Right-Wing Scumbagwatch ’06

I’ll just quote this directly.

Press Release: [Small right-wing blog, name redacted] to Release Identity of a Person Rep. Foley Instant Messaged

[Blog name redacted] to Release Identity of a Person Rep. Foley Instant Messaged

Oklahoma City, OK – October 3, 2006

[Name redacted] a writer for [blog name redacted] has discovered the identity of the one of the persons that Representative Mark Foley communicated with in instant messages. The information was found on a public website while [name redacted] was researching the Representative Foley scandal. [Name redacted] is finalizing the story and will present his findings on October 4th, 2006 at 4pm Central Time. The story will be published at [URL redacted] and will be discussed on at 4pm central time. [Name redacted] will explain how he discovered this information and how anyone could have found it. There is the possibility that this story will not be well received by the some major news media. [Name redacted]’s evidence has been checked by many people to be accurate.

…Because outrage fatigue is only your brain’s way of saying that you haven’t dug far enough into the WingNet.

If he carries through and outs one of the kids tomorrow, everyone’ll know who he is and what his blog is called. We don’t have to help, though.


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I’ve read that some former pages and their parents are getting hate mail and death threats.
The “family values” crowd are mad at them for seducing a Congressman.


That would be about six kinds of effed up if they do release the name.

Every watch Springer? Or any of those talk shows, really. The thing that always struck me as… not so much funny, but amusing in a disturbed way, was whenever they would do one of their “Baby, I’ve been sleeping with your sister” episodes, they would always fight the one they were cheating WITH, and never seemed to get overly pissed at the significant other who was doing the cheating.

Course, the question that might be asked, were one snarky, would be, “Well, how could they seduce him if he wasn’t into them in the first place?”


Unfortunately, I think some dude posted this on one of the threads below. First time poster today, and was involved with a great thread below (the one where Jillian was arguing how hopeless our Republic is). Everyone seemed to ignore all the trolls, but I linked on one of them and sure enough he had a big siren symbol there claiming he was going to out the boy. That sure is some morality there. I guess his rationale is he’s helping the GOP cause and even if he has to ruin a boy’s life (a victim) it’s worth it for the Conservative cause! Wow. The right wingers are sick!


I know! I know! Maybe the boy worked for a Democrat! Which proves it’s a Democratic plot to bring down Republican pedophiles.


I’ve seen this press release already, but I won’t give it away.

It’s ok though, because it’s already been determined that this young hawt slab of beefcake is an obvious Democratic plant whose mission was to tempt and goad and entice and entrap Foley into teh gay chat. Obviously Foley was only doing undercover research, but once his cover was blown by teh evil teen secret double agent, Foley was forced to fall on his sword.

“As always, should you or any of your I. M. [Internet Messaging] Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.”

But have any of you visited the fever swamp that is Just One Minute lately? Whew! They’re all over the Democratic Soros ABC sCREWjob conspiracy to out manchurian rep Foley and all the possible angles to deflect the blame from the House leadership.

It’s good fun, but BYOB.


Check out these numbnuts waiting for it. Also so can Retardo do a number on Clarice? She’s this new super crazy CRAZY kitty.

Prepare for a major developement in the Foley case
Excerpt: [redacted] has announced that he has the identity of the man on the other end of Rep.Mark Foley’s instant messages.
Stay tuned…the fun’s about to start.

Weblog: Voice of the Pacific
Tracked: 10.03.06 – 4:13 am

Foley setup? – Part IV
Excerpt: The next few days are going to be explosive in the Foley Scandal. Especially when we find out who is what Dick Morris called, a “senior democrat member of congress knew about the IMs months ago–unlike Hastertâ€?. H/t Clarice in the commen…
Weblog: Macsmind – Conservative Commentary and Common Sens
Tracked: 10.03.06 – 5:58 pm


These are the same sort of people who want to know what a rape victim was wearing at the time of the assault.


Clarice gets on my nerves pretty quickly. She’s one fierce wingnut box turtle. She’s supposedly a lawyer. Guess that don’t take much smarts. Or maybe the sanity is optional.


Clarice seems to have forgotten about Linda Tripp. There are all kinds of people who aren’t necessarily Washington insiders who are sick of the hypocrites in politics.


She’s supposedly a lawyer. Guess that don’t take much smarts. Or maybe the sanity is optional.

If you’ve had much dealing with lawyers, you’d know that both statements are correct.


Hey, let’s not forget who the victim is here! I mean, my God, the poor man is a gay alcoholic who was touched by a priest as a kid!

Plus, we all know that ethics are unimportant when it comes to trying to make a name for onesself (and bring in a little moolah).


The more the wingnuts spin and defend, the more likely it is that some of these boys will come forward and claim that Foley did have sex with them. Repeatedly. It’s a hard thing to admit for what are basically straight boys–they’re afraid that people will point at them and call them “faggots.” That’s why they haven’t come forward so far. But, since the wingnuts are going to make it clear that there’s gonna be no mercy, and that they’re gonna sink to using the lowest tactics available, it’s gonna royally piss these boys off. And, once one comes forward, there’ll be a deluge of ’em in short order. Asshat wingnuts! Don’t you see that you’re about to make things much worse for your own side? I’ll bet dollahz 2 d’ohnutz that there’s video footage and still pix of the Congressman indulging his little twink fetish. That shit is gonna sink you mofos. Sayonara, suckahz!


