Siegel Aid

Dear the Editors,

Just wanted to drop a line and say that I am completely on board with your plan to hold a benefit concert for the dearly departed Lee “Blogofascism” Siegel. In fact, I love the idea so much that I’ve already booked a few distinguished guests. I hope you don’t mind:

Gavin adds: La lucha continua!


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Lee, Lee, we hardly knew ye.

Oh wait, yes we did, that’s why you’re standing in the unemployment line.


I hear Siegel and Vanilla Ice will get together for a big Wanker Reunion Tour. Let’s see, they’ll be doing the Silver Palace bowling hall in Canton, Ohio and little Suzy Dershmeier’s birthday party in Marrietta, GA….no other dates booked yet, but I’ll be looking forward to their Nashville gig whenever they get here.


The Secret Sock-Puppeteer’s Other Blog: A Concert to Benefit Lee Siegel and His Continuing Fight Against Blogofascism


You mean these guys weren’t invited?


Isn’t Vanilla Ice on the frat house party circuit now?

I mean, the money’s pretty good but your whole audience is all stoked about how corny lame and cool it is that Dude! We got Vanilla Ice, dude!

Blogofascistan uber alles!


[…] So the lineup for Siegelpalooza is starting to come together. I’ve managed to get confirmation from a few more major acts to confirm. I managed to pry these two away from the Royal Shakespeare Company for the event: […]


Geez that was painfully bad. Especially Winger, how did I forget those asshats? Next time MJ’ shows up, somebody ask her how she came to be such a Winger. (Also, I’m still hoping to see an answer to my “how did Noah get the dinosaurs onto the Ark” question.)


Wow. I watched the Andrew W. K. with the sound off first, and I thought, “well, those white guys don’t know how to dance, but it sure looks as though they’re rockin. And who among us does not like to rock.” I thought: maybe sounds like AC/DC or, at worst, some late 90s frat metal act.

And then I turned the sound on. WTF? It sounds like something that didn’t make the cut for Karate Kid soundtrack.


Yeah, God Bless Andy W.K. He’s too sweetly stupid to realize he’s parody.


I saw Andew WK at a music festival in the UK a few years back. He got hit full in the face by a bottle of piss. How we laughed.


Gaaaaaaaah! Thanks for reminding me of the continued existence of Andrew WK. Thanks a lot. That was wankericious.


His music is boring as hell (like SoCal punk boring), but I got a soft spot for Mr. W.K. He played Athens a few years back when I was still doing the music journalist gig. He came off as a sweet guy that really, really, really loved what he did, and a big huge geek. The 40 Watt was full of dudes (seriously, like a dozen girls total, not counting staff) that looked just like him and you knew not a one of ’em ever missed Adult Swim. Guy did his thing for almost two hours, then talked to whoever wanted to talk to him. He was chatting with chunky long-haired half-elven thieves till like 4 a.m. And then he went to a party.

I hope, however, he learned a lesson from the other two videos’ subjects and invested wisely.


How about this? It’s Ashlee Simpson’s finest moment as a lip-syncher and her abrupt departure from the stage is a perfect metaphor for Siegel’s abrupt departure from the print stage.


Is anyone else having trouble with youtube videos? I haven’t been able to get them to play past 27 or so seconds, ever since not long after their half-day-long outage. Coincidence? My computer? Wassup? (And it takes f o r e v e r to get the vids d/l’ed, too…) Anybody got a clue for me?


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