Drinkin’ Liberally

Hey all, I’ll be at Drinkin’ Liberally tomorrow (Tuesday) night at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge. I’ll gettin’ outta work late, so I won’t be there ’til ’round 7:30 or so. But come along for the ride, y’hear?


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I’m sure that Keith Olbermann’s incoherant deranged rant actually makes sense if you drink, or if you sniff car exhaust.

The Democrat Party is suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome.

The Democrat Party wanted Saddam done for years, and when Bush does it, they go bonkers.

The Democrat Party say they favor the War on Terror, but they oppose every weapon used to fight it.

From Keith Olbermann, a disgraceful extremist liberal, to Bill Clinton, the unhinged nature of the left is being exposed, and Americans will realize that the Republicans should keep Congress, not the party of Pelosi, Reid, Dean, Clinton, Clinton, and DailyKos.


From Keith Olbermann, a disgraceful extremist liberal, to Bill Clinton, the unhinged nature of the left is being exposed, and Americans will realize that the Republicans should keep Congress, not the party of Pelosi, Reid, Dean, Clinton, Clinton, and DailyKos.


GENERIC BALLOT – U.S. House of Representatives

CNN, 9/22-24/06:
GOP: 42%
Democrats: 55%

That’s a 13 point lead there, Ruppster. You better work harder, or else Netvocates will fire your sorry ass and send it back to Mexico.


Do not listen to capitalist pig-dog Gary Ruppert! The Democratic victory will come in November! The DNC is a friend to the People’s Revolution!

That is why we must see that no issue other than the economic oppression of the proletariat is raised! Then we will win!

We have already begun:

Comrade Ed Perlmutter delivered the Democratic weekly radio address and made sure to ignore the phony war waged to distract the People from their oppression.

Comrade Dean has written a long editorial about the real issue: the economy.

And of course, We’ve got to go on the offensive, and keep our eye on the ball — and that’s the economy.

Hail Trotsky!


Please enlist, Gary. Another 4,000 soldiers got the news they can’t come home, after all.

And putting a ribbon on your SUV doesn’t really cut it.

As to the sane folks here, Gary’s plaintive wail about K.O. means there’s some quality shrub pruning out there.


I imagine that if you got a few beers in Gary, that he would be just like that Elias in Clerks II… “I’m sorry Jesus!!!”


I knew liberals were a bunch of drunks.



After stopping by your blog (new site looks nice!) I think the Jebus isn’t working for you any more. You might need to move up to Prozac.

Seriously. If you’re that depressed while basking in Christ’s love, then it may be time for some meds.

Remember: it’s only the whackjob religions like Scientology that eschew anti-depressants. Yahweh and Son (and their pet bird) have no problem with ’em. Just ask Laura Bush.


Funny, I thought Bill Clinton was pretty restrained. I loved the whiny assy titty baby Chris Wallace’s look of fear when he thought Bill was gonna beat the snot out of him. And then to really play the coward and blame his insipid questions on viewer emails.


Hey Comrade Keynes- you really think John Maynard Kenyes was a communist? Wow. Y’all get dumber by the day.


Brad R. said,

GENERIC BALLOT – U.S. House of Representatives

CNN, 9/22-24/06:
GOP: 42%
Democrats: 55%

USA Today/Gallup has it at 48/48 (after a 47/45 poll in mid-August and a 50/41 poll in early August)
Fox has it at 41/38 Dems (after a 48/32 poll in late August and a 48/30 poll in early August)

The fact is that the Republicans are right where they need to be for a late victorious surge.

They’re clearly surging towards another victory. Despite the extremely skewed samples of most media polls.

As for the Clinton meltdown.

It’s like the time that Tom Cruise melted down on the Today Show, only much more dramatic.

Clinton basically snapped due to a very legitimate question.

And guess what, his claims against Bush have been proven wrong

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice challenged former President Clinton’s claim that he did more than many of his conservative critics to pursue Osama bin Laden, and she accused President Bush’s predecessor of leaving no comprehensive plan to fight al-Qaida.

“What we did in the eight months was at least as aggressive as what the Clinton administration did in the preceding years,” Rice said Monday during a meeting with editors and reporters at the New York Post.


