Hey, What’s This Wooden Horse Doing In The Driveway?

This YouTube group just went up an hour ago, and invites went out immediately. All the original members are new to YouTube, and the group owner looks like a found picture of some chick with boobs.

Democrats assemble here and share videos

Huh. It would certainly be interesting if the right-wingers were to start howling about ‘Democrats’ posting montages of US troops being killed, and calling the USMC ‘losers’ and ‘scum,’ and doing lots of graphics with swastikas, and baiting Jews, and all that. (Don’t tell them we linked or anything. Let’s just see what happens.)


…Not that such an effort hasn’t already started.

UPDATE: Yup, they’re busted. Check out this ‘pro-immigration’ video.



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Straight out of the Donald H. Segretti playbook.


I like how the spelling of ‘dwarfs’ is Tolkien’s ideosyncratic ‘dwarves’. That tells you something about whoever posted this screed on youtube.

I doubt this is a hardass army special-ops guy like the text suggests.


At least they didn’t say ‘democrat'(sic) party members post videos here.


So, wouldn’t now be the appropriate time for Sadly, No! operatives to covertly infiltrate this group and flood their listings with videos of kittens? Democratic kittens, of course.

Just a thought…


Umm, I was taught to spell it “dwarves” in school. It’s not ideosyncratic in Australia.


Leaf->leaves. Why not dwarf->dwarves?

Anybody with a decent webacm? Join the group and upload a simple statement that this group is a rebumpkin sock puppet?

I’d give it 5 stars if someone did.


In the US at least, the medical condition is ‘dwarfism’. I remember reading somewhere that Tolkien deliberately used ‘dwarves’ which was an archaic, abandoned spelling. I’ll have to check out a first edition OED to be sure.

I just get this mental image of Gimli, carrying his axe, tripping over his beard as he runs the obstacle course. Very silly of me.



What’s so archaic?


Oh, you’re all a bunch of gooves.


Keep an eye on peterbbb, a member of the group. The group’s main page currently lists 7 videos. Five of those were originally posted by peterbbb 1 to 2 weeks ago.


Don’t worry about the horse, Gavin. I moved it into the garage.


Oh, you’re all a bunch of gooves.

So, no kitten videos then?

Also, perhaps I’m oblivious, but can someone tell me exactly what was with the repeated tarantula image in that immigration video? Is there something specific about that, or are they just trying to be extra-bonus scary?


NOTE: If you doubt this is true how is it there are WOMEN + DWARVES!!!



What about the owner of the group? A twenty year old female with a particular hatred of the marines as opposed to other branches of the military?

Who is showing off her breasts, but offers nothing else sexual in nature on her page?


I think Neiwert would grudgingly agree with Ms Malkin’s assessment of the eliminationist rhetoric she cites. I know I do. And I really despise that tarantada . I don’t have a problem with Bush vilification, mind you. He’s certainly earned it. But some of that is just beyond the pale.


Hmm, peterbbb has a cat as his profile pic…WAIT, could it be a kitten of doom? Could he be leading a purge of some kind? Aiding the enemy in numerous yet unknowable ways?

I say yes, yes and yes.


Off topic…this deserves some entertaining skewering:

Interview with Harvey Mansfield:

How does our declining manliness impair our understanding of the Middle East and the Arab world?

Mansfield: That’s a good point. I think our failure to understand manliness does effect our political understanding in general, and especially of the Arabs in the Middle East who seem to have a surfeit of manliness and suffer very much from the sense of being second best or of losing out compared to the rest of the world. And so they need very much to have manliness find them a more sensible outlet than the extremist politics that they’ve been carrying on for half a century now and maybe longer. It seems that Islam does not provide the same moderate critique of manliness that other religions do.


It looks like utubedemos and peterbbb work together, à la Annie Angel and whatever his name was. See, for example, the comments at utubedemos’ personal page. Or maybe they’re the same person.


Who is showing off her breasts, but offers nothing else sexual in nature on her page?

Actually, utubedemos’ list of videos includes something called “Why I am still a virgin at 24 – short explanation,” which You Tube has listed for viewers 18 and older, as well as a video entitled “Banned Apple iPod commercial Asia,” in which a young Asian woman eats a banana in a provocative manner. The immigration video discussed in Gavin’s post was posted in response to this second video, if that makes any sense.


Someone needs to do a reverse parody of this. Media Matters and crooksandliars.com should have just about all the video clips one would ever need.


Nice to see someone posted a “this is a fake site” image over there. Any way to pre-emtively flood the zone?

The right is still making hay out of the “MoveOn.org said Bush was Hitler!!!11!!!!1” nonsense, so God only knows what they’d do with this.


And the “this is a fake site” image has already been purged and replaced by some genuine Democratic videos supporting Bin Laden and Himmler. Awesome.

YouTube accepts complaints about their pages. Now’s the time, folks.


She does have nice boobs, though. If i really cared, i might sign up, but meh.


The problem with right-wing parodies is that they’re always so subtle that it’s easy to miss the humor. Truly they have mastered the art of nuance.


the world is getting so fucking meta is soon going to disappear into itself, as we all reflect on our reflection in the reflecting pool. meanwhile, my head hurtz.


