This is What Democracy Looks Like

Why oh why can’t we have a citizenry like this?

The political crisis continues in Hungary as police and demonstrators calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany clashed for a second night in Budapest.

Up to 50 people were reported injured as riot police used tear gas to disperse demonstrators early today near the headquarters of the ruling Socialist Party.

Gyurcsany has been at the center of a scandal that threatens to throw Hungary into a political crisis. The 45-year-old politician, seen as one of the most successful young leaders in postcommunist Eastern Europe, has admitted to lying for years to Hungarians about the state of their country’s economy to win reelection.

So the Hungarians are demanding that their prime minister step down because he lied about economic data.

Meanwhile, our president proudly and overtly commits war crimes, and we’re still too cowed to demand that Congress even consider censuring the bastard. What’s more, we think it’d be a nifty idea to pass laws that enable him to commit more war crimes.

What happened to the America I grew up with, and how can I get it back?

UPDATE: Maybe there’s hope after all- Bush is still stuck at 37%, according to the latest NYT/CBS poll. I’ll leave it to Atrios to provide the obligatory “WHEEEEEEEEEE!”

BTW, sorry for being so shrill and unfunny lately, but the fact that Bush is using legalized torture as an election issue just pushes every one of my anger buttons.


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Seeing Bush stuck at 37% does warm my heart. The Republican rhetoric is once again completely empty, but this time people are seeing through it. Even ABC’s pack of lies masquerading as a docu-drama fizzled out. People are sick of this shit.


Dude, do NOT apologize. You – we – are all angry about this shit and have every right to be so. As for being unfunny…well, we’re all entitled to our own opinions. If that’s yours… 8b


Why not here? Because we have bread and circuses. Cut off either one and we will probably go into the streets and make a fuss [maybe even riot]. But I’m not holding my breath waiting for it to happen. Damn! That’s cynical.


Dude, everyone in Hungary lives within a few hours of the capital. Gives it more of a hothouse atmosphere when the political opposition can actually get to demonstrations.

You can’t replicate that in America. If San Francisco were within an hour of DC, things might be a little different.


BTW, sorry for being so shrill and unfunny lately, but the fact that Bush is using legalized torture as an election issue just pushes every one of my anger buttons.

Be sure to save some of that anger, Brad R. When the “maverick” GOP Senators inevitably cave, you can count on the Democrats to keep their filibuster powder dry and in large numbers roll over and vote for the “compromise” that emerges.


Not to mention building a fence that won’t do a damned thing to stop the flow of immigrants across the border. In San Diego and Imperial Counties, they use underground tunnels.


Hokay, 2 things. First, damn right I’m angry. Criminals are ruining my country. Fucking thugs. No compassion, no conscience. No hesitation. The hate and disgust of the world is palpable, and growing. And here at home, they hate our freedoms and strive to take them away. As Olbermann said last week, bush talks about freedom but if we actually try to use those freedoms, we are told we are traitors. Obscene. So yeah, I’ll fight them with every [legal] tool at my disposal. I write, create, print and hand out flyers. I work to get people to vote. I convinced a major localization firm in SF to translate some get-out-the-vote lit into six languages, then got it printed and distributed. Yeah, I’m pissed – and I’m in the game.

But Brad. Don’t let it take away your smile. It’s just now, when it’s the most awful that it can be, and we’re fighting to keep it from being even more awful, that we need this place. I really think that history will record a small, but important role for Sadly, No. It was a place where we could get some R&R. We could laugh, and mock, reload and rearm, eat some rats and drink some kool-aid and feel a sense of community.

Look. History is inexorable. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But shit IS gonna happen. At some level, we’ll be players in that. Some of us will probably be casualties. Some of us might be winners. But along with the anger, don’t forget the savage joy of pure laughter and mockery. Along with being relegated to some sad chapter in America’s history, the wingnuts deserve some abuse, some mockery.

When Olbermann demanded an apology from the President the other night, I thought about that brave boy at the parade who said “But he’s not wearing any clothes”! Somebody with an audience was FINALLY saying shit that has been obvious for five years. And I thought, enough people with the courage to tell the truth will make a difference. And Brad? Enough people with the courage to laugh in the face of the horror can make a difference too. You guys created something good, and important in it’s own way here. Honor it, and do what you can, and never give up. You can’t lose if you don’t stop fighting. That is something I know…



Oh, man. For a minute there I started humming “The Impossible Dream” under mikey’s close-up.


