CropDusting on the baby’s bottom that is this New year.

Happy Fucking Tabula Rasa day, Fuckers of future and or already Mothers.

A tip of the cap to all of the FatherFuckers™ out there; for without you we would have nothing: My atoms would have remained floating incoherently in the vacuum that lies betwixt the
galaxies (which upon further reflection may have been put to better use, the atoms, that is.)

In any event, let me extend the warmest greetings to humanity as a whole, to the cadgers that spend most of their time (fellow traveler) worrying about the state of things and wishing for better, and even to the dropouts and ne’er do wells of the Dunning-Kruger Academy.

Hugs and kisses to all of you,


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POD* I have to say that you have, in fifteen words, distilled the soul of wittlessness.



The fact is all libs have blank tables to begin with and will stay that way until eternaty.


But before moving forward, a quick look back. And downwards.


Pupienus Maximus

“Fatherfuckers” was trademarked some while back. See for details.

HNY e’erbody


Ho there, Provider! Have a nice day.

Smarter Than Your Average Bear

Let us begin the war on Happy New Years


Where I yam, it is evening of the first day. Nothing was open in Seville this morning, not surprising since the residents spent all night and their childrens’ inheritance letting off fireworks and giving themselves alcohol poisoning, and little is open in Lisbon for what I imagine is much the same reason.

That said, we had a little walkabout, then some tapas including shrimp cooked in olive oil and garlic, steak sauteed with same and mushrooms stuffed with cheese and bacon. That, and the first decent beer we’ve had on the European continent make the whole Chowder clan content. Now resting up before venturing back out for dinner later.

Wishing all of you a happy and prosperous 2014.

Except Dennis. Dennis can go suck goat balls.


Under no circumstances will Dennis be sucking me. However he can kiss my masters ass.


HEY! What did I ever do to you?!


No offense intended to any goats or parts thereof. In fact I amend my last post to say,


please fuck as far off as you can, then rest up, then fuck off some more.


No goats were harmed in the making of this joke.


Their feelings may have been hurt, though.


little is open in Lisbon for what I imagine is much the same reason
I rate for Lisbon. Try the cherry brandy.


Suck some goat balls Dennis. Clearly


Happy 2014, kids!
Auld to the Lang to the motherfuckin’ SANG.


I can’t get used to how swiftly the calendar sheds months. I probably will be dating things 2013 for a coupla months now.

Best wishes to all for a healthy and safe New Year, especially to those Sadlies still recovering from surgeries or facing them. May 2014 bring you unexpected joy and surprising delight as it, too, fleets past.

Your interwebs friend,



I’ve drinking Gewurztraminer and smoking the sweet smoke. So I’m in a pleasant, tolerant, and forgiving mood. So anyway, I will break ranks and wish Happy New Year to the troll.

Dennis: Please add one more Resolution to your list and leave Sadlyburg.


However he can kiss my masters ass.

I got enough hassles with those feckin angels.


Ack, sorry Provider for trampling all over your new post with mine.

A happy new year to all and to all a good giant death robot.


No Probs Cerb, it is not like you overwrote an 11th century illumination. 🙂


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