Yeeeaahhh, I’m not sure what the word is for a fake site someone makes in hopes that one of the Great Media Warriors (right blogo) will pick them up and use them to attack the left.

My inner pervert won out, and I signed up. The virgin thing was.. retarded. So not only is this a fake left attack bait page, but also a horny one.
However, if we explore the identity that is utubedemos (which, I think we can all agree, is some fat 30 something guy living in a basement) we can extrapolate that the virgin video is either suposed to be based off a pornography addiction, or that the ID is supposed to be a lesbian.
Taking the first scenario, are we to believe that the virginity of utubedemos is that, having reached only rejection and failulre from all real life romantic interests, that he user has created a pyschological substitute in pornography; a barrier wall, if you will, to protect themself from further pain and rejection? Probable.
BUT, the video’s page clearly states “sorry, guys”, which indicates that the alter ego is a lesbian.
Heh. Hot lesbians FTW.
Irregardless, if http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=utubedemos this is supposed to be the pages of videos the user has submitted, consider it account bogus on principle, since the utubedemos profile states “her” age to be 20, while the virgin video claims an age of 24.
Yes, I have far to much free time. Yes, I am very, very lonely. Shut up.


And that is why I am still a virgin at 24 too.


I can’t post for shit. What I attempted above:

Really, it’s worth a read.


You want some “interesting” YouTube videos from the right? Do a search on Joseph Turner, Pamela Oshry, or Save Our State.


Hang on, is Massachusetts included in the shaded in states in the screen cap above? I’m confused – are we being awarded to Mexico, Canada, or just forming our own renegade socialist homonup republic? If someone could let me know, I’d appreciate it. I’d like to know which new overlords I should prepare to welcome.


Mass, Southern Florida (meh, I wouldn’t miss it) and maybe RI look like they’re going la Revolucion.


Well, I’m all for giving California and Utah back to Mexico, but can we keep Nevada? I’ll swap ’em for Idaho, straight up.


I think Neiwert would grudgingly agree with Ms Malkin’s assessment of the eliminationist rhetoric she cites. I know I do.

I think Neiwert would point out the intellectual dishonesty of regarding Assassination Vacation as an example of eliminationist rhetoric. It’s not a suggestion manual, it’s simply a travelogue following around on the trail of three our of four successful assassinations. The fact that they are all Republicans is simply a historical and geographic accident: that out of all those who were shot on the East Coast, they all happened to be Republican. It would require going about 1,500 miles out of her way to go from where, for example, McKinley died to where Kennedy (the sole successfully assassinated Democrat) died.

One could have made it more bipartisan by following around on the trail of all fifteen attempts on presidents (successful and unsuccessful) but that would have been a lengthy and wasteful exercise, encompassing not only the United States proper, but also Kuwait and Georgia (the country, not the state).

Malkin is, and remains, a partisan hack.


So what was “her” reason? I just want to find out without watching a stupid video.



I checked out some of the videos in Peter favorites collection. They include “Monkey Drinks Own Pee”.

How, uh, creative.


even more telling that these people aren’t democrats (or, if they are, they are the kind of democrats found in bizarro world) is petertbbb’s (the guy that “made” those videos) statement on utubedemo’s personal page:

actually I dislike jews and muslims. i hope they cancel eachother out somehow.

oh yeah. that’s how a democrat talks.


did you notice “why i am a virgin at 24?” … ugh i didn’t…

annnnywaaay, sounds to me like the virgin fantasy.. plus, they have Bin Laden as the “front man”..

i think it is some fundy sickness showing from under the closet door.. trying to act like liberals so they can be krwl.. it only shows how sleazy these repressed critters get.


Another video posted by peterbbb on YouTube:

ann coulter sex video – she’s always a woman to me
No matter what some people say, I think she’s hot


Umm yeah, lots of Dems think Mann Coulter is hott! 🙂


So she’s supposed to be 20, but can’t believe she used to dance to some of those 80s tunes.

Is she talking about in preschool?

I wonder how many other little turds are waiting to blossom.


the Moonies have started posting propaganda videos on youtube. I posted comments simply directing people to google certain words to expose the lies and what a group of frauds they were. All comments were scrubbed within 24 hours.


“Umm, I was taught to spell it “dwarvesâ€? in school. It’s not ideosyncratic in Australia.”

Damn I’ve been calling them “shortarses” all this time.


[…] And wouldn’t it make just as much sense if the UtubeDemos were actual liberals posing as not-so-bright conservatives so left-wing blogs could post about how stupid and disingenuous those right-wingers really are? And how exactly did Sadly, No! find out about it within an hour of its launch, gimlet-eyed diligence notwithstanding? Even if S,N! are right, it bears asking: If an unsuspecting Bush-hater happened upon this YouTube channel and uploaded sincere leftist propaganda, would that constitute entrapment? And let’s not forget the people who posted all the comments along the lines of: Remeber this dirtbag: we will hunt you down one by one or in masses and kill you without remorse. You’ve chosen the Marines as your slander target because we are one of your biggest threats. […]


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