If only you losers understood the rules

Alberto explains life to us poorly informed idiots:

On Tuesday, the White House counsel, Alberto R. Gonzales, said that critics of the detentions at Guant?namo were ill-informed. Mr. Gonzales, in a speech to a meeting of the American Bar Association, said that the critics failed to understand that the detentions should not be viewed as a civilian law-enforcement situation in which people are entitled to be charged and tried or released. Under the laws of war, he said, they can be detained “and they need not be guilty of anything.”

Isn’t America great?

Thanks to a reader for the link.


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When asked about the US’s many violations of the Geneva Convention, Gonzales replied “Geneva the what now? That’s just silly-talk, cause of silliness and HEY, IT’S CHEWBACCA!”


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