Oh what a PAC!

We wish we could say we’re surprised, but… sadly, no! A visit to FrontPageMagazine takes on a wild and magical journey to:

STOP Hillary PAC

Dear friends, do you suppose the good PAC people are thinking about what William Safire is thinking?

It is very likely that Hillary Rodham Clinton is going to run for President of the United States in 2004.

Inside the Washington, DC Beltway, the “professional Republicans” do not believe she will run; instead, the conventional wisdom is that she will wait until 2008 to run.

Guess what? These are the very same people who, back in 1992, never thought then-President George H.W. Bush could possibly lose to a draft-dodging, pot-smoking newcomer named Bill Clinton. So they took Clinton lightly and never even attacked his atrocious record in Arkansas! [Emphasis added]

Oh no, not this again. The PAC’s web site is full of interesting and amusing features, such as a Hillary Translator. What it does is take a series of fairly innocent remarks by Hillary and tell you what she really means. Want some examples? Here you go:

When Hillary says:

So, how do we get smarter and fresher in posing that alternative…? We want to be looking for new ways to move the entire American enterprise forward.

What she really means is:

I will never rest until we have true European socialism in our government. The thing is, the media and the public are so darned easy to manipulate. I am going for cradle-to-the-grave coverage. If i call it the ‘American enterprise,’ I can do anything I want. Just sound patriotic while instituting a truly radical agenda!” [Emphasis in original]

Aren’t you glad you now know what Hillary really meant?

There are many more, so please do stop by and help. It looks like they could really use the help:

C00364257 I Pennsylvania

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Please help now. Do it for America.



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