E.J., Please Stop Giving Me Hope

E.J. Dionne writes the following:

The decisive question is whether Democrats can seize the initiative back from Bush in early October, after the Republican Congress returns home. Democrats plan to marry the themes of national and economic security — think of their economic platform as a dose of Klobuchar and a dash of Brown — and hope that splits among Republicans on torture, which were resolved only yesterday, will dampen GOP gains from the resurgence of the terrorism issue.

Sounds like a plan to me.

The thing is, the Democrats have been running a woefully incompetent “campaign” thus far. They are not taking the fight to the GOP- instead, they are holding Medicare press conferences while relying on McCain and Warner to try feebly and pathetically reining in the administration’s torture plans. I wish I could say I saw a plan of some kind here, but so far I don’t see anything.

Please say you’ve got something up your sleeves, guys. I mean, my God. Congress is yours for the taking if you’re willing to go on the damn offensive. Get going.


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This is a golden opportunity to tear McCain to shreds. McCain flip-flopped. McCain is a phony, and is supporting a bill that is flat-out evil and heinous. He must be called out for the phony Bush ass-kisser he is. Of course he’ll still get the kid glove treatment and the torture bill will pass, because the Democrats fucking blow.

Democratic message discipline has been shit. They have also sucked at controlling the news cycle so far. They’ll probably fuck this election up, and the Repugs will probably hang on to both houses. Goddamn that is a depressing thought.


JK- what makes it so annoying is that people are ready for change in this country. But they don’t get a sense from Democrats exactly what change they’d bring to the table. When I heard about Gore’s plan to implement a carbon tax and offset it by eliminating the payroll tax, I thought to myself, “Hot shit! That there’s a good, marketable idea! Why aren’t Dems in power out there talking about it?”


No one wants change. Change changes things!!!

Security, that’s what people want. No rebellion against the status quo!!

I mean, take a look around.


I know. Even a simply competent performance from the Dems would probably get the job done, but they can’t even muster that.


I’m pushing 56 and I swear to J.H. Christ himself I don’t know why they’re such pussies. Are they afraid of seeming “meanspirited”? Of being perceived as “negative”? Don’t they know they’re talking to half a country who WANT to see Repubs’ heads on a pike, and half who need taser applications to see anything? Plus, why fear seeming “bad” in some way, when the people you’re running against are objectively, demonstrably, proven-ly E-VIL.

This isn’t a situation of “nuance.” How corrupt, vile, and mendacious does the opposition have to be before you decide, “You know, perhaps Robots’ Rules of Order and the fine regulations from the Marquis of Queensbury no longer apply”?

For every single person who yells “YES!” when Feingold says something halfway courageous–or, never mind that; just truthful–there are 1,000 who feel it. I mean, Fuck. Don’t I? Yes. I mean, Fuck.

I’ll take my answer off the air.


They don’t want to have to deal with what is going on right now. I’ts HARD to fight this war on terror. They don’t have the belly for it.


In order to have message discipline, you need to have a message.

(BTW, “we’re not the GOP” is not a message.)


In political terms, the kabuki over torture actually gives the Dems a chance to do two things: take a stand on principle and bust the myth of St John Of Maverickia. Accuse McCain and Graham of selling out their values for electoral gain and to keep on the good side of Bush. Heck, spread some dirt on McCain wanting Bush’s donors.

Then say that the bill is not acceptable, and make it an issue that you’re prepared to take to the country: if you lose on it, then you lose while defending what you regard as inviolable American values. Perhaps a referendum on torture is something that the Dems don’t want to fight. Well, they may have to fight it.

This is not a hard script to draft. This is not a hard script to greenlight. It’s up to the Dems to do it.


This should be the last chance they get to show some principled balls.

Reasonable sane Americans deserve a party that represents their interests, not this lame assed bunch.


The whole thing was nothing but a stunt. Dem’s were suckered again.

McCain and Co. put on a “show” of disagreement with the King, all the while planning to compromise. Now they have done their duty of dissent, come up with a compromise that any “reasonable” person would love and the ball is in the Dem’s court. We have “united” Repubs standing together with the Prez on one side leaving Dem’s to go it alone and appear weak on terror once again. Bonus: McCain retains his “maverick” status and Graham gets to give his seal of approval that was never up for grabs in the first place.