Forgive me while I lose my composure for one minute…

What the FUCK kind of person scumbag has a countdown to revealing the identity of a victim of sexual abuse? How the hell can even a low lying turd rationalize dragging some poor young lad through the muck, purely for partisan political purposes? Just so you can say, it isn’t “our” fault. Jesus H. Christ, you cannot fucking spin this any which way. It don’t matter if any god damn democrats heard rumours or not. Hell, it wouldn’t matter much even if this was some sort of bizarre Democratic Conspiracy to take control of Congress. At the very least, you had a Congressman engaging in sexual misconduct with teenaged boys AND he was the GOP point man for the protection of children at the same fucking time. That is one big fuckup in of itself, irregardless of whether Hastert or any other leader knew (or chose not to know). If this sort of clusterfuck happened under my watch and even if I knew I did everything I could, I would still resign, even with an election weeks away. Forgive me, but I couldn’t look another child in the eye until I made SOME admission of failure and took resposibility for the mess. FUCK.

How can these people claim at all to champion family values?


But have any of you visited the fever swamp that is Just One Minute lately?

Anyone under the misconception that Tom Maguire isn’t an apologist shit can now be corrected. He’s about an inch short of the mindset you find in Holocaust deniers.


The odds that the kid on the other end of the IMs was a Democratic page are about 85%, because REPUBLICAN pages were warned away from Foley as early as 1995. (He was first elected in 1994.) There is some evidence that only the Republican pages were told, as part of the “can’t let the other party find out we have dirt” cover up.

Outing the kid at this point has only one purpose: to punish the kid. Law enforcement officials have stated that “several” other pages have come forward with similar accusations. Interviews with “dozens” of ex-pages brought out the “stay away from Foley” warnings they received. Even if this particular kid were somehow proven to be a partisan plant, or a seducing slut, or whatever, it’s pretty ludicrous to claim that all of the others are, too.

It is also possible that someone in the Democratic leadership found out something. And what is he supposed to do at that point? Depends: if there’s clear evidence of criminal behavior, then he should probably send it to the Capitol Police. If there’s some evidence of inappropriate behavior (the “overly-friendly” dodge), then he would probably refer it to the Ethics committee for an investigation. So the party controlled the Ethics Committee around that time would be involved in a coverup–any guesses? Of course, the Ethics committee has never, ever dropped investigations or changed their rules to cover for their party. Ever. (This line is probably a loser for the Republicans: If a Democrat had evidence and did turn it over to the Ethics Committee, it tightens the “coverup” noose on their own party. And since this evidence wasn’t used in any previous election, it lessens the “partisan scandal!” accusation.)

But logic and reality never matter to these folks anyway.


This is extremely important, because, as we all know, being a “Democratic page” means the page MUST be a member of the Librul Conspiracy, and not just a kid whose local Congresscritter happens to be a Democrat.


Amazingly, Fox still manages to surpass my lowest expectations. The really fall the extra fathom; they’re brilliant in their complete and evil shamelessness.

Fox labels Foley a Democrat


He’s done it. What a fucking scumbag.


Marq – according to DownWithTyranny, the scuttlebutt is Foley followed one page into the loo and groped him, and there’s talk of a physical meeting with a page in San Diego.


Gary. Gary. Gar-eee.

Where are you?

Did you finally get disgusted with yourself for defending pedarasts and the Repug leadership that covered it up?

Did you realize that the issue is Repug molestation and a Repug cover-up, instead of the Democrats talking about it or the media allegedly holding the story or the alleged sluttiness of the pages or any of the other irrelevant distractions that the Repugs are trying to resort to because they have nothing left in their arsenal except absolute total transparent bullshit?

Please, please, please come back and show us the true face of the Repug Party. GOP = Gang of Pedarasts.

I’ll bet you are so glad you threw in with the Right. I hope that Netvocates paid you A LOT of money because it would be truly tragic if you sold your soul for a pittance.


Gary’s standing by the fax machine doing the peepee dance, waiting breathlessly for today’s talking points. Problem is, Rove and co is having a little trouble coming up with something today…



TPOTD – Foley is a Democrat


Re: whatever lunatic PP was quoting.
So it was a man on the other end of Foley’s IMs. Funny, when a sixteen-year-old kid knocks up his art teacher, he’s an innocent victim of a corrupting, unionized Teacher. But when a Republican congressman talks dirty to him; he’s a man! Right. Got it.

And I see on preview that whoever you’re talking about did whatever he said he would do. *sigh*

I think the reason that we see so much shit spewing out of these assholes (heh) is that shit no longer wants to associate with them.


Mother Feldman on l’affaire Foley:

The democrats have been planning this for at least six months, probably longer. The evidence is to [sic] plentiful to ignore. … the dems are traitorous conspirators.

… it [sic] exceedingly obvious that this was a black ops operation”


Err, isn’t black ops operation redundant?



Mikey, these are the type of guys who go to the ATM machine and enter in their personal PIN number…


“It is also possible that someone in the Democratic leadership found out something. And what is he supposed to do at that point? ”

Oh, certainly, he should have told Hastert. Because Hastert would respond lickety-split to a concern raised by a Democrat, even though his response to a Republican concern was somewhat lackluster.

Really, these motherfuckers are seriously reaching way way beyond their grasp.

The fucking Republicans are barely telling the Democrats what time the roll call is. You think anyone is seriously going to believe that the Democrats had inside knowledge here?


“Err, isn’t black ops operation redundant?”

“Mikey, these are the type of guys who go to the ATM machine and enter in their personal PIN number…”

Oh the irony. When I looked at this cunt’s (horribly designed) site there was a generic ad link at the top of the page that says “Web Blogs” presumably to differentiate them from Blogs that live in trees


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