A very wise man once said that all great historic facts and personages appear twice: first as tragedy, then as farce.

Seen in that light, Brad, everything you say or write on this topic is by definition funny…it’s farcical, and who doesn’t love a good farce?

Of course, farces are always funnier when they’re happening to *other* people.


The shrub’ites get me pretty damn pissed off, but remember that humor is potent weapon.


Actually, sth, the Senate Republicans haven’t caved yet (though they will).

The article you linked to concerned the House judiciary committee, which — in what was obviously a momentary lapse — had seemed to find both a shred of principle and an iota of backbone earlier today and actually defeated the Bush plan, 18-17. Luckily for the forces of Anti-islamofascism, the Committee later revoted and passed it, 20-18. And here’s the kicker: the bill would still have failed had two Democrats not been unable to vote, as they were taking part in a press conference.

Best of all, since the Senate hasn’t yet caved, we will be able to continue to watch this slow motion trainwreck for a few more days, with Bush loyalists, “maverick” Republicans, and flummoxed Democrats all eventually playing their assigned roles.

If you’re a fan of political cowardice and incompetence, you’re living in good times!


“Why oh why can’t we have a citizenry like Hungary’s?”

I know it’s a reeallly bad idea, but I’m getting to the point where I wish we at least had a military like Thailand’s.



Here’s what I don’t get: 37%?!?!!? 37%?!!?!!? Shouldn’t it be more like a 0.37% approval rating? This country is 37% ST000PID!? What will it take?


Whoops. You are correct, BenA; that’s what I get for doing something in a hurry.


Ppup, 70% of Americans fell for the administration line of pablum about a connection between al-Qaeda and Iraq, despite the fact that the connection was made with a small handful of shabby, threadbare rhetorical tricks that thinking people have held in disrepute since the days of Zeno.

There is NOTHING so stupid that you cannot convince a statistically measurable percentage of the American public to believe it. Absolutely nothing. You could convince Americans that smearing dogshit on your head cures baldness if you tried hard enough.


No need to apologize…something’s got to change. If even true conservatives (Dean et al) are distressed with what’s gone on the past 5-6 years, the anger is
justified and shared.


Oh, and Brad, the “America you grew up with” is still here.

It’s just gone through the same transformation that everything does as we become mature. Like the yummyness of ketchup on everything and just how scary the monsters in Land of the Lost were….none of that stuff holds up to the more discerning adult palette.


Nixon had a 26% when he resigned.
I imagine a large part of that percentage is based on people who just say he’s a doing a good job because they hate liberals.


Hehe, wasn’t it Barnum who said that no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people?

herr doktor bimler

You mean smearing dogshit on your head doesn’t cure baldness? Damn. Excuse me, I need to wash my head now.


49.9% of the population have less than average intelligence.


I’d like to take another spin on this. I’m sure we have all worked in environments that no matter how many facts you provide to executive management or even a board of directors they still continue to make the craziest decisions based upon some insane logic that could never be substantiated by any kind of reasoning. The only time those executives decide to change course is when things just become so broken and the bleeding becomes an uncontrollable hemorrhaging. By that time the stock holders have had enough and everyone gets their asses fired. Maybe it’s was about time that America went through this pain and suffering that we are living through right now. As humans most of us define our lives through the pain we have to go through to achieve our goals. We REMEMBER how hard it was and the struggles we went through to obtain our dreams. Well, Americans haven’t had to struggle or challenge themselves in a long time. We have taken our freedoms for granted. We have taken our position in the world for granted. We have forgotten how important it was to be a leader. I’m not talking about the lead from the back kind of leading, but the lead by example type of leadership. We used to be able to have a strong position on human rights, promotion of a strong middle class and we even cared about the poor and sick people of this country and the world once upon a time. So maybe it’s time to face the harsh reality that we are faced with and accept that we have to fight for what we once held proud and that was being as American.

So feel anger, know your pain and direct that energy not back against a group of idiots that run this country, but rather at the people whom have forgotten that we were once a proud and respected nation. Remind people that country’s once looked up to us. Remind them that torture IS NOT ok. Remind them that they have to power to exercise their mind by contacting their congressman/woman about how unhappy they are. But don’t sit on your hands and wawawa about what’s going on. If you do that you might as well be just as bad as the folks that are taking away everything that we say we stand for. If you really care get out there and make a difference.


