Must be Nice Never Having to Take Responsibility
for Anything

Aaaaah, the Ole Perfesser. Where would we be without your insightful musings?

HITCHENS GIVES BILL MAHER’S AUDIENCE the finger. Should things go badly with the war, Maher’s audience — and, for that matter, Maher himself — will be cited by historians as evidence of the American opposition’s unseriousness.

To summarize: Christopher Hitchens gave Bill Maher’s audience the middle finger and shouted, “Fuck you, fuck you.” To the Ole Perfesser, this is evidence of the audience’s unseriousness.


And of course, the Perfesser’s update is precious:

UPDATE: Rand Simberg emails: “I suspect that historians will judge Democrats unserious regardless of the war’s outcome. In fact, if it goes badly enough, history of the era will be written in Arabic.” And even those historians won’t respect Maher and his audience, though they may be grateful for their petty Bush-hatred.

So if we lose the war in Iraq, it is solely the fault of Bill Maher and his audience, and not the fault of people who planned and executed failed policies.


Gavin adds: What d’you suppose is in Hitchy’s water bottle?


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What a world they must live in. A modern day Wonderland with a Mad Hatter who is their intellectual guru and a rabbit who is not late, but finding Muslims under his bed.

Not to mention the neocon Queen of Hearts.


wow….where do you even start with these morons?

should things go badly with the war,…….ah, already there dude, and as far as I can tell repubs are still in charge

the American opposition’s unseriousness.??? WTF? does this mean? if you’re against this war you’re, ‘the American opposition’…..KMA perfesser

Rand Rimberg emails:……petty Bush-hatred.??? believe me my Bush hatred is not petty, if you want to see petty hatred, how about impeaching an extremely successful and popular president for a BJ…….now that’s f’kin petty.

wankers…..all of them


That’s some super-ultra-mega-dumb blogging from the Ole Perfesser right there.

And yeah, I figured it was a greatest hits link with the line “should things go badly with the war.”


There is nothing “unserious” about opposing meaninless killings.


The odd thing is that Hitchens is a militant athiest who despises all religions, especially the fundamentalists. That he can’t see this in Bush, who uses the term “evil” so easily, is a mystery, since Bush’s most fervent followers really are looking forward to the End Times. Even though he’s been in America for a while now, I don’t think Hiitchens really get’s it. We’ve seen this BS up close all our lives.


The people who believed, or allowed themselves to be convinced, that somehow invading and occupying an arab nation in the 21st century was a good idea that would come out in america’s favor were the unserious ones. Because anyone who could come to believe something that farfetched (and gawd knows I had the debate 20 billion times in ’02 and early ’03) were clearly incapable of serious thought. Fer crissakes, what invaded/occupied people never organized a resistance? And didn’t they learn anything from Rwanda or the Balkans? It wasn’t just Sunni – Shi’a enmity, it was a hundred years of brutal minority rule that was going to be exploded when we took the power away from the sunnis.

I HATE the democrats who say “Well, the war was ok, but bush fucked it up”. That’s just crap. There was NO WAY to get any outcome better than the one we’ve got today, and I promise you it will continue to get worse. The most fucking cynical, unserious liar of all is your real leader, from the bunker, dick cheney…



“I suspect…” and “…will be written in Arabic.”

Again–dependably, lovably, adorably–the lofty, pipe-smoking, gentlemen’s-club tone. I am moved, in fact, to propose Mr.Wonderful’s Wing-Nut Locution Principle:

“The more ludicrous the right-wing proposition, the more its expression will tend to the gaseous, pretentious, and flatulent.”

(I mean, entre nous, this is so obvious it requires no proof and is not even interesting. Who has the most pompous, self-important prose style of them all, if not right-wing militias? How can it be otherwise, when all they read is Tom Paine and the Bible? Which, of course, is not Tom Paine’s fault. “If it sounds intelligent, it must *be* intelligent.” That’s their motto (albeit, intelligently, in Latin), and they won’t hear a word against it.)


Everyone, listen to the Perfesser. He is a model of American seriousness. You can’t be unserious in these trying times. Seriousness is paramount to winning the War on the World.

LA Confidential Pantload

He should go back to “Heh. Indeed” and “Read the whole thing.” He sounded far more intelligent then.


Odd, that Hitch is the only one with a bottle of…something… in addition to the standard talk show coffee cup. When other lushes appear, they have no problem just getting their hooch added to the cup. Does he think he’s fooling someone?

As soon as things aren’t going his way, he lashes out at the audience for being ‘frivolous’ near as I can tell, this conforms to the current meme seeping out of the festering right wing slime holes: That unless you suport wholesale killing and genocide, you are not ‘sereious’ about foreign policy.

which is insanity, on the face of it. When can we start locking these loons up?


I love how conservatives rail against how ultraliberal and untrustworthy and treasonous all academics are, but then profess complete faith that the history written by these very same academics will one day vindicate them.

For some reason, all the whining that conservatives do about how history will vindicate them remind me of a teenage girl telling her parents that they’ll be sorry one day. You just don’t understand! That unemployed biker guy loves me and we’re going to be married and stay happy together forever and One Day You’ll Be Sorry!!


