John Cole is My Homey

John Cole sent me the following message tonight which made me laugh my ass off:

[Ooops. John requested that I not post his scathing indictment of the current Republican leadership. That’ll teach him to IM me when I’m drunk. But it was funny. Trust me.]

That’s some funny shite right there. If someone like John, who used to be as devout a right-winger as you could find, feels this way, then the GOP is toast in November.


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If someone like John, who used to be as devout a right-winger as you could find, feels this way, then the GOP is toast in November.

That’s nothing, in comments to this post over at I found the following exchange.

Comment by LC Gunsniper
As much as I hate to say it, we might as well let the Commiecrats have their way. Taking our soldiers out of harms way is at least a smidge better than making them fight but not allowing them to win.

To Which none other than the Emporer himself replies:

That’s what I’m currently thinking myself.

Granted, they basically are saying bring the boys home if you won’t let them commit genocide, but still, when those lunatics are contemplating not voting in November since it doesn’t matter if the troops come home, the GOP is in real trouble.


Ben Stein opines about “Hypocrisy” :

“I have many gay friends.”

In addition to some of the worst bigotry yet written on the Foley case, Ben Stein also equates repentant racist Senator Byrd to unrepentant racist Senator Allen. Which goes to show that having brains needn’t stop one from being both bigoted and obtuse. Or did somebody win Ben Stein’s brains in a TV game show?

Want some more? You can hire Ben Stein to talk to your next meeting.
FEE RANGE : $40,001 and above.

I’d rather hire somebody funny, like John Cole, and I bet he’d do it for $39,999.


Why is that funny? Because it’s vulgar? It’s disgusting, you should be ashamed for posting it.


Why is that funny? Because it’s vulgar? It’s disgusting, you should be ashamed for posting it.

Yeah, but it’s STILL funny, anniekins.

Mind you, it’s not as funny as your blog, though.


meh. you can keep John C.

although his email was funny.




no annie it’s a fucking joke. at least show tits, people might want to visit then.


Sure it is.


I would add that it resembles an amateur Harliquin romance novel fan site, circa 1998, but I don’t want to dogpile.

The email forgot to mention how fat Micheal Moore is.


Planting a dirty bomb… is this some new slang term for coprophilia?


“Planting a dirty bomb”

oh great. Is everyone going to start talking about Cleveland Steamers again?


Huh, I guess it really was. Boy do I have shit… I mean egg on my face.


Isn’t it amazing to learn that many “Security Moms” would probably kill an old fart who sent suggestive e-mails to their kids, and worry about the consequences later?


Oh no you didn’t. I’m not going to tell John, but it’s not very nice to print his email. At least he didn’t ask you to send him an email pic.

Miss Annie Angel, please send me an email pic.


Annie’s blog reminds me of an LSD hallucination…the kind that put you in the hospital.


Disturbing, if true!


Oh, looks like the person who wrote the disgusting comments AGREES WITH ME that they should not be posted.



“Why is that funny? Because it’s vulgar? It’s disgusting, you should be ashamed for posting it.”

But annie, it’s so you…

The Ghost of Matthew Shepard

Hi, annieangel,

So, how’s your crusade against Fred Phelps going? Sending lots of e-mails? Writing letters? Setting up counterprotests for the next time he unleashes his vile homophobia at a funeral?

Me and Brandon Teena and all the others appreciate the great work you are doing in the fight against gay bashing.


Some things are shamful beyond comment, and I don’t mean the IM that’s been removed.


Shameful, shamful, in this case it’s a shameful sham, totally disrespecful to the dead.


You know, like picketting a funeral, or taking a name and acting a fool with it. Sick.

The Ghost of Matthew Shepard

I’ll tell you what’s sick, annie: Suddenly being concerned about gay bashing just because a few people on a humor Web site are having some fun at the Republicans’ expense.

Where has this concern come from? Do you turn the same kind of scrutiny toward comments at Free Republic or Little Green Footballs or any of the places where the real homophobia lets his hair down at all hours of the day? Or are you just occasionally concerned when it gives you a chance to play concern troll at a site you disagree with?