The last six years has been a total fucking nightmare, but if any good can come out of this for me, it’s that the idea of Amercian Exceptionalism will be lying in the gutter, a knife in its throat (tm BeBop Deluxe).

I’m convinced the only thing that would get the average mook in this country out in the streets is a no-exceptions military draft.


Why oh why can’t we have a citizenry like this?

I honestly believe it would be a bloodbath; Chicago ’68 to the tenth power. I remember when the Georgian “Rose” Revolution happened thinking the same thing — if that sort of thing were tried here, out would come the national guard firing. Our leaders are much more cruel than Georgia’s and Hungary’s. I think most people deep down not only know this, but have come to accept it. We’ve always had a servile streak.

Plus, there’s precedent here. Though what Hoover and McArthur did to the Bonus Army would, I suspect, be small potatos to what the Bush junta would do to any peaceful revolutionaries.


For what it’s worth . . .

I’m seeing the beginnings of a glimmer of hope. Just started a new fall term working with students. As recently as last school year, the freshmen who knew that their government had betrayed their trust and abused their constitution beyond all recognition and were willing to speak up about it were in the minority — growing, but still a minority. There’s a different feel this time around. The disillusioned and angry are a clear majority. They’re speaking up. They voted in our state primary (yesterday) and will vote in November. They’re writing papers about the gross disconnect between the promise of America and the current reality. They’re joining the staff of the student newspaper and gearing up to print commentary that’s angry, idealistic, meaningful, passionate and yes, funny. They’re joining the ACLU, starting a campus chapter, putting up flyers, organizing GOTV and general awareness events. They actually noticed, and honored, this week’s Constitution Day — paid more attention to it than that other big event this week, International Talk Like a Pirate Day. They’re doing it on their own, with minimal assistance and no prodding necessary from the lefty faculty. And the best part? It’s all happening in a small, traditionally redneck town where their dads have all voted republican for decades. They just have to keep going. We all just have to keep going.


You could convince Americans that smearing dogshit on your head cures baldness if you tried hard enough.

Dogshit. Apply directly to the forehead.
Dogshit. Apply directly to the forehead.
Dogshit. Apply directly to the forehead.

…consider it done!


Why oh why can’t we have a citizenry like this?

Most of the ‘we have our guns to protect ourselves against a rogue gubmint’ brigade would be out mowing down protestors and rounding up subversives.


It’s easy to assign the villain role to Bush since he’s leading the villanous charge, but what about the knuckleheaded assholes who support him, and the lazy good for nothings who “don’t want to get involved.” If more people objected to the cretin he wouldn’t be in power, but too many Americans are too chickenshit and too goddamned complacent to get out there and demonstrate their asses off. If everybody stays home, if good people say and do nothing, no wonder he’s getting away with it.

What’s key in that Hungarian picture…the population not taking shit.


P.S. Maybe what America needs is a benevolent King, like the one in Thailand who just ousted the Prime Minister for his endless corruption.


Everyone is too busy posturing on the internet in their nice cozy chairs to go outside!!!! I mean, wherever it is that the protest would be is just too far, and I’ve got to take the kids to school so someone can fill their heads with whatever they feel like while I shop at Wal-mart all day and feed my family a crappy non-nutritious deepfried dinner and pretend to make sure the kids did their homework so that I can get on the net and bitch about Bush ad naseum to a bunch of other people who are just too busy being comfortable to do anything.

I mean DUH!

Stop whining, you didn’t do anything did you????? It’s obvious that NO ONE has a problem with Bush, they just like to pretend they do online. Otherwise, well shit, look what you all claim he’s done! If he truly had done these things……well, you wouldn’t let him get away with it would you???



I’ll bet if Lancelot Link, Secret Preznit knew you a little better personally, Brad, that he’d be able to push a few anger buttons that you didn’t even know you had.


The bread and circuses argument annoys me. I can understand why people would think that, and to some extent it’s true. But a bigger issue is that people in this country are just too damned *ragged*.

