Add Another Group to the List

The Powerline Boys have found yet another group of anti-American elitists suffering from extreme Bush Derangement Syndome. This time, it’s the Pentagon’s military lawyers:

Elements of the JAG Corps — career government military lawyers — exert, in my view, an undue amount of influence on how this country will fight the war on terrorism. And not for the good. Along with their former JAG colleague and current mouthpiece in the Senate, Lindsey Graham, they have spearheaded the movement to provide gold-plated process to terrorists who are hell-bent on killing as many Americans and other Westerners as humanly possible.

Duly noted. I will add the JAGs to my personal list of groups that hate America. This list already includes:

-The CIA
-The State Department
-The Media
-The Miller brewing company
-The Democratic Party
-The Chinese
-All other swarthy non-white peoples

Or put another way: the .000000000000001% of the world’s population that agrees with Powerline is right, while the rest of us are wrong.

UPDATE: Buh-doing! How did I forget to add the gays? Well, I’m fixing that right now:

-The gays

Thanks, Marq.

Gavin adds: You forgot Venezuela, college professors, Hollywood, the teachers’ unions, the ACLU, environmentalists, and the UN. But I don’t know what all this new fuss is about, personally. They only ever had like one hit.

Above: This week’s focus of roistering conservative bwaa-ha.

Next time it’s liable to be spontaneous outrage over Fingerprintz or Wreckless Eric. Conservatives are weird.


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Don’t forget the Klingons!!!


God damn I fricken hate Klingons. Those smarmy pinko bastards.


Drinking Samual Adams beer is like taking a big tall swig of bloody diahrea.


Well, there has got to be a small island somewhere in Pacific or a village in New Guinea where noone has ever heard of America…


yeah, bulbul, I’m pretty sure the various Papuan villages are signed on to the Coalition of the Willing (geez, when was the last time you heard someone utter that phrase.) However, I’m pretty sure the newly discovered Olmec writings in Mexico prove that all Mexicans are trying to take over the world (including the south Pacific) and therefore, you are an appeaser.

Also, Sam Adams has never made me poop uncontrollably. In fact, it’s a very uptight beer.


Un-fucking-believable. That’s… goddamn….
They’ve broke my snark.
I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with my usual politic sites. I can’t take much more of this.
Sweet babuy jesus on a stick a deep fried.

It’s like living with six year olds.

The just abosolute… ignorance isn’t the right word, for one it’s not strong enough, of these people.


Brad, sweetie, you forgot the marriage-destroying, kid-recruiting, evil, dirty faggots. We They hate America, too–and I should know!

[goes back to adjusting leathers]


“career government” = Not loyal to Bush Americans…


We must fight the enemy on earth so we don’t have to fight them in the Mutara Nebula


I think, if you’re going to include the evil, dirty faggots, you’ll have to throw the feminazis on the list, too.

Alongside the Martians and the Wookies, of course. Probably the Vorlons, too. I think the Sith would be their kind of people, though.


hey, owlbear1. I can’t help but wonder after reading your posts for the last several months if you aren’t the person who I dubbed “owlbears” in a fantasy football league about four years ago. I just can’t imagine why someone would claim the name “owlbear1” otherwise because it certainly isn’t for the hit dice.


Sorry swoof, never played fantasy football and it has nothing to do with AD&D either; although I did play that, well at least the first two editions.


Does anyone have e-mail addresses for the Powerline Authors (better than their generic feedback line)? This old marine is in a mood to tell those assholes about an oath I once took, to support and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.


You’re entirely too specific…only generalized depictions will work for the people they hate and attack. For example, those who understand reality, the informed, the unbiased, or in this case, those who understand the law.


It’s okay as long as you read any wingnut post with the voice of the comic book guy from the Simpsons.


Oops…sorry about that….there was supposed to be an image there (it previewed fine).

Is its absence another example of the evils of teh Blogofascism? Only sprezzaturra knows for sure!


So… people who have devoted their lives to studying military law (I’m assuiming this is what “carrer government military lawyers” means) are exerting a large influence on our handling of military law?

And this is a bad thing?

Seriously, when you guys talk about Powerline being named “Blog of the year” by Time Magazine it’s just a joke, right?


How did you forget the moonbat lieberals?! They detest America!


Elton Motello hates America?
But he gave me..uh, wait…


The fact of the matter is, “all other swarthy non-white peoples” does, in fact, cover Klingons. You cringing liberals would do well to recall that the Klingons hated us before they liked us, so they should never be trusted.

The fact of the other matter is that the Mutara Nebula is where Kirk fought Khan and destroyed him. Khan was a genetically-engineered superman from the Middle East. If we don’t destroy the Muslamonaziliberals’ ability to genetically redesign God’s great creation now, then the fruit of their labor will kill Mr. Spock in two and a half centuries! Our course is clear, people!!


You forgot the Dixie Chicks!


You forgot Poland!


“they have spearheaded the movement to provide gold-plated process to terrorists who are”

‘gold-plated’ is the new ‘due’.


…and yet, if they were to find themselves in jail, they’d be screaming about how they were _guaranteed_ due process under the Constitution…

How is it that their pointy little heads not exploded or imploded or otherwise messily refused to associate with their obviously alien minds?


Don’t forget the Dixie Chicks.


Oh, and Canuckistan (otherwise known as Canada) because we wouldn’t got along with the war in Iraq.


Pot heads
People in Berkeley
People in San Francisco
People who wear open-toed shoes
But I’m repeating myself.


If the TV show “Jag” was (is? Is it still on?) any indication, the incredibly fit and good looking military lawyers with an incredibly developed yet idealistc sense of justice and very high moral standards will surely get us out of this mess.

If necessary, they can team up with Walker, Texas Ranger (if he’s not busy catching bad guys in bear traps).


You forgot Winnie the Pooh. That cocksucking bear killed Jack Kennedy.

Also, what the fuck is “gold-plated process?” Does that mean having some semblance of a fair trial? Is that something to be outraged about? I’ll be willing to let fucks have all the guns they want if they will recognize there is more to the Constitution than the Second Amendment.


Another inexplicable omission from your list:

The Majority of the People of the United States of America


they have spearheaded the movement to provide gold-plated process to terrorists who are hell-bent on killing as many Americans and other Westerners as humanly possible.

As far as I can tell, chief among the people now “hell-bent on killing as many Westerners as possible” is the wingtard’s Dear Leader (or, as they would spell it, Dere Leeder). Because Dubya is using Halliburton’s “gold-plated process” to kill Americans in Iraq, among other places, as collateral to his goal of turning the entire Middle East into the staging ground for Armaggedon. Why does Dubya hate America?


If they go after Wreckless Eric, it’s war!

Tara the anti-social social worker

Don’t forget Amnesty International and the Red Cross.


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