Gay bashing kills people, annie. People die from gay bashing. And valiant annieangel, in her crusade to point out humorous remarks aimed at her conservative heroes, has plenty of time to attack the most innocuous remarks imaginable.

Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick.

But I guess if you can convince yourself that “liberals” are homophobic, then you can convince yourself that the Repug leadership covering up for Mark Foley is acceptable because “both sides are bad.”

I guess you will do whatever you have to do to be able to look in the mirror without puking.


What the FUCK is wrong with you? Other than the obvious fact that you have no respect for the DEAD.

You don’t know shit about me and using the fact that people on this board equated gay with diddler so that you can get a hard on by acting in this foul and disgusting manner using the name of a murdered boy who has ENOUGH bullshit attached to his name becuase of Phelps is FUCKED RIGHT UP BUDDY.

I hope you fucking rot in Hell, you sick fuck.


You equated being gay with being a kiddy diddler, annie, not us. It was your leap of logic, your implicit homophobia. Continuing to try and project that leap on the other commentors here will only get you more of the kind of replies that seem to piss you off.
In other words, go for it. It’s fun to see you sputter.


Nope. Jillian said it and I’m not the only one who noticed it either.

If thinking it’s sick for a certain poster to jump on the Phelps bandwagon and use Matt’s name to troll message boards for kicks is sputtering, more people should sputter.


No annie, you’re the one who inserted homophobia into the equation. I was in that thread, I saw it. Jillian never said the word gay, and, for what it’s worth, the openly gay folk here find you more homophobic than any offhand comment by Jillian.
Kiddy diddler doesn’t mean gay, and you, annie, are the one who decided to equate the two. I’m afraid that makes you the bigot. Now shut up and fix my dinner.


Nope. Jillian said it.

You can’t avoid the truth no matter how much you want to. And actually, the fact you can’t admit it is disturbing. People make mistakes, which is what JIllian did, but when you don’t admit to them, it makes you contemptable.


I know we’re not supposed to feed the trolls but this is too much fun.
I ain’t denying Jillian said that. What I’m saying, which I’m not the first to say, is that you added gay to the equation. Because you, it seems, think of gay people when you read the word kiddy diddler. That is homophobic, annie, and ignoring that doesn’t change it.
You’re the one without a conscience here, annie. You quite clearly don’t give a damn about the well being of gays, you’re just a concern troll. If Foley were a dem, you’d be crying about how protecting the gays is a way of enabling deviants. Opportunism is no way to the moral high ground.
Now where the fuck is my dinner, woman?
I have a penis, be more servile.


But feeding the trolls only drives away people you’d actually WANT to talk to. That’s the real problem with it.

Trolls live to stir shit. Starving them is the only thing to do.


I know, I know, I know. But this thread doesn’t seem active otherwise, and I don’t know any conservatives I can gloat about the massive momentum change at.
Plus, if I feed her here she’s less likely to need to stain other threads.
But I’ll stop, both with the feeding and the rationalizations.


Why can’t you just admit you took your “joke” too far? As I said, I’m not the only person who noticed, and shittyshittyfagfag seemed truly offended. So Jillian called him a troll.

See a pattern here? You can’t admit when you are wrong, you’re so used to bitching and whining over everything.

Liberals have been emasculated by the Republicans.


Jillian said, (October 5, 2006 at 0:08)

But feeding the trolls only drives away people you’d actually WANT to talk to. That’s the real problem with it.

I’m pretty sure all those car wrecks on TV news are being shown because some people can’t help but look. And some of us can even focus on the real point made by the poster even though there’s troll shit all over the frelling joint.

Which is to say that, even though some of us have known about it for a while, it’s nice to reaffirm that even John Cole has had enough of BabyDoc Putsch and the junta.

Trolls live to stir shit. Starving them is the only thing to do.

But – they often eat shit, too. Even when they don’t even realize they’re doing it. And sometimes, somehow, it’s morbidly interesting to watch some of them gobble it down and ask for more. Like those car wrecks on TV news I keep seeing.


Wait, wait, wait, wait.

That annieangel site is supposed to be SERIOUS??!!

I’ve been reading it all this time as brilliant satire.

I feel…dirty.


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