Guns don’t kill people, executives at Smith & Wesson do

The Independent reports:

Smith & Wesson chief was an armed robber

James Joseph Minder seemed the perfect chairman for Smith & Wesson – a respected member of the business community in Phoenix who had previously set up and run his own company to help disadvantaged youths.

Alas, there was one problem. Mr Minder, 74, had spent more than a decade in prison for a string of armed robberies.

Disclaimer: There is no evidence, and we have no reason to believe, that Mr. Minder actually killed anyone. Post title done for the sole purpose of scoring cheap comedy points to be redeemed at the TownHall store.

Thanks to Blair for the link. [Article was previously incorrectly identified as being from Reuters.]


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The irony is that the guy is a poster child for getting your shit together after having been a criminal.


I’m with nolo. This guy should be celebrated as a success story. A poster child of rehabilitation. They always say “go with what you know” and “do what you love.”


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