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Lindsay Graham leaving a snail trail…There are certain things once thought that cannot be unthought. Thank you very much TBGOT, If I manage to keep my breakfast I will be her-prized*

Whilst Cerb usually takes the clue by four to the Octoplex™ and then drags the nap victim around the park for some needed exercise, for at least some time, whilst I develop my sea legs, I might spend a bit of time on not only Projection, but Privilege.

I will start with the Fundigelical: Mostly because I bolted a picture of his head, in what is a beloved shopworn tradition here at Sadly, No!, to the body of a cat reclining in a toilet.

That Fucking Ceiling Cat Bastard Roberts!!!

Summertime coincides with one branch of Government airing out the
national Dirty Laundry, which I guess would be as good a time as any, If Kennedy had a clue about laundry.

Now that I have been staring at the page responsible for the fauxto-shop above posted at Amercias Shittiest Website™ the National Review Online, I realize that I will have to familiarize myself with something called a Phi Beta Con. Curiosity is mingled with an urge to shake an angry fist in directions alternating between California and France, at the bastiges that sanctioned this career move.

And fuck, I have yet to read the article titled Vetoing Democracy by John Fund which undoubtedly relates to “Working the ref related pogrom activities” marinated in a Conservative Butthurt Vinaigrette about the SCROTUS ruling on something which if had to guess, involves ladyparts…or teh ghey.

Turns out to be the latter:

Chief Justice John Roberts has done it again. His twisted
reasoning in last year’s Obamacare ruling wasn’t the only unpleasant
surprise he’s sprung on supporters of the rule of law.

His majority 5-to-4 opinion in California’s Proposition 8 case —
throwing the issue back to California because plaintiffs lacked standing
to argue in his court — is as bizarre as his Obamacare decision. His
opinion was joined by an ideological tossed salad of justices that
ranged from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Antonin Scalia. But the fact that its list of supporters is unusual doesn’t mean it won’t present real
problems for both liberals and conservatives when it comes to democratic freedoms. Has the initiative process in 26 states now been fatally undermined?

I’ll render the guy his “ideological tossed salad” ‘cuz to be honest I wished I had coined the phrase, but his Privilege™ is showing when he suggests that a subversion of Democracy has occurred when it is no longer OK for a tyranny of a privileged minority (usually sects of conservative fundamentalists) to curb-stomp the rights of an even less privileged group. But that is how these fuckers roll.

His whine is about ballot initiatives, tools used by assholes (generally) to give the 27%’ers an opportunity to beat on puppy’s and kittens (and in this department, it would seem that their lust is never slaked.)


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Let me blog here, Provider, I’m just aching to go!




Having lived in California for 35 years, I can confidently say that the initiative process is the main reason the government is so fucked up here. From Prop 13 to Prop 209 to Prop 8, the power to re-write the Constitution by a 50%+1 popular vote is idiotic. Constitutions are meant to be the bulwark against mob rule, not a vehicle for it. It should be incredibly difficult to amend a Constitution, as it is with the US Constitution. Now the California Constitution is larded up with a dingo’s breakfast of “amendments” which should properly be Laws enacted (or rejected) by a representative republic. It’s now become a way for the state legislature critters to avoid doing their fucking jobs.

I can see there being a place for the Proposition process; it was originally a means to break the grip monopolies had on politicians in the early 20th century. It enabled a vote to end gerrymandering, which elected reps would NEVER have done.

But it should be impossible to re-write the Constitution by initiative vote, and there should be more regulations on the petition process, e.g. a ban on paid signature gatherers, and a much higher threshold for signatures to place a Proposition on the ballot. Just those changes would do a lot to clean up the process.


Hi, Tom, how are tricks in NJ.?


Yeah, Reagan became really freaky after living here for a few decades. And New Jersey is still a shithole with a freaky giant moron governing the state.


I thought Christie was out of favor because he said something halfway nice about Obama.

Damn it’s hard to keep up sometimes.



Joe Max, the initiative, along with the recall and the referendum, were put into CA law through the efforts of Gov Hiram Johnson, whose stated reason for doing so was to prevent any Democrat from being elected as Governor. It worked so well you can count the # of Democrats who became governor on the fingers of one hand. If you count Jerry Brown as one governor serving terms 30 years apart, you can do so even if you’re Micky Mouse.

OTOH, New Jersey is full of whores and dykes named Kristen.


This case was over as soon as the trial court judge ruled that the Prop 8 proponents lacked standing. There’s a long line of court cases ruling that taxpayers don’t have standing to sue merely because they paid the taxes that funded the government action that they found objectionable (“taxpayer derivative lawsuits”).

Had the court ruled that the Prop 8 proponents had standing to file suit, there would have been a flood of suits filed against, say, funding Guantanamo, or challenging the NSA’s data collection practices.

Oh, and California’s a wonderful place to live. Unlike states such as Texas, we have government regulations (such as zoning laws) that make some effort to protect citizens from corporate abuses. Zoning ordinances mean that one doesn’t have to worry about folks storing tons of explosive and/or hazardous next door to hospitals and apartment buildings. Yeah, we get explosions at oil refineries – but at least we have burdensome government regulations keeping homes far enough away from the refineries that the concerns are from air pollution and not flying debris.

In Texas, you’re free to choose to play russian roulette with toxic and/or explosive chemicals stored by your neighbors. But, hey, at least the Texas government doesn’t try to regulate women’s health care or reproductive rights (/snark).


