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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Absolutely Last Serenity Post [John Derbyshire]
Nothing, really, only… sigh
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Re: Confession [John Derbyshire]
I, of course, am still interested in the debates about biology (to say “evolution” is wrong—practically nobody doubts that evolution goes on at SOME level), and all other matters of public interest……

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The World Ceres [John Derbyshire]
In all the hullabaloo about the re-classification of Pluto, it has been quite forgotten that humble little Ceres also has a new designation. No longer an asteroid, Ceres is now a “dwarf planet.” I’ve been racking my Benadryl-fuddled brains to think of a connection with Firefly/Serenity, but so far not come up with anything.
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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Serenity Connection [John Derbyshire]
A reader: “Derb—-It’s obvious that Ceres is short for Cerenitys.”

[Derb] That’s it! And Mars has obviously been truncated from the original Morena.
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But, you know, for all his leering, dirty-old-man perversity, as well as his otherwise porcine chauvinism, he’s still smarter than idiots like Pantload and religious cornertards like K-Lo, Ponnuru, Dreher, et al.

Gavin adds: Plus, he can take a beating, as can be seen in this clip from the 1972 Bruce Lee film, ‘Return of the Dragon,’ in which a young Derb

Huh. ‘No longer available.’ Well, never mind then. I also have this stored up for some now-forgotten purpose, so let me at least sneak out of here gracefully:



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The Darb is one smart pervert, to be sure. I actually won’t “buy” his math books, but I understand they’re very good. The larger question is why or how so many right-wing Brit cranks become a part of the conservative welfare machine.


Serenity: the New Star Trek?
Not until I see see, “who would win, Spock or Wash?” flame wars in forums.


Sorry, the whole concept is, well, silly. At least invalid. Joss is trying, and you have to give him that. Hey, Sorkin caught lighting in a bottle twice, right? But I got Buffy. I liked Buffy. Buffy was smart, clever and fun on multiple levels. The whole Serenity/Firefly thing feels false, bolted together, artificial. I don’t want Joss to stop trying, I just want the fans to understand that elvis has left the goddam building…



Smarter than Goldberg? Talk about setting the bar low.


Ol’ Dirty Bahhhhstad

Please respect the memory of the original ODB.


Serenity: the New Star Trek?
Not until I see see, “who would win, Spock or Wash?� flame wars in forums.



Serenity: the New Star Trek?

Babylon 5 is the new Star Trek.


The larger question is why or how so many right-wing Brit cranks become a part of the conservative welfare machine.

The American Blogostomy has the bottomless well of Wingnut Welfare (Scaife, Mellon, etc.) and the traditional colonials’ belief that any stupid babble sounds more respectable with a British accent. The British cranks have their own long-standing tradition of emigrating westward to take money from people they despise as uneducated idiots — and you have to admit, reading just about anything from the Corner (much less LGF or Open Pajamas) can make you ashamed to admit you’re an American. Trading self-respect for money is one of the pillars of “conservative” tradition. Also, I’m told Britain is still far more openly class-bound than America, and that red-brick-educated Hopers like Sully the Pooh and Derbble would never be regarded as ‘top tier’ in their natal haunts.


Hey, IMDB says that Miss Baccarin was born in 1979, which would put her about 8 years past her Derb-approved sell-by-date.


Yeah, what J said. ODB was nowheres near that scummy.


Wha… Waitaminute. You mean stupid drivel isn’t more respectable with a brit accent??? You kiddin me?



Doesn’t seem to work for Hitchens. I don’t think the Derb can get away with it either.


For fuck’s sake. Is there nothing these neocons can’t destroy with their touch? That said, it’s interesting to note that the neocon trait of being spectacularly wrong about everything extends even to Firefly fandom. Everyone knows Kaylee/Jewel Staite is the appropriate lust object in Firefly.

Incidentally, at a recent convention (it was on a podcast, OK?) Whedon was asked to name five people he would take to a desert island. Number 5 was George Bush, because the others would need something to eat. By conservative art criticism logic, this means that Derbyshire must renounce Firefly as filthy leftist propaganda.


Best. Wingnut. In. Party. Hat. Evah.

SpongeDerb PoopyPants


I agree… Kaylee is hot!


btw Firefly is ruined for me now…. neo-cons dig it? Fuck.


Serenity: the New Star Trek?
Not until I see see, “who would win, Spock or Wash?� flame wars in forums.

No no no. Serenity won’t be the new Star Trek until we see Wash/Mal or Jayne/Book slashfic in the forums.

Eww… I just made myself ill.


Derbyshire is many things — including a pervy, unapologetic racist and sexist — but he isn’t a neocon. Paleo, more like it.


Dan Someone — Someone, somewhere, has already written it, so… (Not that I’ve -read- it, mind you. This is the internet, where you can find fanfic for freaking breakfast sandwiches.)


Firefly cannot become the new Star Trek until someone in the cast undergoes the ‘Doohan Effect” (R.I.P.)

and it’s pretty sad the Wingys can’t tell that the show is effectively “leftist drivel”…. they probably think it’s about Libertarians or something…..


i’m embarrassed to say that I like Firefly, too.

And now Derbyshite has tainted it for me. ewww.

The only thing we can do is constantly point out to him how leftist Whedon is and how anti-authoritarian the show is, so it can get listed with all the other bad stuff.


The counter-wingnut Firefly hottie is Zoe/Gina Torres.

Black as the ace of spades and hotter than a four-balled tomcat plus she’s big and dominant to boot… their fragile self-superiority would drown in her shit.

“Have you ever been with a warrior woman?”


Ack, I hate scifi “my favorite show is better and yours is crap” flame wars. Can’t I like Star Trek and Firefly and Buffy, which I do?

Anyway, the Derb should check out Stargate SG-1 (which I also like!). Morena guest-starred as a telekinetic alien.


This reminds me of a few years ago, when I read somewhere or other that Karl Rove is a Babylon 5 fan. GAAAAHHH!!11! I was all like, “What, was the President Clark becomes the fascist dictator of the world and our heroes are reluctantly forced to join an armed insurrection against the government plotline completely lost on you?” But, then, sometimes I pretty much think he’s based his entire playbook on that. The good news is that, in the end, President Clark blows his own brains out, Something to look forward to.


Firefly was awful, perfectly awful. Six shooters & a train robbery? In space? And people dressed like it’s 1885 and saying “I reckon” while they are in space. Haven’t seen Serenity, waiting for it to come on HBO…

Derb wouldn’t like SG-1 or Atlantis. Amanda Tapping & Claudia Black are beautiful women but way too old for Derb’s desires.

Babylon 5 was a great show. Farscape was my favorite of the sci-fi of the last decade.


Nobody can ruin Firefly or Serenity for me. You can’t stop the signal, okay? You just can’t. You keep flyin’.

Sean, if you didn’t like Firefly, don’t bother watching for Serenity on HBO or PPV or whatever. You won’t like it.

Hmmm. I think I have some shiny DVDs that need re-watchin’….


And furthermore:

“…[W]ho would win, Spock or Wash?…â€?

Cavemen. The cavemen win.


Battlestar kicks them all in the ass. Then ejects them out the airlock.


Irwin Allen’s “The Time Tunnel” beats all of them with its cane and tells them to get off its lawn! And then calls the Green Hornet for backup.



And I continue to waver between appreciation for the way that Serenity/Firefly is appreciated by folks all across the political spectrum, and shame at sharing an enthusiasm with the likes of John Derbyshire and Jonah Goldberg. It’s such a dilemma.


Say, regarding that hat on der Derb… shouldn’t it a derby of some sort? Or would that be too much of a “good” thing?


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