They’re exhausted from two jobs and from kids and from housework and from volunteering to make up for budget cuts at schools, and sorting through all the shit they’re supposed to take care of on what little time they can call their own, from figuring out what partially-employer-funded insurance plan will screw them the least to trying to sort out how to lock their kids out of the porn sites and channels.

They’re in pain a lot of the time because the administration can’t be bothered to enforce workplace safety rules, or because their health insurance, if they have it, sucks, or because they haven’t got time to get to a dentist or a doctor. They’re suffering the effects of pollution in their neighborhoods and their food. They’re freaking out over bills and debt load and financial emergencies and higher copays and gas prices (or sorting out mass transit, which generally adds at least an hour to anyone’s commute), and all the time they’re hearing the economy’s great, so what the hell is wrong with them if they can’t make ends meet?

They’re in a panic over terrorism and immigrants who want their jobs and pedophiles who want to abduct their kids and all of that other “Look over there!” crap that comes down from above.

They’re haven’t got the time or energy or money to stay informed, and a lot of them are just depressed as fuck.

These people are just *stretched* to the fucking limit, and they have to concentrate on just a couple of things, like their families and their next paycheck and batch of bills.

As far as they can tell, change exists only to fuck them over just a little more, and when you’re that close to the edge, uncertainty is absolutely terrifying. They’re definitely not dropping everything to overthrow a government that, the media constantly inform them, is popular with everyone else.

It’s a perfect storm of uncertainty and fear, and most of our fellow citizens honestly haven’t got the energy to do much more than watch “American Idol” with the family while gulping down the Hamburger Helper before going to bed so they can get up early and start the whole thing over again, just a little further behind.

I’m not so much making excuses, since people in other countries do have it worse and manage to rebel. (Though I am a liberal, and it’s hard not to see where they’re coming from. Fish gotta swim, hearts gotta bleed.) But maybe it’s when things are so bad that you think they can’t get worse, that you *can* cast off some of that fear and dredge up the energy to go after the bastards in charge. But since we’re not there yet, and to be honest, I don’t want us to *get* there, those of us who have the time need to pick up some of their burden. If it’s helping your neighbors so they have time to get educated on the issues, or contributing a little more than you can comfortably afford because you know your neighbors can’t afford any, or taking someone without a car with you when you go to the polls.

I’m not talking about the freepers here. They’re hopeless (though in my wishy washy liberal way I can see how a lot of that’s based in those same things but with an added edge of hate). But if we’re going to blame people for not being involved, we should understand why they’re not, and which ones deserve more blame than others.

Personally, I’m unemployed, and not really suffering financially. I’m more or less educated, and fairly intelligent and reasonably politically aware. I haven’t got that much to lose from acting, and plenty to lose from not. That gives me more responsibility than the family downstairs, and more culpability, so I try to do more, and not spend time wondering why the hell they won’t give up their three hours of family time a day to read a pile of newspapers.

This is not to say, of course, that I endorse their priorities. Learning about candidates for office is to me a vastly more important part of being a community than the church choir or whatever. And certainly having more kids than you can afford is a mistake, though it’s more than likely they didn’t actually set out to do that. But they’re getting squeezed, and I’m sympathetic to that. Absolutely I’m sympathetic to that when I see my freeper-wannabe other neighbor go out and get more yellow ribbon magnets for her gigantic SUV that only she’s ever in. *That’s* a bread-and-circuses deal, though she’s unlikely to ever forsake Bush, simply because she knows he pisses off the liberals, and that’s good enough for her.

Anyway, that’s me done ranting, and now I’m going to go and have my evening migraine.


Brilliant, D. Sidhe, simply brilliant. If I may, in my poor manner, add one small addendum:
That aura of fear and uncertainty, that atmosphere of unease and eternal struggle. Indeed, the very fact that not only are most people to damn busy trying to keep home and hearth together, but we as a culture actually encourage the worst kinds of ignorance and fear and loathing of learning…well, that suits certain folks just fine. It’s easy to hate immigrants “taking your jobs”; it’s much harder to look at just who is actually profiting from such practices. It’s easier to hate gays for “wrecking traditional marriage” than to try to get your own life in order. It’s easier to curse “meddling government” than to wonder why your employer isn’t overly concerned with your safety as a worker.

