Because Bill Clinton’s 100-ton anvil-drop on FOX News flunky Chris Wallace is a gift that keeps on giving:

Unedited vid of Bill Clinton on FOX (11:10)

Now available in our ever-transmogrifying store, Der Sad Café:

10″x3″ bumper sticker

…And for non-leet-enabled vehicles:

Slightly less tragically hip 10″x3″ bumper sticker

UPDATE: Smiling Mortician just posted a link to Olbermann’s Monday stem-winder, in comments. Apparently, the wingnuts sent Olbermann a fake anthrax letter yesterday. (Note the tone of the piece, in the NY Post gossip section.)

[&BTW: I’m back in effeck.]

Above: On the Internet, no one knows your pants
are down past your knees.

UPDATE: Oh also, I’m somehow reminded of this. I’ve been wanting to make a small run of these. (See below the fold). Does anyone know where to source some cheap plastic whatsits like the one in the mockup? And just as importantly, what should the female version be?


I was thinking something like the Rabbit for the female version, but it’s not an easy shape to imitate.


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And arguably more fun than watching teh Bill respond to Wallace (whose father must be so ashamed) is watching Olbermann’s analysis:

Hate Encrusted Eyes

Watching Olbemann I was in stunned disbelief. I can’t remember a TV journalist ever having the guts to call a spade a spade. Let’s hope he makes his collegues/competitors envious and they imitate him.


Smiling Mortician–Thanks for that link. Gawd I love Olbermann. He just went up several points on the sexy-truth-speaking-journalist meter.


In case no one has posted this yet, Day By Day couldn’t resist the awesome power of the Clenis over the weekend.

The only thing shocking about it is that this particular strip sort of has a punchline. Even if it is a completely lame one.


ooooooooooo. Christmas present. Perfect for your Secret Santa!


Re: KO and anthrax – Does that mean we can send some Ajax bleach to Rush and tell him it’s crushed OxyContin? It’s only fair.

That bumper sticker is radical.


[&BTW: I’m back in effeck.]



Olbermann was good and it’s sometimes quite useful to do what he did, which was preaching to the choir, but he could have packed a greater punch if he and his staff has spent a few hours at the NBC archives digging up old video clips of Republicans urging us to cut and run out of Sudan. Talking about how Clinton was right isn’t as powerful as SHOWING that Clinton was right.


Compare the Post’s comments on Olbermann’s anthrax scare with what the Post said in 2001 about powders mailed to the media. Helpfully compiled here.


Mailed to the media including the Post. Maybe Paula will now call Post employee Johanna Huden a pussy for getting those skin lesions checked out.


steve_e, no such luck. As we all remember, when Michelle Malkin gives out people’s private home numbers and addresses, it’s legitimate, but when people posted hers, it was inexcusable and disgusting.

Mark my words, the LGFers are licking their chops waiting for someone to SUGGEST we do something to a conservative that they’ve personally DONE to a liberal so that they can denounce everyone to the left of Joe Lieberman. That’s bully mentality.


anthrax is SO 2001. what losers.


A female should be three paces behind and slightly to the left of a male. She should be demure, modestly dressed, pushing a stroller, dragging a pissed off three yr old, ready to assume the position at any given moment and never complain if the wrong well is struck.

Moroccan kitten with babaghanoush and a tangy pomegranite jus (I’m trying to come up with recipes for The Editors).


Yo, Twisted Fuck —

Not only are you a waste of the spark of life, but you can’t spell worth a shit either.

Just sayin’.

The real reason Gavin’s pants are bown below his knees…..


OT, but you know, Brad R might be right about Gary Ruppert. Maybe instead of an illegal immigrant, maybe he’s a 9 year old Indian boy whose parents sold him off to a corporation so that his brother could receive life saving treatments at the clinic. Interesting, if true.


I think it’s just awful the way the he got angry unhinged and pointed his finger at the poor journalist who was just trying to do his job and ask questions Americans want answers for. How dare Bill Clinton back Matt Lauer into the corner like that and poke his finger at him? — oh, wait. that was George Bush.


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Does anyone know where to source some cheap plastic whatsits like the one in the mockup?

Your local adult emporium?

Or here.


Yo Catfuck,

Not only are you not in any position to determine who is or is not a waste of the spark of life (unless you can provide definite proof of your divinity), your grammar is also sub-par.

Kitten foie gras. Bitchhhhhhhhhhhhh.


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