Dear Democrats:

Here’s a nice simple answer to give voters when they ask why you’re opposing Bush’s warrantless wiretapping/kangaroo court bills:

“This President screws up everything he touches. Do you really want to give him more power?”

It’s simple, it’s blunt, and it also has the virtue of being true.


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It would be refreshing to see the Democrats cease fellating Li’l George, but I don’t think their corporate owners are going to allow it.


DAMN YOU BRAD DRINK ME!!! I can make all the pain go away…

Spleens r not obscene

I tell them free porn will be history unless we make a stand.


Hey there Steel Reserve. I can’t help but notice that you didn’t appear on the Top 25 listing of the best beers in the U.S. Perhaps the Great Lakes have rusted you.
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That’s good. You can use that for just about any issue really.

“Why? Not with this corrupt president and congress.”


More to the point, IMO:

“He should just get a warrant.”


“Why won’t the President just get a warrant? What is he hiding?”


Brad, you’re making the common mistake of believing that wingnuts respond to reason.

Here’s what they would say in response:

“Bush is a good Christian man. I trust that God is guiding him in whatever he does.”


“Oh yeah? [fill in name of any Democratic politician] would be worse!”


“You’ve just got Bush Derangement Syndrome.”

These people cannot be reasoned with.


Facts have a well known liberal bias.

Who cares if everything is spiralling to a beautiful oblivion? He’s a good, white, christian man, so it’s all good!


Facts have a well known liberal bias.

I know who you are… Stephen Colbert!


If only, Mark. If only….


The fact that we have to have a conversation with any of our elected representatives as to exactly WHY holding trials where the accused may not see the evidence against them is a BAD idea makes me physically ill.

This administration has consistently and deliberately blurred the distinction between criminal acts and acts of war, and always for their own benefit.

Terrorism is a crime, and therefore those who commit terroristic acts are criminals. Amazingly enough, the Constitution has some things to say about the proper treatment of criminals. In fact, the government has used this line of argumentation to try to keep the Red Cross out of Guantanamo and to deny that the detainees there have Geneva rights. Criminals under arrest do not have rights under the Geneva conventions.

And yet, one cannot hold criminals indefinitely without trial….there’s that oh-so-inconvenient clause in the Constitution about that.

So the criminals in charge of this country alternate their arguments about whether the detainees are criminals or prisoners of war with a speed that would daze the “take a number” machine on Paris Hilton’s bedpost. It’s blatant, it’s obvious, it’s self-serving, it’s criminal, and it’s disgusting.

A president who violates the Constitution in this way is like a priest who rapes an altar boy. Both have taken a trust that many people hold to be sacred and completely shit all over it.

And the fact that it’s gone on for three years with NO ONE in power saying or doing anything about it is a large part of the reason I think it’s just about time to stick a fork in American democracy.

Worst. President. Ever.

His onlly “legacy” will be that he took a strong stand against gay marriage.

If you call that a “legacy”.

And as for the fact that he burned through the bank account and poisoned the world against the US, the wingnuts will remain studiously silent, until a Democratic president takes office and it is finger-pointing time.

Worst. President. Ever.

Cenk Uygur:

…So, as I was wondering why any voter would still back this group of losers and yes-men, I came across two quotes that summed it all up for me. They are both from Republican voters. They both do a great job of explaining the mindset of the remaining Republicans.

First, here is a woman from Colorado who explained to the New York Times why we should never question our leadership:

“I agree with what he is doing,” said Ms. Goodman, a Republican, who said the public could not always know the reasoning behind the administration’s actions. “We have to trust our leadership, and we have to trust our military, and we have to trust that they want to protect us.”

Facts be damned. All we need is faith. Unquestioning loyalty and complete trust. Every con man’s ultimate dream. And democracy’s kryptonite.

But at least it explains it. She still supports the president because she doesn’t bother to check with the facts. She just turns over her judgment to blind trust of the Republican Party. For whatever else that rationale lacks, it does not lack clarity.