It’s just easier to be lead than it is to make your own path, and despite the national myth of the Noble Individual, we live in a culture than encourages, nay, demands conformity. The modern GOP thrives on that demand for conformity, that insistence that you follow the rules and do only what you’re told, despite your conscience or despite logic. Modern politics is little more than another variation on “us versus them”, that eternal struggle among the teaming millions that distracts them from what those at the top are doing.

It used to be for God, but most people, even if they say otherwise, don’t buy that lie any more. For a while it was for country, but only a child or a self-deluded fool thinks every move by a country’s government is for the betterment of mankind. These days, the prime motivator is “please don’t hurt me”. Your average wingnut seems to love that idea, and most wouldn’t hesitate to cut down any and all dissenting voice if the powers that be tell them to. So most folks just keep their heads down ’cause they got kids to feed and bills to pay, hoping that the powers that be leave them alone and maybe, some day, it’ll get a little easier.

And ya know what? As cynical as I am, about both politics and American character, I think it can be and, eventually, will be. I have to hold on to that tiny bit of optimism and idealism, else I’ll completely lose my shit. The man said “a change is gonna come”. Probably not in my lifetime, but it will. I just hope we’ve advanced as a species enough to not spill too much blood when the time comes.

Granted, I’m not quite as optimistic about that when you have the President of the United States of America using torture as a campaign topic and telling American citizens they have no right to think otherwise. Fear and loathing, indeed.


Can I get another rat over here? And some more Kool-Aid?


D. Sidhe, you’re right, and you already know I love you, yes?

The only reason I find your assessment depressing is because there comes a point where, no matter how hard something is to do, it must be done because the only other option is death.

I’ve spent some time working as a domestic violence counselor. In that kind of work, you often see women who really *need* to leave their abuser immediately, right away – because if they don’t, he’s going to kill them. One of the hardest things for a lot of new counselors to learn is that just because this fact is evident to everyone – including the woman suffering the abuse – it doesn’t mean that the woman is actually going to leave. There are almost always extenuating circumstances that make it very, very hard to leave. The difficulty of the situation in no way earns the woman any sympathy from the Powers That Be, though: if she cannot find a way to overcome the difficulties of her situation and leave, she will die.

I know how hard it is to do all the things Americans need to get done to fix the mess their country is in. I’m not unsympathetic to the difficulties. It’s just that in the end, it doesn’t matter. If we don’t do it, there’s no reason to hope for the preservation of the rule of law here.

Just another example to drive home how real this sort of thing is….there are a number of states in America right now that are using the results of their third grade literacy testing as a factor in determining how many new prison cells to start building. There are some kids that we’ve already pretty much written off by the age of eight or so – we bet money on the fact that they have no future.

What holds true for children can certainly hold true for countries, as well. There comes a point in time when the betting money is just no longer on you making it. Are we there yet? If anyone could definitively answer that question, it wouldn’t be a bet anymore, would it? Everyone has to decide for themselves.


The funny thing is, Jillian, I agree with you, but can’t find it in me to say “This must be done”. And it goes back to personal experiences for me, too. I joke about having been abused by bureaucracy or religion at a young age and all the rest being a sort of Stockholm Syndrome, but to some extent it’s true.

The one I didn’t leave until I had somewhere to safely go ultimately, obviously, did not kill me, despite the entirely logical predictions of nearly everyone around me. And it took me years to be able to leave. It was essentially a calculated risk that I was basically more likely to stay alive if he felt he had control over me than I would have been if he’d realized I was leaving.

In the meantime, someone I knew was persuaded to take the other risk and was killed when the abuser panicked. It’s a lesson you tend to carry with you, and I am probably overly convinced of the virtues of not rocking the boat.

But don’t get me wrong. I absolutely believe that we all bear the guilt for the reprehensible things our government has done. I don’t for a moment think that any of us will be judged well in whatever afterlife may exist, or by future historians, if any of our species survives that long, which continues to strike me as incredibly unlikely.

We are all guilty here. There are no saints. But I do believe in a sort of sliding scale of responsibility. The more power you have to effect change, the more culpable you are; the more you have done to enable these policies, the more culpable you are.