If the Dem’s had been out front on this instead of letting McCain and Co take the lead, they’d be in a much stronger position. Now they will look like spoilers of a “reasonable” compromise and weak on terror.

I wonder if Karl Rove had any thing to do with this?


I think I may have to go into a coma until November. I can’t take it.


If the Dem’s had been out front on this instead of letting McCain and Co take the lead, they’d be in a much stronger position. Now they will look like spoilers of a “reasonable� compromise and weak on terror.

Not necessarily, if they’re prepared to call McCain a terror-enabling toady whose maverick credentials and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee. The newspaper editorial boards have given Dems their cue:

The Democrats have largely stood silent and allowed the trio of Republicans to do the lifting. It’s time for them to either try to fix this bill or delay it until after the election. The American people expect their leaders to clean up this mess without endangering U.S. troops, eviscerating American standards of justice, or further harming the nation’s severely damaged reputation.

Mr. Bush wanted Congress to formally approve these practices and to declare them consistent with the Geneva Conventions. It will not. But it will not stop him either, if the legislation is passed in the form agreed on yesterday. Mr. Bush will go down in history for his embrace of torture and bear responsibility for the enormous damage that has caused.

So, off you go, Harry.


I am more and more convinced that the Democratic party is actually a pretend political party, created by the GOP to make people believe that they have a choice. Really, the Dems are like the Washington Generals to the GOP’s Harlem Globetrotters.


The Democrats sold us out. It will be official when they don’t stand up against this legislation next week. Fucktards.


Bill Maher last Friday:
New Rule: The next Democratic candidate for president must not wait until after the election to show us his balls. Al Gore didn’t make the environment an issue while running for president. But now that his only job is walking his dog–he’s all over it. And this week, John Kerry says he’s now prepared to kick the asses of the Swift Boat vets who smeared him. A little late, John. Who’s running your campaign? FEMA?


Give’em hell, Harry!

We’re watching your next move.


To completely change the subject, did they ever find out who sent tha anthrax to Daschle and Leahy? No reason, just curious.


What really bolluxes me about the Democrats is that pretending to be Republicans hasn’t worked now for the last three elections. They have *nothing to lose* by presenting an ALTERNATIVE.

Makes craigie’s theory somewhat viable, really.


I think I may have to go into a coma until November. I can’t take it

I may join you Kathleen. After all, I can’t drink 24-7 and I don’t like drugs*.

* . . . anymore.


Anyone else catch McCain feebly defending his actions and demonizing the ACLU on the Today Show this morning. I nearly threw up my Cheerios.


No one wants change.

Uh, Annie? A lot of people want change. I’m one of them.

By the way, Brad, have you heard the latest about Prussian Blue?


God I hate Sadly No.

..and I hate Americans. I really really hate Americans. I hope the next 9/II wipes you all out, altogether you fucking pieces of shit.


…you fucking pieces of shit.


You fucking pieces of shit.


hey, Mal–go club a baby seal to death or something. Abuse some First Nations people. Help Quebec jettison itself out of the federation.


my goodness. someone ate their cranky flakes this morning, didn’t they?


God I hate Sadly No.

..and I hate Americans. I really really hate Americans. I hope the next 9/II wipes you all out, altogether you fucking pieces of shit.

Geez, the transformation is complete, Mal de Mer is now a right wing genocidal nutjob. Y’know, this smells an awful lot like hate speech. Isn’t there a fucking policy about letting these [blank]-supremecist bastards spew hatred on this blog? I mean, if there isn’t, there should be…



Isn’t there a fucking policy about letting people drop into threads which are already three days dead with a fresh message designed to stir up shit? I mean, if there isn’t, there should be…


Ah hell. You mean these damn thangs have expiration dates on ’em? Shit. I’m still learnin’ the rules out here in Left Blogistan. Any other things I’ve missed?



Apparently you’ve missed the fact that flamebait is generally frowned upon. But don’t worry, I expect you’ll get the hang of it eventually.


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