O Yeah, Baby!

Yeah, Novakula, u know what Bradrocket luvs 2 hear. Pour that sweet sugar all over my nips!

If Democrats prove that they can hold their leads against the vulnerable GOP districts in the third and fourth columns, then they will press their advantage effectively and probe for more weaknesses until they start winning in seats in the second column of the chart (leans GOP) and even the first (likely Republican Retention). If this happens, it will be like a dike bursting for the GOP. Too many holes will appear to be plugged up, and Democrats will almost certainly take the House. Then we will have concrete reasons to expect a 25 or 26 seat GOP loss.

Bring it. November can’t cum soon enuff.


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There’s not enough political commentary in which “dikes” burst, I say.

Plug up that hole, daddy!


He stepped into the booth and pulled the curtain shut. It instantly became close and warm, and I couldn’t help but be aware of how my pulse raced in the hollow of my throat. He wasn’t my usual type – I never could figure out how to run my fingers through a mullet, and the NASCAR cap would’ve gotten in the way regardless – but there was just something about the way he looked at me that set loose a shower of butterflies in my stomach.

“Do it, baby!” came tumbling out of my mouth before I realized what I was saying. His fingers moved lower, down to the row of buttons in front of him, and he started pushing. Each one had a small capital “D” next to it. My heart beat in time with his fingers. D, D, D, D………I prayed it would never end.

And that’s how my GOP dike burst.


Suddenly NoFacts is a font of wisdom? I say thee nay, nippleboy.

Yeah, I feel the change in the air, too, and the Ye Olde GOP Wedge Issues ain’t playing in Peoria like they used to. But I felt so burned in Nov. ’04 that I’m not going to rest till all the votes are counted.


Haha! Like we even count them anymore.


Awwww, don’t be like that, baby………..you know the American electoral system still loves you.

It’s just that you make it mad sometimes, and when it gets mad, sometimes it just gets a little crazy. Why do you always have to make it mad, baby?

It’s sorry about last time, honeybear. It promises it won’t ever happen again. Look, it even brought you flowers! Come on and give it a kiss……oh, yeah.


oh god, oh god, I’m gonna, I’m gonna … bleaarrrghhh!

what was your name again?


You people are sicker than a hound dog full o’ rotten peaches. And I love you all. I only wish you were real….



I know my electoral sweetie only steals my votes because he loves me too much. Besides, he promised, “no more fraud, baby.” He means it this time! He cried and everything!


Thank you for not posting a picture.

Don’t forget; Diebold has been stealthily infiltrating all areas of the country. Plus, FLA and Ohio were test runs; all the anti-democratic tactics used there will be appearing in every state with a potential Blue win.


I am real. Didn’t that leprachaun on your shoulder who tells you to burn things mention that?


We love you, too, mikey.

And we’re all real. I dunno about anyone else, but in a lot of ways, I’m “realer” in my online words than I am anywhere else.

This place – and others like it – have been my saving grace more than once when I was feeling too dejected.


And we’re all real.

I’m not.

[/Life of Brian]


Dood, I’m pretty sure that leprachaun is the same one who told me to try to hit on Mayor Feinstein back in like ’82 during the columbus day parade. You might have heard about it – I think my little, er, disagreement with her security team made the national news. But without any context. I’ve stopped listening to him since…



If Katherine Harris wins in Florida (thanks, Diebold!) I will finally leave, and do what I can to take my state with me.

my leprechaun tells me so.


if Katherine Harris wins in Florida, I’m going to sell all my belongings so I can build a huge steel pronged sculpture, 300 feet tall, rent a crane, stick it prong first into America, and turn it the F*** over, cuz it’s DONE.


If you’re leaving, take me with you.



Not me. I’m gonna fill a buncha sandbags and open up a store. Right here at my house. All I’m gonna sell is cigarettes and ammunition. At my prices. I’m gonna do just fine when it all implodes, bay bee….



*cough* I’m leaving for Seychelles. Can you meet me at JFK?


Mikey, sometimes you sound so much like my neighbor, it’s scary!
And, seeing as how I’m real also, I’m thankful that I have easy access to an ammo supply as well since California is a bit far for me to travel in case of emergency.


Hey, Mikey, if you’ve got like a shed or something, I could start a clinic next to your Smokes ‘N’ Ca’tridges Cheaper! store. Might come in handy.


Oh hell yeah, doc…

Pack o’smokes Twenty dollar

Pack o’ .308 Forty five dollar

Pack a Sucking Chest Wound…

Now that’d be nearly PRICELESS

Now wouldn’t it…



Oh, didja want Blood Expander with that?



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