If you’re a harried single mother of three with two jobs living in a red state, you don’t have very much responsibility, in my opinion, to change things. If you’re that same harried single mother but you voted for Bush twice because you’re afraid of the Mexicans and the queers and the Arabs, you have more responsibility, whether you accept it or not. If you’re a well-off married father who gets paid wingnut welfare to blog and write columns, and you voted for Bush twice because you’re afraid of the Mexicans and the queers and the Arabs, and also because you like his tax cuts, you are very guilty of what this nation has become.

And if you’re a radical liberal stay-at-home woman with a partner who makes good money, you also are guilty of what we’ve become. And hopefully you can do something about it, though I tend to think nothing can be done about it at this point, though it doesn’t stop me trying just out of sheer guilt.

But it’s possible to be mentally resigned to the notion that we will very likely destroy most of the species on this planet, including our own, within the next few decades, while also physically doing what you can to prevent it. I suppose it’s the political equivalent of a persistent vegetative state. You keep moving, but you ultimately don’t know why.

But with that all in mind, it’s hard to blame others who are quite likely more optimistic about the species’ future, or the country’s future, but more pessimistic about their own future or their family’s future, for concentrating on that and hoping the rest of us will take care of the other stuff.

Though for the record, I know people on disability who won’t register to vote, even absentee, because they don’t want to have to get a doctor’s note to get out of jury duty and anyway, “Politics is so boring”, and “they’re all the same anyway”, and *that* makes me scream and yell. You can tell me you’re too busy, you can tell me you have no way to get to the polls, you can tell me you don’t know who or what to vote for and you don’t trust yourself to figure it out. All those things I will more or less accept while thinking you simply ignorant.

If you tell me, though, that “They’re all corrupt”, or “It doesn’t have anything to do with me”, or if in any way your reason for not getting involved includes the phrase “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion” while discussing a matter of fact, I stop feeling sympathetic pretty quickly and conclude that you are a lazy fool, if not an outright enabler of the corruption and rot.

I may have initially had a point there, though it probably wasn’t an especially useful one. It just struck me funny, and we can blame the migraine meds, that I seem to be on both sides of Jillian’s rational opinion: I think there are good reasons for people to not be doing anything, but I also think that ultimately, this child absolutely will be written off, regardless.

I mostly just object to the flippant “They’re all a bunch of lazy, coddled idiots” dismissal when there are so many better, more specific, targets for that legitimate anger at what’s happening. As far as I can see, the major reason to start kicking at the powerless is an unwillingness to take on the powerful. And that’s something too many of us do too often, even if it’s understandable. The powerful are scary to go up against. And the further down someone is, the more scary that is.

For whatever it’s worth, my partner often suggests that my tendency to make excuses for everyone is incredibly fucking annoying. I suspect that’s true, though I like to think of it as seeing everyone’s side of things. Call it an identity crisis: I’ll walk a mile in everyone’s shoes but my own.


annieangel blesses us with her amazing analysis of the situation…what I want to know is, is it difficult to speak with the President’s cock down your throat?


Sadly no, a mass protest in front of the White House is a far lost thought that our culture no longer has the will for. And if they really thought a mass protest could happen, they would just not let anyone in to DC.

So, is all lost? Is there nothing we can do? But of course! A party. And I don’t mean a little get together with friends. What would happen if 100 million people just left work for two weeks and held a huge distributed street party in each and every city? Shutting down the entire country and having a big party seems to be wisest path left. You can rig the vote, but you can’t stop a good party. I’m afraid that is all we have the will for.


What happened to the America I grew up with, and how can I get it back?

Brad, I’m not that much older than you (34 next month), so I was there too, and I’m gonna say that’s the rose-tinted lenses talking.

As a teenager, I recall seeing arguments between family and friends in the eighties that weren’t far off from what we argue about today: Reagan was a hero/saint, the liberal media’s out to get Oliver North who didn’t do anything wrong, and ohmigawd the commies are gonna invade us through Nicaragua and Texas! Keep us safe! Hundreds of thousands of dead Central Americans as a result? Eh. Nobody I knew, who cares?

The more things change…anyway, point is, we’ve long been this way. As long as our comfortable consumer lifestyles aren’t threatened, we’ll swallow anything and bow our heads whenever told to do so.


I’m just as angry as you, but this is the crux:

“As long as our comfortable consumer lifestyles aren’t threatened, we’ll swallow anything and bow our heads whenever told to do so.”

