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Like TBogg said.



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Ooh creepy. Gah.


Is that the current strip?

Bah Dum Ching!

When will this guy just give up and start tossing in the Overfiends?


How does she take her clothes off while talking on the phone?


And just WHAT the hell is up with the leering guy leaning in at the end?


Oh. I get it. Photoshop. sorry. carry on with the snark.


I’ve said it before and this pilonidal cyst of a cartoonist will undoubtedly goad me into saying so again soon:

The Funny is a jealous master and will forsake he who it suspects of serving another. Just ask Dennis Miller. And Glenn Beck.


How does she take her clothes off while talking on the phone?

With a pink eraser, of course.


Bah Dum Ching!

Using one’s own badly stencilled cartoons for wank fodder is teh creepy.


She has a really nice ass. With apologies to Booty Call, that
thing must bounce like a low-rider in a Dr. Dre video.


Wow Gavin! I’ll start following Day by Day if you’ll “fix” it for us every day.


Seems as though perhaps chaos HAS ensued. I keep trying to say this – and it’s not even good. But now it’s me against WordPress, mano a mano!!

Hey, this is WAY better than that fascist duck. Oh, it’s every bit as stupid, but the hot half naked chicks are way more fun than the rumpled racist duck. That goddam duck is some kind of cross between Dick Cheney and Pat Buchannan with web feet and a beak. Hell, I read all the comix in the merc news. Even Rex Morgan. And I won’t let my eyes even come in contact with that noxious duck. Now maybe if he could draw some hot chix…



Rumsfeld violate’s Godwin’s law!

god I hate that man (Rumsfeld that is)


why am I always shocked by how low Muir will go in his weird conservo-comic porn?

this is the best one yet Gavin.


Hey, a guy has to keep his scumbag readers interested somehow.


Too much genuine DxD content.


I don’t get it. Is this supposed to be funny? Is it irony? Is she supposed to be the out of touch person who’s funny in her weird way? This makes no sense. This is worse then Prickly City when it tries to be political and funny, and ends up dumb and poorly informed. I’m so confused.


Even Rex Morgan

My fiance is a cartoonist, and he loves how Rex Morgan is drawn. When he told me he reads that strip, I honestly thought he was the only person left in the world who did.

Well, mikey proves me wrong.

Even Rex Morgan? Man, that’s… I just don’t have the attention span. Hell, at least Prince Valient is only once a week.


I demand that every strip be improved.


She must be getting ready to shower that red shit out of her hair.


Rex Morgan? yeah, it’s got that cool semi-retro ultra-smooth look. All the men have impossibly square jaws, and so forth.

Now that the cops have shot the kidnapper/killer woman there, and the fake doctor is on the lam, are we ever gonna find out if Rex’s daughter has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, or what? How many months has she been sick now?

And it’s got the same problem as Spider-Man, in that Monday is just a lame version of Sunday.


Ever notice the resemblance between Rex and Junes daughter and Jon’ Benet?

Just sayin…



The fact is, three frames is not sufficient for mastrubation.


I dunno, bowling really never did it for me, even after 10 frames.

Gary, what’s your secret?


Sweet. 🙂


Lest people misinterpret my comment for a leer, no… I’m laughing with you all and at the cartoonist.


IWhat does it say about Muir that I didn’t realize that was a fixed strip til I clicked on the Tbogg link? (What does that say about me?)

And Rex Morgan: So freaking sly


So this is what Coach Dave meant. I totally misunderstood that whole spaghetti pulling thing until this. Boy, don’t I feel teh dumb.


I am completed confused by the comic. Anyone care to explain?


Red and Black: I got nothing. Kantian nihilism, perhaps?


Nah – Freudian slip-off.

Nyuk nyuk nyuk

Karatist Preacher

I’ve yet to get one of this guy’s comics. At least I can follow along with Mary Worth.

Exploding Tabby Cat

Ruppert the Bear says “The fact is, three frames is not sufficient for mastrubation.”

You’ve been looking at the wrong frames.


For all of you who have the secret wish to know more about Rex Morgan and Mary Worth….

The whole “gay doctor” sequence in Rex Morgan from this spring was what sold me on this site. Not to mention the giant, talking Mark Trail animals…


But seriously… Where’s the denoument?

Hysterical Woman

Of what?


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