My Sacrifice

Gary, I hope you appreciate what I’m doing for you:


That is four, count ’em FOUR Miller High Lives in the span of a half hour.

“&#161Aye, Sr. Bradrocket! &#191You are dreenking that peess to save my job?”

I sure am, Gary. But trust me: it’s all in a day’s work.


UPDATE: Closed that feckin’ tag. Thanks Jillian.

UPDATE II: Crikey. A fumble within the five yard line.

UPDATE III: TOUCHDOWN STEELERZ! Miami really fucked that one up. There’s no way you should ever give up that kinda play to a tight end.

UPDATE IV: Game over. Steelers win. G’night.


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Making love in a canoe tonight, are we?


That beer’s so bad it’s set all the text here on edge!

Night of the Lepus

I’m sitting here, reading this, drinking MB Light which is a Miller product.

MBL: Miller! For the Indigent!

Feel my shame.


You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves! Don’t you know that drinking Miller anything is akin to pledging allegiance to George Bush!?! I mean sheesh, you could at least get down with some keystone or maybe enven Hamms…sheesh…

Oh yeah..and…go Giants! Oops, I forgot this is a football night now…


Is there some sort of football game on tonight? I’ve had too much Bud Lite, can’t find the remote…


Seeing as how Microsoft is also on Michelle’s list to boycott, I will just plan to do my part by downloading lots o’ torrents here on my genuine Windows(TM) OS while drinking Cap’n & Coke.


My TV doesn’t even work. But I’ve got plenty of beer!

The fact is, TV sux. I think I’ll write to ABC and tell them I am boycotting their cr@ppy offal offerings unless they pull their neocon fantasy mockudrama.


Porter touchdown! WooHOOOOO!

And no challenge threatened.


The Dolphins were ROBBED, and you know it.


“High Lives”? Please. Grow “up.” This is the country where
they say, “Do you want a Life Savers?”

Thus, “Four Miller High Life”‘s. And you know it.

Are you from Pittsburg? Does that explain it? I’m from Baltimore
and still ambivalent about Indianapolis.


I thought it was cute how Pittburgh went ahead and scored another touchdown after the one where the dude was out of bounds. That way any grousing about Miami being robbed is muted by the argument that they would have won anyway.


el Gary says “that was exciting when Pittsburgh crossed the GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLLLLLLL line!!!”

By the way, am I retarded because I don’t care that Peyton and Eli Manning are going to play against each other in a couple weeks?


Actually, it’s Sunday. And no, no you’re not. I might watch just in the hopes that a division rival (NYG) will get their asses handed to them, but I couldn’t care less about the “drama” between two players who will never be on the field at the same time between the coin toss and the ending handshake.


Here is a post in defense of High Life. Seriously it is champaigne compared to Bud,Beast, Coors, Corona,and the rest. I actually drank MGD to help the Steelers win Superbowl XX?? against Dallas (they didn’t). Now that was a real sacrifice. Maybe I should have gone for the gusto.


MGD is teh suck

Yuengling Porter is the kewl brew if you live in PA


Like I said in the other thread, I’m sorry, Gary, but I just can’t stoop that low to help you keep your job. Can’t I buy some M&Ms from you on the subway instead?
Or move to Brooklyn and work for the Brooklyn Brewery. Then I’ll do plenty to help keep you employed.


Thers said,

September 8, 2006 at 5:07

Is there some sort of football game on tonight? I’ve had too much Bud Lite, can’t find the remote…

I’m guessing that you absent mindedly drank the remote because it tasted about the same as the Bud Lite.


For the last time, Brad: beer is too important to play politics with.


Y’know, Michelle doesn’t have a lot that’s positive to say about porn either…


I was at a wake last week, at a VFW hall, where the only alcohol was Miller High Life.

And you thought the funeral was depressing.


miller high life isn’t that bad. miller genuine draft is better. quit whining and get back to adding jokes to day by day cartoons.


I like MHL — and it’s union made. None of that non-union microbrewery swill.


The Day by Day yesterday was awesome, because I missed the caption on the last panel and thought it was still supposed to be the White House. I laughed really hard! I was shocked! and then I saw the caption. That chris muir. What a clown. (link:


I know I’m late with this, but:

How about another Miller – Heath, that is?

UVa, baby!


Speaking of Day by Day, am I the only one who thinks that the last few days have made no sense whatsoever? Planned Parenthood stole her car? And who is talking about talking to their hair? I am so confused…


The fact is I only drink imported microbrews. Miller High Life? As if! Suck my balls, liberal losers!


Um, I don’t think that there is such a thing as an imported microbrew. By definition, a microbrew is made by a company that makes less than 15000 barrels per year. Microbrews never really make it out of the region in which they’re brewed. Wrong again, shit for brains.


If you ever want the ultimate in shitty beer in an environment in which it can be truly appreciated, there’s a sleazy little (straight) bar in Chicago at approximately Belmont and Clark that used to serve Busch beer for a dollah. In cans. The clientele is the seedy winos one normally only trips over in the alleys of that neighborhood. I wish I could remember the name of that place. Ah, good times.


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