Thursday is Miller Time

Even though they make shitty beer, I think the Miller Brewing Company deserves our support. Why? Because they’re the target of Michelle Malkin’s latest “WOOP-WOOP-WOOP-GAAAAAAAAH!!!!” jihad. Writes Michelle:

Miller is not only helping illegal alien activists thumb their noses at the law, it’s also thumbing its corporate nose at you […] Live responsibly: Don’t drink Miller this Labor Day weekend. Or any weekend.

“But Bradrocket,” you say. “I don’t want to drink shitty beer just to spite a shrill harpy like Michelle Malkin.”

Well fair enough. But let’s put a human face on this: if Malkin and her ilk get their way, then President Bush’s guest worker program will be cancelled. And if that happens, then poor little Gary Ruppert will lose his job at Netvocates and be deported with his family back to Mexico!

Gary Ruppert sez: “&#161Aye carumba! &#161Por favor, I do not want to go back home! &#161The government, they weel eempreeson me and make me dreenk llama peess!”

Well that settles it: I don’t know about the rest of you, but I will not have the forced intake of llama urine by innocent children weighing on my conscience. So this Thursday, I’m going to buy a six-pack of Miller Gen-u-ine Draft and chug it down while watching the NFL season kick off with the Steelers* against the Dolphins. What’s more, I’ll be live-blogging my experience- and hopefully, it’ll end up better than last year’s Steel Reserve catastrophe. So who’s with me? Who wants to drink Miller and watch football… and save little Gary Ruppert’s job? Pinko Punko, Yosef, J. Brida… where do you stand?

*Man, I hope the Steelers can win without Big Ben starting. It’d be nice if the Pats could get a head start against Miami.


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I’m with ya, Brad. And I don’t like Genuine Draft either (although there are even crappier beers out there…I should know).


shrieking harpy.

shrill harpy.

Just so people know.


I don’t care for beer in general, but you know the best way to cook brats (the best football food) is to braise them in beer, so I’ll volunteer to provide the beer-braised brats. If you’ve got the buns.


Man, I hope the Steelers can win without Big Ben starting.

Could be worse: you could be a Lions fan [shudders uncontrollably].


After I threw up on a good friend’s wife who had ducked in my way of the community bucket (it was a HELL of a party), I vowed never to touch MGD again. I might have a High Life or two for the sake of the poor squinty niños, but that would be the most I could stand. ¿Es bueno?


MGD works great for beer-can chicken. I’m just sayin’.


I’m afraid I can’t join you. Since the whole Muhammad cartoon thing, I only drink Danish beer.


What’s wrong with Miller Genuine Draft?


Man, I hope the Steelers can win without Big Ben starting. It’d be nice if the Pats could get a head start against Miami

Will not matter, as long as the refs show up, the Steelers have this one in the bag.

Yes I’m still bitter, goddammit.


I’m glad someone is willing to step in and take the bullet of drinking shitty beer in a good cause. If we don’t all do our damnedest, the shrill harpy‘s latest foray into large-group manipulation might succeed! Remember how her “buy Danish” turned Denmark into an economic juggernaut? This was much like O’Reilly’s boycott against France, which reduced it to a nation of snooty, moody intellectuals who spent their days sitting at sidewalk cafes and smoking.

When was the last time one of these things actually worked out for the Reich wing?


Odds on Pete Coors being behind this?


Will not matter, as long as the refs show up, the Steelers have this one in the bag.

Yes I’m still bitter, goddammit.

Hey, the Steelers got screwed in the game against the Colts even worse than the Seahawks got screwed in the Super Bowl. Just sayin’.


Odds on Pete Coors being behind this?

Had not even thought of that. Finally, someone more paranoid than I! 😉


Note also that Miller beers are union-made, if I recall the side of the High Life 16-oz can correctly (its contents can make that difficult).


high life in the bottle is my preferred cheap beer.

Karatist Preacher

As a fellow New Englander you should be drinking Smuttynose IPA.


The typical American white male who drinks shitty beer will never give it up for any political cause.