“The notion somehow for eight months the Bush administration sat there and didn’t do that is just flatly false — and I think the 9/11 commission understood that,” she said.

Rice took exception to Clinton’s statement that he “left a comprehensive anti-terror strategy” for incoming officials when he left office.

“We were not left a comprehensive strategy to fight al-Qaida,” she told the newspaper, which is owned by News Corp., which also owns Fox News Channel.

Condi was way too nice there, the fact is that Bush did more in 8 months to confront terrorism than Clinton did in 8 years.

Condi would also make a great President, but I can understand how she wouldn’t want to run, because the Democrats would use every trick in the book to smear her reputation.


I think Gawy-Wawy’s a little upset that he doesn’t get invited to get-togethers like Drinking Liberally.


The last time I went to Middlesex they were mixing up these $9 things that tasted like Kool-Aid and coconuts. But I’ll take a beer, yeah.


Fuck you, Garybot. You don’t seem to live on my planet. Keith Olbermann is my new hero, fer sure. I’ll join the liberal drinking in spirit from the left coast!!



Hmmmm. Since when is anything said by anyone in this administration proof of anything? I’m sorry, but I think we’re all smart enough to not take anything that Condi says at face value.

I know saying this to the likes of Mr. “The fact is” is like pissing in the wind, but jeeeeze boy, think a little. Just because someone you like says it doesn’t make it true. It might be true, but it certainly isn’t PROOF.

Oh, and aside from the desperate clinging to “gains in the polls” I can’t help but notice Garbot, that you seem to have a tiny obession with surging. (…late victorious surge…. They’re clearly surging towards…)
You should have that looked at.


Heya Brad (and the other Boston kids),

If you’re still Drinking Liberally next week, I’d be happy to join you. For now, I’m kind of limited to drinking with a straw, and it might not be so socially acceptable to drool all over the place. (Note to other liberal kids: catch softballs in your glove, not in your mouth. Gary, you can go ahead and try with your mouth – I’m thinking it may be big enough.) Still, we need more S,N! readers to come to the Drinking Liberally things. Certainly the one in Cambridge could use the humor injection. So the rest of you all should try to make it out.

I’ll take the Mikey route and join you in spirit for this week.


For now, I’m kind of limited to drinking with a straw, and it might not be so socially acceptable to drool all over the place.

Yes, Drinking Dribbly has been meeting daily for awhile, and it’s cutting into other plans.

[I’ll be driving back from Boston today, but hoist one for me.]


Yay! Gare-Bear is back with a new screed! I’m so glad to hear about the Republicans’ surgery. Hopefully the stupidectomy will be successful.


So let me get this right:

Condi proved Clinton wrong by SAYING “that’s wrong”?

The Gar-meister has an interesting definition of “proof”.

Condi sounds rather like John Cleese in the Argument Clinic skit.

“Is this the right room for an argument?”
“I’ve told you once.”
“No you didn’t”
“Yes I did.”
“Just now.”
“No you didn’t”
“Yes I did.”
“No you didn’t”
“Yes I did.”
“No you didn’t”
“I’m sorry, is this the 10-minute argument, or the full half-hour?”
“Just the ten minute.”
“Thank you. Anyway, I most definitely told you.”



Condi, as channelled by Gary: “But Cwinton didn’t weave us instwuctions about what to dooooo!”


Good to know Middlesex is wheelchair accessible.


You work, Brad? Clearly you didn’t get the memo. We liberals just sip lattes all day. At least we do out here in the Pacific Northwest. Get with the program!


John Maynard Keynes did not support the People’s Revolution.

But we can save his reputation by applying his principles to our own revolution! We shall sunder the chains enslaving the People to this false “war.”

But we can only do this if the People are focused on the economy, not this “war,” not national security, not port security, and not torture.

Those will not make the People vote Democratic. Our voices must be focused on the economy, always the economy, and only the economy.

Hail Trotsky!


Actually, i think Gary has caught a couple of softballs to the head.

And what’s with the anti-alcohol cracks from the Right? I thought they were in favor of personal liberties like polluting my own body with ethanol derivatives? Are they going to start up Temperance again? Stupid do-gooders.


whew I have been missing our little Garybot. I was afraid he had been deported early.

We should start a new contest: “I love Gary’s posts because….”

