I’m not dead yet!

Last week, we reported on Dennis Prager’s nipple exposing obsession:

By showing more of their bodies, women can announce that they are women. There are other ways young women can publicly demonstrate their distinct female identity — for example, by wearing feminine clothing and other feminine behavior, being a wife, being pregnant and being a mother.

Today we learn that Dennis has more — oh great:

As much as feminists may disdain the roles of mother or wife, those roles have bestowed power as well as meaning and satisfaction on the vast majority of women in history.

Does that sound like a pile of crap to you? Don’t call now! Dennis continues:

When all is said and done, heading a home and being married to a good man are far more satisfying to most women than college teaching or corporate work. [Emphasis added]

Female readers of S,N! are asked to report for wife and motherhood duty at their earliest convenience. And remember that if you don’t, Dennis will be staring at you through powerful binoculars:

The more skin men see, the more they think sex, not love. And that includes guys your age, your male teachers, your clergyman, your mailman, and the old man next door.

You have been warned.


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Couldn’t he just say, “I don’t know any women, but I am sure they really want to be mommies. After all, they are weak, nurturing people and hurt themselves when they leave the home.”


Well, I keep TRYING to show up for wife and mommy duty, but people keep running away screaming.

I even took a shower first the last time. I have no idea what the problem is.


How many women have to reject you over what period of time to make you talk this way? “Stupid ovaries won’t talk to me…and they keep taking my jobs…I’ll show ’em! I’ll let the world know they’re secretly unfulfilled shrews but it’s OK ’cause all they have to do is marry a good penis and spawn! My superiority complex r0x0rz! And buck up, little vagina campers!”



When all is said and done, picking cotton and being cared for by a good master are far more satisfying to most Negroes than college teaching or corporate work.


I must concur. I have personally met some Negroes and never have they complained about picking cotton.


Of course, the less skin men see, the more they think about sex, too. Catch-22 for the testosterone crowd.

Bottom line: It’s hard being a guy (small pun). Maybe that’s why some men are trying their hardest to convince women to stay indoors–out of sight of the male gaze entirely–and not set mankind’s loins aflame by wearing too much (or too little) clothing.


Is Prager trying to out-stupid himself with each successive column?


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