Miller Lite? As a statement of solidarity?!

I’ll buy your fucking six-pack Bradrocket, but it’ll be the greatest sacrifice since Jonah Goldberg decided to stay home to fight his war, his way…post by bloody post.

Can’t I at least buy Dos Equis or something? Negro Modela? Wouldn’t that support more jobs for the peeps back home in el pais?

No…no. I’ll drink it watching Sunday Ticket with the other mumbling drunks down at Smitty’s on 5th Ave, or the Ye Ole Watering Hole. Ugh.


Malkin’s website helpfully lists all of Miller’s brands, which includes the fine Czech beer Pilsner Urquell. Give it a try.


I’ve had just about enough of your Vassar bashing, Brad. I mean, Miller bashing.

I happen to like MGD, and High Life is clearly the champagne of beers. Sure, the fridge is usually stocked with Yuengling and Newcastle, but if I’m out and the options are low, Miller is the way.

You want shitty beer? Look no further than Coors. I’m convinced Coors Light exists only for men who like to pee a lot.


Damn you people. I’m going to have to stop using “Harpy” in my sigs now. I’m not going to google bomb because I’m too lazy to do the link stuff, but if it’ll help, I’ll eliminate the word “harpy” from all my pages, where it currently links to my gmail account. *sigh* Couldn’t you guys have gone with some other word?


High Life is the best of the cheap beers–it lacks the tinny aftertaste of Bud, and it doesn’t contain secret Nazi microchips like Coors. But I’ll be buying some Leinie’s Honey Weiss, which is made by Miller and is easily one of the top 500 beers available in my local liquor store.


Right around the time when Miller Genuine Draft came out, I remember reading an interview on Mojo Nixon where he was riffing on various and sundry injustices. Somehow, he transitioned to the notion that MGD was a ‘darker, richer beer’ and he asked sensibly, “Compared to what, goat piss?”


I thought MGD stood for “Malkin Genuinely Daft”


Alright, enough of the bashing of Miller, a Milwaukee-brewed beer from a decidedly blue city.

Okay, it’s only a beer by American standards, and Lite is undrinkable, but at least it’s not Bud!

Besides, for those of you with palates too ‘sensitive’ for a semi-honest blue collar beer, Miller also produces Leinenkugels, which has a few more appreciable brews. A half and half mix of Honey Weiss and Berry Weiss- HoneyBear- is a fine summer quaff.


I’m pretty sure Miller owns Leinenkugel’s, so those of you in the Midwest who don’t want to drink mass produced Miller can still get a quality brew AND support the cause.

For you West Coasters, Leinenkugel’s is like Henry Weinhard’s. Fairly inexpensive for a decent tasting regionally available beer.


If you resort to qualifying Miller products as good because they’re simply not ________ (Bud, Coors, mine leachate, smallpox, etc.), or because they make a decent meat tenderizer, you might want to consider switching over to something imported or microbrewed. The variety of beers that exist outside the realm of mass produced, preservative-laced, American lagers is simply mind blowing.

Of course, if you’re a toothless redneck, you can disregard this message. We wouldn’t want the terrorists to win, after all.


Hmm. I’m a scotch drinker. I still have half a six pack of something in my fridge from when I moved in February. Help mikey move, get a beer. The only beer I enjoy, and really only in the tropics, is Pacifico. But I’ll tell ya what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna buy a six of MGD and give it to some of the rotten kids in my neighborhood. They’ll be less likely to tag my car, and I’ll have made my contribution – then I’ll go home and have a Laphroaig….



So instead of an innocent troll drinking llama piss, we have to drink it instead?


In the right thread:
So instead of an innocent troll drinking llama piss, we have to drink it instead?


Miller has been a notorious funder of right-wing politics for 30 and more years, already.

I wouldn’t touch a Miller to do anything but wash the s**t off my ass with it.


Karatist Preacher is right. smuttynose is mighty tasty.


