Video Border Skirmish

Dear The Poor Man,

We see your Dionne Warwick, and raise you…

PS: Behind the scenes at The Poor Man Institute:


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Send the rush videos! Send the Rush videos! Take no Prisoners!


Don’t be disrespecting Dionne, now.


Its a British thing isn’t it?


oi mate, wicked no’ern soul burner there, taken up by the stranglers, a fave of footie legend and manchester city boss stuart pierce, no less.

and easy with the kittie torture,silly american punters.


Kittie Torure?

It looks to me like the cat was voluntarily performing a mind-numbing repetitive and wearying simple task, for which it received a meager reward after a lengthy period.

Kind of like having a job.


wait, i like that stranglers song. does that make me un-ironic?


You kids better pipe down, or I’ll break out the 12 minute version by Isaac Hayes. Hot buttered soul, indeed.


Great guitar work on that version.


Yes, but lip-synching work not so good. He’s off-mike for what, 65% of it?


The Peter Case


TC said,

Kind of like having a job.

bangin right, bruv. or call it piecemeal work for piecemeal pay. or wage salvery. in the days of the wee more imperial blightly, the poor blokes marched to ‘arise ye workers from yer slumber.’

well, right time to get a sozzed, go aggro on the little spacs with the football across the arc.


ps – another buzzin soul redo. the video’s a crack up, somtehing about ET goes turd fishing. righto, off.


I figured the cats were powering the Editors internet tubes.


That’s probably the stupidest waste of a perfectly lovely Bengal cat that I have ever seen. My own Bengal woke up from his nap to respond to her cries for liberation. I forsee unionization in the future in the GW household. Thanks a lot.

Shop Steward, Local 324, Bengals of America


never was a big fan of the stranglers until i saw them. high school buddies were big fans. they had an extra ticket for irving plaza. glad i went. jaw-dropping awesome. still iffy on some of their records, but they are/where(?) the real deal live.


I love the stranglers. The tone of the bass is the greatest ever.


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