s trying to keep his chin up during a rectal probe.


“From Liberal Activist to Conservative Champion in 35 Unconventional Lessons”

Lesson 1: Is it safe?

Lesson 2: It rubs the lotion in its skin…


Hasn’t the twat heard of the “market”? Letter to a Christian Nation is #5 in Amazon sales rank. Godless is #204 in Amazon’s sales rank. As a commercial organization, it is up to Alfred A. Knopf how IT spends ITS money selling ITS goods.

If the twat wants to control the markets so that commercial organizations can’t promote their own products as they wish then he is a frigging communist and he should fuck off back to the USSR.

Either that or he is a book-burning nazi cobag.

ps. I do realize that Coulter’s crap has been around for too long which might explain why it is not selling so well. So let’s see which of Letter to a Christian Nation or Godless is remaindered or pulped quickest.

pps I do realize that the USSR no longer exists – more’s the pity.


Here’s my answer to Medved’s question:

Knopf would publish Harris because Christians threatened by the book are not “a clear majority of the American public.” Indeed, Mr. Medved, you do not speak for a majority of Christians, but for a tiny, but vocal, minority. Your faith tepid and weak, Mr. Medved, which is why you publish such silly little screeds about how “Christianity is under attack” because some sales clerk wishes you “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”

Real faith, Mr. Medved, does not require constant affirmation from the government or others in society. Those who have real faith do not fear a dialog with others who do not share the same faith. That you see this book as a threat is not a testimony to your faith but to your weakness and lack of faith.

And you should go screw yourself.


Sorry, “faith IS tepid an weak”


Isn’t Medved Jewish? What does he care if a few Christians are annoyed by someone else’s book?


See this is what I mean when I say nothing here makes sense.

I don’t get it.


That’s because you’re stupid…dear, sweet annie.

I know..I know..15 lashes with Big Bertha tonight…did you get your dungeon clean finally?


Forget for a moment that annie’s a fucking idiot. The part that confuses me is she keeps coming over here and saying how much she hates it here. Annie, you ever hear that old joke where the patient says “Doctor, it hurts when I do this. What should I do?” And the doctor says “Stop doing that”. See, it’s kind of visual, and I don’t expect you to get it, but the point is, if you hate it here, why don’t you go somewhere else?

Just Sayin



Mikey: Because where else are a couple of homeschooled twelve-year-olds gonna get this much attention from grownups who aren’t their parents? At least the kind of attention that isn’t illegal under Mark Foley’s internet-predator-protection laws?


I don’t hate it here. I just don’t get a lot of the so called “humor.”

I like it here. I’m never leaving.

Smiling Mortician

blowback: In a former life, I disapproved on principle of the word twat. Don’t know what I was thinking — you’ve ennobled it beyond my wildest dreams.

jpj: Nice, concise argument in favor of the majority of christians who aren’t reactionary idiots. Well said.

annie: Fine. Stick around. Just stop whining about how you don’t get it. Wait until you do get it and then comment.


All I’m sayin’, is if you have to explain a joke it’s not funny.

Can you explain the joke? I don’t think anyone but Brad gets this shit.


I like it here. I’m never leaving

Is that a threat or a promise?

I don’t think anyone but Brad gets this shit

No, *we* got it, you ignoramus. *You’re* the one who is as dense as a neutron star, as dumb as a box of hair, ya maroon.

Jeebus H. Kerrist, what has S,N! done to deserve Gary Ruppert *and* this waste of carbon?

I blame it on Seb.


*You* don’t get it.

Smiling Mortician

Henry, we try and we try and we just can’t teach these kids today. They know they are, but what am us?


annie show us your tits. you must be good for something.


It’s Brad’s Blog. He doesn’t have any obligation to play to the lowest common denominator.

As Joel said about MST3K “We don’t ask ourselves who will get this. We say the right people will get this”


Dear oh dear. Annie doesn’t get the joke, and feels terribly terribly left out. Poor thing!



I don’t feel left out, all I’m saying is it’s not a good joke.

I don’t think any of you get most of this stuff either.


See, dear, the thing to do when you don’t get a joke is you just smile and nod, or pretend you didn’t hear it, or weren’t paying attention. Whatever you do, you do it quietly.

You do not announce loudly and repeatedly to all around you that you do not get the joke. Unless you don’t mind looking like a moron. If not, then you should not complain when people point out that you look like a moron.


I think the moron is the one who goes along and pretends to get the joke when they don’t.

I speak up when I don’t understand things. It’s the only way I’ll learn.


I speak up when I don’t understand things.

We’ve noticed, dearie.


All of we.


Yoo loves you.

We just wonder.


Well Played, Doc, for a troll feeding.


Now that I know you love me, I’m never leaving. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Slaps fourhead.


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