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Yawn. Doop-de-doop-doop. Some weather today, huh?

Welp, let’s see what’s going on with ol’ Instapundit.

August 23, 2006

BLOG SWEEPS WEEK HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO RUN ALL YEAR: Pamela Atlas is bikini-videoblogging from the beach.
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Ha. Ha. Haha. Hahaha.

Cowabunga. [UPDATE: YouTube is going up and down. If the space below is blank, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled program, Attack of the Scary Thing Without Enough Clothes On that Some Allege Ate John Bolton, as soon as it returns.]

PS: “Shrieking harpy.”


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O. M. F. G.


What’s the reverse of *SPROING*?


It’s like watching a trainwreck matrix-style. It’s so… hypnotic… you know it’s terrible and you know that it ends in nothing but horror but it’s just.. wow.. she keeps tumbling and spining and wrenching herself crazier and crazier…
Where’s she reading that his poll numbers are up?

Incidently, were I Social Services, I would seriously be looking into this woman. She MIGHT just be ecentric and quirky, but I’m thinking she’s “hooped up on da hootch” more often then not.


Okay, I lasted about 30 seconds. And I can’t tell you how difficult it is to leave a comment now that I’ve gouged out my eyes.


Holy crap, the wingnuts are gonna be flogging it tonight.

Meanwhile, my balls have retracted.


Oops, that wasn’t Gary, it was me.

What a giveaway.


See, this is why I don’t go to the beach. You just never know what nasty thing is going to wash up next.


Did I see the Argo go sailing by in the background on that one?

Just checkin’.

(PS – Shrieking harpy.)


Wow, it’s like Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin'” video, only rabidly right-wing. And terrifying.


Is it possible that Atlas Spews is somehow victim of a Freaky Friday-like generational switcheroo? Because I’m having a hard time believing that a grown woman could think, talk, and act like a 12-year-old girl on her own.

And I thought you weren’t supposed to go swimming for a full hour after you ingested that much narcissistic bullshit. Guess the liberal media has lied to us again.


What’s the reverse of *SPROING*?

*Looks for a wave file of “The Price is Right” failure music*


Bum bum ba dum….. bwaoooooooow


The only thing worse than that would be if Dubya was behind her, wearing a red Speedo. I can’t believe I just thought that.

I’ll be back when the meds kick in.


I can never go to the beach again, knowing that somewhere, out there, is this stained patch of coastline…. what’s the half-life of ‘raging lunatic harpy’? I apologize for any potential typos, as I’m having to type by feel since I waiting for the corneal trauma to subside….

and Heaven help us if she IS the ‘stereotypical Security Mom’. can we make her a diplomat and send her somplace she’s not likely to be heard from again?


Good lord.
Save me, sweet jebus.
is anyone really attracted to menopausal sacks of saline?
(Aside from Bolton, obviously.)


Because I’m having a hard time believing that a grown woman could think, talk, and act like a 12-year-old girl on her own.

Yeah, I think pretty much the same thing every time Dubya vlogs at that wacky press corps audience.


speaking of useful idiots, is anyone her going to pull out the 50′ stick and touch this whole ‘Rockey from Louisiana’ fiasco the White House stepped into?


did she say she was going off to go fight for freedom?

did really intend to swim all the way to Iraq? I don’t think she’s going to make it.. buoyancy aides and all.


The only thing worse than that would be if Dubya was behind her, wearing a red Speedo.

Or Pam’allah’s boyfriend John Bolton.



Does anyone know if Pammy has an actual job?


I haven’t even watched yet, and I am already laughing.


the best one yet!

“I’m not ginormous enough”


So, is this what Taylor Marsh has to do to get an interview with Bolton?



I thought I saw a jellyfish this weekend… Well, guess I won’t be back to Rehobeth any time soon.


“There is a serious reality check desperately needed here in America.
And I’m here to give it to you, but I’m just not gi-normous enough.
What can I say?

I had to type that out. I know I heard her say it, but I just had to see it
printed on the screen.