I’m sorry that you’re so scared of people who aren’t white. Have you thought about getting some psychiatric help?


Texas is a very nice place except it’s full of Texans.


Jesus, things have gone downhill around here….


and furthermore black hole, bringing up threats of contacting others employers and calling people’s homes is fucking STALKING

Then I’ll be sure to call your employers tomorrow so they know that they’re employing a racist, classless, and clueless asswipe.

They’re open @ 9:00 AM your time, right?

Have a good day, Tom.


Get a life, Manbearpig.


Jeez Provider, looks like you hit a gusher.
Of troll.


Happy Troll Pride Weekend!


It went from 48 comments to 33 in less than 5 minutes.


Six non-badgered comments, wow. A new record.


For any future readers, most of my comments here were in response to a flood of trolls who came in here a few hours ago. Major Kong’s quip was aimed at this racist loon from Texas.


Sorry that took so long, was at work, just got home. Still trying to figger out where all the engine parts on the blog are located. But I did figure out the bulk trolly zapping device.

Carry on…


…a flood of trolls

All calling from the same IP address…


Wow, now there’s a surprise.


For bonus LOLs, read about ADF’s emergency petition to stop California from issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.

Has the initiative process in 26 states now been fatally undermined?

Translation: “Waaaah! The S.C. maintained that “I don’t like it,” isn’t enough to give a party standing in a case. This is tragic because there are many things we don’t like and this ruling hampers our ability to impose our will upon people.”

I am sure that if I looked I would find legal iggles trying to determine whether California could be forced to appeal the 9th Circ.’s ruling or at least be sued for failing to do so. Because States’ Rights only apply when the state does what the Right thinks is right.


Provider, I bet the ISP boes back to a New Jersey location.


To take Joe Max’s comments one step sideways: Probably the only way to inject sanity into the referendum process is for responsible elected officials to refuse to enforce or legally defend batshit initiatives, which is what happened in the Prop 8 case. Some sensitive liberals, like this one Chi Trib columnist*, are wringing their hands over how this thwarts the will of the people, but to me it’s the only possible brake on the process.

And a shitty, jury-rigged one at that, since it depends on electing officials being responsible in the first place. But it’s better than nothing.

*This guy is one of my favorite columnists, but he has some blind spots. Lately he’s been dashing off a lot of irritating, JAQ-ing off columns defending George Zimmerman.
[/irrelevant complaint]


an ideological tossed salad

Nice… But not as good as “a political rusty trombone.”


Kennedy to ADF: “Suck it.”

Actually if he’d actually said that it would’ve been hilarious. Wildly inappropriate, but hilarious.


For any future readers…

The replies to deleted troll posts make it wonderfully non-sequitur around here, like the undulated prognosis of a timeout with warm Dr. Pepper.



Because States’ Rights only apply when the state does what the Right thinks is right.

This was ALWAYS the case; the fugitive slave laws were slave states forcing slavery on free states, superseding their state laws. Those States’ Rights assholes never gave two shits about REAL “states’ rights.”


To answer Fund’s question:

The Court does not question California’s sovereign right tomaintain an initiative process, or the right of initiative proponents todefend their initiatives in California courts. But standing in federal court is a question of federal law, not state law. No matter its reasons, the fact that a State thinks a private party should have standing to seek relief for a generalized grievance cannot override this Court’s settled law to the contrary.

Of course, this was buried deep in the last paragraph of the syllabus (p. 4), so I am sure it is too much to ask that he read the fucking thing.


Habitrail condiments please? I need a gustatory jump start for my baby powder. Continental drift has left my underwear uncertain.


OMG! Crawdads!


The rain, mansplain is plainly at Point Hain’s.




Now the California Constitution is larded up with a dingo’s breakfast of “amendments” which should properly be Laws enacted (or rejected) by a representative republic.

Hey now! Less of the dingo bigotry, thanks!


Ah dingoe ayte mah breakfast!


Now the California Constitution is larded up with a dingo’s breakfast of “amendments” which should properly be Laws enacted (or rejected) by a representative republic.

Because States’ Rights Except Sometimes!

We saw the same thing in Maryland when the lege made equal marriage legal. Creating and passing laws is something the lege does. It has done so for hundreds of years. But this time: No fair! cried a bunch of wanks, many of whom were from out of state. You have to put it on the ballot and let The People Decide.

To back up a bit. The mistake these assholes made was to look at Maryland’s population and think: “Hmmm. Whole lotta n——-s in Maryland. And even though Maryland is so blue it is practically ultraviolet, we know that them c—s hate them some f——s as much as they love fried chicken and welfare. It is a proven fact proven by our very own research. In fact, so great is the j——-s’ hatred, they will ignore the fact that we usually only discuss voting in Maryland in terms of how we can trick them into voting for us, or not voting at all!” Also, they had an Official Black Friend in Maryland, in the form of some mega-church swine who made a complete ass of himself when he tried to fight D.C.’s equal marriage bill, but he was black and one [of those people] speaks for all, right?

So months and months and months and millions of dollars later … The People of Maryland Decided and NOM was wearing a sad face. Again. At least in public. Anyone who thinks even a third of donations went to protect marriage, please see me about my fabulous deal on a bridge.

St. Pupienus of Teh Ghey PENIS and also POOP

Heard some NOM spokescritter on NPR saying “no no it was a GOOD day for us. The court didn’t force gay marriage on the 38! states that don’t want. VICTORY!!1!!”



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