Siegel Aid Wraps Up

I’d like to thank everyone (i.e., Gavin and the Editors) who helped organize this weekend’s Siegelpalooza festival to benefit the Lee Siegel Foundation for the Deblogonazification of the Internets. And while we’ve raised precisely zero dollars to help Lee’s cause, I think Steven Seagal’s performance will put us over the top and net us a cool 27 cents at least.

And now, my friends, it’s time to close out our festivities with the musical stylings of Chop-Chop-Master Onion:


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But I personally pledged a dollar! I’m beginning to wonder about the legitimacy of the fundraising here…


Pa-Rappa is the awesomest two-dimensional rapping dog ever. When you play the game, it’s very difficult to make Pa-Rappa deliver his rhymes in perfect time, so he ends up weirdly off the beat. The net effect is that he ends up sounding kind of like Eazy-E.

My favorite song in the original Pa-Rappa game, however, is the one with the cooking chicken. “Crack, crack, crack the egg into the bowl.” Good times.


A fitting tribute.


What, no Siege Siege Sputnik reunion?

This sucks harder than Norm Crosby on the Jerry Lewis Telethon.

(To use one of Lee’s favorite phrases.)


I swear you guys aren’t fit to lick Lee Siegel’s nads. 2nd rate hacks.


Damn right, Lee.


I’m-a Wario!
I’m-a gonna win!


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