What can I say???

Exactly what I was wondering.


Irregular verbs 101:

Deb Frisch is mentally ill.
Pam’allah is a respected commentator and journalist on the Middle East.


Are we fixed?


oh shit. did I do that? fuck I’m sorry.
(please forgive the technologically challenged)


I thought that’s what MySpace was for.

what a strange woman.


Bas-O-Matic said “Bum bum ba dum….. bwaoooooooow”

I hear that music almost every day around here. Keeps me coming back.


Officials from the Florida Department of Health announced today that at least one and possible more beaches in South Florida have been contaminated with the laugh-inducing, water-born pathogen known as Shrieking Herpes. Beach goers are advised to use caution.


Borne, not born. God only knows where this thing was born.



Did that get it?


I’d laugh if her wig fell off


Why is there never a shark around when you need one?


Social Darwinism.



Ok we get it, she pees sitting down.


I can see where the “Sadly” part fits but I wish a little more attention would have been paid to “No!”


That’s the “meth” talking. Somebody check her teeth.

“is anyone really attracted to menopausal sacks of saline?”

Yes, 13 to 43 y/o members of the 82 Chairborne.

Spokane Moderate

Tsu-na-mi! Tsu-na-mi! Tsu-na-mi!


I thouoght I did
this thread has been seriously sad, no’d!


Why does her hair always look like shit? Maybe it’s the diahrea of the mouth.


What’s the reverse of *SPROING*?


Annnnyway. We’re gonna need a bigger boat.


Isn’t polluting the ocean illegal?

Pam @ Atlas Shrugs

O.MOY.GAWD! Youse uh all just jealous that I look so FRICKin’ good in a bikini. Tell me! Tell me! What moonbat bitch looks this good? Eatcha hearts out. Eat ’em out! Omoygawd! Didyouse see the mastuhful puhfoymance of ouh UN rep John Boltin? This goy, I gotta tell ya: DIS is a real FRICKin’ man. Not like whatsisname, Koffe FRICKin’ Annan. OMOYGAWD! Oym almost outta low-carb skim latte with Splenda. K-Lo! Stop spreading “Oy Can’t Believe It’s Not Buttuh” on yuh doughnut and make yuhself useful! Plus, the walk tuh Stuhbucks’ll do yuh good! Meanwhyile, Oym doin’ the hard woik uh winning hoits and moinds ovuh heah. SeeeeeeeeYA! Wouldn’twantuhBeeeeeeYA!


Is YouTube down again? I can’t get the video.


Is YouTube down again? I can’t get the video.

It killed itself, clearly. You can hardly blame it.


I REALLY want to know how much the RNC pays her per week for this foolishness.


“My kinds are denial. Like America.”


No, it’s ‘My kids are in denial. Like America.” Which is just as weird.

Now let me try to close this font issue….


She leans back, spreads her legs and says “now you have Bush.” Seriously.


Did I hear her say “Israel was invaded”? Did I hear that?


“What moonbat bitch looks this good?”


what you don’t get is that they’re not bitches, except to you.


I think you did.


“What moonbat bitch looks this good?�

Stephanie Miller


i wouldn’t tap that if my life depended on it.


Best line: “Bush is giving money to Lebanon, but what is he giving to Israel that had soldiers killed, people killed? Nothing.”

Is it really possible that a person this stupid can go into the water and not drown?


That’s an insult to Stephanie Miller. And bitches.
[glances upthread]
GAAAAAAH!!11! A shrieking harpy!!1!! Shoo! Shoo!! Nasty, smelly shrieking harpy!!
[secretly, I feel that most specimens of teh shrieking harpy are actually quite cloacular]


I hereby submit that, in keeping with Atlas’s policy of creating semi-derogitory names for people and nationalities, we here unto after refer to Israelis as “Izzies”


Clif. No. She said that? See, I won’t click on any links from here. But you are telliing me that she said that? Jeezus. I don’t know what to say. If anyone lives in that kind of insulated bubble and will not allow themselves to see the world as the world is, she does not deserve an audience. Gaahhh…



Or the “Stradlins,” to make it a little more subtle.

