So it’s not a joke right?

We found ourselves wondering if someone wasn’t pulling our leg in this Wall Street Journal editorial, authored by a Harvard law professor:

President Bush’s endorsement of a constitutional amendment to protect the institution of marriage should be welcomed by all Americans who are concerned about equality and preserving democratic decision-making.

Fortunately, s.z. at World O’Crap read the whole thing and provides a useful, paragraph-by-paragraph translation:

President Bush’s endorsement of a plan to write discrimination into the Constitution should be welcomed by all Americans who are concerned about equality, and don’t want homosexuals to get any. And if you don’t welcome it, then you’re probably a Commie.

Do yourselves a favor and read the whole thing.


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Am I the only one who is rooting for the GOP to make this a centerpiece of their campaign. If they put a bunch of energy into this silly shit, and we hammer them on things most Americans actually care about, I’ll be looking at a vast blue sea on the electoral map come November.


Bingo, monkey. I’m also not too sad to see Nader hop into the race for much the same reason. Even Dems that don’t like Kerry will still not vote for Ralphie, but I’ll bet plenty of disaffected Repubs will cast ‘protest votes’ for him instead of Bush.

Anything that spreads the GOP Influence Machine thinner is a Good Thing.


Oh no! Not judicial activism wrecking our democracy!

Next thing you know, unelected judges will be deciding that the equal protection clause applies to the counting of votes for the presidency! Then the Supreme Court will be choosing the President! Will this horror never cease?


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