I love Gary’s posts because I see what is working; for example, Keith Olbermann is clearly having an effect on the national debate. I would bet anything that if you checked Gary’s posts from 5 months ago, he never mentioned a WORD on Keith O.


I love Gary’s posts because the fact is Clinton appearing on TV and fighting back against Teh Right’s rewriting history project has them crapping in their Faux Nooze drawers.


I love Gary’s posts because they’re a shining example of “truthiness” in action.


‘Course, the fact is, he’ll probably see that as a compliment.


I love Gary’s posts because they have their own tone, kind of a bland recital without passion or inflection that nobody else can match. I picture a really smart, but home-schooled ten year old, with adhesive tape on his glasses and freckles, telling you all about his favorite cartoon characters or ball players. He can recite specs and stats without any concern to their accuracy, and when the topic changes he goes away, because he’s just not really interested in anything else. He’ll come back later and try to get the grown-ups to talk about pokemon some more…



mikey, you hit that one dead on. You win.

No need for Brad to do any more Ruppert Analysis.


I also like the fact that Gary was kind enough to link to the KO video. spread it far and wide, Gary!


Any Sadlys in MD/DC/VA want to hit the Drinking Liberally Local Chapter? I’ve been meaning to check it out myself, and this could be an excellent excuse.


I love Gary’s posts because the smartass/dumbass ratio must be carefully maintained and Gary does his best to keep the smartasses from making the scales fall over.


TC: “And what’s with the anti-alcohol cracks from the Right? ” Geeze, I missed that; it must go along with the new no-contraceptives idea. http://tinyurl.com/hhtcc


’cause if’n ya cain’t drink, ya don’t be needin’ so many contraceptives. huh?


I agree with mikey’s Garynalysis with one exception: I’m thinking it’s less that he’s “a really smart, but home-schooled ten year old” and more that he’s been led to believe he’s really smart by his home-schoolin’ parents. There’s a precociousness there, to be sure, but I’m not seeing a whole lot of intelligence in his standard regurgitation-of-talking-points posts.

On the other hand, I love Gary’s posts because of the rich and varied relationship I feel I’ve developed with him as a result of his contributions here. At first, I admit, Gary made me furious with his self-confidence, but over time I’ve come to recognize the vulnerable child-man beneath that crusty exterior. I believe that, if the timing were right, Gary and I might make a go of it.


Alas, I must arrive at a job site a mere 10 hours after 7:30 tonight. No drinking for me. Damn though, more warning next time and I’ll do it.


Gary has illuminated the new party line. Now the the Furor* of last week has died off, now us liberals are all crazy naieve meanies who don;t understand the very notion of danger, nevermind the danger we are all in now.

I wonder what next weeks talking points will be?

* – as soon a Bush made the Saddam-Hitler connection, the use of the word furor (sounds like Führer) was absolutely everywhere.


“Drinking Dribbly” – gavin, you slay me


A little inside Cambridge snark…

I saw Gary Ruppert accosting people at “Miracle of Science,” wondering where all the liberals were. Then he accused liberals of distorting the periodic table.

“Chicken sandwich is not an element!!” he roared.

Anyway, maybe I’ll join you guys next time. I was deep into a Guinness before I realized my mistake.


“Chicken sandwich is not an element!!� he roared.

Chicken sandwich may not be an element, but that Tosci’s ice cream certainly is. And it was a sad piece of revisionist science when Seven Layer Bar was removed from the Miracle’s periodic table.

Shall we plan next attendance at next week’s Cambridge Drinking Liberally well in advance? Like, um… now, or something? Gary, you can come too.


StrangeForces –
DC is just too far away. I’ve been hoping to get to the Bawlmer one but just haven’t had the chance.


Anyone in Western Mass should should do the Drinking Liberally thing on Wednesdays in Amherst – just voted the best beer bar in the country:



uhh, should have included the name of the place, the Moan and Dove.

And Gary, you still haven’t answered why you’re not in Iraq right now.


Well, my boss was polite enough to give me a new project at 6pm last nite.

Hope everyone else had a good time.

I think I saw Gary distributing leaflets by the railroad tracks on Somerville Ave. last weekend. No, I don’t want to join the damn Natural Law Party, thanks.


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