I’m going to buy a six-pack of Miller Gen-u-ine Draft and chug it down

How about eliminating the middleman and just pouring the contents of the bottles directly into the toilet?


Glad to see some support here for Miller High Life. It truly is the Champagne of Beers. It says so right on the bottle.


What, Miller has a paid troll now?


Coors = Rocky Mountain Pisswater

If I had known about this, I would’ve bought a six-pack of MGD instead of a gallon of water at the grocery store earlier this morning. Both of them taste about the same. If I really want to spite her, I’d root like hell for NASCAR driver Kurt Busch (sponsored by Miller Lite) this coming weekend at Richmond.


Can I bring Miller to the football party, and then drink someone else’s beer? In a way it would be like spiting and honoring the wingnuts in one gesture.


I’ll drink Pilsner Urquell as Davis suggested until I pull a Tycho Brahe & my bladder bursts! Can’t promise I would drink that much of Miller’s other fine, fine beers…

Hey my Xbox 360 didn’t register my 50 achievement points for using the name of a Czech astronomer who died after a night of heavy drinking in a post about drinking Czech beer. WTF?


To be fair, Miller makes Leinenkugel’s Red, which is actually a pretty good beer. (It’s an all-malt formulation, as opposed to the corn, rice or other crappy forms of starch that most American brewers use as stretchers.)


Wednesday is Prince spaghetti day.

Sorry, there are some things I just won’t do for love, money, or country. Drinking Miller is one of them.


Miller? no can do, compadre.

now if you had said Rolling Rock…

33, y’all.


As I recall, Miller owns Henry Weinhard’s these days, too. Whoever makes Blue Boar can’t be all that bad.


As long as Eva Maglalangalang hates Miller, it’s alright by me.

anything to provide more pictures of her making funny faces on the intertubes….


Yuengling, bitches.


“Sorry, there are some things I just won’t do for love, money, or country. Drinking Miller is one of them.”

Right on. Watching football is another. Though I would consider drinking Pilsener Urquell and watching baseball.


in relevance to the recent north american labour day, miller brewing has high union density rate, so enjoy (or whatever it is blokes do with the piss).

now the the miller brewing company’s very own steel reserve, stuffs of legends. once got stictly bobbinsed with a former member of a formerly notorious straightedge hardcore band on a few 22s of steel reserve, followed by an offer to purchase a sawed off shotgun, a near hondup by a punter in the liquor queue, a bump of ketamine & a knackered shot with two lovely birds at once. all starts with a few 22s of steel resserve. long gone, those days.


“…once got stictly bobbinsed …”

sounds great.

I think.

could we have that in English?


MGD is truly a terrible beer and was the crucial component in several nights that ending in several mornings that ended on the bathroom floor.

High Life, on the other hand, is a lovely brew. It goes well with lots of things, but it goes especially well with Friday afternoons.

But I’ll always have a place in my heart for Genny Cream Ale.

Honour Amongst Steves

Yes, it’s cheap beer, but you don’t have to *drink* it…

— Mix it with strong stout! This extends the quantity of stout (you can share one bottle more easily), plus the stout completely overwhelms what feeble flavor the light beer has.

— Cook with it! Pour a can in a crock-pot, throw in some olives and a can of tomatoes and some chicken, and wait a few hours. Makes a good cheap feed for a crowd.

— For you gardeners: use it as a slug trap! Pour it in shallow bowls and leave it outside. The slugz will find it, crawl in, and drown. Local birds will fish out the slugz and your yard will be filled with extremely happy (if slightly off-key) songbirds.

Last but not least:
— You can bathe in it with an easy conscience.


I enjoyed a Bass Ale this afternoon with lunch. Best. Ale. Around.
Still haven’t tried the Steel Reserve many of you swear by. But thy will be done, by golly. Thy will be done.


Llamas are from Tibet and Peru not Mexico


mmm…lemonheads, I suggest doing a blind taste test with Bass and any locally/regionally brewed pale ale, and see if you still think it’s the best. I found it pretty flavorless compared to Summit Extra Pale Ale brewed in St. Paul.


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