Hey, it was all a joke, we swear!

Oops! The Sadly, No! logs reveal that someone from The Washington Post read this post earlier today. There goes our subscription…


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At least your logs don’t show that your ex-bf from like two years ago still reads your blog twice a day.

Or maybe they do, and you just don’t bitch about it. Or, maybe you just bitch about it in other people’s blogs, because you don’t want to admit that you know that your ex-bf reads your blog twice a day.



Don’t ‘ya just hate it when that happens?


And ex-bf is a dickhead – I’d be happy to break IT’s legs. Nose, nuts, I don’t care… did you know you can smash the headlights out of a 1971 Chevy Pick-Up with a human forehead?

Damn, that was so much fun…


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