If you clicked through the the Insty link, he has added Ann Outhouse is talking (approvingly) about the idea of doing stripteases at funerals.

(No, I am not making that up.)


I wonder if she farts to break the ice.


Wow, Even for Pam, that’s a whole-lotta crazy to pack into a mere 3:03 minutes.
And on vacation with her kids no less.


How disappointing. Due to some strategic photography, I had the misimpression that Pam’s one good asset was a nice rack, but her tits are actually nothing special.

Oh well, there’s nothing about Pam that a few bags of silicon and an extra large ball gag wouldn’t fix.



Clif said,

August 24, 2006 at 4:11

Best line: “Bush is giving money to Lebanon, but what is he giving to Israel that had soldiers killed, people killed? Nothing.�

Is it really possible that a person this stupid can go into the water and not drown?

That’s what the “water wings” are for.


“How’s grandma doing kids” “She’s good” “Oh, my kids are in denial”

Clearly Grandma’s in the hospital on her last legs, sliding down the slippery slope, heading for the exit so what to do? Go to the beach of course! Wotta gal!


[…] Pamela from Atlas Shrugs has been known to say some crazy things. Just this week, for example, she said “Vlog in a bikini? Sign me up!” […]


“What moonbat bitch looks this good?�


That tears it. “Tits on a Blintz” needs to be handed her ass on a plate. I’m at least 10 years her senior, I’m in better shape, my thighs are thinner– and nothing has been surgically altered. And I still wouldn’t be caught dead in a bikini; because it’s damn hard to set an example for a boy-crazy 11-year-old if you dress like a SLUT! Oh, I forgot. Moms such as yourself can metaphorically–or perhaps even literally–part their thighs for the Bush administration and AIPAC without worrying about the kiddies, because they have cornered the market on family values.

And since you probably aren’t a proponent of psychotherapy, I suppose it will come as a shock when those cute kids of yours “act out” because mommy’s antics on her vlogs are embarrassing to them. Nothing dies on the Internet, Pam. Don’t bother asking them how they feel–they’ll lie because they love you. Just imagine how horrified YOU would be if YOUR mom defended Clinton!

You’re a bad mom, Pam. Your kids deserve better.


Obviously, she escaped from a mental institution. Hence her line about not wanting to vlog from the hospital. I can’t imagine that someone that unhinged is not a danger to herself & others. Right? She’s not out free is she?


The more she attacks CAIR, the more respect I have for them. Neocunts are so predictable.


BLARG! It is salty SILICONE beast. It is shrieking harpy attack? Too bad but yes!! Buttertrolls do run with FEAR!


just need the picture, GoatBoy, and it’d be perfect….


She certainly knows how to play to the mastabatory fantasies of her fans. Her only mistake was for not asking for donations before she did this. I’m betting she could have made a killing from the angry middle-aged white conservative males that are her audience.


my, aren’t we being bold today….


Mental, completely mental. This woman doesn’t need a blog, she needs extensive therapy.


So… anyone got a transcript for this one?


Someone needs to give this the “The WØRD” treatment.


I made it almost a full minute – made it to 59 seconds. I tried valiantly to make it the full minute, but the nausea overtook me and I didn’t want to yark on my work computer. Does she really think that her views seem more credible when she delivers them while frolicking in the waves with her flotation devices? Shrieking harpy.


“What’s the reverse of *SPROING*?”



Must fix font…must fix font…


ficksed? or not?


I can’t ficks it or can I?


The first post up on her blog right now actually contains the phrase “Myspace terrorists” without a hint of sarcasm.


Well, that was a bizarre and disturbing experience. Oh, yeah – we’re talking about an Atlas Pam vlog, so that’s probably redundant.

Oh, by the way, Pam: ESPN’s Stuart Scott called; he wants his “ginormous” catchphrase back…


wow, she’s like fran drescher’s evil twin.


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