Until this shit hits home not enough people will care. Until there’s a “torture tax” or people like annieangel have a conversion, the song’s the same, and there’s a lot more missing than more cowbell.


37%. That’s 1 third. As in 1 out of 3. 1 out of 3 people in the country are certifiably insane. Someone should build a wall around us to keep us contained.


Dunno if I’ve said it lately, D. Sidhe, but I love you.


Awww, Jillian. It’s entirely mutual. Shame you’re straight, really, but I will settle for being able to read what you have to say.


ifthethunderdontgetya…that was brilliant…bloody brilliant…


I’d rather have it down my throat than up my ass, like you all seem to like it. It’s like you just bend right over for it, and then complain that it hurts but yet you wiggle it in deeper. I don’t understand it, maybe you didn’t get enough hugs as kids. :/


annieangel blesses us with her amazing analysis of the situation…what I want to know is, is it difficult to speak with the President’s cock down your throat?

Not at all–it’s not a very big cock. Remember, that was mostly a pair of sweast sox stuffed into his flightsuit during “Opperation: Mission Accomplished.”


What an intelligent remark, Marq. Not. Cock comments are not debate.


And “Duh, stop whining” is?

Annie, you are a vicious, nasty, hateful little troll. And that’s not debate, either, but you are not worth debating. You are hardly worth even dismissing, but what the hell, I’ve got nothing better to do tonight.

Go away.


Nope, I don’t have to go away. Why do you hate free speech?

You’re the nasty one, bash Bush, bash me, bash anyone with whom you don’t agree and then claim they aren’t worth debating because you can’t debate!!

You’re disgustingly personal flame post proves my point. You all are just whining and have no intention of actually thinking.

Now you go away.


a.a., who said I was debating you? Bitch. It takes two to debate. If one side chooses not to engage, it isn’t a debate. This is a humor blog that concentrates on political humor; thus, it’s not all that unusual that one might stumble across “cock” jokes. I really shouldn’t have to explain this shit to you, it’s pretty basic stuff.

[considers the source, rolls eyes, moves on to more productive things…]
[begins writing yeast infection skit]


Trolls are like phantom baseball players.

If you feed them, they will come.

Don’t feed the trolls.


Who is the troll? The person who asked if I had a cock down my throat or the person who called me a bitch? I think they both are but I’m not an expert on trolls like you.

I answered the post and ummm….I’m not the only one who answered as I did.

I think you all are just frustrated because you realise your party doesn’t give a crap about you. 🙁 But why should they? You are all a bunch of apathetic whiners.


“You are all a bunch of apathetic whiners.”

Marq, you’re right…the President’s cock must be pretty small for aa to get all that out.

That or her mouth is a lot bigger than normal…nah, smalldickprez.


Aw, come on, Karl, that is a freaking textbook false dichotomy.


You are apathetic unless it has to do with a circle jerk around how much you hate Bush. Then you’re all for it!

Hehehe. And what is the fascination with the President’s penis? You’re resorting to dick jokes??? Pathetic, you whine about your party, but you don’t do shit to force them to stand up, you just keep blaming Bush. I love it. 🙂

It’s brilliant really, he’s got you chasing your own tails. 🙂


Awww, Jillian. It’s entirely mutual. Shame you’re straight, really, but I will settle for being able to read what you have to say.

I’m straight? When did that happen?



The above now becomes some sort of bizarre triple-entendre.

Considering what we know about John’s sexual orientation, that is…


I’m straight? When did that happen?

Somewhere I had gotten that impression. Um. We’ve got a spare bedroom, if you’re interested… Lovely neighborhood and all… Except for, you know, the people.

Okay, okay, I’ll just crush on you from afar. Of course, I was going to be doing that anyway.


I’m afraid I’ve reached the point where my sexual orientation is “Bitter Workaholic”. With any luck, I’ll have moved on to “Crotchety Old Cat Lady” in a few years.

I try hard to have my sense of humor keep me going, but god damn, it gets harder every day.


Howcome Jillian and D. Sidhe get to flirt, and all I get to do is squabble with annieangel and Mal De Mer? There’s no justice, I tells ya!


Marq, if you were down with the ladies, you could start your own harem around here. I know I’d join.

Alas, I’ve already auctioned off all the cute boys I know to the highest bidders.


Best use for ’em, really. 😛


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