Putting aside the hilarious insanity of thinking that “we have to win the war”* or else America and the English language will be destroyed (which is what they are saying, right? otherwise, how could our history not be written in English?), how about the fact that “Arabic” is not the universal language of Islam, or indeed of even the MIddle East. Why not, “history will be written in Urdu”?

But, of course, I am sure Reynolds & fans already know this, right? I mean they wouldn’t be having these long involved opinions, and screeching insults at people who disagree with them, without really knowing what they are talking about, right?

*not clear of course what war they are referencing.


For some reason, all the whining that conservatives do about how history will vindicate them remind me of a teenage girl telling her parents that they’ll be sorry one day. You just don’t understand! That unemployed biker guy loves me and we’re going to be married and stay happy together forever and One Day You’ll Be Sorry!!

Great analogy! but then later, when they have no money and marriage breaks up, then she has to blame the whole thing on her parents.


What is it with conservatives and the word “unserious”? I first started hearing that one during the Clinton years and it seems to be making a resurgence. It’s become the fallback phrase for a wingnut who’s run out of steam.

And Kathleen: History will be written in Arabic because al-Qaeda writes things in Arabic and they’re going to conquer us. Or something. It’s proof of what I’ve believed all along – ‘wingers give the terrorists waaaaay too much credit.


At first I thought it was odd that someone would say that the person who flipped off his audience was being “the serious one,” but then I looked through the Constitutional Convention:

Mr. SHERMAN objected to “Legislatures” in the motion . . .

Mr. Govr. MORRIS raised his finger and said he used it to touch Mr. SHERMAN’S sister.

The Motion was negatived without a Count of the States-

So I stand corrected.


Actually, our history will eventually be written in the language of the Android Overlords of Cygnus 7, and will consist of the following:

“A smallish yellow star near the edge of civilized space collapsed from red giant stage to dwarf star in Galactic Century 72,119. It is possible the system had several planets, of which the most significant was a gas giant with exceptionally attractive rings. Other planets may have contained several varieties of life, of a brief and inconsequential nature.”

Or, in the edited Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy version, “Mostly Harmless”


Hmm. Get up and leave the interview when things aren’t going your way. Give the audience the finger and say “fuck you!”

Robert Novak

Ann Coulter

Now Christopher Hitchens.

I sense a cut and run theme. But it’s not the liberals or Democrats who are doing it.


I HATE the democrats who say “Well, the war was ok, but bush fucked it up�. That’s just crap.

Heh, indeed.

On a couple of occasions in 02/03, I said to people that “Afghanistan and Iraq are the graveyard of empires” and the wingnut I’d say that to would get angry because

a) I was bringing up history and, as we all know, facts are liberal
b) they honestly believed that America was expempt from that lineage, because they’d bought that dumb “America is the best, most just, most specialist country that God ever personally touched with his pinky” nonsense hook, line and sinker.

a different brad

The best thing about Hitchens tv appearances is watching the man sweat under the stage lights. Ever been reallllllllly hungover and still had to, I dunno, mow the lawn the next day? That’s Chrissy Hitchens’ life all day, every day. It’s like the french tv cartoon character from The Critic, Winey Jacque. “Winey Jacque is here, and he’s got to sit down. Euuuuuuuhhh.”
Hitch teaches one class a year at my grad school. I can’t tell you how hard it is not to go off on him when I see him in front of our building. If he’s still there this year I doubt I’ll be able to hold back any longer.
And for what it’s worth, yep, he shows up for classes drunk. In fact, I’ve heard rumors he’s done worse, but I’ll let the contents of those rumors go unstated.
Feel free to speculate, tho.


Hey, Perfesser, I’m perfectly serious when I say this to you:

Fuck you. With Sully’s dick. Bareback.


if it goes badly enough, history of the era will be written in Arabic.

So… I guess if you don’t total the costs of the Iraq Invasion in Roman numerals then the Islamofascists have won!


Feel free to speculate, tho.

My money’s on “touches female students inappropriately”.

Notorious P.A.T.

Darn unserious liberals. We need to leave important decisions to serious people, like George W.

Now we’re told that George W. Bush has another way of demonstrating his supremacy over subordinates: when new White House aides are brought in to be introduced to the President of the United States, the President farts.

By the way, for those who missed “Real Time”, what got Snitchens all in a huff was when he suggested that we have to take down Machmoud Ahmadinejad because he believes the end of the world is at hand, and Bill Maher replied “So does President Bush”. The audience applauded and Hitchens was royally ticked.


And yeah, I figured it was a greatest hits link with the line “should things go badly with the war.�

Because in Instahistory, the going-badly of the war starts the moment the Dems take charge of Congress, no matter if the preceding day was as bloody.


whenever you hear Hitchens bloviating on and on with his “plummy” Brit accent (they finally got a real supercilious Brit accent instead of Bill Buckley’s pathetic fake supercilious one), just remember that Hitchens is workin off his green card.

and no matter what the topic, or what the gymnastics he contorts himself into, he always winds up with his lips fimly puckered on Bush/Cheney buttocks.

and he still owes, so you can bet this is gonna go on for years.


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