But just in case you missed it, a Republican voter in Georgia wants to make it even clearer. Here’s what she had to say to the Associated Press:

“There are some people, and I’m one of them, that believe George Bush was placed where he is by the Lord,” Tomanio said. “I don’t care how he governs, I will support him. I’m a Republican through and through.”

That just might be favorite quote of all time. “I don’t care how he governs.” There it is.

“I’m a Republican through and through.” You said it!

(Hey, Gary! The “Republican vorter from Georgia” — was that you?)


r€nato- I’m not trying to reason with wingnuts. I’m trying to appeal to the majority of people in this country who think we’re on the wrong track.


“He screws up everything he touches”

Does that include Condi?


Oh, oh, why do we elected Democrats have to make tough decisions? It’s not fair. Can’t we let a few lightning-rod Democrats and “dissident” Republicans just make the points for us and we hide out of the way?


Giving him more power is like handing live power cables to a man standing in water.


And George would add a ‘signing statement’ that reads “yep, whatever”.

As far as ‘reasoning’ with Bushies? “Democrats will eventually steal the presidency back; so with the new powers you want George to have in mind, can I get your name now to save time when a Democrat becomes President? America is long overdue for a fascist purge and we want to make sure to dig out every bit of cancerous growth.”


WPE: I think the only good thing he’s done is making the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands National Monument.

Tara the anti-social social worker

Owlbear, I like it, but instead of “a Democrat,” say “Hillary Rodham Clinton,” preferably with sinister music playing in the background.


Karatist Preacher said,
>>“He screws up everything he touches�
>Does that include Condi?

No, but it does include Angela Merkel.


I been using, “Yeah, but think about it, if we nuke Iran then all the oil there will be radioactive. You couldn’t put that shit in your tank, yo?”


Karatist Preacher,



Yah, but it’s our pool and we’re standing next to him. Fuck that.


I been using, “Yeah, but think about it, if we nuke Iran then all the oil there will be radioactive. You couldn’t put that shit in your tank, yo?�

Wouldn’t this make your car go super fast? Honest question.


I saw we nonimate Brad for a presidental bid. This world would be so cool with brad incharge, cept well he’d make the redsox the national teem or something like that, that would be the only uncool thing Brad would do lol.

But in all serousness, B you should like well maybe one day put you’re idea’s towerds senate or congrass, you’d make a kick ass Democrat. I could see you on the hill now, “The senitor from Massachussets has the floor”….”Thank you Mr. Speaker, If I may point out, you guys are all fucktards, here’s how we’ll get this done. Leave Iraq now!”


Upps that should be *say not saw..pardone I just woke up 🙂


Here’s some sense of how even religious wingnuts are thinking. Granted, it’s a single instance. A woman I share my office with was born and raised Missouri Synod Lutheran and is about as pro-life as you can get. Yet, this week she was the one who pointed out the ridiculously wingnutty quilt our neighbor had on her wall. Oh, it was a quilt covered with flags and pithy sayings like “These colors don’t run.” I got a great guffaw from the quilt since it echoed exactly my annual 4th of July T-Shirt which about 30% of the people who see it get it. Anyway, officemate went on and on about how the war on terror was bullshit and on and on. This “war” might actually be something that kills the right-wing mobilization on so-called moral issues because despite what the emmessemm might have you believe, quite a large number of conservative Christians are disturbed by Bush’s lust for torture.


“I don’t care how he governs, I will support him. ”

Well, see that’s the problem. You don’t have nuanced, reasoned discussions about the rule of law, separation of powers, or the Bill of Rights with a person like this.


“Does it include Condi?”

The issue is complex. In particular, some people are capable not only of screwing up everything they touch, but additionally they can screw up the screwing. We are entering the zone of double negations and the “Liar’s Paradox”: Can X who screws up everything screw Y? Suppose he can, then he perhaps does one thing right, ergo, he does not screw up everything.
Suppose he cannot, …

One has to be damn careful in approaching this question.


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